100 Cute ‘I Miss You’ Quotes for Him & Her with Images

When you miss someone special in your life, there is no point hiding it. Let the person know how much you miss and cherish them, and this will make them love you more in return.

In this piece, we have carefully written 100 of the most romantic ‘I miss you’ quotes for him and her with sweet I miss you images for girlfriend and boyfriend.

Start sending to the most wonderful people in your life to bridge the gap of distance!

50 ‘I Miss You’ Quotes and Messages For Her

Miss u images for love with quotes - I miss you quotes
Miss u images for love with quotes

1. I am still in search for that power to resist your absence but all in vain because I cannot live without you beside me. No matter how far you may go, I will always be yours forever. Baby when shall I see your smiling face once more? I miss you!

2. The shining star of my life, I can’t stop thinking about you even for a second, I am willing to see your beautiful face, that charming smile of yours gives me a memorandum of joy and passion in my heart. I miss you!

3. Missing you may cause a love attack to my heart, that’s why I am willing to always be with you so I can be more close to your heart. I love you so dearly that life will be bored without you by my side. I miss you, baby!

4. I have missed you a lot my angel and I won’t be scared because I trust you more than you can think; waiting for you will not be a big deal. No matter how long it takes for you to make up your mind. I will always cherish you. I miss you!

5. I love kissing you but dislike letting off. I love saying hi but can’t stand telling you goodbye. I love watching your beautiful face smiling widely at me but hate ever see you walk away. I miss you!

Romantic I Miss You Quotes For Her

Miss u images for boyfriend and girlfriend
Miss u images for boyfriend and girlfriend

6. A day without the sun will be horrible; a night without the moon will be unusual. A heart without joy will be bored. A life without you is a life without true love. I miss you!

7. I was diagnosed with I Miss You Syndrome because I suffered from a passionate inability to stop missing you. If I can’t see you in the next few hours, don’t know what may happen. I miss you, sweetheart.

8. It is my aspiration to hold your hands, it is my desire to hold you close to my heart, I want to hug you compactly, kiss you kindly, and let you rest your sweet head on my chest so that you can hear my heart beat for you. I miss you.

9. I want to know if you can feel it, Can you hear it—the songs that emanate from my voice…That is my heart, it beats for you alone. I miss you!

10. I don’t like missing you because you are my joy the love of my life. I can’t stop thinking about you since the day I met you. My entire wish is to see you right here in my presence. I miss you!

Sweet Thinking of You Text Messages

11. Since you have gone away, my life has not been too lively. I keep missing those sweet moments I shared with you; you are my love the joy of my life. Wishing you the best wherever you are. I miss you!

12. I need someone to hug; I badly need someone to kiss. I am dying for someone to talk to, someone to play with. I am hoping to see the one that puts a smile on my face, someone to make me laugh. Someone to love someone to complete me. I miss you!

I miss You Images, Photos and Wallpapers


13. Our beautiful memories will never be forgotten, but that doesn’t mean that more memories shouldn’t be created because every moment with you is blessed and lovely. I love you so much for who you’re and I miss you!

14. No matter how far your miles may be away from me, all I need to do is close my eyes to feel your presence right here before me. Although many days have passed and yet can’t see your beautiful face, your charming smile I miss so much. I miss you!

15. When you were with me, I know how you make me feel deep joy in my heart. I have never been bored living with you. Today we are far away but your thoughts can never live my mind. I miss you!

Romantic Miss You Messages for Love

16. You are my joy and whenever I see your face; my heart is filled with an endless pleasure. I must confess that I really miss you and everything about you. I miss your smile, kiss, and hug hugs. Every day of my life, I wish to wake up to see you right beside me. I miss you!

17. I wish your beautiful face can be seen right away because I have really missed your smile. I can’t stop remembering those sweet moments spent with you. Wherever you may be right now, just know that a heart is yelling to see you once again. I miss you!

18. My love, your beautiful smiles have been seen for too long, I am willing to reach out to you as soon as possible so my heart will be lighted with joy, passion and affection for you. I just want to say I miss you!

19. When I said I love you, believe me because it was just the truth, I thought I could breathe without you beside me until you were far away, I realized my life will be bored without you. I love you more than you may think and I miss you dearly!

20. My love, I wish you know how my heart is fonder for your absence. Where have you been that I can no longer breathe well because you have taken my comfort away—which is you. I have no choice but to wait patiently until my angel is back again. I miss you!

Cute I Miss You Quotes For Her

21. Butterflies fly away leaving the nectar all alone in the lonely forest. The romantic birds no longer have the chance to visit the beautiful flower but the fact is that they all will find a way to always come back to their favourites. Same feeling I have for you. Distance cannot divide us, I miss you!

22. No matter how far you may go like a shooting star, I will always find a way to reach out to you because you mean the world to me. My angel, I miss you with passion and dying every day and night just to see you once again. I miss you my heart!

23. You are the one that I adore among the millions of women out there. I see you in all I do because your love has occupied the space in my heart. I can’t resist losing your presence. You are the cherished queen of my heart. I miss you!

24. Whenever I remember all the sweet memories we shared together, I smile having realized how much I have missed your presence. Loving you will be forever appreciated on my mind. I miss you and I love you my darling angel!

25. Among million of ladies, I single you out as the best and the most interesting. Where are those beautiful set of teeth of yours, I miss your smile that shows your white teeth, I miss your beautiful face and every moment spent with you.

Funny I Miss You Quotes for Her

26. I just feel like to feel your touch and kiss in me. Desperate I am to see you as soon as possible, no matter where you are be rest assured that your love will not die in my heart. I just want to say I miss you baby!

27. Love is not complete unless it is shared with you. Heaven and earth may pass away but your love in me can never fade away. You are my joy the angel that I admire so much. It has been long you left now but your thoughts are always fresh in my mind. I miss you!

28. My willingness to see your bright face as soon as possible is so amazing that I can’t explain. My heart is so addicted to your presence but you may not understand. I can’t stop thinking about you. I miss you baby!

29. When I met you, little did I realize that I have found the true love of my life that will bring endless joy to my heart? I love everything about you. I miss your powerful smile that mesmerizes my heart with deep passion. I miss you!

30. You are my joyfulness the love I cherish so much. Thank God you are chosen for me; I will always be with you no matter how far you may go, I will continue to love you until the end of time. I miss you!

I miss You Quotes For Girlfriend

31. Missing you has become an ecstasy to me because I enjoy it though hate to see you see walking away. You are a God sent an angel to put a smile on my face; you are the best among all princesses, my joy I just want to let you know that I miss you!

32. Wherever you may be, just know that somewhere somehow someone is really willing to see you and meet you once again. My dear angel, I can’t explain how deeply I have fallen in love with you since the day I saw you last. I miss you so much!

33. With you beside me, I feel the comfort that comes with this beautiful life. I feel the bliss that is attached to your smile and warm touches that come from your blessed hands. I really miss your presence, your powerful smile and the unending kindness of yours. I miss you!

34. No woman can take your part in my heart because you irreplaceable. You left in me an impact that will continue to live with me no matter how far you may go. I will love you until the end of time. I miss you!

35. I love the smile that splash on me from the passion that releases it. Your presence set my heart ablaze with endless love. You are now far away from me but your thought is right here in my heart. I miss you love!

Sweet Missing Quotes for Wife

36. Nothing is as sweet as having you right beside me, because no one can make me active and happy as I always wanted. You are a unique gem chosen for me by God. You are my love and I miss you dearly!

37. I am in love with you and I’m sure you feel the heat too. You are to me like a favorite dove that has flown away for a while causing deep sorrow in the heart of the little owner boy. But when it flew back to him became overwhelmed with joy. I miss you!

38. The love I have for you is genuine and never in any way will I look down on you because you are such a special angel. You’re my world the pillar of love I lean my hand upon. I miss you!

39. My dear angel, loving you is an endless passion and I love everything that involves you. There is only one thing I hate and it is the fact to see you walking away. You are my happiness, joy and the one I cherish so much. I miss you!

40. For the beautiful moment I spent with you, I want to appreciate you for the rest of my life. Ever since the day you left, this life has been so bored to me. I really miss you my angel!

I miss You Messages for Wife

41. Your presence is a bliss not finding you beside me will only cause a love cancer to my heart. I believe you won’t like to see me being diagnosed with a missing heart syndrome because my mind has been stolen away by you. I miss you angel!

42. Whenever I set my eyes on you, my heart melts into a molten passion burning with lots of desire to always want to see you more and more. However whenever you are far away from me, I feel the deepest sadness in my heart willing to meet you!

43. Your presence is like a building made of joy, love, passion, comfort and endless bliss. I love to live in you because that’s where I find the best version of me. You are my lovely angel never do I want to lose your presence even for a second, I miss you!

44. You are so sweet my angel. The first day I set my eyes on you, I knew my sorrows to find a true love have ended. I love to see the beautiful light of passion that springs from your eyes. Whenever I can’t find you beside me, I know a chance is lagging for a romantic feeling that leaves my heart with joy. I miss you!

45. Today you are not here with me and I’m feeling it so badly in my heart but one thing is for sure, I will never forget all the kindness you showed to me when you are here with me. No matter how far you are, I will continue to love you till eternity. I miss you!

Miss You Messages for Wife

46. Distance cannot quench the burning desire I have to always be with you in my life. I want you to realize one thing that a sensitive part of me is missing whenever you are not with me. I can’t help myself thinking about you until the day I will wake up next to you!

47. I’m so sorry for those things I did not say when I was with you and I want you to forgive me for been speechless before you because I was overtaken by aura of your beauty. My heart has missed you and my eyes will continue to follow you until you are back once again. I miss you!

48. The sun never run away when it rains, you may not see it. I am dreaming of a life where we often see each other but always there for one and another. I am willing for a day where we will meet and never depart again.

49. The tears of joy I shared secretly do not come because you are far away from me—it is because I really miss those beautiful moments we spent together. I miss those heart suiting smiles of yours, I miss your passion and compassion. Angel I miss you!

50. It takes deep pains to miss you but a strong and yet soft hearts to wait until you return from wherever you may be because the aura of your love is overwhelming to the mind. I miss you my love!

50 I Miss You Quotes and Messages For Him

I miss you images free download
I miss you images free download

1. Drowning in love with you is my watchword, missing you is a death more beautiful than a life without. I miss you.

2. If I said I miss you it is an irony of how I feel right now in my heart. Even my tears can’t explain how much I miss you and how I feel whenever you are far away from me. I miss you!

3. I am so sad because only you can make my heart flap yet you are far away. I feel too bored because of only your interest. I am so glad because you can pacify my heart’s excitement. I miss you!

4. The sweet moments I spent with you can’t be erased in my memory because they are spent with a gem like you. Since the day I was born, I have never been impressed with love until I met you. I miss you!

5. I miss you and your beautiful smile; I wish you can stay beside me forever so I won’t be bored at any moment. Since the day you left, my heart has found no joy; I wish you come back in a speed of light. I love you!

Cute I miss You Quotes for Him

I miss you images for him
I miss you images for him

6. The jewel chosen for me to please my heart and give me endless comforts, where have you been that you leave me alone in this deep sorrow of not finding you beside me? I can’t stop missing you!

7. I am so lonely willing to reach out to you no matter what it takes to do so. You are my prince and it is my responsibility to always hear from you. My Day and night have become bored because you are far away. I miss you!

8. I miss your hugs, your sweet kisses and the romantic songs you sing into my gentle ears. All my wishes are to see your smiling face so my day will be brighter and livelier as they should be. I miss you!

9. No matter how the distance may set us apart, your love will not fade away in my heart because I so much love. You are my world, joy and the reason why I live. I miss you!

10. You are my rainbow the only one that can put smile on my face, I am lonely and feel too sad because no one to set the fire of love on my heart. I love you with all my heart and everything I wanted in a man is in you, I miss you!

Thinking of you Text Messages for him

11. Since the day I set my eyes on you, you became the heart through which I live. I can’t stand the feeling of missing you even for a second. I miss the entire moments I spent with you, come back soon!

12. My joy comes from the golden attention you give to me whenever you are close to me. You are the shoulder I lean upon any moment and anytime life seems too bored to live on. I miss you angel!

13. My dear prince in the valley of love made of passion; you are the very cause of my pain because you are far away from me. I feel too lonely to bear this heartache which your absence has cause to me. Baby I miss you!

14. I love you to the core the king of my heart that gives me sleepless night. Every day and night I think about you, willing to see your bright face once more. Hope they say is good and I believe soon, my heartthrob will be seen. I miss you!

15. Loving you is so sweet and has no rival among the lovers of this life but to see you walk away is the saddest event that can occur to me. I don’t know what to say however I am addicted to your presence. I miss you darling!

Funny I miss you Quotes for Him

16. Home alone is not a thing of joy to me because the one I cherish most is nowhere to be found. My heart is empty lacking lots of happiness and I will never be joyful until I set my eyes on you once again. I miss you!

17. Truly the time has come when the blue eyes of yours should been seen, darling I won’t tell lie to you for you have stolen my heart away. I can’t breathe without you by my side. I miss you more than you think!

18. In a garden of love, I saw the light of your smile descending upon my heart; I won’t lie, it gives me a special smile and comforts my heart in peace. You are my role model that’s why your presence means a lot to me. I miss you!

19. The fish cannot do without the river. The day cannot do without the sun and the earth can’t do without the rain. My dear love, I can’t live without you. I won’t be fine unless I see your beautiful and passionate smile.

I miss You Messages for Husband

20. My love for you has no bound for it comes in endless bulks. I do wonder what kind of man you are that I am so addicted to you. I love everything about you. Even if we are set apart by the widest of distances, nothing will change my love for you. I miss you!

21. Who else can be this close to my heart as you are among the mortals? In time of sadness you stood by me. In time of weakness, you never let me down. All I just need from you is to see your smiling face, once more.

22. You came into my life to change me for good. You taught me to love and to care but never can you teach me to stop missing you. Whenever I see you walking away, tears of passion fill my eyes for the pain of missing you already!

23. I love the way you kiss and hold me whenever we are together. I love the chocolate smile that emanates from your blessed cheeks. The feeling of softness I get from your touch melts my heart with limits. I miss you!

24. Loving you is my weakness and I love it so because it makes me feel better. But I can’t stand the love syndrome that comes along with your absence even in a second. I miss you!

25. You are my pearl in the land filled with lots of beautiful flowers and treasures. I have no other man like you. A lively gem that put smile on my face I miss you so much!

I Miss You Text Messages for Boyfriend

26. You won’t know how much I miss you until you come back to see that my eyes are nearly blinded for the constant tears of passion I shed for you. I wish you are here; my heart will have been free of sadness. I miss you!

27. You complete me and you should know that. You mean the world to me, I hope you notice that? Leaving me for a second can the entire life be so bored tome. Please stay with me, I miss you!

28. For the rest of my life, I want to live with you to complement you for all I became in life because you stood by my side. There is no night that comes by but your thoughts keep on rolling over and over my heart. I miss you!

29. When I me you. I thought nothing good will I benefit from you—judging by the past experiences. Now I came to realize that there is no prince as sweet as you are. I miss you baby!

30. I have not seen a gem as so sweet and kind as you are before. You appear to me like a guardian angel giving me the joy I have ever wanted in my life. I wish I can see your beautiful smile. I miss you!

31. In the realm of love, you are the number one prince I chose to live with me until the end of time. You give me all reasons to want to spend the whole of my life with you. I miss you!

I Miss You so Musch Quotes for Him

32. The tears that fall down my eyes are not just there—they fall for the passion you built in my heart with your kindness. The distance has taken you away from me but it can’t snatch you away from my mind, I miss you!

33. I am so lucky to have met you in life because you are what it takes to lead a wonderful life. You are my happiness, dream comes true and the jewel that I adore. I miss you!

34. For all the impact you brought to my life; for all the sweet moments I had with you, I wish to appreciate you with endless passion. Wherever you may be, just know that someone is really missing you!

35. Much of your presence can never be enough for me because your cheerful life is as entertaining as a season film. If you do look into my heart, will you see a passion that is yenning to be with you forever, I miss you sweetheart!

36. Missing you is more painful than the deepest wound. Your absence cuts my heart into pieces of sorrow and suspends it in the air of depression. I am willing to see your face as soon as possible. I miss you!

37. I love to see your face every day and night but hate to learn that you will soon be leaving. Nothing is so Dearing to me like the sunshine smile you wave at me. I love you so much my heart, I wish to see you soon!

38. You are my dream comes true. My happiness in this life is that I met a man like you in my life. I wish I can show you how much you mean to me, then you will forever avoid hurting me by moving even an inch away from my sight.

39. I found you and I saw joy in my life. I want to live with you until the end of time. You are the shoulder I lean upon whenever my heart is filled with sorrow. Your presence is so important to me, I miss you!

I miss You Quotes and Messages For Him

40. Loving you is my watchword but missing you is my fear because I can’t the feelings that come with it. You are so special and lovely that I wish that you are by my side forever. I miss you!

41. I will forever cherish you because you are my lovely world I came to live. You are not bored and never will I dream of losing you for any reason. I am for you just as you are for me. In this moment, I wish to see you—I miss you!

42. What else can the deepest pain be than to turn and see you no more? My heart is dry since the day you left me for a distance that set us apart. I that you be back as soon as possible. I miss you!

43. All my life I want to stay with you to enjoy the aura of your cheerful life. The moment you stepped into my life, I remain happy for this long. I love you this much and it is just the truth. I miss you!

44. The only reason why I love to be with you is because you are everything I need in a man. A minute spend with you is like an hour without a break in the game of joy. Walking away from my sight will cause more harm than good. I miss you!

45. I love you baby but hate to see you been distanced from me. I hate the feeling that comes with my waking up without you by my side. I miss you so much and wish to see you soon.

46. I love your smile, kisses and hugs that you shower upon me whenever I’m sad. Your presence is a pool of passion to my heart because you endlessly put smile on my face. I love everything about you my love and I miss you!

47. Ever since the day you left, my heart has known no joy. I can’t sleep day and night. You know you mean the world to me and I cannot live well without you. I miss you my prince!

48. Your bright face is a channel of peace itself. Whenever you smile at me, I enjoy it because it makes my heart stumble over and over. You are my dream comes true. For a moment will not come unless I think about you. I miss you my love!

49. I mean it when I said I can’t live without you. Since that night I saw you last, my heart has found no rest. I cry always just to see your powerful smile once again. I miss you!

50. I miss you darling but you may not understand how deep it is. I miss you with all my heart and the deepest part of it. You are my life and living it with you will be the best feeling I may have. I miss you just like I said!

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