Happy New Month Prayers and Text Messages Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy New Month Prayers and Text Messages Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy new month prayers and text messages wishes
Happy new month prayers and text messages wishes

1. The grace of this year shall be a complete blessing for you to enjoy your life. You shall not live to regret your actions now and forever.

2. My sincere greetings goes to the most handsome guy in my life, I wish you a brighter day ahead in this new month.

3. As we enter this new month; may your new stories comprises of several breakthroughs and successful life.

4. Happy new month to my dearest guy, I have many male friends but you are the king of my heart and I love you so much. Happy new month.

5. New month for new glory may you be recognized among the most successful people this year and may your life be endowed with great love.

6. You mean everything to me, you are marvelous and the best among the best. I wish you all the best in this world.

7. I just want to be happy always with you so I am wishing you the pinnacle of success this month and pray you excel in anything you do.

8. The showering blessing of this month will not pass you by and your aspiration to excel in life shall be possible for you as soon as possible.

9. May your Lord protect you all the time and be the source of your happiness every day and night. I bless you so much.

10. Good luck we made it to the next month, the Lord that protected us all through last month shall be with us forever.

11. I am wishing you as my beloved boyfriend a belated new month full of all your dreams be fulfilled , happy new month.

12. Lord, you are the only one that can protect human against all evils and only you can give to the heart what it needs. Happy new month.

13. Lord the most merciful and the most blessed; please we call upon you to shower your glory upon us this new month.

14. You alone we worship with all our hearts and you alone we shall glorify now and forever. Happy new month sweetheart.

15. I bless the Lord for always being there for me; may His infinite mercy affect your life positively and may He count you among the chosen ones.

16. May the Lord that never forgets remember you in all situations; may the Lord that is not bias, handle your case with care.

17. I beseech the most merciful this month to provide your entire need and then write it that we get marry someday.

18. Lord, you alone are the best for us, please, do not forsake us and bless our lineage with a good name.

19. As the sun shines, so shall your life shall shine in glory, breakthrough, success and prosperous life. Happy new month.

20. Lord, I beseech you to protect him and purify his heart to stay focus on me and make you one of the happiest of your time.

Happy New Month Prayers and Text Messages Wishes for Girl

21. May the favor of this new month reach you and boost your daily routine, may your focus be blessed by the might Hands of God.

22. The Lord Almighty shall protect you this month and give you all it takes to be happy all your life. You shall be forgiven all your

23. May you be blessed as you desire, and may your love in the heart of everyone continue to grow until the end of time.

24. Have a wonderful month ahead, may you find all you need in this world and your success shall in all meaningful way last with you.

25. Wishing the only true angel of my life a happy new month, may your life be endowed with endless success.

26. I just want to be sure that you are fine this morning; may your face shine like light as you open a new chapter this month.

27. I hope you were able to achieve your dream last month. This month shall be better than what you experienced.

28. Happy new month to my wonderful girlfriend. Your kindness will not let me stop being the best for you. I love you my dear angel.

29. Wishing you a life with complete love, happiness shall be your portion and fortune shall chase your part down. Happy new month.

30. I am wishing my dear love a strong and precious moment that will always make you happy all your life.

31. A new month is another opportunity to try new things, ensure that this month comes with success. I pray so shall it be.

32. Lord, yours alone I want to be and to her I wish to live forever. Have one of the most precious moments in life.

33. I love you like never before and wish that every day of your life shall be a game of peace and harmony.

34. Your cute face reminds me of how successful people smile. May you succeed in life; may your heart be contented with whatever you have.

35. Life is not as easy as we think but we can still be prayerful for the Lord to protect our interest and bless us abundantly.

36. Lord, you are the only one I will worship all my life. You are the perfect God that has no end, I call upon you to bless the one I cherish.

37. May you never be tired of all you have done in this world of good. You are indeed the best girlfriend ever met. I love you.

38. I beseech the mercy of the Lord upon you this new month to stand with you in all you are doing and forever.

39. May the most merciful be with you this month to achieve all your goals for you. May you find rest of mind in anything you engaged.

40. Surely, you shall be honored in the presence of the Lord and the Lord shall elevate you among your peers. Happy new month.

Happy New Month Prayers and Text Messages Wishes Best Friend

41. Best friends are of great love for each other, may your happiness never cease to increase, now and forever.

42. You shall not blame yourself for being in this world and every day of your life shall remain the best all the time.

43. Good friends are always there for each other forever. Thank you for being there always and may you find it easy to do well in life.

44. I am lucky to have a good friend like, may your life be decorated with success and good news about our life.

45. Your friendship is sweeter than sugar and that’s why I always pray that the Lord should bless and protect you.

46. Never give up on what you believe in, may the Lord stand as the source of your happiness and everything you may need.

47. Blessed is the Lord who connected us together as good friends, may we last with each other forever. Happy new month.

48. You are my best companion; your attitude is number one. Thank you for always being there for me. May you find what you desire fulfilled.

49. Nice having you as a friend, it is my pleasure to have you in my life. Thank you for all you have done for me. I miss you and pray you
succeed in life.

50. The Lord Almighty shall protect you against all odd and beautify your destiny with endless joy. Have a wonderful month ahead.

51. The best day of my life so far was the day I set my eyes on you; I realized that you are one of the best friends existing on earth.

52. I just want to pray that the Lord should protect you against all evils. You shall in all ramification of life be blessed with all you

53. I pray for your income to increase, your blessing to come in abundance and for every single thing you need be blessed forever.

54. Beautiful smile can make your day a fantastic one. I ask the Lord to give you all you need in your life. Happy new month.

55. May your face shine in the grace of the Lord; may your day and night favor you and bring you closer to God all your life.

56. Sweetest friends are always cute. I love you so much my dear girlfriend. Thank you for everything you have done in my life.

57. There are many reasons why I chose you as my best friend. Your readiness to make me happy is part of it. I love you.

58. It is my happiness to have a gem like you as my best friend. Your impact in my life will forever remain. Happy new month.

59. May you see the end of this month with lots of success and prosperity. I wish you all it takes to excel in life.

60. May your face be filled with smiles of success, happiness and endless success. You shall be protected in all ramification of life.

Happy New Month Prayers and Text Messages Wishes for Brother

61. To you the most merciful God, I commit my brother’s life. I beseech your holiness to please, protect him.

62. In times of sorrow, my dearest brother never gave up on me, I pray that you are blessed forever. Have a wonderful day ahead.

63. Lord, you alone I call upon to grant my brother his heart desires this month. Let him out smart his equals in everything he does.

64. Happy new month to my precious brother, may your name be known all over the world for your new career.

65. Every night and day, I pray to the Lord to spare your life for us. You are the bread winner of the family, may you enjoy your stay in
life. Happy new month.

66. Blessed is the name of the Lord, who created everything and made its provisions. Wherever your fortune may be, may the Lord bring it close to your door step.

67. New month, new beginning, may your aspirations be fulfilled in the best manner you never thought about.

68. I wish you a new achievement in this new month. May the fortune that roams about in this month reach your home with success.

69. There is no other friend as cute, loyal and selfless like you my dear brother. I ask the Lord to always bless you for me.

70. To my beloved brother, no matter how difficult any situation is, don’t give. Keep fighting until you finally win. Happy new month.

71. Pain of past has nothing to do in determining how you wish to live your life today; make sure you are happy always.

72. We may not be happy today, but no one can tell how tomorrow will look in anticipation. May the Lord count us among the witness.

73. Lord, you are the owner of the great throne, I beseech you to protect my brother from all evils and envelop him in your shade of glory.

74. May you find it easy to achieve your entire dreams in life, may your success continue to remain with you forever.

75. Make peace with your past so that today will be a better day to build new life that will bring happiness to your home. Happy new month.

76. No one lives in the past, except that he is set backward. Always be proud of new things, new ways and new months.

77. I am so excited today because you are my brother and I can only see you today after many years. Happy new month, may your home be blessed with abundant love.

78. Lord, there is no one like you, I want you to make the work of my brother unique and turn his products into the best brands in the

79. There is no blessing except the one you granted. I beseech you to grant my brother his heart desires and count him among the luckiest
people on earth.

80. There is nothing that is permanent in life; money comes and goes, life comes and goes but friendship is forever. I love you brother and
wish you a wonderful month ahead.

Happy New Month Prayers and Text Messages Wishes Sister

81. I asked the Lord of His infinite mercy upon you, I beseech His Mighty names to guide and protect you in all your endeavors.

82. You are the cutest little sister, may your face always shine in joy, happiness, good fortune and prosperous life. Happy new month.

83. There is no sister like you on the surface of this earth. I am sure of what I’m saying; may you find peace all your life. Happy new

84. Lord, the most merciful the one I trust my life upon, the greatest, I beseech your presence in all my sister is doing. Guide her actions and decisions.

85. There is no one that can protect as you do. There is no one that can honor as you do and there is no one that is as knowledgeable as you are. Lord, bless my sister with abundant knowledge.

86. You created wisdom to measure the IQ of a man, for this reason, I request that you boost my sister’s brain capacity to understand her

87. Beyond and above may you find peace in your heart. May your heart be at rest now and forever. Have a nice day.

88. You will always be blessed all your life. You shall never lack anything you need no matter how small or big it could be.

89. May your Lord be pleased with you as we enter another month to celebrate the privilege to witness it.

90. Happy new month. I hope for a better month ahead for you. You shall be protected all your life by his grace.

91. Have a nice month, it is your turn to shine like a sun light. Happy new month.

92. What a wonderful month I experienced with the best people ever. HPNM.

93. I will always be happy with you and the reason is that, a sister like you is extremely rare to find in life.

94. Happy new month sweet sister. You have really tried in my life. I love you so much.

95. Who can take you away from me, I have never been this close to a man until I realized you are my dear sister.

96. Happy new month my sugar angel, may your face never lack smile all the way.

97. May the Lord always be pleased with you. You will not regret your decisions by His grace.

98. Lord, I ask you to protect this family, encourage my dear sister to enjoy her existence on this earth.

99. I love witty ladies and my sweet sister is not exclude, I just want you to be happy always. Happy new month.

100. No matter what, you happiness is will not be reduced for any reason and you shall smile in the end. Happy new month.

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