Romantic Love Messages For My Husband With Images

The best collection of romantic love messages for my husband and I love you Images for husband. Make your husband happy by sending these messages to him at any time of the day.

Romantic Love Messages For My Husband With Images

1. M y love you are my hero, the one that makes my heart fill with so much love, our life is amazing. I now know how lucky I am to know that you so much adore me. I love you so much, my king.

2. My angel the one that gives me joy, you are the one that makes my day complete with your comfort, my baby boo I cherish you with all my heart.

3. My honey you are my priority, you come first before anything on this earth, your love for me is enough security for me, just knowing that you love me and will always protect from myself is enough for me. I love you, my sweetheart.

4. Whenever I wake up every morning with you by my side, I see all of my day come true, I love it when I say I love you my king.

5. Nothing in this world gives me more joy than you in my life, thank you for loving me so much , and for making us the best of lovers.

6. I want to give you all I could even it means giving my life for you, I have given you my heart ever since they day we met, I have just one wish that you should handle it with care because I am already taking yours as part of me. I adore you so much.

7. My angel, God has giving you to me as a blessing, you are so unique your kind is hard to find, I love you for who you are. You are my handsome honey.

8. You know we are two love birds, I trust all your judgment, I will always hear you out no matter what may be, loving you is all that matters to me, and caring for you is my responsibility. I love you, my sweetheart.

9. As I lay my love on you is all I want to do for the rest of my life, every time I breathe of you and I, you open up your heart to show me all the love you have for me. I love you so much.

10. You make me feel lucky when I look around all I see is you, you make me feel happy whenever I am sad I think of all the things you have said to me when I was sad. I appreciate you so much my darling.

11. My everlasting flame, my perfect match, my handsome, hottest crush, the sweetest I have had and still having, my best friend my husband. What will I have done without you my honey.

12. Every single day that passes by is like a renewal of our love that Is sweeter than honey and lovely as the morning dew. I want you to have a nice day and a blessed evening with you and me.

13. I am sending you a cup of coffee to chill your spine, everything about you revolves around me, together forever we shall remain, I love you, my king.

14. I remember that day you told me you wanted me to be yours, I was so afraid you could hurt me, I never knew you where my comforter sent to comfort me all my life. I admire you a lot.

15. When you said you love me, I thought you were joking but I realize then and now that it was what was called love that made our love stronger and healthy. You are my cure.

16. Knowing fully well that you are my husband, I also know one thing for sure that you are also that one person that love to see all the good things come my way, my security thank you for protecting me.

17. In life you have people who come to chat with you and have you as their friend, but yours is different, you are all I have and I am all you had. I cherish our union my heart desire.

18. Nothing can ever change the love I have for you, I have you in my life is all I ever need now and always, your love is unique and magical, I adore you a lot.

19. Ever since I got married I have that peace in me that gives me comfort whenever I think about us now and always, I feel God loves us more, glory unto is him for making us have peace in our home.

20. I have come to realise some of the special moment in our life comes when we are together as always, my most precious jewel I loved you so much.

21. I know we all have our own differences, but trust me I know you are lot better and adorable husband that any love story could ever tell. I love you sweetie pie.

22. My husband has this unique smile and laughter that always comes whenever we are together, I will like you to always have that look all the time because my love for you grows with a it.

23. I always wish the best for you, I always want you closer to me more than yesterday, today and always. I love it so much my darling.

24. If loving you is a crime let me be a criminal, if caring for you is a job let me do it as long as I live, if cooking for you the great meals you so desire I will do it with great love and happiness. Cheers, it my love’s day.

25. Having you is like winning a loiter, I will continue to win and win till the love becomes lovable, I can’t stop loving you, my angel.

26. You are a great dad, a wonderful husband, the best hard working, caring, sweet loving and an example to emulate. I cherish you my jewel.

27. My prince charming how was your day, I was bored so I sent you some bunch of kisses and lot of love to ease your day. I love you.

28. You are hotter than fire, I will be the water to quench the fire for you, I will always be right by your side my angel, I want nobody but you darling.

29. Your love is as sweet as a honey, your eyes send me to heaven, my love, I can’t control myself whenever I am with you, you make me go crazy. I love you, my precious husband.

30. Your lip is as delicious as your tongue, your touch is as warm like the morning dew, I love you even without anything attach.

31. My rock, you are my sweet chocolate, I wish you all the good thing in life, always have it in mind that I love you with everything I have.

32. I will always want you to hold me, I always have a wide shoulder for you to lean on, I love the idea of being your wife, mother of your kids. I love it so much, my love.

33. I have never seen such as handsome lover like you, I have never had anyone love with so much passionate as you love me, I just love you just the way you are.

34. Your eyes bring out whatever you have to say, your smile tells me you want more, your laughter tells me you are satisfied, my love you are indeed my baby.

35. Love do you know that ever since I fell in love with you, you have made me happy, glad, loved, and most of all I have become the mother of your kids. I love too much.

36. Loving you is the most adorable thing I have ever done, seeing you happy is one important thing I want so much in my life. I can’t stop loving you, my dear husband.

37. I fall in love with the most gorgeous man on earth and am still falling in love ever more, I enjoy you more day by day. Loving you is what I will do.

38. My everlasting flame, you rule my world, my sweetie pie you make my day, my honey bunny you lighten me up all the way. Thank you for giving me so much.

39. When I was a kid I use to say to myself I was going to make my man the one who will be my hero all the way, but now I realize that you are the true love of my life. Thank you my hero.

40. Being a good man is not just because you are my love, you are my kids dad means more than enough to me, you are my husband which that make it so perfect.

41. As the saying goes that, every good wife there is always a good man, my love you are the give in my life, my heartthrob you are the source of my happiness. I love you.

42. It is even better to have you as my husband who won’t mind all my mistakes, and will always want to see my best even when it a big mess. I love you soo much without any error.

43. I want to make you feel so special tonight, I have made you your favourite, and also make myself available. I love you, my sweetheart.

44. You know we are inseparable, you are the one the makes me smile all the way, you transform me into an angel, I will never forget that. I can’t stop loving you, my king.

45. You are my present , my past, my future, with you my heart beat faster for, our lives is so full of excitement. You are my eternal.

Romantic Love Images For Husband

46. You never mind if I was pregnant, you took care of my so much that you even carried the pregnancy, you went into the labour room just to comfort me. you are indeed my partner.

47. When you said you will always be close to me I thought we will always be together 24/7. I now realize that your heart that is with me is always with me. I love you.

48. How can I ever make you see this love that has overwhelm me, hmm I know you know that already , honey have a nice day.

49. You gave up your life just to make mine more sweeter, you made me your number one just to give more of your romantic love, I really love you surely I do. My hero was just checking on you.

50. It good to know that someone you love care about you too, it even more so when you have made many promises to fulfill together, thank you for making me understand the meaning of love. I love our life isn’t it funny but true.

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