Healing Prayer for My Sister With Cancer

There are many times in our lives that we feel completely hopeless. We know there is no way out of our situation. Whether it’s emotional, spiritual, physical or mental, we may feel like we’re stuck in a helpless place. That there is nothing to do but wait for the time to pass. We’ve all been there before and sometimes it can seem like nothing helps. But that is not true. There are plenty of ways you can start to combat feeling helpless and hopeless, the below collections will tell you more. Healing Prayer for My Sister”

Healing Prayer for My Sister With Cancer

1. My sister is battling cancer. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do for us. Every phone call, every visit, every text message, every meal… it all means so much to me and my family. Every time you are there for us it makes me remember that while we might be far away in distance, you are always close in heart. If anyone could help cure the cancer it would be you, but in the meantime our love and faith will carry her through

2. Dear God, please take away all of her pain. Please heal her and make her fine. Give her good health and a long life. May you be with my sister Serena in this troubled time. Please give her love and happiness. Help us walk through this tough time together as a family.



3. Dear Lord, Please watch over my sister as she fights this cancer. Please give her comfort and peace in this trying time. Give her strength to pull through each day and make a full recovery. May God’s love touch her heart and give her the courage to fight. Let nothing stand in her way of getting better. Let her wounds heal quickly so that she can spend more time with those she loves. I pray these things for my sister in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

4. I know you feel sick and tired. You have cancer. You have a new baby. But my wish is that you will be healed and well. I will pray for that. I know pain is sometimes hard to bear, but it is only temporary. My prayer is that joy and strength of love will keep you going everyday.

5. Dear God, please take away my sisters pain and help us to find a solution so she can get better. Please help her body to heal quickly, even though the doctors may make it difficult. Help her to be strong, and give her the energy she needs to fight through this. Let her feel your presence close by and know that there are angels standing by ready to touch her hand if needed. Please keep my sister safe from harm. You can use my body as a shield. Please let my

6. Dear God, please take care of my little sister. She has cancer and I pray to you that it will go away so she can be happy and healthy again. Please help her friends and family members and make it easier on them by taking care of them too, so they will not be affected by all this. But please give her the strength to fight this battle as hard as she can. I love her dearly, like a sister should love another sister. 

7. I think of you each day and pray for you. God has heard your prayer, he will heal you. I know in my heart that this is true. Love, family

8. Dear Lord and Creator, I humbly ask you to please heal and bless my sister

9. Mom was right when she said to put up positive thoughts. I did and you’re fine. I know that last surgery was tough but mom says you’re fine. Hugs and kisses

10. Dear Mom,



11. Sweet Jesus, I come before you to ask for your healing help for my sister Sarah who recently found out she has cancer. Bring her the strength to fight this battle and know that we are all praying for her tonight. Amen

12. Dear Lord, please heal my sister __________. She has cancer and is so sick. We want her to be healthy again, so she won’t have to go though anymore chemo treatment or pain. For the pain she is having now and for the pain she will have, please heal her. If you can’t heal her, please make it as easy as possible on her. Please keep all of us close to your heart. Amen

13. Dear Baby Jesus, we pray for all my sister’s doctors and nurses who are taking care of her. Please send your angels to protect each one of them and comfort them, so that my sister will get the best treatment. We believe you will make her well again, as long as she wishes it with all her heart. Thank you Baby Jesus!

14. Dear God,Gosh, I can’t believe it. My beautiful sister is sick with cancer. Please take the cancer away from my sister. Take all the cancer cells and make them disappear completely from her body forever. Please let her recover soon and stay very healthy for a long time to come.

15. Dear God, please touch my sister with your healing hands. Help her to find the strength she needs and knows you will be there for her. Please give her a swift recovery and good health. Take away all the pain and suffering and replace it with love, happiness and peace. And bless us all as we continue to pray for her.

16. Dear God, please please please help my sister recover from her chemo and radiation treatments. Please let her get better. I know that you are the only one who can heal her. She deserves happiness and a bright future. I am scared she will lose her hair and become weak. I miss being able to speak with her on the phone, I miss being able to hug her. Please help her get better!



17. Dear Lord please heal my sister, keep her in your loving arms and show her the light during this difficult time. I love her dearly and being without my best friend is painful and unbearable. She is the most selfless person alive and deserves to be happy. Help us all to see that this will be an amazing adventure, a path filled with lessons, tough times, laughter and bright spots. This too shall pass, may she be strong and brave through this challenging time, may she find peace and

18. Dear God, I ask you every day to help cure cancer. I know that one day we will find a cure, but there are so many people who need your help now. Please let my sister’s cancer go into remission and let her live a long healthy life. Please let her hair grow back and give her strength. Please make this day the last chemotherapy treatment she has to endure and please relieve the pain in her bones. My sister has been through so much, but she is a fighter and

19. Dear God, please heal my sister Diane. I love her so much and I don’t want to lose her. She has been beaten down by this horrible disease, but I know she can beat it. Please hear my prayers and bring her back to health. Amen

20. Dear God, so much is happening in our lives. We feel there is no way out of this cancer that has invaded our bodies. Please hear my prayer, we wish that the cancer will leave our body and we will live healthy again. We want to thank you for what you have done for us already. Anything you do for us we appreciate and we love you for your wisdom and power!

Prayer for My Sister With Cancer

21. While I feel the pain of your sorrow, and acknowledge that you are going through a difficult time in your life, I choose to look past the pain of tomorrow, and overcome the chaos of yesterday. I commit my heart to you today (sister’s name), and offer you the strength God has given me to see you through this most trying time.

22. As you know, I love you a lot. I would fly to you and spend time with you every day if I could but life gets the better of me on many days. I pray for your speedy recovery as well as my family does. Your happiness is our top priority and we would move heaven and earth to make you laugh. LOVE YOU!

23. Dear God, I pray for my sister (name) who has cancer. Please take away all her pain. Let her feel the love that surrounds her from friends and family. Help her to heal and restore her strength so she can continue living life to the fullest. Thank you for granting all my requests! Love, (your name), your loving sister!



24. Dear God, thank you for blessing my sister and our family with a miracle. We have been blessed with her and we are thankful for each day she is here with us. Please continue to watch over my sister and give her the strength she needs to overcome cancer. Grant us the gift of faith, so that we may always find hope in the darkest times. Protect the ones we love, keep them by our side and never let go. Heal my sister’s body. Cleanse her soul of any

25. Dear God,Please make it so my sister can defeat cancer. Please restore her health and let her live a long healthy life. Please grant healing, comfort and peace to the family and all of the loved ones affected by her health situation. In your name I pray that my sister can defeat this monster. Amen

26. Dear God, I pray that you use this powerful healing energy to destroy all the cancer cells in my sisters body. I also pray that you fix any damage that has already been done and mend her broken heart.I pray for a full, fast and complete recovery today, in the name of Jesus Christ, who heals her now and forever. Amen!

27. Please help my sister Mila with healing from cancer, she is a very nice person and she shouldn’t suffer from this awful sickness. I love her so much and I would do anything to make her feel better again.

28. Please pray for my sister. Please pray that her cancer is taken from her body in Jesus’ name. Please pray for a miracle, because God is love and has all power in the heaven and earth. Thank you so much, please pray with me.

29. I pray for my dear sister who I love so much. She is a very beautiful and talented lady who is going through a hard time right now. Please Lord, heal my sister and take away all pain from her body, mind and soul. Bless her with courage and strength to fight this battle. If it’s in your will, please heal her whole body in Jesus name. I love you my sister, keep being a courageous fighter.

30. Dear God, please take away my sister’s pain and illness from her body. I pray that you will give my sister the strength to fight this battle. Remove all the pain and worries from her heart so she only has thoughts of happiness. Please heal her body and give her your great health. Your faithful servant thank you.

31. There are so many people hurting in the world. It hurts to see some people get attacked by evil forces when they are not ready to die.The one said as follows: A world full of pain and suffering is a curse. We can stop it with love. I am a strong believer of this religion and my heart aches for my sister that she doesn’t have much time left to live and she is suffering so much that she is begging God to take her away… it’s a shame to

32. I’m here for you, I love you and I’ll be there with you all of the way. Everything is going to be OK. You are full of life and beauty, everything you’ve done for me has been a blessing. And now everything you need me to do is to be there with you until the end of your ordeal is over. May God heal your body and guide you on this journey, please pray for peace.

33. I’ve been praying for you every day, and I know everyone else has too. I just wanted to let you know that we are all here for you and that I love you more than anything in the world. You can beat this – I know it.



34. My one and only sister, I want the world to know you are a strong, beautiful and amazing woman. Don’t let this get you down! You will beat this and come out of it on top. You are so loved by everyone around you, including me! You have the strongest heart to fight for everything that’s important in your life. Show it now! I will always love you through all your triumphs and tough times. Keep fighting sis, we believe in you

35. Dear God, please surround my sister with healing light and love while she is going through chemotherapy. Please help her to heal quickly and completely. Keep her safe and let her know that I love her very much and want to be there for her. Thank you now, Amen

36. Dear dear Lord
We are asking for your help and protection for my sister who is fighting cancer. We pray she will win this war and if you can’t do it Lord please get us a doctor that can. I love my sister and it is still hard to understand this is happening to her. Please heal her so she can live and be happy again, never leave her side until she’s in your arms once again.

Amen, amen, amen

37. Dear friends and family, I wish to ask for prayers for my sister. She is unfortunately going through a very difficult time. I’m asking for prayers for strength and courage for her, her husband and her little girl. I’m asking that we are able to find a miracle cure to make this go away so she never has to be put through more torture.

38. I am writing you this prayer in hope that God answers my prayer. I want you to get better. I miss you and want you in my life again. Although we have our differences, we are still sisters and the bond will never be broken. You are my baby sister, but I feel like a mother to you…I pray that God keeps all of us in his arms until we can be in each other’s arms once again as a sisters should be regardless of distance or space for that matter

39. I send this out to the Universe for you and for me, too. I just want to heal what is hurting my beloved sister in any way it can, from the inside out. She is a bright light in this world and I pray her light never goes out. Love and Light

40. Hi sis. I pray that you get better soon. My family is worried about you, and we love you so very much!

Healing Prayer for My Sister

41. My precious Sister, you are in my thoughts constantly. I love you very much and am so sad to see you going through this journey. I am so excited to see your tests back next week and have the opportunity to hold your hand once again. You are strong and brave and I am so proud to be your sister! I look to the Lord for strength for all of us, my sweet one. Keep fighting!

42. I love you sis! Thank you for being here. With every breath I take, I send a prayer of healing and love to your heart. God is going to heal you real soon and show his glory through you. Your life has so much purpose and meaning. You are so excited for what the future holds for you! Just keep a grateful attitude and trust in God’s plan for your life! Love, mommy



43. You are in my heart, you are in my thoughts, you are in my prayers. We love you and will get through this with hopes and dreams of the future together.

44. Dear God, I am a broken soul with so much to say. You are all powerful, and on the throne of my life. I pray for healing and strength to endure this rough time in my life. Please take away the fear, allow me to breath and let me embrace your love. Give me the courage to face what lies ahead. I need you today, tomorrow and always. Thank you for your love and protection. Amen

45. To the most special sister in the world, girl you know that I love you. You’ll forever be my number one. So much has happened baby and I’m a little lost right now because of that but I’ll always make sure your in my heart. We share so much and I don’t know what I would do without our moments together. Our memories will never desert us. You have always been there for me, through all of it. Whether it’s a fight or just coming up with

46. I know life is hard, but please never give up. Stay strong and remember that you are loved. God will bless you with strength, peace and happiness. Hold his hand wherever you go!

47. Dear God, please forgive me for not being a good Christian. Please heal my sister’s cancer so that she can get better and I can finally stop worrying about her all the time. Please help me to be a better Christian. Thank you for hearing my prayers. Amen.

48. Dear God, please help my sister to get well of her cancer. Take care of her and give me the strength to stand by her. I fear that she will be lost without me. I love people who have cancer. Proud you’re not alone.

49. God, I lift my sister up to you with humble and honest prayer. She is a very strong person who has been fighting the battle of many skin cancer surgeries for over a year now. She is very tired and it’s time to place her needs in your hands. Treat her gently and please take away all of her pain, stress, fear and anxiety. Let only peace and joy surround her every day. Please bring us closer together as I know that would mean the world to her. Thank

50. Dear God, Thank you for the strong love you have given my sister. Thank you for always being with her and holding her close. Thank you for all the trials that made my sister stronger. I ask that you remain with my sister as she goes through her treatment. Please be with her family in times of need. Please give peace of mind to everyone who knows and loves my sister. Guiding them through these difficult times. Give comfort to those who may be sick and feeble minded, so we

51. Dearest sister, I have been worried about you. I don’t like to see you in pain. I pray for your health and that of your baby.

52. Danette, my dear sister. I want to wish you all the best on your upcoming surgery and recovery. May God and all the angels bless you and carry you through this difficult time in your life. You will always be remembered by me. Pat, your loving sister



53. Dear God, Please help my sister feel better so that she can get well soon. I love her so much and want to see her in the good health that she deserves. Amen

54. Dear Heavenly Father,I pray for my sister that she feels your love surround her and comfort her as she goes through this time in her life. Please heal her so that she feels better and can enjoy being around her family and friends. I will continue to have faith in you. In your name I pray, Amen

55. Knowing that many people are praying for you helps me feel less alone. I will always be here to pray for your happiness. Over the years I’ve told you a million times how much I care, but it bears repeating once more. I love you, and nothing can change that!

56. Sister, you’ve always been there for me. You’ve taught me, guided me, loved me and protected me. There’s no one else that I’d rather have in my life. You mean more to me than any other person. Here’s to all the years we have ahead of us!

57. I would give anything to take your place, but I won’t. This is what you wanted and this is what you have. I will heal you from the inside out! I have the power and the strength. The angels are with me now as well. My love for you is strong, my will is firm. You have no more pain, no more hurt. Go forward in joy!

58. It’s horrible that you are going through everything you are, but I will be here to help you when you need it the most. I love you so much and can’t wait till all of this is over and done with.

59. Dear God,There is nothing I can say to make this day better for my sister since she has cancer. I pray that you bring her peace and comfort, love and consolation. All we can do is hope and have faith that she will overcome this battle in the future. My sister is an amazing person who has fought on hard times, so please show her that miracles do happen and give her the strength to deal with today and tomorrow.

60. Dear Lord, please grant my sister the strength, courage and healing power to overcome her cancer. Give her the strength to continue her medications, treatments and doctor visits without losing hope nor giving up. I wish for a safe journey and recovery process. Heal my sister from all pain inflicted by this disease; restore all healthy cells to normal functioning levels; strengthen her weakened immune and circulatory systems; remove all cancerous cells completely while leaving healthy tissue intact.

Healing Prayer for My Sister in Hospital

61. Dear Father God, Please help me to pray for my sister who is currently in the hospital. I want so much for her to heal from this cancer she has. Let her get well soon. Thank you Father God for your love and care for all of us. Please make my sister hea

62. Dear God, Thank you so much for giving me another chance to see my Sister again. I know she will get better when her time is right. She is a special person with a loving heart. You know that she would never intentionally hurt anyone. Let her walk in your arms and give her the strength to fight until she is well. She needs a miracle right now, and I know you can do it. Deliver her Holy Spirit to heal her body and soul. Please let all the cancerous



63. Dear God, Please help my sister to get better from her cancer. She is such an amazing person and is a good example to me. She did everything to be the perfect son and the perfect sister and now she needs You, the most powerful being in the universe. Show Your love for her and make her healthy again.

64. I will let go of the anger and pain that I feel toward God because I know my sister deserves a miracle. Instead, I will offer gratitude and love to God out of recognition that He has given me my sister’s life twice now. I am so thankful to Him for this gift, which is more precious than anything money could buy. The tears will continue to flow and I will still say her name, but they will be tears of joy and thanksgiving while I whisper “I love you”

65. Dear God,Please heal my sister. If it’s not your will, then please make her well enough to enjoy life and the things she loves. Surround her with love and light. Please don’t take her, she’s young and has so much to see. I love her so much! We need her here with us, if only for a little while. Sincerely,

66. Dear God, thank you for my sister. She has always been there for me and I can always count on her. I pray for strength for my sister and that she will be healed of her illness soon. Please comfort and guide her through these difficult times and keep her safe from harm. Bless her with your love and grace and heal her from all illness. I give this prayer to you God, Amen!

67. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. Our friendship is strong and I know for sure that no matter how far apart we may get, you’ll always be there for me. I love you so much baby sister!

68. I am so thankful for you! You are one of the greatest people I know and I can’t imagine my life without you. You have always been there for me, no matter what the situation. Thank you for being the best big sister in the world! I love you!

69. Dear God,

70. The Lord is my shephard, I shall not want.

71. Hi my dearest sister, my heart is aching because I miss you so much. You are so brave and strong; keep fighting. PRAYER FOR MY SISTER WITH CANCER Dear Lord, take away the cancer that’s in my sister’s body and fill her with love and strength. Please let this ordeal end soon and allow her to come through it stronger than ever before. God, there is nothing that is impossible for you. Thank you for taking away the pain and filling my

72. Dear God, please bestow your healing and love upon my sister, who is struggling with cancer , and bring comfort to her and her family in this difficult time. Please give her strength to endure the trials of treatment as she fights this terrible disease. May she know that you hold her in your arms and that you are close by when she needs help. Bring peace to all who love her, giving them strength to be there for her both physically and spiritually as they travel this emotionally challenging road with her

73. Dear God, please heal my sister from cancer and give her a long happy life, full of joy and love. Please let her be all right in time for Christmas and always, beyond that. Amen.

74. Dear God, thank you for giving my sister a miracle and healing her from cancer. Doctors told us there was nothing they could do, that it was too late, she wouldn’t make it. But You healed her anyway. She is in perfect health and keeps getting stronger every day. Please help us to continue to appreciate everything she has done for us and help us to continue to show our appreciation. Amen

75. Dear God, please heal my sister. She is the best sister in the world! I just want her to get better so I can see her again and play with her like we did when we were little. Please help her get well soon. I miss her and wish she lived closer. We all love her very much, God. May she regain all of her strength soon, amen!

76. Dear God,please take away all of her pain and suffering. Please make her a healthy fighter. Make her stronger than the cancer. Let it be a part of her past so she can enjoy her future with family and friends. Show us how to help her in the most loving way. In your name we pray. Amen

77. I’m sending you all of my greatest positive energy to surround you and fight off those nasty cancer cells. You can beat this and come out stronger than ever before. May God always let you see the good in your life.

78. I love you with all my heart, and my soul. I will always be there for you, no matter what. I pray that you someday find peace and happiness. You mean everything to me, please get better soon!

79. I wanted to let you know that I’ll be thinking of you everyday. You have my thoughts and prayers, and lots of love! Hang in there, I love you and can’t wait to see you again.

80. I started thinking of you, the way you must feel. I know it’s hard, but be strong like I know you can. You just have to believe in yourself and believe in God, and pray everyday to the Lord above. He will not let us down. Nothing lasts forever, waits for the sun to shine, so when it does all things die. Never let yourself fall through, you’re much too beautiful inside and out.

A Healing Prayer for My Sister

81. There is no measure of goodness, light and love which can be compared with yours. The smallest Spark of Grace which exists in your heart is that which makes you worthy to be called a sister. The smile of a sister can bring happiness to millions. To cherish this wonderful gift we call “sister” may mean you can spread love, joy and peace throughout the world.

82. Dear lord, please heal my sister of cancer. She is only 21 years old and already going through way too much pain. Please keep her safe as she goes through this challenging time. Give her strength to endure until the day comes that all the cancer is gone and she’s back home with us again. I love you so much and I know you can beat this! -Your big sister.

83. Dear God: please watch over my sister who is living with cancer. Please make her well again. I am so sad that she has lost all her hair, but I know that you will help heal her so that she will smile and wear beautiful clothes again. Please take care of her and let her know how much I love her, because I don’t want her to feel alone or scared. Thank you for our lives and may we show kindness to all people, animals and the Earth as our loving

84. Dear God, this prayer is for my sister Christin, who is suffering from Breast Cancer. Please watch over her and keep her safe. It would mean a lot to her if you would take all of the pain away. Please guide the doctors and surgeons on how to get rid of this cancer forever. Guide my sister as she goes through all of her treatments. Christin is a good person, she has given her heart to Jesus and I have too. My sister means more than words could explain

85. Dear God, This prayer circle is for my sister who is at the moment fighting cancer. She has been a devoted Christian since original age and she needs all the prayers from her family and friends to win this battle with cancer. I ask that you be with her today in helping her get through the treatments, doctors visits and testing. Please give her strength to accept the decisions that will be made while she is receiving treatment. You are the only One that can give her this strength and keep this process as

86. Dear Lord, please help my sister who has cancer. She is the best sister I could ever have and also such a great friend. Please heal her of this sickness and all the pain of it because I love her very much and I miss her a lot. Please let her get better. Thank you for reading this prayer, I love you very much!

87. Dear Mother Mary, thank you for listening to my prayer. Please let these words find their way to my Sister who is currently flourishing from Breast Cancer. I pray that the treatment she is receiving works and eradicates the cancer completely. May her sores heal gently as her bones mend together. I ask this in your name, Amen.

88. Dear Lord, please wrap your loving arms around my sister and surround her with the light of your healing love. Let your angels comfort her in her time of need and let her know that she is dearly loved by so many. May she receive strength during this time of uncertainty and may she find comfort in the thought that you are never far away. Please fill her heart and mind with your radiant joy so that she may find hope and peace in these difficult days. Thank you for all you have done,

89. Dear sisters,I plead to God to put more of your younger sister’s spirt back in her body. She is not really herself now. I pray that she will feel better and be able to fight off all cancers as fast as possible. I come in the name of Jesus Christ and pray this prayer in faith and hope. Amen

90. Dear God, please take care of my sister Jessica. Please make her well again, and bring her back home to her family. I am truly thankful for all that you have done for me and my sister. Thank you for all that you do. Forgive us for our sins, as we forgive those that have sinned against us. Be with her now and always. In Jesus name, Amen

91. The lump that had been in my throat for the past week finally moved. The tears that had been coming but disappearing were finally falling out of my eyes. For a bit I forgot all my troubles, and just remembered how much I love you. Please get better soon, it is so difficult to see one of your family members in so much pain.

92. Dear Jesus, please heal

93. I pray for my sister

94. Dear God, I ask that You place your healing hand over my sisters body. Take away all illness and cancer and leave her strong with a healthy mind and body so she can fulfill her life’s desires and dreams. Please protect her from emotional lows and highs that can be difficult to maintain while going through treatment. Give her strength to handle each day with grace. Let her know how much I love her and how proud I am of all she has accomplished so far. May she overcome this battle with cancer

95. Dear God, please make my sister A.C. better and take away her cancer. Make her healthy again and make her well again. Thank you God for hearing my prayer. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

96. Father in heaven.Here on earth my sister is suffering from your disease called cancer. She has shown great courage in fighting the battle with this horrible illness and asked for our prayers. So we are here praying with her and joining her in asking for your blessings,and your healing hands upon her .She loves us very much and wants to be around to see her children grow up so please help her Father as you have saved others when they were down .We ask these things in Jesus’ name Amen.

97. Sister, I love you so much. I wish you could see that you are more than the cancer, the pain and suffering. You have such a beautiful mind, body and soul that don’t deserve to be locked up. I just want to hold you so bad, but I can’t. Instead, I will pray for God to give you back your strength, to give you relief and most of all hope. You’re tougher than anything, remember that. And I know with all my heart

98. I am really worried about my big sister. She has been diagnosed with cancer and I don’t know how to help her. Please pray for her so she will feel better soon and can get back to what she loves most, spending time with her daughters. God bless you all!

99. I love you so much my sister that I am praying, hoping and believing that every day you get better. Everything happens for a reason and I pray every day that you will beat this thing. I love you with all my heart and soul and there is nothing any one could ever do to separate us. I swear to live for both of us when the time comes for it. Remember me always and show me to your children so they can know their Aunt!

100. Sis, I want you to know how much I love you and say a prayer for you every day. I don’t really know what to say here, it’s just another day in my life with my sister. I dream of the day that cancer is no longer a threat and that we can look back and see how far we’ve come. I’m holding onto hope for you today, always for you!

101. Dear God, please heal Esther. She has cancer and it is in her bones. You are the only one who can heal her. Please help her as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

102. Dear Lord, please watch over Martha, and help make this the best time She has ever had. Please keep Her cancer from spreading. We know You will do Your best for Her. Sincerely, June

103. Dear God I pray that you will heal the sadness in the hearts of those in mourning. Bring peace to those that despair and comfort to those that fear your power. When there is a soul in need, be close by and touch their life with your healing light. Let love surround them with hope and joy; let life give them newness of sight. Lord, be near us here when we cannot see you there. With you by our side we will put our hands together to help those in distress

104. You are stronger than you think and you are brave. You are beautiful. You are my best friend and I promise to love and support you all the way. With love and prayers, I am here for you.

105. I love you, and I think of you on a constant basis. Always remember to smile, because you are truly amazing!

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