Top 10 Ukrainian Songs about Love

Ukrainian songs about love perfectly complement the ideal romantic evening with your loved one. We’ve created a list of 10 best songs for you and significant other.

Top 10 ukrainian songs about love
Top 10 Ukrainian songs about love
  1. Odyn V Kanoe, “Poobitsiai Meni”

The popularity of the band Odyn V Kanoe is a striking example of the fact that true talent doesn’t require anything superfluous – neither intricate decorations nor sets of instruments or stereotypical style. The individual, heart-piercing performance and full-fledged lyrics have long won the hearts of tens of thousands of people all over the country.

The lyrical song “Poobitsiai Meni” is full of faith in a better future. Even if everything actually doesn’t look as good as we would like, the lead singer of the band remains optimistic and believes in true love.

  1. Okean Elzy, “Obiymy Mene”

Okean Elzy is the most famous and remarkable Ukrainian rock band. The audience and critics have repeatedly recognized it as the best rock and live band of post-Soviet countries and Eastern Europe. Okean Elzy was created on October 12, 1994, in Lviv. And in 1996, the musicians appeared at one of the European festivals on the same stage with legendary Deep Purple. The frontman of the band is Sviatoslav Vakarchuk.

“Obiymy Mene” is one of the most lyrical songs of Okean Elzy. The musicians made it special with simple fingerstyle technique, good lyrics, and great vocals. It sounds emotional, sensual, and lyrical.

  1. Scriabin, “Mistsia Shchaslyvyh Lyudei”

Scriabin is a Ukrainian musical group created by Andriy Kuzmenko. The group was founded in 1989 and was at the root of the Ukrainian sound. The musicians combined new romantic, rock, and electronic music and played garage rock and punk. The lyrics written by Andriy Kuzmenko impressed the audience with the depth and critical understanding of his time. He devoted a song “Mistsia Shchaslyvyh Lyudei” to his wife, collecting the best moments of their travels in the music video.

  1. S.K.A.I., “Tebe Tse Mozhe Vbyty”

S.K.A.I. is a Ukrainian music band, founded in 2001 in Ternopil. In general, musicians define their style as rock. Songs of S.K.A.I. are independent stories about relationships of people and romantic feelings.

The first success of the band was the song “Tebe Tse Mozhe Vbyty” – a real hit which immediately gained rotation on 25 radio stations across Ukraine. And the music video for the song occupied leading positions in the charts of Ukrainian channels for a long time.

  1. Okean Elzy, “Vidpusty”

The music of Okean Elzy brings together millions of Ukrainians with its romantic and sincere lyrics. Another famous song “Vidpusty” was written 18 years ago. This is the first song to become a real hit. Oddly enough, this legendary song was written when Vakarchuk was only 17 years old.

  1. Okean Elzy, “Taka Yak Ty”

The last but not least song of this band in our collection is “Taka Yak Ty.” It is not a new but very charming song-confession which must necessarily be among the best Ukrainian compositions for dating. The song is ideal for couples who are not accustomed to hiding their feelings and are able to love each other to the full extent, remaining open with a loved one and devoting the whole life to them.

  1. The Hardkiss, “Korabli”

Although The Hardkiss released the song only a year ago, the lead singer of the band Yulia Sanin began to write it when she was 15. The song “Korabli” has been featured in the 10 most popular compositions on such popular music services as Google Play Music and Deezer. On YouTube, the music video of the song has generated more than 2 million views in a month.

  1. Plach Yeremii, “Vona”

Plach Yeremii is one of the best conceptual rock bands in Ukraine, and it is generally considered to be cult-favorite in Western Ukraine. This band is a unique phenomenon of Ukrainian rock music. These are mostly serious, philosophical poems performed to the accompaniment of the rock band. Music in their songs sounds rigid sometimes. Then it moves to calm ballads and explodes again after a while, filled with emotions. All this gives the songs a special Lviv color. For more than 20 years, the song “Vona” has been one of the most breathtaking Ukrainian lyrical compositions.

  1. Bila Vezha, “Yak Tebe Znaity”

Bila Vezha is a band of very romantic guys, and they are not shy but proud of it. The song “Yak Tebe Znaity” is full of love-mystical mood. It seems that the guys believe that each of us has their own soul mate, and while we are looking for this person, they are looking for us. You can speed up your search for a loved one by visiting

  1. Pianoboy, “Rodymky”

Pianoboy is a solo project created by Dmytro Shurov, a former pianist of Okean Elzy, Esthetic Education, and Zemfira. Shurov told that, in the song “Rodymky,” he wanted to say that we know nothing about our loved ones. If you look closely, it may turn out that your loved one is an alien. But does it matter if you feel good together?

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