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This is a collection of 50 of the most romantic Sweet Good Night Quotes, Good Night Images, Funny Good Night Memes for boyfriend and girlfriend.

Send these romantic good night messages to that special someone in your life and send them to the world of sweet dreams.

Sweet Good Night Images For Lovers

Sweet and Romantic Good Night Quotes For him and Her

1. The night is a wonderful moment where the best lovers find the cutest time to reach out to one and another. I can’t hide the secret I have in my mind for you and it is the fact that I love you. Good night!

2. Every night my love for you becomes more powerful because your thoughts are always in my mind giving me a joy I cannot explain. Look into the sky and you will find me among the stars smiling at you, good night!

3. You are my angel, the love of my life the one I trusted with all my heart. Every night becomes so romantic whenever I remember you in my heart. You bring joy to my life with your romantic eyes. I love you good night!

4. The night is a garment of comfort, I want you to be covered in it my love. I am living my life for you; to make you happy and give you the best of experience in life. Feel the comfort of the night, I love you baby…good night!

Something Sweet to Say Goodnight

Good night sweet dreams

Good night sweet dreams – All is love

5. The flower that grows in my heart is a beautiful rose. I planted it there so I can show you how sweet you are to me. You are everything love means. I wish you the best of night dreams. I hope to see your beautiful face in the hours of the day. Good night!

6. I love you my sweetheart. You are my heart—without you I cannot live. This night I am missing you so badly that I cannot sleep. Have a wonderful night my love!

7. You are like a wonderful treasure to me, a joy that will find no end because it comes from you. I am happy and lucky that I found you in my life. I love you with all my heart. May the sweetest bliss of this night be showered on your blessed face? Yes it is. Good night!

8. When I met you, it occurred to me that the love of my life is right here before me smiling with passion. A true passion that brings joy to the heart. No one can stop me from loving you not even the strongest man on earth. Good night!

9. I dedicate my heart to you this night so you can fill it with a reservoir of happiness. I know I won’t sleep tonight until I hear your romantic voice. I love you baby girl, please dream about us in the garden of love; good night!

10. If love is colour, I will choose blue because your eyes splash out the cutest light ever. I love to hear from you every night for your voice gives me the comfort I have ever needed in life. I am so happy because you belong to me and I will forever love you. Good night!

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Good night sweet dream hd wallpaper - sweet good night quotes

Good night sweet dream hd wallpaper

11. To me, this life is nothing without you but a boring music. Every night can’t be spent with joy until I hear you sweet voice. My dear love, I want you to feel the breeze of passion that comes with the blessed night. Good night my heart!

12. Much love for you this night my beloved lady. With you, my life is sweet and special. You are the most beautiful angel of my life.

13. Baby, I want you to know that you are the treasure that I adore, you filled my heart with comfort. Anytime I look into your eyes, I see a beautiful flower growing altogether in a shape of love, this night is specially made for you so I am sending my romantic kisses to complement it. Good night my angel!

14. The love I have for you revolve around the burning desire to be with you forever, no distrust- I am okay this night because I have captured you in my mind and will never let you escape even an inch until the next day when I will set my eyes on your cute face one again. Good night baby!

15. Among many flowers, you are the best of roses, with the most charming shade. Not in the slightest will I ever want to miss you. My super lady, the story of your love, you are so special to me. I love you baby- have a cute dream!

Sweet Goodnight Paragraph for Her

Funny good night dolls images

Funny good night dolls images

16. For the dint of the joy that I feel in my heart, I keep smiling endlessly because you belong to me. In this blessed hour, I want you to cheer me up with your beautiful voice. Right now, I am thinking about you, hoping to see your bright face soon, good night my love. stop

17. No one can stop the cute thoughts of love I have for you, even if we are from each other, you will always remain in my heart. You are such a special kind of girl made I love. Look into the sky tonight and find me among the stars saying hi to you. Good night sweetheart!

18. I am extending my endless appreciation to you this night, showing my pleasure of the love you show me since the day I set my eyes on you. From the infinite part of my heart, I am wishing you an incredible night dream. Good night I love you!

19. Dear angel, my love will forever grow for you alone because you are so special- a flower of passion that overwhelms my heart to the core – that is what your quality, I am sending my kisses and hug to you the princess of my life. Good night and have a sweet dream!

20. For the support you show in my life, for all your kindness, for all the sweet memories you shared with me- I am willing to appreciate you with undisputable thankfulness so you will feel the impact of the love that I have for you. Good night dear!

21. You are always in my heart and my job is to see you happy. Now that you are mine, take all my kisses and hugs to complete your night. Good night!

22. I can’t stop thinking about you in my mind and can’t sleep until I hear your voice I am willing to lead the rest of my life with you, my dear beautiful lady, have a sweet dream!

23. It is my job to have more and more of your passion. For the moment, no one can fill my thoughts as you do, I wish you know how much of you I heed, and will you be flabbergasted to realize how deeply I have fallen in love with you. Good night angel!

24. Since the first day I met you, my life has been filled with comfort. You got the nod to every door of the innermost part of my heart. This night I ask God to bless with every good fortune of life. Good night my heart!

25. From the nook and cranny of my heart I cherish you, if I can’t see your beautiful face in the hours of the day, I won’t be fine. I am willing to see your cute smile as soon as possible. Good night baby!

Sweet Good Night Quotes for Him

Good night sketch picture for her

Good night sketch picture for her

26. It is my routine to think about you day and night, you are very important because you are such a special angel in my life. Every now and again, I trip in love with you more and more, I have no more control over it, have a sweet dream.

27. Every single star in the sky is telling you how much you mean to me; already it is an open secret that I can’t live without you. The treasure that brings the light of my happiness. Have a sweet night!

28. Every night, whenever I remember your kindness in my life, my heart understands know other languages but of love and passion for you. Now, I am appreciating all the joy you brought to my life, I pray that every good fortune descends on you this night. Sleep firm!

29. Ever since I realized that there is true love; I have always shown it to you so you can find an absolutely, I am willing to show you the sweetest part of my passions which will always belong to you. I want you to assure you that even if you are in a port in a storm, I will always be yours and have a sweet night!

30. My love for you is indisputable. In reality, nothing can put asunder between us—you will be min until the end of time. Do have the best of times in your life and I will forever be yours just as I said. Good night!

Sweet Good Night Memes for Him and Her

31. , I give my heart for you alone. Can’t you see how stunning my heart has become since you came into my life? I have planted for you in my heart, roses, lilies, and all kinds of the most beautiful blossoms. Baby, have a wonderful night!

32. What’s good for you is good for me too! Right now, I your thoughts circulate my heart, hope mine is in yours? Just kidding, our hearts are combined already and become one, whatever you is in you is already in me, whatever you feel, I feel. Good night love

33. With you my baby I want to savor the rest of my life, I can’t disagree with your judgment and I am happy you came into my life. You deserve all of my love and kindness. This night, I am sending you my romantic kisses and a special hug so you may find a sweet night dream!

34. You belong to me and I will try my best to always make you feel special all the days of your life with me. All I possess belongs to you because you are my dream comes true, I am meant for your coz you deserve to be loved and care for. Even if heavens and earth passed away, I will love you till eternity. Good night!

35. There is nothing I enjoy more like connecting my heart with yours every day and night because you are too sweet as the hottest chocolate, as romantic as Angelina Jolly and as hot as Rihanna! Good night, I love you!

Cute Ways to Say Goodnight over Text to Your Boyfriend

36. With all the kindness you have shown to me, I will forever be yours till the end of time. Every day and night, your thought never ceases to come to my heart, always wish we could be together for the rest of our life. I want to say goodnight to you, my angel!

37. I can see a beautifully designed flower well built and romantically decorated- white and blue it is, made for you as an appreciation for all the love you show in my life, your endless passion and kindness for me will be forever remembered. Good night!

38. Your Love appears to me like a shooting star and it lights up my heart filling it with lots of passion and comforts that will never end. Your impact in my life can never be overemphasized and I will always be yours forever. Good night!

39. Love is amazing and above all the most interesting in a cute heart like yours, I am happy that you are the chosen one for me. I am incomplete without you in my life! Good night!

40. In the most silent hour of the night, your thoughts overflow in my heart. I cannot stop thinking about no matter the distance we may share. You are all that I have been waiting for—you are a comforter of the peace of my heart. I want you to know that I cherish you so much. Good night!

Sweet Good Night Wish Quotes

41. In as much as you are meant for me day and night, I will always be there for you, even if you are far away from where my heart can reach you, I will always find my way to your heart. You are a special angel, I love. I am sending you a lot of romantic kisses, good night!

42. No matter what may happen between you and me, I will always find a reason in my heart to love you. I will be glad to always be yours for the rest of my life my sweet angel. Good night baby!

43. With the speed of love that I find in my heart for you, I am sending the best of treasure that can ever be offered only to a special person like you. How far or how near you may be, nothing changes in the content of the love I have for you. Good night!

44. The night is like a blossom full of many beautiful flowers—I want you to pick the most beautiful part of its wealth’s to enrich the joy in your heart. I ask the Lord of the night to bless you with the sweetest dream. Good night!

45. I love you in a special way which any word cannot explain. I love you with a passion that never ends. A night is a garment of love and comforts so I am sending all the pleasure I have with me to stay with you until the hours of the dark cease to exist. Good night!

46. No other lady can be as special as you are to me—from your beautiful eyes, I see true love and a blissful moment to share with you forever. You are meant for me my jewel, loving you will bring joy to my heart—hearing from you tonight will come with a peace dream!

47. You are the never-ending joy of my life, the treasure that I adore; I am wishing you a peaceful night full of romantic dreams. The level of my love for you is rising like a wave of passion almost splashing at you!

48. Love is a life-changing machine for those who appreciate it. I welcome your love and judgment in my life. May the precious time that descends with the hours of the night spread over you like a garment of joy—good night!

49. I lost deep in my thought and found you coming from the valley of the deepness of love, smiling and waving your blessed hand at me. When I got close to you, I realized I was just dreaming but upon opening my eyes found the most beautiful face beside me. Good night!

50. I cherish the power of the smile you flash at me because it melts my heart and put more smile on my face. But I do miss your beautiful because the darkness of the heart has hidden far away from me. I am willing to see your angelic face once more. Good night!

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