50 Romantic Good Night Love Quotes for Her

Are you the type that cares less about sending romantic good night quotes to your lover? This collection of Romantic Good Night Love Quotes For Her will definitely change your perception about sending good night quotes to her.

Many do not know the importance of text messages and how powerful they could be in strengthening any relationship, we at iLoveMessages definitely do and we are here to help you draft the best of good night love quotes for her.

These cute good night love quotes are perfect for your girfriend, wife or fiancee. You can also get creative with these good night quotes for lovers. So what are you waiting for, start sending the best good night love messages now!

Romantic Good Night Love Quotes for Her

Good Night Love Quotes For Her
Good Night Love Quotes For Her

1. Good night sleep tight until tomorrow when I will see you again, I miss your touch I miss your kiss, I miss every part of your body my sweetie pie. Good night.

2. I am wishing the beautiful princess the world as ever produced, a wonderful night rest and a blissful and peaceful night my heart.

3. If it is possible for me to come with this message and hug you all through the night but all the same am wishing you sweet dreams and good night. – Romantic Good Night Love Quotes for Her

4. The brightest thing in this world are those your two eyes, when you look at me it make me feel more in love for your eyes lie the weakness of my heart. good night my love.

5. I always want to be with you no matter what but time shall tell and we will be together . I adore so much and good night.

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Beautiful Good Night Love Quotes For Her

6. I just want to wish for one thing for all your dreams to come true, because all what I want is for you to be happy. I cant stop loving you my queen good night.

7. I was very happy today with you, you mad my day right now I just feel like taking you to wonderland but I want you to have a lovely night rest so tomorrow would be much more excited. I love you so much and good night.

8. No one can give me the kind of joy you give to me, even if million people give me million joy it wont be like yours. I adore you my angel good night. – Beautiful Good Night Love Quotes for Her

9. No matter how far you are from me, I can walk a thousand mile to get to you queen of my heart. I love you. good night.

10. I want to be by your side to comfort you and make you happy, love with time all of this will be possible. Good night the love of my life.

Romantic Love Good Night Quotes

11. I am much more tired today because I have used all of today to think About you, but seeing you will ease the tiredness for I know that tomorrow is another day for us to meet again. I love you my angel. Good night.

12. I had never wanted any thing in my life not until I met you, but now that you are in my life I want the whole of you but am not greedy I can just let you have my heart. good night and sweet dreams.

13. I want to be your source of joy and your morning happiness and the companion that will help you all through your life. good night my honey.

14. If you were honey then I will be the sweet taste of it, if you were ocean then I would be the water. I assure you that my heart is all yours, thank you for loving me, good night.

15. I always want to be with you, just as I close my eye I see you in all that I do and wish that you are here with me. I want to hold you tight I tell you I love you my queen. Good night. – Romantic Love Good Night Quotes for Her

Good Night Love Quotes for Her

16. If you will knock on the door of sleep, then mister dream will open the door and you will find me there to hug you, sweet dreams and good night my love.

17. I want you to fall asleep slowly because I am there waiting patiently for you to meet me in your dream. Good night my cutie pie.

18. Sleep well for my love is what will cover you and hug the warmth that will give you pleasure, good night my sweetheart.

19. I was called by the lord of dreams, that all the nightmares have been arrested and you can now sleep without having any hold-up. Good night and sweet dreams my love.

20. I am sending you this cute message and along with it is my heart full of love just for you, my queen. I adore you so much good night. – Lovely Good Night Love Quotes for Her

Good Night Quotes for Girlfriend

21. As I am sending you those shining bright stars to lighten up your night and make your dream wonderful. I love you my sweetheart. Good night.

22. Just as I thought I have you all to myself today, I still feel some part of me is missing right now. I love you but to make me more and more in love, I want to be your pillow tonight. Thank you for being there for me, good night.

23. My love, I don’t think this sleep will be possible without me wishing you good night and have a wonderful night rest my beauty queen.

24. Don’t want you to be down with things that don’t matter all, you know I will do anything for you my love. So go to sleep and forget your worries I will take care of it for you because tomorrow is another day. Good night my angel.

25. When I think of all the possibilities that made me who I am today , I see a big reason why I should look up to God and say thank you. love you are the reason behind all my joy, I love you my dear. Good night. – Romantic Good Night Love Quotes for Girlfriend

Good Night Sweet Dreams Quotes For Her

26. I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long, if you are in my dreams and I am in your dreams, you see we cant be far apart from each other so take care of me and I will take care of you. good night and sweet dream from me to you.

27. The thought of me being with you is all that is making me want to sleep early so as to wake early and met up with you tomorrow, I cant stop loving you my heartthrob. Good night.

28. Do you ever imagine how fulfilled I used to feel whenever I want to go to bed that you are mine and I am all yours, my angel? Good night and sweet dreams.

29. The moon can’t shine without the night, the candle can’t burn without the light, so tell me how I can sleep without wishing you good night my honey bunny.

30. I wish for just for us to be together and play until the night fade away, my love you are my one in a million queen. I admire you so much. Good night my queen. – Good Night Sweet Dreams Quotes for Her

Inspirational Good Night Quotes For Lover

31. With all the sparkle in your eyes can’t be compared with the star in the sky, I love those lovely eyes of yours and those kisses that give me all the pleasure I deserve. Good night my love.

32. I just wish all my wishes will be true that I will wake up next to you my sweetheart. good night and have a lovely night rest.

33. I never thought I will be addicted to someone did way am so use to you, please my love don’t let me down. I love you dearly my damsel, good night.

34. I have pour roses on your bed to keep you fresh, may your sleep be as flourishing as the lilies, good night my love.

35. I am blowing this kisses to my angel so that I will wish you good night and still hold you through the night. Have a great night. – Inspirational Good Night Quotes for Her

Goodnight My Love Quotes For Wife

Goodnight My Love Quotes For Wife
Goodnight My Love Quotes For Wife

36. Letting you sleep all by yourself doesn’t mean that I won’t be with you tomorrow so sleep tight and take care of me for me. I love you and good night.

37. Tonight is beautiful, I feel secured know fully well that my love is getting stronger each day. Good night my sweetie pie.

38. I am sending you my ears so they whisper into your ears, good night and sweet dreams my love. Take good care of you for my me my angel.

39. I thought I was mocked and talked about but never knew it was love all the way. Thank you for your sincere humility, I love you and good night.

40. If I don’t see you or communicate with you my day don’t seem to be fine, but now that I am sending you this sms I believe you are fine. You know you are always on my mind even when I have nothing to say, good night my love. – GoodNight My Love Quotes for Wife

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Cute Good Night Quotes For Her

41. Thinking about you is where my nightmare stop and my sweet dreams begin, my love for you as no limit, please take good care of yourself for me. good night.

42. As long as I dream about you, and all the wishes come true. I wish to have more of the night dreams. Good night my love.

43. I want this night to be a special night to you my love, I want to give you all the kisses you deserve and the hug and cuddling . I adore you queen of my heart. good night.

44. The moon is angry with me and jealous of you because I said that no one can light my night up like you do. I love you queen of my heart, good night.

45. The night is far too long for you to be away, I am desperately waiting to see the broad daylight so as to kiss you my angel. good night my honey. – Cute Good Night Love Quotes for Her

Sweet Good Night Quotes For Her

46. I can’t be wonder where this beauty is coming from, hmm God has done it. You are so beautiful the queen of my heart good night.

47. People say love is difficult to find but I found mine in a platter of gold , I just want us to always be together. For two heart in love are united by there love. I love you and good night.

48. If I could choose between you and food I will eat you over and over again, because when I have you I will be more than satisfy my joy good night.

49. I could just say good night but no I have more to say than that, I wont stop loving you not even for a second my angel. Have a great night ahead cheers.

50. My love, have you wonder why I call you my everlasting flame because you are the fire that keeps burning inside me. Thank you my light, I can’t stop letting this fire stop for no reason, good night my shining armour. – Sweet Good Night Love Quotes for Her

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