You Broke My Heart Quotes for Him and Her with Images

These are the latest quotes you can send to your loved ones to let them understand how much they hurt you so that they may not repeat the same to you or others again. Most of the time, you can send this kind of quote to a lover to send a strong signal of how bitter you are with them for what they have done that really hurt you.

You Broke My Heart Quotes for Him and Her with Images

You broke my heart images
You broke my heart images – You Broke My Heart Quotes for Him and Her with Images

1. I felt bad when I realized you are not the way I took you to be; you made me suffer emotional pain and then subjected me to the risk of a severe mental illness, I will not revenge, but I have to let you know you broke my heart.

2. I know you may not understand the gravity of the pain I have in my heart because of your action. Truly, I don’t know how to forgive you as I have tried all my best to remove the horror of the other day from my memory but all in vain.

3. I thought you said you love me, why then did I see you with another woman? You told me you are going to your daddy’s home, but I still have to see a woman cuddling you. I feel so bad, and I hope you understand my pain.

4. You had my heart trusted upon you but messed up with it, I thought you will be the man to make me happy all my life but it happened that I experience the opposite side of the feelings I have for you. You paid my white heart with black reward.

5. If I knew this is how life is, I will have kept my feelings to myself, I will have given my heart to someone that will love me to the end, someone that will make me happy every day and night. It is well for I have accepted my fate.

6. Falling in love is supposed to be something of joy, but it seems the opposite of love is what I am getting right now. I never plan to suffer in my life, I never wanted to hurt anyone and now I realized someone is hurting my feelings and soul.

7. You were my happiness I thought, but right now, I realized that instead of you to become my joy, you ended up messing around with the true love I show to you. How I wish you know how deep the pain of this betrayal has gone in my heart, you will have been ceased with sorrow if you truly are human.

8. I will not fight you back, I will not curse you for using and dumping me by manipulating me. I will only leave everything to God to judge. Now, I have accepted my fate and understood it is my destiny to suffer this huge pain from someone I trusted.

9. Where has the virtue of trust gone? What is this life turning into that of all people, I have to deserve such treatment from you? What will make me understand and accept that all men are not the same because I never believed a person like you will be found guilty of this crime towards me.

10. Were you kidding with my heart? Were you taking the true love I showered on you for play? It is really unfortunate of you, I will never kill myself, I will not even appear miserable because my heart is now stronger than you think. You have turned me into a superhuman for breaking my heart.

You broke my heart quotes for him

11. You mean five years of the true love I showed to you were a waste? You mean you don’t love to mean for once and then decided to deceive and use me? Even though I did not say anything about this, you think you will be free from the punishment of God?

12. I don’t think I will ever trust any man again in my life, it baffles me that the man I gave all my heart to have never for once loved me back. You should have done well to me by just walking away without giving me a reason, but you still summoned the courage to tell it into my eyes that it is over. It is unfair.

13. When you are planning to give your heart a man, be careful of the kind of person he is, it is dangerous to give your heart to a man who does not know the value of love. I swear I am really disappointed in you because I less expected such a thing from you.

14. How I wish you know what you are about to lose love and luck. A heart that gave you everything, a heart that had no grudge with you, a heart whose only hope is to become your wife someday, but you still have to destroy it to this extent?

15. I have come to realize that some men don’t deserve to be shown, love. Despite everything I sacrifice just for you to understand how much I love you are now all in vain, they are all blown in the air like a yam flour. I wish I never met you in my life.

16. Today you have broken my heart, you toyed with my mind and succeeded, but remember tomorrow, remember you may have a daughter someday. Whatever evil that happens to her as a woman, should make you recall this date I write this message in agony.

17. I don’t know life is this disastrous until I made the mistake of falling in love with you the other day. Had I know you will be this unreliable, I should have begged God never to let me meet someone like you for my entire. I am really disappointed in you.

18. Thank God you only broke my heart, you didn’t break my hope, I may not be significant to you today, but there is one thing for sure, when the right man comes, you will regret why you left an innocent heart without a good reason.

19. Life is always cruel with people with a good heart. Sometimes, I shed tears alone trying to figure out what I did to deserve this kind of treatment. I didn’t insult you, I didn’t cheat on you but now, it baffles me that you could do this to me. I will never forget this day but it doesn’t mean I have to hold any grudge with you. It only pains me for you for you don’t realize what you are missing already.

20. I thought you deserve true love and sincerity and that was the very reason why I gave you all my heart but now, I have come to realize that you don’t value the true love I have for you. I can’t tell why things turn out to be like this to those that are ready to love.

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You broke my heart quotes images
You broke my heart quotes images

21. I gave you everything you need in a man, I showed you sincerity, endure nothing hurt your feelings, but now, I am surprised you are still the same girl go out with my best friend behind me. I wish I never met you in my life.

22. Maybe this is my destiny, maybe I am not lucky to deserve a single love from you but what pains me most is that you have to waste 3 years of my life deceiving me that you love me. What a world we are that we cannot trust one and another anymore.

23. You are supposed to be the angel that brings peace to my heart but rather, I see you as someone that is always ready to hurt my feelings. You might have succeeded winning me today, but always remember that someday, I will be free from this condition you subjected me.

24. Leaving me alone is not what actually pains me but breaking the trust I had on you. I felt you are the right person for me and so, I gave you all my heart expecting something similar from you, however, I was wrong.

25. When I met you the other day, you never showed a single sign that you don’t love me, but now, I am so surprised that you are the one hurting my feelings this way. Does it mean this is how the entire women are? I expected that you represent the female gender. You really made me sad.

26. What can I do to make you understand that you have touched a part of my heart I will not forget but this time around, you touched the wrong part? I have been patient since these days but I think it is high time we call a spade a spade.

27. I must let you understand that your action broke my heart, I pray I find the courage to look at you as it used to be, but to be sincere with you, I am really finding it difficult to forgive myself.

28. Having found you in life, I thought it will mark the end of my sufferings but now, instead of me to enjoy a good life with you, you keep hurting my feelings. You should be the woman that should wipe away my sorrow, but now you make me cry.

29. I hope to be yours all my life but I think I am already changing my mind towards this possibility. You have finally shown me the attitude which makes it clear that I can’t experience a peaceful life with you. I loved you but you messed it up.

30. You may be happy with your new man, it doesn’t bother me. What tears my heart apart is that you failed to recognize the true love I nurtured for you. I thought you deserve love and respect and it was the reason why I poured all my feelings and caring upon you.

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You broke my heart quotes in pictures
You broke my heart quotes in pictures

31. If you know the pain you caused in my heart, I am sure right now you should have started regretting in agony. The reason is that I lost my arm while thinking of the entire deceit you played on me while I was thinking you will ever marry me.

32. You should have been truthful to me since these years, you should have made me understood that there is no you and me again but you allowed me to waste my entire life thinking that someone will always be there for me.

33. I know it is not easy to let go sometimes, I know it is painful when someone you truly love does not love you back. Such is life and there is nothing you can do about it. One thing is for sure, you will never forget my impact in your life when the time comes.

34. You embarrassed me, humiliated me before your boyfriend, you made me look miserable before everyone and yet I didn’t stop loving you. I think it is time to be a man and to show you how much I have become so strong to live without you.

35. You may think I cannot do without you. It is true before now that I couldn’t do without you, I couldn’t stop loving you until today, I realized that someone else deserves my heart, someone who will understand the value of love.

36. Sometimes, being dumped in a relationship is not what really pains the heart, what pains the heart is to realize that the one you love does not even value your love for him throughout the years you spent together.

37. If love is the way you showed yours to me, the entire world will have been in chaos, I felt you are the right man for me, not until you made it clear that I don’t need to bother myself about you. You can suit yourself and I will console myself.

38. It is not destined that we will continue beyond this day, although so painful because this harsh word is coming from a man I gave all my heart to, a man I expected to stay with me forever. This is coming from someone I never fought, never insulted.

39. You really broke my heart because I never expected many things from you but it happened that you are always the one that hurts me the most. I don’t know why you derive joy in making me cry.Remember, a day will come; even rat will no longer be scared of the cat.

40. I gave you all my heart, showed me your love and did everything to let you know how much you really mean to me. I came to realize that you don’t need me at all in your life.

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41. Now I understand that life is not how we initially think it to be, life is too hard to figure out. The unexpected just occur for no reason. You actually amazed me with your attitude, it wasn’t my heart alone you broke, you broke the love and trust I had for you.

42. What you did the other time really pissed me off, I thought I could easily take it but my heart kills boiling because it was really broken. I pray I can trust you once again, I pray a second chance will exist between you and me.

43. Being depressed is not only by death but some actions are also worse than when a loved one loses his life, you have just committed what will last on my mind. I gave you all my heart thinking that I will be secured with you but it was a mere thought.

44. I never expected that from you, in fact, the way I see you are changing, I used to hold you in high esteem, but now, I feel like tearing you apart because the dignity I have for you has been abused. What pains me most is that I loved you.

45. How could you allow this comes from you? No matter how you feel the urge to do something, it shouldn’t have been an affair with my best friend. I hope I will find somewhere in my heart to forgive you so that I can set my heart free from this agony.

46. life may not come as planned sometimes if I really deserved you perhaps you will not betray me. I really gave you my time and attention, all you could pay back is insult and heartbreak. If you broke up with me through honourably means it is better, but you disregarded my person by breaking up with me through text.

47. I tried to figure out what I did to deserve this attitude from you but couldn’t reach a reasonable conclusion. I hope you will realize your mistake someday but by then it may be too late for you. I have accepted my fate, it remains yours.

48. Had I know that you understand the power of the kind of love I had for you, I wish you know how important I used to take you, however, you have destroyed this privilege with this attitude. I was expecting a faithful man not a cheat.

49. Your promises, your vows, and your mouth are all deceit, and the result is that you ended up breaking my heart. I wish you know what I went through day and night praying and supporting you because I thought you deserve such treatment.

50. I will let you be just as you requested but I want you to understand one thing that you can never find a woman like me again, I am very confident about this because I lived with you with sincerity and true love but you paid me back with a stone on my mind.

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51. If I could come back to this world after death, I will try all my best never to meet you in my entire life. You have ruined my life with your deceit, you left me confused and depressed. You showered fake love on me so you can get what you wanted.

52. Fine, you have succeeded in using me with your selfish interest, but always remember that someday you may give birth to a daughter. I may not be able to give birth again because your actions made me destroy my womb through forced abortions. I left the rest to God to judge.

53. Life is not how we desire; life is one of the most difficult lessons to understand for your entire lifetime. If I knew this is how life is, I would have made the right choice from the beginning so that I will not be miserable as I am today.

54. Don’t forget how you deceived me the first day you met me that you will marry me, so you were only playing on my intelligence. This life is wicked because the truthful people do no longer exist. I wish I have long being with someone who truly loves me.

55. I waited for you for so many years, I refused to date any other girl throughout the periods we were together but all you could reward is to dump me for another man.

56. I will not be shy to let you know the level at which you broke my heart so that you will learn how to be mindful of how you treat another woman. God knows I was in true love with you, I was patient with your attitudes yet you said it is over.

57. What will I do? I just have to face reality and let you be. Sometimes, the one you think will be the perfect one for you will end up breaking you into pieces. I needed peace with you but you left my heart in pieces.

58. You don’t need to tell me it is over, I already knew two years ago, I only have been trying to see if you will consider me someday and this was foolish of me. I may not be happy today because you decided to make my life miserable, but someday, all this pain will wash away.

59. I felt like having you all my life but something happened that I am so sad and wish I could forgive myself. I don’t understand why this has to occur to me from the woman I trusted the most.

60. You have taught me a big lesson in life which will make me be careful with women for the rest of my life. What is my sin that you have to say it over a day before our wedding? Were you planning to destroy me? Were you tired of my existence on this earth?

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