50 Cute Quotes for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

If you have read one of our previous love messages that talks about love messages for her to make her smile, this is a sex opposite version of it as we are going to be focusing on him this time around.

Many believe that men do not value things like SMS and love quotes in a relationship, we’ll like to tell you that that assertion is totally wrong.

Men just like women also like being pampered, being showed love and being spoilt with gifts, flowers and romantic love messages. What many get wrong is the approach. And we’ll be proving them wrong with the cute love messages below.

Do you think he’s stressed out at work and won’t be paying attention to your love messages? Or you think the day was rough for him so love quotes would be the last thing on his mind? If these are your way of thinking, believe me, you’re losing your relationship.

The best time to show affections to a man is when he’s down and stressed out. Your sweet love quotes will make him smile and forget all his worries. And above all, he’ll cherish you more.

This article contains top 50 cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile. These messages are perfect for boyfriend, husband, fiancee and even male friends.

Love text messages bring two separated heart together for a more important reason which will help them in the long run. And if you need a long lasting relationship, we’ve got you covered, all you need to do is to always read our messages. So yourself and happy texting!

Cute Quotes for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

Cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile images 1
Cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile images 1

1. Like a victorious prince you affect me with your smile in a way I can’t easily explain. My darling sweetheart, the father of my kids, I love you with every now and then of my life. If you are missing in town—then you can only be found in my heart! I love you!

2. The first day I set my eyes on you little did I sense the kind of blessing God has given to me, now I have come to realize how lucky I am to have found a great lover like you. My heartthrob, I will forever appreciate your love in my life! I love you baby!

3. I can’t stop loving again because already my love for you is becoming infinite. In the first instance when I saw the light of your passion in your beautiful smile, I thought it was not for real. Now I believe everything about—my God sent angel!

4. I can’t compare your love with anything because you are so special. Words cannot explain the depth of my love for you. You are a flower of love planted in my heart, watered with passion and grow with passion. You are my sunlight that shines with compassion in my heart. I love you!

5. How deeply happy I’m I that I met you in life? Since the beginning of my love life, I have never met a man as special as you are. You brought joy to my life and made me a new version of a happy person. I love you my superhero!

Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Special over Text

Cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile images 2
Cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile images 2

6. I want you to understand that you are the most handsome man my heart sees. I can’t see anything again but you because your love has occupied everything about my thinking. When I sleep, I see you. When I wake—it is you! Whatever I’m doing I always see you. I love you!

7. It is my greatest joy that you are mine. The prince of my life I love you so much. From the beginning to the end of my heart, I adore you my dream come true. If there is any perfect way I can explain to you on how much you mean to me—I will have adopted it without hesitation.

8. My dear husband, I want you to understand that the tears of passion that rolls downs my cheeks are not for pain but for the selfless love you have shown to me over the years. I used to wonder the kind of man God has made you to be. You give me all that I need. I love you my baby!

9. I am passionately sick in love and I want you to cure me with your romantic hugs and hot kisses. My heart is jumping over and over like a frog, because you smiled at me. Your smile is ever difficult to resist. I love you my superstar.

10. In the midst of millions of stars, I chose you because I believed you are meant for me. Now I have come to realize that my choice was right. You proved beyond my expectations that you are a man worthy of been loved. I love you my heartthrob!

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make His Heart Melt

Cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile photos 3
Cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile photos 3

11. On the horizon of passion I wish to pour on you, a rain of love which you can’t miss even a single stripe. I am willing to make you soak in love so that you can realize how deeply in love I am with you. You have unleashed the fuel of joy in my heart! I love you!

12. Your kiss makes me to want the more and more of you every minute of my life. You have captured my heart and programmed it to think only of you. My love, please always be mine until the end of time. I don’t think I can live without you. I love you with all due respect.

13. You are my companion in times of hardship. You never leave me when I need you most. You stay by my side when everything seems to have turned against me. Baby your kindness have no bound. You shower me with the most interesting love ever. I love you!

14. A single minute away from me—means a thousand of days in journey. I can’t withstand the risk of missing you for once. You have become my heart—not having you close to me can cause my death. I don’t want to leave you forever my darling. I love you!

15. Until I met you I never knew there is love addiction. My spirit and soul is attached to you that I can’t breathe a day without remembering you in my mind. You became my thought when since the day I met you. Baby I love you!

Text to Make Him Smile at Work

Text to make him smile at work pic 6
Text to make him smile at work pic 6

16. You bright joy to my heart, you purify my mind with your passion. Everything I want in man is found in you. Anytime I close my eyes, I see you like a treasure full of light accomplished with endless bliss. I love you my sweetheart!

17. No matter how sad I may be, just a smile from you brings an ocean of joy to my heart. Except that I can’t see your beautiful face—my heart melts for your love. There is a special part of you which I love so much and it is your gentleness. My gentle guy, I love you!

18. You gave me reason to smile, so I fell in love with you. I thought everything is over until you gave me the shock of my life with your powerful smile. I love you my angel. I will continue to appreciate your kindness in my life until the end of time.

19. For all that you have done in my life. For the glory you brought into my life. For the mercy that you are which God has blessed me with, I want to appreciate you today and forever. I love you!

20. When I said I love you, I really mean it because you deserve to be loved over and over. I am promising you now to be with you forever. My uncommon treasure, I want you to realize that nothing can drive my heart away from you except what has passed. I love you my lovely prince of passion!

Cute Quotes for Your Husband to Make Him Smile

Cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile picture 4
Cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile picture 4

21. My dear hobby, we have made it this far because you gave me all the attention I demanded from you. No matter the mood you find me, you understand and flow with me in the best manners. I used to wonder the kind of man you are, having realized the aura of your charming kindness. I love you!

22. My charming goody handsome husband, the father of my kids. It came to me this morning to reach out to you because I am already soaked in your thought. I can no longer bear your absence. I want you to be with me as soon as possible. I love you!

23. Loving you with all that I have is my pride. I smile whenever I remember every memory shared with you. Like a lily you are so cute and charming to me. I love everything about you. No matter how hard the situation may be, I will always leave to love you till eternity. I love you baby!

24. True love is rare but with you it is absolutely possible. A gem like you is hard to find in this cruel world of us. Baby, in the midst of millions of princes, you alone I see, admired and want to lead my life with until the time seizes to exist. I want to end my life with you, finding my head on your chest every day of my life. I love you!

25. Despite all that came between us, you still find a space in your heart to forgive and love me better. I erred yet you never get tired of me. I am so lucky to have found a good man like you. Dear love, I’m sorry for all the past pain I might have caused. I love you!

cute text to send to your boyfriend to make him smile

Text to make him smile at work images 7
Text to make him smile at work images 7

26. My heart is yelling and crying for your attention. The amazing thing is that, you give me all listening ears I ever needed yet my heart is not satisfied to have more and more of your presence. Baby, you put smile on my face and give me a good reason to always want to live with you forever!

27. In times of darkness and adversity, you became my sun and moon bringing hopes and comforts to my gentle soul. I was sad having realized you were not with me last night. But now I am stronger and happier than I have ever been because I could hear your voice. My sweet angel, I love you!

28. From my perception about you, I saw a king of heart that specialized in making his woman feel special. You took me to where I have never been before in an imaginary journey of love. You kissed me in a garden built of love, and hugged me under a tree of passion. I love you!

29. A day does not pass by except that the thought of you rolls over my heart millions times over and over. I am addicted to you. I can’t control my feelings for you anymore. My baby, you are the best for me. Thank God I met you.

30. What have you done to my heart that I lose it always for you alone? I grew up to know only that a person loses temper not his heart. My baby, why did you steal my heart away though you know I can’t leave without you? The prince of my heart, please bring my heart back for me. I love you!

Quotes for My Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

31. I never believe a person like you exist until I met you. All the past pains have found themselves washed away since the day step into my life. Loving you will continue to be a thing of joy to me. You are a special person and I love you with all my heart!

32. My heart is dedicated to love you forever. This is the reason why I adore you so much. I admire your passion and your beautiful smile. All what I want from you is to love me back even more than I love you. My dear angel, I love everything about you. You’re my dream comes true!

33. I am so stinging about one thing—sharing you with anyone! I know how much happy I am been with you. Having a rival will be a big nightmare. Baby, I alone own you. I will love you until the end of time. My sweetheart, I really mean what I’m saying. I love you my hero!

34. I love that you love me for me. I love that I don’t have to hide my imperfections or pretend to be someone else when I’m with you. I love that you don’t mind my madness. I love that we can be crazy together. I love that you make me feel this way. I love YOU…forever and a day!

35. You make me feel like a silly teenager all over again. And I love you for that!

Quotes to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

36. Anytime I spend a moment with you, you make me feel special because you treat me like a queen. You have a special skill of bringing out the child in me. You make me shed tears of passion like a baby wrapped on the mother’s chest. I love you my sweet star!

37. Thank you for all you have done in my life. I will always cherish you and care for you as long as I may exist in this quite world of ours. Life without you to me is a life without love, passion, sincerity and comfort. But having found you in my life, I feel all of the above. I love you my sweetheart!

38. In the valley of affectionate moment, I chose you above every other dude. In the river full of passionate treasure, you are the most valuables of the diamonds. Your presence in my life brought lots of changes to me which I will never forget. I love you my angel!

39. There is no doubt because you are a God sent angel to me—to bring peace to my heart. Anytime I think of you, I feel a special comfort in my mind yet I cannot comprehend. There is this burning fire in your eyes; it is called the bracelet of love. I love you baby!

40. Your powerful smile mesmerizes my heart setting a love time bomb in it. Any kiss or hug from you may cause a mass construction in me, living my heart soaked in love. Do you want to kill me with passion? Anyway I am ready to die for your love no matter the condition. I will always cherish you my dear love!

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile over Text

41. I will always love you no matter what life may bring to us—it is normal! No two specially created people lived together without constraints. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad however the most important thing is that we still stay in love. I love you my sweetheart!

42. I can’t get tired of having the whole of your smile every day of my life. The reason is because it brings a magical heart healing effect I cannot possibly explain. The bad news is that distance may physically set us apart while the good news is that I will always remember you in my heart no matter what. I love you my heartthrob!

43. My joy in life is to see you happy and that’s why I have dedicated my time to give you the best I can. For destiny been favorable, you respond to my love in the best way I wanted it to be. I am so lucky to find a husband like you. I love you baby!

44. If I can see your face every day of my life—then it is enough a comfort zone for me. Your passionate smile continues to melt my heart like an ice berg turning into a love liquid. You hug releases a fluid of passion in my heart and in the end, yielding a perfect reason to live with you forever. I love you!

45. No wonder it occurred to me never to love anyone until I met you. A truthful man made for me alone. You are such a wonderful person I will continue to love you until love itself begs out of stress. I will stretch my love for you until it can’t be expanded again. I love you!

Cute Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

46. When I closed my eyes, when I walked through the bank of the river of love. I saw a very handsome man smiling at me from a distance worthy to be called the angle of passion. I knew you were the one. So I smiled back at you—to show you how much you mean to me. I love you!

47. I am sorry for many things I didn’t say. I want you to over look all what I did not do. Today, I want to devote my heart for you and you alone no one else. Look into my eyes whenever we meet again, you will find a burning passion in them—my eyes are blue because of you. I love you!

48. I remained patient not sharing this special love with anyone until I met you. I never believed in the existence of true love before. However, now I have come to realize that it exists because I can see it in you. I love you baby!

49. You are such a romantic lover. Your kisses taste like chocolate. Your hugs, I feel like a blanket. Everything about you appears to me as extra ordinary. You are a living passion. I love you!

50. My heartfelt, you are like a flower—giving sweet fragrance to my nose. I adore you so much more than a diamond treasure. You are a one in a million kind of a man. I wish I can describe how much I love you in a single sentence: I love you!

51. I can never lose a track loving you in my life. I am happy today because you are part of my life. Anytime I set my eyes on you, I feel lots of comforts in my mind. You are a great gift to me. Thank God you are mine. I love you!

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