Good Night Family And Friends Quotes in 2021

Good night quotes are the best way to wish good night to your friends and family members. For the past few years, people have been using various kinds of methods to say Good Night to their family members. But it is very difficult to express your feeling by only words so I advise you to take help of best Good Night Quotes.

Good Night Family And Friends Quotes

1. Good night my amazing family and friends! I love you so so so so so much! Your all the greatest people, and I’m glad that God put us together to share our life with each other. I sincerely appreciate everything you do for me, and love you forever!

2. Good night world. Good night moon. Good night waves. Good night trees. Good night Earth. Good night stars. Still awake to say, good night to you.

3. Good night my love. I pray you dream of me tonight and always. Sweet dreams my sweetheart. I hope the angels let me kiss you good night for always.

4. Good night. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. If love is not waking me up with kisses, I don’t want it at all. I love you very much. Have a nice night.

5. I couldn’t ask for a more understanding and supporting friend than you. I am so glad we met and that we’ve continued to stay in touch even though we live far apart. Your kind words and warm heart always bring a smile to my face. I hope you know how special you are to me and that I will never forget all the great times we had together with our friends at school! You are a blessing in my life, thanks for being there for me.

6. Good night my dearest.

7. Every night at bedtime I come and watch you for a little while. I watch the expressions on your face as you dream and I run my finger softly across your cheeks and trace the outline of your features as if to commit them to memory as part of my heart. I can’t stop myself from kissing you as sleep approaches, but it doesn’t matter because that gives me one more chance to tell you just how much I love you.

8. You hold a special place in my heart. You’re my best friend and I couldn’t imagine life without you. I love you more today than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Your kindness and sweet spirit is contagious and make me happy to call you mine. Have sweet dreams and pleasant dreams because we will be together someday soon!

9. You’re my best friend and as long as I’m with you, I’ll always be happy. Good night my sweet best friend.

10. Dreams are the jewels of sleeping minds. The thoughts are fondly stored in your heart until you are awake to continue your day. Close your eyes and drift into a world that has no bounds. A place where magic is around every corner. You never know who or what you will meet, but I am sure it will be amazing.

11. Everyone says that friends are the family you choose. I want to thank God for choosing me as your friend. I want to thank you for being my friend. You make me a better person and bring happiness into my life. Thank you for everything. I love you very much.

12. I love you so much! I wish I could sleep next to you and feel your warm embrace all night long. My heart aches when we are apart and I blush with pride that my sweetie is such a cutie! You bring me so much joy that my face hurts from smiling too much:) I love you!

13. I love you so much. I will miss you every second that I am gone. If I could change your pain into mine I would, but your pain is what defines us as a couple. You are the best mommy in the world – make sure to tell the boys – and don’t ever let yourself forget that.

14. As I sit here thinking of you, my heart aches with happiness. The first thing that comes to mind is our first date. When you asked me to be your girlfriend it took us both by surprise. It seemed like a dream to me at the time. But now it’s reality, the sun shines brighter and I think of you more each day. You are by far the most amazing man I know, ​I love you!

15. Good night everyone. I hope you all have a sweet dream! Goodnight.

16. You are the most amazing friend. I don’t think you even realize just how much. You are my shoulder to cry on, the one person who is always there for me. I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Every time we hang out you somehow make me laugh, not even words can express how thankful I am for you in my life. Thank you for all the good times and the support!

17. I love you more than anything because you are my best friend. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about the past, present, or future. I’ll be there to support you throughout any of it. You’re always making me smile; the sound of your voice is like music to my ears. I know we will always be there for each other and I am happy to call you my best friend and love!

18. I love you all and thank you for always being there for me. It means to the world that I can always count on you. I feel like nothing could ever replace that feeling. You’re the only family I need and I love you all very much. If we’re far apart Remember you are always in my heart and in my thoughts.

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20. You look like an angel when we sleep together. I try to move as little as possible, not wanting to disturb your sleep. When you tell me it’s ok, and I can cuddle with you, I know how lucky I am. You make me happier than anything else in the world and no matter what happens, I will always find a way back to you.

Saying Good Night To Family And Friends Quotes

21. Going to miss you so much today, my new love. It’s hard to say goodbye when I want to be close to you instead. I am thankful for our chance meeting. I can’t wait for tomorrow night, to see you again. I love you very, very much.

22. We all need a little reminder sometimes. I love you both more than anything in the world and am so thankful for you both. I hope you have a wonderful night!

23. To my family and friends… I will miss you all very much while I’m away, but I promise that I will be back to visit as soon as I can. Keep in touch and don’t forget about me!

24. There has never been a more perfect moment in time that I have known than the one I am always wishing for. I feel at that perfect place where every second with you is better than my entire world without you. It is times like this when I look at my phone and wish there was a way I could reach across the internet to kiss your cheek or hold your hand, but yet these are the times I want to cherish forever.

25. I love you so much, I love you more than words can say. Whenever I am in need of some extra love I always look into your eyes and smile because that’s where my heart is. You are the beat in my heart that pumps the blood through my body. I love you with all my heart and soul, you are everything to me.

26. Can’t wait to spend another day with you! You make life so much better. I love you!!

27. The love I have for you is not something I can put into words. In my eyes, you are perfection personified and I am so honored to have you in my life. Wherever you go, my heart goes. Wherever you are, I will always be with you.

28. I have to tell you something. When I think about my life without you in it, there’s a hole deep in my heart that just won’t go away. You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever known and I love you with all my heart and soul.

29. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

30. I love you and everything about you! You make my heart skip every time we talk. Our smiles say it all. I’m glad we can share these moments together. I love you too much not to tell you daily how special you are to me. Good night!


Good Night Family And Friends Quotes


31. Good night my love… I am so lucky to be with you. I will never want anyone else but you. You’ve made me so happy these past two years. Thank you so much for all the love and laughs.

32. What a beautiful way to remember your loved ones. Blessings, Vanna Brown

33. The world is so beautiful. Every morning when I wake up I’m so glad I get to spend another day with you. Even when we are crying, laughing, or fighting, I will always be by your side because you are the most beautiful person in the world!

34. It’s hard to say goodbye, but in this case, it is truly, “Until we meet again…” It felt like I could count on you for anything. You came there for me in my time of need, you made me laugh when I was truly hurt, you let the tears flow when the hurt overwhelmed me. You were everything to me, but I had never truly known what love was until I met you. And for that I thank you!

35. You always have a reason to smile…you have a GREAT sense of humor…and you have a passion for life…a real desire to be the best person you can be…and that makes me love you more.

36. Goodnight my love, sleep well and have pleasant dreams. I love you with all my heart and soul.

37. Goodnight to the boys and girls in my life.

38. I just wanted to say that I love you. I hope you have a night filled with love and laughter, but most of all I wish you peace.

39. Your eyes have a captivating brightness that captures my heart with every glance. With you, by my side, I feel invincible, but without you, I feel helpless. I love you more with each passing day.

Good Night Friends And Family Quotes

40. What would I do without you? You are the most amazing person in my life… We may not always agree, but at least we do it in love. I love you so much.

41. I live for the day when I get to call you WIFE! You will forever be in my heart and I will never stop loving you. You saved me from a life of emptiness and brought me joy like I’ve never known before. Your love is my everything!

42. So the time has come for us to part. You have been a friend to me. You have been there when I had none. You always listen, offer sound advice and help with anything I need. During the day I think of you many times and wish you were by my side. But there are so many more of you out there, so thank you for being a part of my life, and good night.

43. Life is good and I love you. Goodnight!

44. There are many things that can be said about you. You are a kind, caring, loving, generous, and very thoughtful person. You think of others before yourself. I love you so much! Always remember that no matter how bad things get or how bad my day is, one smile from you makes me forget anything else. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

45. I will always cherish our friendship. You can always come to me for anything and I will be right here as a shoulder to cry on or as a helping hand. I hope to be as good of a person you are, someday.

46. I didn’t realize just how much I loved you until the day I thought I lost you. Every sunrise reminds me of your breath on my cheeks, every sunset reminds me of your love in my heart, and every passing hour somehow is an encounter with our friendship. You are my best friend, the one who loves me for who I am. I love you every day with all my heart!

47. I remember back when we started dating, my mom used to say “Just look at her and tell me if she is the one.” I would tell her “she’s more than the one, she is everything.” Those words still hold true today; she’s everything I ever wanted and more. We have been through some rough times but we got through it together, and no matter what the future holds, you know I will be by your side.

48. There is no one more important than you in my life. I may be stubborn sometimes, but if you would do me the honor of being my partner for life I promise to love you with all that I am. You are the most amazing person that God has created and anyone who doesn’t think so will be corrected by me! I adore you with everything I am and it will never change. My heart belongs to you.

49. Best wishes in the future with your family and friends, you have brought us so much joy in our lives with your endless laughter. We hope that you keep up the good work, Congratulate yourself for being a wonderful person with a kind heart. We wish you all the happiness in this world, but most of all we wish for continued success with your friendships through life.

50. Good night, sweet dreams. I hope you had a great day and remember that life is short and love is even shorter. Take each day to appreciate the people in your life who make it wonderful. I love you.

51. Good night to the world’s best daddy! I love you, Mommy.

52. Good night world! I love you all.

53. You are always there for me. I am so happy to have a friend like you, someone to talk to. Someone who listens and cares about what I have to say. Thanks for being a great friend.

54. Once again I find myself outside your house, unable to sleep and wondering what you’re doing this late, or better yet what time it is in Paris? I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for the weekend. I miss you. Good night beautiful.

55. Your love is like a healing salve that covers this broken man. Your words of encouragement and gentle loving care is what I needed to once again stand on my feet and fight. I am forever grateful for your presence in my life and I love you beyond the stars and back!

56. I’m thinking of you tonight as you sleep. I hope you dream of the good times we had. I am praying for you each step of the way. When you feel down, remember me and I will come to you. It may be a while before we see each other again, but never forget that I love you both.

57. As the day ends, I’ll wish you sweet dreams. Good night my love

58. I wish I could give you the world. You deserve the most out of life, with love and happiness that I can offer you. If I had my way, you would never have to sleep another restless night again. Kisses to you, Sweet dreams.

59. Just wanted to let you know that I love you, I’m thinking of you, and that life is really good. Sweet dreams!

60. I will always love you and I will never stop caring about you. Every single day I think about you and I want to know if you are okay. You will forever be in my heart and I will do everything in my power to make sure we were taken care of.

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