How to respond to a Break up over Text

How to respond to a Break up over Text

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Your boyfriend or girlfriend has just break-up with you over text and you want to respond to him or her; don’t be childish about it. Act maturely, and respond in the most peaceful manner no matter how you are hurt by his or her action. Remember, a break-up is not the end of life, when one thing cannot work again, it is better we dump it and work with other things in life. Heaven will not fall because of someone break-up with you. In fact, if not for the initial pain you will feel after a break-up, I would have said, what is the big deal about it?

1. Text him and ask are you sure of your Decision

As soon as you receive the message or information that your boyfriend has signed a break up with you, compose yourself. Don’t allow the shock to control your emotions. If possible cry very well in secret before responding to him. Ensure that you are calm and none emotional. Then, text him a message calmly by asking if he is sure of his decision especially when you know you are not at fault. Wait for his response to know the next step to carry.

2. Don’t show remorse to him if you are right

A man has already break-up with you without a genuine reason, there is no need begging him. Whatever comes your mind of anger as at that moment of a break-up, must be swallowed. Don’t even say anything; remain calm until you get yourself. Kindly text him that you appreciate his decision, let him understand that you don’t have anything against him.

3. Don’t flare up and insult him

Remember, the most painful thing is when you expected someone to get angry and yet, he or she is not responding. You don’t need to show a man that broke up with you that now you are miserable and you can’t do without them. After all, it is his decision and now he has to face it alone. Despite how you are hurt, you need to let him understand how important you are as a woman. If you are still in love with him, ask for a second chance by texting him to tell you the reason why he has to separate with you. His response should determine your next step whether to reconcile or move on in life. However, while you ask for a second chance, be mature about it.

4. Text him an I don’t know why Message

Sometimes, a man might have taken the decision to break-up without informing you, or without telling the reason for doing so. You may be hurt because you are not expecting it. Don’t rush to text him back. Take your time, calm down and sip some cold water and relax. Once you are sure, you are no longer under emotion, text me a message like this: “Anyway, I don’t know why you take such decision; however it is best known to you”. This will work well only when you have finally accepted that the breakup should stand. After this bold move, move on with your life.

5. Never Beg Over Text or Face to Face

Why should a man that claims he loves you break up with you over text? This is embarrassing and shouldn’t have happened from such person except he must be a coward. Brave guys don’t break up over text, if they do, it must be a joke. In fact, if you meet a tougher guy, he only shows you signs that he is no more rather than texting or telling you it is over.
You can now see the reason why such a guy does not deserve your apology or see your face again. Never show him your weakness even though the sudden breakup really hit you hard. Let him understand that from now on, you can do without him. Continue your life the way you want and never give a damn about a man that disrespected you by breaking up with you over text.

6. Keep the ball rolling on Social Media

Sometimes, men can be funny, they want to see you miserable after a breakup, never allow such humiliation to happen to you. If you are on the same social media platform with him, even when you are not active before, pick the game up from here and start being active than ever. Post your pictures having fun with both male and female friends. Ensure that he does suspect that you are doing this to make him jealous; otherwise, your indirect revenge will not count anymore. Remember, the best revenge is the one that is done in silence to deal with a person’s emotion.

7. Use the Goodbye I don’t Care Method

Don’t give anyone the satisfaction to know how much you are hurt after a breakup, there is no point for argument, silence is the best answer in this situation. When you remain silent, you have thrown them off the shore, they are confused and can’t tell if you are badly hurt or not. This will serve as emotional torture for them. However, crying like a baby after a breakup makes you cheap before any man. I understand you are a woman but it is not bad if you hide your tears from him. Use the hard to break method and cry in secret.

8. Let the Guy Know you have always been Cool without him

This is another method to deal with the emotion of a man that breaks up with you, especially in a disrespectful manner. Don’t even show any sign that his action hurts you. If your emotion is overpowering you, try forcing yourself to sleep or use your will power to remain calm. Don’t call back.
The next step is to move on with your life with a new male friend to suppress the pain for a while before you decide whether to have another lover or not.

9. An Argument does not Count

The more you argue the more you give him the chance to humiliate you. He finds it easier to penetrate into your head and cause you more evil than good. Don’t even allow him to hear your voice again. Don’t give him the privilege to see your face again. If possible, block his contact from reaching you for a long time. However, breakup should not be the reason why you make an enemy; I am saying this to save you from being emotionally humiliated. Perhaps, when you recover from the breakup and have found a new lover, you can decide to remain a friend with your ex. It is your choice.

10. Laugh at the Break-Up

Remember, he broke up with you over text, this is a national disgrace to you, and therefore, you need to respond to him in a more mature way. Laugh at his breakup message by replying with an emoji accompanied with a message that says “Is that all?” Okay, I have heard from you. This does not only cause excruciating pain in his heart but also gives you an upper hand over him. He will be shocked and begin to think about what could have made you this strong. Probably, he might begin to realize that he shouldn’t have breakup over text because real men don’t do that.

11. Compose a Goodbye Message and send to him

Rather than killing yourself over one man that does not have your time again, is it not wiser to send him a goodbye message? Take your time to write some lines of beautiful messages that indicate that you are not hurt at all by his decision. End the message with goodbye. This will be a smart response to a disrespectful breakup. You can even include in your message that you have been waiting for a beautiful day like this. I recommend you include it only when you know you are right and don’t deserve such breakup.

12. Text him a thank you ‘I Appreciate Message’

You know, when someone does you a favor, you thank him immediately if you are grateful and will be happy you did. However, telling someone ‘thank you’ because he broke up with you will be crazy and most especially humiliating to the person. He or she will be embarrassed and think otherwise, what kind of human is this? At this point where they interact with their subconscious mind, you are already winning the game; therefore, you are no longer the only one suffering the breakup. In some cases, such a person may be emotionally enslaved by your move and begin to fall in love with you again but it will be too late for him.

13. Convert your Pain to his or hers

To get your way through this life, you have to be smart. You need to understand human psychology so that you can deal with them accordingly. Remember, you are not hurt until you allow yourself to be. If somebody carelessly texts you a breakup message, quickly outsmart them by responding with another breakup letter. You can title it breakup message from me. Tell him or her reason why you wish you have broken up with them for the past ten years. Tell them why you pity them by not breaking up until they help themselves today. Let them understand that you are only tolerating them before now. Thank them for the freedom they have just granted to you.

Such a person will be hurt instead. He or she will begin to think low of their own selves. They will begin to ask some funny questions such, am I being used since these days and I don’t know? Why has he been so tolerance since these days? You mean he has had enough of me? Why didn’t he show any remorse over this text?

14. Give her a Sweet Happy Birthday like Response

You know how sweet happy birthday messages used to be in the receiver heart, but in this instance, the opposite must surely be the case. When your girlfriend broke up with you over text, you don’t need to call or text her for a second chance. Even if you truly love her, don’t allow your emotion rule over you. For her to have broken up with you over text means she is not in love with you. Sometimes, it might be that she is just testing you to know how you will respond, so as a man you called yourself, your response must be mature. Text her similar message like this in quotes “OK, is that how you want it?” No problem, I am happy you did. This is the best response I think you should give her rather than being emotional. This will teach her a big lesson and also makes her respect you as a man. Just move on.

15. Make a quick Call to confirm the Truth

This once happened to a friend, who broke up with his girlfriend via text, though, I am not happy with him to have taken such a coward approach to sign a break up with a lady. He should have sat her down and discuss issues and probably how to save the relationship from ruin. However, my friend took the wrong path and sent a breakup message to a lady. This is a beat annoying or better said, very disappointing.

What really shocked me was that the lady did not call back; she did not text or insulted him. She was relaxed until the next day when she spoke with my friend on the phone. She calmly told my friend, thank you for the text message, I really appreciate you. When she was about to drop the call, my friend who was already regretting his action quickly stopped her and told a lie to her that he was only testing her patience. Though this move was also risky and childish, he was lucky the lady believed him and moved into the relationship with him once again. Since, that incident, my friend never repeated such mistake again. They are still together up till this moment.

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