I Am in Love with You Text Messages for Him and Her

I Am in Love with You Text Messages for Him and Her

I am in love with you text messages for him and her
I am in love with you text messages for him and her

1. You are my happiness. It was when you came to my life that things began to be okay. The past sorrows are no more and the kind of love I used to search for is now right before me. This is the power of your type of person. You are so intelligent, and the level of your intelligence is beyond what a person can take for granted. The true love sent to me. I realized that you have always been truthful to me. You are special, nice and precious. May your name goes far beyond your expectations; you are the true example of a good husband.

2. Sometimes I sit down alone and then tears roles down my cheeks. I realized that God has given me one of the best husbands in the world. Come to think of it. I suffered so much before I met you. I never knew God was preserving me for a good man. A true angel the sweetest person in this world. You are the most beloved man I have. My dearest and the sweetest person in the world. I love you like never before and I want you to accept that from your heart.

3. To the most handsome man in this world, your heart beats in mine. You don’t believe it until I can’t do without you anymore. I love you. Never mind what the people say, what actually matters is that this world will never contain me and whoever wants to snatch you away from me. I love you so much and I appreciate everything about you, my beloved. It is good that I met you in this world. This means I am the luckiest ever.

4. Do you know that you are so gorgeous, wonderful and attractive? Anyway, I am not just saying it, I feel it from the deepest part of my heart. I love you so much and want to be with you for the rest of my life. You are the most wonderful guy in this world I can be proud of all the time. You mean more than diamond and the entire treasures underneath the earth to me. I love you so much and there is no doubt about it.
I have always wanted to stay with you even before my birth. The reason why I know this is because when we met, it was as if we have been together twenty years ago. What a good man. Your heart is full of kindness. You are special and therefore every special attitude should be attributed to you as a great lover. So romantic, nice in kissing and sweetest in hugging. I love you, my dearest love.

5. I will never stop loving you because you are my life and the joy I will never stop praying for. Your presence in my  life is a game of joy and endless happiness. I will always be there for you. This is because, since the day you proposed to me that you love me, you have never failed in your words. You are my blessing that I have been waiting for. I love you.

6. I realized that no amount of your love will satisfy me… I need more and more for it is special. After everything I went through in the past, you came into my world to change it. The sorrows of the past are gone and everything is balanced for the sake of God. You are the special heart every woman should have and this is the reason why I so much respect you to the core. I love you.

7. The most merciful, I call upon your presence in the life of the one I love. I want you to protect him for me. I want to spend the rest of my life with him and then be happy always. You are the true love of my life dear husband. I know you understand what I mean. Please, love me the way I am, and I will always do the same.

8. I used to ask if there is any other person as precious as you are. Just like a tree, so tall and handsome. You are my husband, the father of my beloved kids. Thank you for your love for me. You have changed me with your cuteness. I miss you, my dear husband. You are my beloved. The true love of my life. I miss you so much.

9. When there was no light in this house, I called on God to give me one that will make me happy and he gave you to me. This is the reason why you are so special to me. This is the reason why I can’t do without you. Remember, the other day you left me just for a minute. I couldn’t rest because I am so addicted to you. I don’t think I can stay on a day without thinking about you. You are mine always and forever. I love you so much.

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10. All my heartbeat for you today is that you should smile. Smile every day and smile in all condition for it will make you strong. I need you to understand that everything you need in this world will be a special offer from God for I always pray for that for you. Baby, you must believe me. I have fallen in love with you and now I am struggling to make you happy. Please, take care of my heart by being happy wherever you are. You are the most interesting man in my whole world. I love you.

11. If life can be better than the way it is with you, I think it means we are already in paradise. Believe me, dear sweetheart, you are my pride and through you, I see the world in a remarkable manner. I love you to the end of time. You are the best for me. I will never stop loving you all my life. This is because, for so long, I have been searching for a way to dwell in your heart forever if possible. Don’t smile alone, preserve the rest for me.

12. You are my burning desire. Anytime I set my eyes on you, I see something new. I see a new life that contains you and me alone. A life of passion, a life of joy and a life of continued happiness. I miss you to the core. You are good to me and I love it so. You belong to me. You are the most handsome husband ever married on this earth.

13. Who can change this world with love? This was the question on my mind shortly before I met you. Now, I realize you are that angel that can do so. You have engulfed my heart with happiness because I have you as my cutest husband. I miss you so much and now can’t even wait to see you. I want to hug you. Believe me, I will always find peace living around you. I love you, my beloved.

14. Nothing can stop me from adoring the love of my life. So many years back, I have never come across someone like you. This is the more reason why I will always love you all the time. You take good care of me. I love you, dear.

15. I want you to know that this life is meant for you and me. I will dine with you in the castle of love. I will cherish you in the presence of a wicked king and will die for you if it warrants. You are my soul mate, my better half and the billion treasures that linger in my heart. No man is as precious to me as you are. The best husband in the world, I love you.

16. It baffles me how I have been this happy with you. Your face is a face of love. Love, cast out of wisdom and passion. You will not understand how much you mean to me but believe me, you are that treasure in this world for me. Through you, I became highly motivated to take good care of my life. I will always love you forever.

17. There is no mercy like being given a wife that will make you happy all your life. Before I met you, my heart was beating around the bush. I was misbehaving and no one was there to rescue me. People took me for a bad person not knowing what I was going through. As soon as you came into my world, I experienced relief. I love you so much, darling. I will wait for you to come.

18. The only true love I have among men. Why did I say this? You are so gorgeous; you need the world to see your handsome face. Cutest smile in the world is the one that comes from you. I wish you precious time. You are the best for me. I miss everything about you. Nice that you are my life. The true love of my life. My heart is always there for you.

19. The way I feel about you makes me happy. It gives me joy and the reason is that you are close to my heart. I will always be with you. I need your help with one thing. Just be happy always and everything will be fine between you and me. Don’t worry about me. I will always be there for you. I wish you all the best, now and forever. You belong to me. There is no one that can drag me with you except their efforts will end in vain. I love you so much.

20. I have this strong love for you. The love that touches my heart so deep. You are the finest face I have ever seen before. You belong to me as the most awesome man. may your face be blessed with light. I need you all my life. I will never forget you even at the point of death. You are that special gift divinely sent down to me. I love you.

21. Who can make me happy as you do? This is the reason why I am always proud of you. In all situations, I will always be happy with you. I will never get tired of you all my life. I miss you so much. You are the one I love the most. No one can stop me from loving you every single day. You are the sweetest chocolate in my life and I will bite you with the teeth of passion. I love you.

22. Never mind the way I look at you, it is not my fault that I can’t do without you. I love you so much and will never forget you all my life. I need you to understand that loving you is one of the best experiences in this world. I miss you. Don’t forget that you will always belong to me. I love you, my dear love.

23. I have come to realize that a person of your caliber is special. You will not believe how I have fallen in love with you. Now, anything I do, I think about you along. It is the power of your love. I will love you with all my heart because you are my happiness. I miss you so much. Loving you is one of the most beautiful gifts in this world to my heart.
I will never be tired of you for any reason or any condition. You are already the one I wish to spend the rest of my life with. To the one I cherish, the true love I have for you cannot be described by the words of my mouth. I will always love you for the rest of my life. I miss you.

24. Missing you in this world is my happiness. Always remember that you are cute. I am in need of you forever. You are my partner and the one that makes me happy in the time of sorrow. What will make me forget you I am yet to see?

25. I want to stay with you all my life. It is my lifestyle to always love those that are romantic but since the day I met you, I realized that you are better than just being romantic, your level of caring is a classic type. I miss you, my dear love.

26. Don’t forget about the days we have spent together in this world in love and passion that never dies. This is exactly what keeps me strong every day of my life. I want to spend every single day of my life with you. I need you all my life for you are the best for me. I miss you.

27. What will I gain losing you? My dear husband, you are my hope in this world. I miss you so much. Don’t forget you are close to my heart so take good care of it. I have given it to you in hope and love. You are the best for me. I will ensure that I take good care of you and your kids. I love you.

28. Never mind, things may not move on well for now; but the special kind of love that exists between us can still be a strength that keeps us together. Together we shall conquer our life problems. We shall be celebrated in the end. I love you so much, my dear lover.

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