You Hurt Me Quotes for Him and Her

You hurt me quotes for him or her will be the latest article on this website, and I am sure you will enjoy it as usual as we have carefully written it to suit your taste. You can text the messages contained in the article to your loved ones to let them know how you feel about them when they hurt your feelings.

You Hurt Me Quotes for Him and Her

1. I will never lie to you because I am still finding it difficult to figure out the reason why you chose to hurt my feelings.

2. I don’t understand the reason why you decided to let go of my hands when I need you most; after all, I have to let you know I love you.

3. Does it mean that every effort I took to let you understand you are so special to me is in vain? I can’t believe you can do this to me.

4. It baffles me that the one I think will make me happy is the very one that makes me sad, how am I supposed to handle this matter.

5. I always cherish you and there is no doubt about it because it has always been my joy and happiness that you belong to me, however, I am still shocked you hurt my feelings.

6. You never told me this is how you have chosen from onset to lead a relationship life with me, I am surprised at your attitude.

7. You didn’t make me feel bad, you hurt my feelings and don’t know if you understand the meaning of what I am thinking in my head.

8. I have been loving you for so many years, I am been thinking of making you the happiest man on earth, only to realize you don’t even have a single feeling for me.

9. What did I do to deserve this from you? You should have told me long ago that you are not interested in my company.

10. I may be the one crying today, but there is one thing I want you to understand, nothing lasts forever. Thanks for playing such a part in my lifetime.

11. At least we have been together now, it will have been close to six years, I waited, fought, rejected all men just because I love you but now, it seems all is in vain.

Why do you Hurt Me Quotes

You hurt me quotes
You hurt me quotes

12. I didn’t realize life can be this cruel until I finally met you, I thought you will be my comforter, but in the end, it happened that you messed the whole thing up.

13. If anyone tells me this is a reality, I will completely doubt it, you mean you could do this to me and I never realize?

14. Someone said all that glitters is not gold but I doubted, now I accept it is just the truth. I will never mind loving you again.

15. When you have something, you don’t value it until it is gone. I have tried my best to let you know how much I always wanted you.

16. The special way to let you understand how much you mean to me is to let you go when you feel the absence of the true love I show to you, by then it will be too late.

17. I don’t think I deserve what you have just done; I don’t think you need to tell me words that hurt a lot. Why didn’t you consider the feeling of a woman?

18. I loved you, I gave you all the attention so that you will always be happy but now, all you can do is to tell me it is over.

19. If I decided to keep quiet because you hurt me, I may not be able to do the right thing for the rest of my life. I am hurt but telling you this is never in any way a weakness.

20. I feel so embarrassed because it is a bit disgraceful to know that such a thing is coming from your side. What a day in a lifetime.

You hurt Me Quotes for Him

21. Why do you have to go when you know I will be lonely throughout your absence? I will confess right away that you really hurt me.

22. Your decision never makes me happy, it makes me sad. How I wish you didn’t turn your back and walked away.

23. I must be sincere with you darling, I was not happy with what you did the other day, you should have waited until our wedding day.

24. I am so disappointed in you, how could you allow such an incident to occur between you and me? I least expected such thing from you.

25. When next, you hurt my feelings this deep I may not have a rethink about calling our relationships off.

26, I have always tried to make things work well between us, I have always wanted to make you smile even when I am sad, but you chose to hurt me.

27. If you really care for me, you will try all your best never to allow what you did occur. I must be objective, you really hurt me.

28. You have really hurt my feelings so. You don’t need to console me, just continue with your celebration. You win.

29. If I refused to talk to you doesn’t mean I am angry, it could also mean I am hurt. So there is a big difference between the two.

30. Please let me be, I think the best thing I need now is to be left alone while I regain myself. I beg you, don’t call me for the time being.

You really hurt me Quotes for Him or Her

31. Baby, I must let you know this truth and it is the fact that you really hurt me with your action. I hope it shouldn’t be you that did that to me.

32. I still want to believe that I am dreaming, I want to ensure this is not reality. What exactly did I do to deserve this?

33. Let me know how much you still need me in your life because your attitudes towards me these days show how much you don’t care again.

34. How could you have done this to me, with all the trust I showed to you, you still have to betray me. It is really unfair.

35. I don’t want to regret having you in my life, so I hope you will change your ways that are hurting my feelings, I want you to change your attitude that brings a bad name to us.

36. I told you to set him free but you refused. I wanted freedom for that man but now he is no more. You should have been lenient to him.

37. True love hurt but it is not the way you make me feel, I have always wanted to make peace, but it seems it is hard to achieve with you.

38. You don’t need to hurt me before you prove how powerful you are, if you cannot help me, don’t cause me pain.

39. it is funny how we think we are helping others while in the true sense we are hurting them for our own selfish interest.

40. We can’t claim to love someone and still take tears down their eyes, we have to put others in our shoes before we hurt them.

You can’t hurt me any more quotes

41. You can’t hurt me anymore because I have come to realize your tricks, I will never allow myself to be used by any man again.

42. Every day has always been yours since the day we met, but this time, it will never occur again. I am done with everything about you.

43. Sometimes, when a matter does not have an ending, it means someone is pushing too hard, I think, I have had more than enough of your attitudes.

44. If you lost my love for you, I am very sure you will miss me, I understood how much you have been taking me for granted just because I gave you all my heart.

45. How do u make you understand how much you have tried to destroy my life with your selfish reasons, but thankfully I could figure it out too quickly.

46. It has always been my routine to make a man happy and grateful to God for having me, but your case is a bit differ, I hope you will learn how to appreciate a woman someday.

47. Don’t be sad that I will have to leave you to your attitude, I am happy to have found a new life, a freedom life indeed.

48. I didn’t let you down when you need me most; I feel you will understand how much you mean to me someday.

49. You may not know the value of my love for you now, but I believe that it will not be that long and you will get to understand what you have lost.

50. You are all I thought I had, goodbye to those wasted times, I am happy to embrace my freedom and it is working already for me.

Why did you hurt me quotes

51. The truth is that you can’t hurt me again, I am now rigid to your tricks and not only you, but any cruel lover like you also will never meet my standard again.

52. I wish you understand the consequence of your action. I am not going to hurt you in any way, I am not even going to tell this to anyone but your action will hunt you down.

53. No matter how you think you can make me sad, it will not work again. I have told my heart to forget everything about you and me.

54. How human think he derives joy from hurting others, you can’t be respected by hurting others. You must be ready to face the natural consequence.

55. The truth is that no one can escape being hurt but if you want to hurt me, let it be that it worth it. I can’t suffer from your attitude again.

56. You can’t blame me from call it over, several years of unchanged attitude is enough to break the strength of human relationship.

57. I have always wanted to ensure that you are fine but you decided to choose another path in this world. You make me smile.

58. Gone are those days I cry for you, it is no more an era, you must understand by now that none of your efforts will bring me down to your level anymore.

59. When a man loves you, don’t take him for granted, try all your best never to hurt him, because if you lost his love, it is gone forever.

60. Living in a world that does not feature you is the best freedom life ever, you can go away, I don’t need anyone to manipulate me anymore.

You are hurting my Feelings Quotes for Son

61. I just want you to know that you have been hurting my feelings, I want you to change your attitude so that society will accept you.

62. Son, let me tell you one truth. There is no way you can love your, mother, as you claim by hurting her feelings. Please, rise from your sleep and face reality.

63. I don’t want to live my life around a child that spoils my name every day, please my beloved child, change your way before my death.

64. You are super fantastic and that’s the reason why I refused to give up on you while every other human turned against you, please, don’t do this to me, I want you to change your ways.

65. There are some attitude that makes a mother hope to live longer, this one you possess weakens my soul, I might die soonest.

66. Sweetheart, don’t you see I am getting older every day? I want you to change your attitude so that I will be free once again.

67. People are complaining too much about you, please let me die in peace. You should understand I love you but your ways are sucking the life out of me.

68. If a child is obedient and good, the parents will be happy, but if a child paints the parents bad, they can likely die young.

69. At least we are created to show mercy to mankind, you can never be happy making people sad. Please, remember, there is a judgment day.

70. The only way to win the love of pious people is to purify your attitude towards them. You will be fine in the end.

You hurt me Messages for him or her

71. If you hurt me today, you are not going to succeed tomorrow, not anymore. I am done with this attitude that never makes me happy.

72. Can I have a way to smile today? I realize there is no doubt you are tired of me today. You hurt me for nothing.

73. I don’t like hiding my feelings, I have to tell you exactly how I feel, I don’t want to cry anymore because you are always the best.

74. Life is cool without you, I am happy now than ever, you can suit yourself while I continue to enjoy my new life.

75. I may not be happy today because you decided to hurt me on your own, but be rest assured that nothing lasts forever.

76. The pain of being hurt is gone, it can never be filled up again, I promise you can’t make me cry anymore.

77. Anytime you think you can hurt me again, I smile because those moments are no more, they are long gone.

78. I cannot be hurt by you, I will rather let you understand that your tricks are no more working, they are things of the past.

79. I will always love myself because it has made it easy for me to always have rest of mind. I don’t need to cry anymore, I don’t need to shout anymore, I am now free as a bird.

80. I have been like a stolen bird since these years, what treasured freedom can be; I am free at last. Go your way, I will go my way.

You hurt me Quotes to Text to your Loved Ones

81. Everyone has the right to live in peace, do not let people feel sad because you are in power today. It is better to change your way.

82. When you are at the top of the ladder always remember that people at the bottom can set fire from beneath.

83. Before you hurt anyone, try and hurt yourself first to see how it feels to be hurt. Let’s me in peace with everyone.

84. I don’t love the way I think whenever I remember the other day, please, let’s fear God and never repeat such action again.

85. A minute action can land a person to life in prison; a second of bad attitude can make a person hate you forever.

86. I will always say the truth until the truth finally consumes me, You hurt my sister’s feeling and that shouldn’t have come from you.

87. I still love you but it doesn’t mean I have to keep quite when you hurt my feelings. Truly, I am not happy you did hurt my feelings.

88. Can I ever remain silent when things are not fine? This gives me strong concern, please be happy with everyone, don’t hurt anyone.

89. There is no good end for anyone who decides to always hurt others, he or she will finally be miserable in life someday.

90. I know you love yourself but it doesn’t stop you from loving humanity because you are part of human race.

100. Let your effort always be not to hurt anyone. Be careful with the curse of the innocent and the tears of the oppressed.

101. We are meant for each other, therefore we can tell the truth to one another. I am really hurt by your action and I will not hide it.

102. I thought life is always the way a person views it, but I was wrong, we were together in love, peace and harmony but suddenly you betrayed me.

103. Do not think that when a person hurt others will go free, it is not possible, you must be punished for your sins, please sweetheart, don’t hurt me anymore.

104. The oppressed ones have their God, if you have power today, you may loss it tomorrow, do not hurt the feelings of others.

105. Who can actually make me happy if not you among human, but now I am shedding tears like a baby just for an action from you.

106. I am not sad or angry, I am just hurt. Accept it that way and ensure it is always so. You can read what I wrote, I am hurt.

107. I am to have you in my life but sad you still have to hurt my feeling this way. You said you love me but I can’t even see your face for once.

108. If you want to know how you hurt me, kindly put yourself in my shoe, if I didn’t crush you down, it means I am okay.

109. Love is strong, love is nice, love is powerful but when you are hurt in a relationship, the love gradually fades away.

110. Don’t tell me sorry, I already have consoled myself and I am sure this is the best to keep strong. I love myself.

111. I have always wanted to tell you about this, you have always been a strong ,man of strong character, it is not until you are brutal before you gain credibility.

112. A real man is the one that can forgive and will never shout at the one he really loves, no matter what, he is the best for you. Please, dear, try not to hurt me again.

113. You may not have my time anymore, you may not have any feeling for me again, but you can’t do without my impact.

114. Life is all about ups and down—we know but when our feelings are hurt based on injustice, it hurts a lot.

115. We can always be the change we want to see, we can be happy if we want, we can be sad if we chose, but we can’t tolerate being hurt by anyone.

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