You Are Beautiful Poem for Her With Images

This is a special bulk of poems to send to your woman to build her confidence that she is beautiful and important to you. Women need their men to make them feel happy anytime, any moment. I hope you will find a reason to make your partner happy.

1. If there is any other girl more beautiful than you are, she must be from another planet that does not exist.

2. The aura of your beauty does not have rival because you are especially beautified by the most beautiful God. You are so cute and I can’t deny.

3. You are the cutest girl my eyes have seen ever, I don’t think any other woman can beat your chances on this earth.

4. Sometimes when I look at you, I see true love true passion and true smile. I see a reason to live longer because of a moment with you with lots to me.

5. You actually don’t actually know how much you make me smile whenever I set my eyes on your beautiful face.

6. Could this be the reason why I am always happy? I don’t know why I am always happy to be with you. Thanks a lot.

7. A charming Face as yours is the reflection of your beautiful heart. You are the kindest girl ever met since the day I became an adult.

8. A pretty smile from the most loving angel, I will always be yours all my life because of you worth more than a million treasures.

9. Without you, I will be sad I am sure of what I’m saying, I just don’t want to be without a beautiful lady like you.

10. This charming smile could make me fall, I am sure you don’t know how cool you are to me, a precious angel like never before.

11. I want to cherish you with all my heart so that you will understand how cute you are. I must confess that it is rare to find a blessed bliss as you are.

12. Whatever it takes to keep my beloved beautiful wife happy, I will do. I want a situation where you will be glad you came to this world.

13. Your charming face is as bright as sunlight, I miss your beloved smile that fills my heart with happiness anytime you cast it at me.

14. Except a person does not know how beautiful you are, he will mess up with your lovely heart. You are the most beautiful woman on earth.

15. The value of love I have for you is more important to me than every other thing on this earth. I cherish you so much so that the look you wear heals my sorrow.

16. I used to hear about a beautiful smile but I have never experienced it before until you smiled at me yesterday.

17. Having a beautiful girlfriend is hard these days, so if you have one, keep her tight and never let go at any time.

18. I cherish your love for me, I need you all my life and it is the reason why I will always be there when you need me most.

19. There is lot of beauty in you. Your heart is beautiful, your smile is charming, and your attitude is awesome. What a beautiful woman you are.

20. You are always precious, that’s why I am always happy that I found you in this world. Thanks for your sincere love.

You are Beautiful poem for Wife

21. Do you know you have everything a woman should have? Do you know you are the most beautiful wife and mother in the universe?

22. Loving you like never before has been my number one priority, I can’t wait to see the most adorable face among women.

23. I want you to be happy any moment anytime, I want to continue to see your beautiful face every single day of my life.

24. A charming pearl is in my life, she is the reason why I am always happy. Her good attitude, respectful manner and much other virtue she possess make up her beauty.

25. Anyone who says you are not beautiful needs the biggest lens on earth so he or she can see better. I love you, beautiful wife.

26. I will always find a reason to stay with you, and one of the biggest reasons why I will always remain your fan is because you are beautiful.

27. When you have a charming face, you have everything a man needs. You have comfort in your smile, embracement in your presence. I love you.

28. Don’t forget that the power of your beauty can bring any man down on his knees. Please, love me to the core.

29. A wife with a sparkling smile is the most beloved and beautiful woman in the world. You are my best friend also.

30. I am happy to you in my life, you are so sweet, nice, lovely and pretty, a lovely wife with excess beauty.

31. I feel like coming into your eyes to dwell forever because they are as beautiful as gazelle, I am lucky to have you.

32. How wonderful you are that you make me smile anytime I think if you. If I am with your picture, I smile and kiss your forehead.

33. She is my chubby queen, the most interesting woman that gives her husband a rest of mind. You are not only beautiful, both your food is delicious.

34. A woman is not only beautiful because she has a charming figure, her love, respect and good character are parts of her beauty.

35. Don’t forget how I have deeply fallen in love with you, I must let you know how much you mean to me. You are my joy.

36. It is my pleasure to cherish the woman that is always in love with me. Her beautiful voice is another means to let her know how much she is.

37. I feel like loving you for the rest of my life, you are more than special, your presence is an antidote to a painful heart.

38. I will never be sad again because anytime I am sad, all I need is to look at your beautiful face and smile at you.

39. Living happily with you makes this life a beautiful place to be, anytime I look into your eyes I zed paradise.

40. Your daughters have inherited your beauty, nice, sweet and wonderful. I am sure you know how much you make happy.

You are Beautiful poem for Fiancee

41. A treasure face with a diamond heart, you are my life, my destiny and the only lady I aspire to marry all my life.

42. You must have been created on a day called beauty day. Your excellent beauty makes me go crazy whenever I look into your eyes.

43. If you understand how much your beauty reliefs my pain, you will maintain your beauty until the end of time.

44. A day without a charming woman in my life will be hard to live, you are such an amazing person, and I so much love you with due respect.

45. A moment without you is not easy. You are precious, lovely and above all the cutest. I need you to understand how lovely you are.

46. I feel like making you smile every single day of my life, I wish you the best this world can bring, you are my happiness and there is no doubt about it.

47. I don’t think there is a woman as beautiful as you are in the whole of the universe, the reason is that I have tried all my best to find one but all in vain.

48. Anytime I look into your eyes, I see the blue sky, I see every beautiful thing the heart desires. You are the most lovely person in my life.

49. Your cute face is always charming, it is the pearl a man should have for the rest of his life. I just want to say I love you.

50. As soon as you become the woman of my life, you shall give birth to beautiful kids for me, and I will be gladdest on earth.

51. You are a sweet lady, pure bliss and the sweetest rose fragrance I have ever perceived since the day I was born.

52. Don’t be scared, I will marry you by His grace, I will be the husband of the beautiful princess in my area.

53. Pure light like you shove preserve in the most beautiful heart meant for you alone. I am your heart and I will accept your love forever.

54. Every single moment I think of you I feel like a superman, I am so lucky because you are my true angel.

55. You are the most beautiful angel I have been admiring and aspiring to be my wife. I need you all my life.

56. Falling in love with you is the most lovely experience this year, especially when I look at your charming face, it gives me joy.

57. If you are willing to be happy all the time, just get married to a good woman with wonderful face that keeps smiling.

58. I chose you because you are the only true woman my heart has chosen, you are my lifetime angel. I love you.

59. Your charming smile is irreplaceable, I don’t think there is anyone as lovely as you are. I miss you to the core.

60. There is no time I don’t think of you, just like a diamond, your precious face smiles at me and then makes me happy all the time.

You are Beautiful Poem for my Woman

61. My darling angel, the freshest young lady of our time, your excess beauty makes me smile and then I remain healthy.

62. Surely, in love, I am with you in love I want to live with you until eternity. I so much love you like never before because you belong to me.

63. You possess a lovely heart, you are special, nice, pretty and above all the most charming angel of my life. A beautiful wife, I love you.

64. You are the nicest, person in my life, you are precious, and above all the most interesting person I have ever met all my life.

65. A cute face like yours is rare to find, it is always scarce there is no doubt. I am lucky that you accepted me.

66. For sure, the power of your smile mesmerized me when I set my eyes on you the other day. You are a super queen.

67. What makes me smile most is the fact that you are my life angel, I can’t stand the aura of your beauty because it is too powerful for me to bear.

68. I need you to know that being in love with you is my joy, love, happiness and hope. You are my life, my joy and the most charming lady of my life.

69. What can I do to let you understand that a day without you is like a pool of pains, I need a beautiful woman like you by my side.

70. If I have you all the time, I will be glad because a beautiful treasure will be seen every single day of my life.

71. You are my moonlit, my sunshine and the most gorgeous girl in a million girls. You are my African queen.

72. Your smiling face is the reason why I am happy right now, I am wondering how you succeeded in having the best look in the world.

73. Your body is built of love your face is full of radiant of sunshine which makes it the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

74. Don’t Worry I am in deep love with you, and it is the truth that makes me happy all the time. I love you, darling angel.

75. My heart is attached to the most beloved lady in my life, in fact, her excess beauty is a great success in my life.

76. Living without you makes my face grows old too quickly, I need to see a beautiful face like yours before the year runs down.

77. You are a gorgeous flower that floats in the air, whoever finds you have found a good thing. I love you my heartbeat.

78. Anytime I look into your gorgeous eyes, I see the most beautiful places in the world. I love you to the core.

79. You are the lily I need in my life, I never knew beauty has a special fragrance until I set my eyes on you. I love you darling pearl.

80. When something glitters beside me, I used to believe you are around because your excess beauty is a fantastic light.

You are Beautiful Love Poem from Him to Her

81. I feel like loving all my life, I feel like giving you everything I have because I don’t want to lose a beautiful treasure like you.

82. I need you every single day of my life, you are my gorgeous partner, the only true lady who stayed by my side when I need her most.

83. You are my life, the most understanding woman whose beauty bursts my brain whenever I set my eyes on her. You are a water lily to me.

84. If there is any other way to describe you better than beautiful, I will be the first to describe you so. I love you, my angel.

85. You fixed my heart with your beauty, you revived my soul with your powerful smile. Tell me how is it possible to find another woman like you.

86. I need you to know that everything that concerns you gives me energy. I just want to see that you are always happy all the time.

87. I saw a beautiful tree on my dream, I went close to it and found out you are the most beautiful tree ever seen.

88. You are lote, the tree of blessing planted for me from heaven. I need you for the rest of my life. I will so much miss you.

89. The first-day o met you, I was happy because I saw a diamond light shining before me. You are the perfect match for me.

90. I thought the most beautiful light in the world is the sun until I met you, I came to realize that you are the most beautiful light ever married.

91. I wish to let you know that without you, there will be no me, there will be no joy, there will be no one to call mine.

92. Beautiful days ahead because I already have the most beautiful moments in this world. I love everything about you.

93. I need you more than you think, I will be your pillow if you want, I will be your servant if you so wish because I can’t imagine another taking care of you.

94. I will be your angel all my life, I will cherish you to the highest mountain of love because a beautiful love like you is rare in the world.

95. I wish to let you know how much your beauty has cured my sorrow, all I need is just sit before you and watch your beautiful face.

96. If you need the heart to dwell in, don’t hesitate to come into mine, I feel more secure whenever you are by my side.

97. I will never tell a lie to you, the reflection of your beauty reminds me of a paradise on earth. I love every aspect of your life.

98. Is it possible for a human to be as gorgeous as you are? What a nice and pleasant look you have. I really appreciate the Lord in you.

99. Nothing stops me from loving you, nothing makes me smile like to see you happy. Your face is the reflection of your heart.

100. If I see you and diamond in a wilderness, I will rather go with you and dump diamond forever. You are the real diamond I know.

Sweet Love Poem for her to Smile

101. I need you all my life, I feel like holding you every eye second so that the impact your love has on me will be felt by you too. I love you the gorgeous one.

102. You are the most beautiful tree I ever tasted its fruit. You have all it takes to madly fall in love with you.

103. I love your pleasant looking face, you are my angel, and the best angel ever met on the planet earth.

104. I need your face because it is my gift, except I do not see your face, then I will not be happy at all. I love you to the core.

105. I have really fallen in love with you like never before, I cherish you beyond what words can describe. I need you more than you think.

106. I feel like having you in my life, I need you better today than I did yesterday. Your beauty comes first on my mind all the time.

107. I will be your angel, your love and best friend, I will always give you all the attention a beautiful woman like you deserves.

108. Tomorrow may not come so, I will be glad to make you smile for the rest of your life. I love you all my life.

109. You took good care of me, you put an endless smile on my face and bring endless joy to my heart through your excess beauty.

110. A glorious light shines on your face, this is the scar of the beauty you are endowed with. I love you darling pearl.

111. Today and every single day of my life will be for you alone. I need you in my life every microsecond. Good to have you.

112. The kind of love I have for you does not have Punctuation marks, it is a smooth love that comes from the innermost part of my heart.

113. Surely, I will always be yours until my last breath. I know how much you value my love for you, that’s what makes you my number woman.

114. I realized I can’t do without you by my side, your face glitters like a diamond and it is the very reason why I will always love you.

115. Don’t forget how much you have changed my life with your presence in my life. I miss you to the core.

116. I feel like loving you all the time because you are my everything, my heart and the most interesting angel of my life.

117. For the rest of my life, I will be yours because you make me smile like never before, you are so blessed and my heart will be yours every single day.

118. Hello beautiful angel, I miss you so much and hope to see your beautiful face once again.

119. I don’t know how to make you happier than this, because I realized your character blends with your beauty.

120 I love you the gorgeous one, I miss your beautiful voice and the most precious love songs you sing for me.

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