Have a Good Day Quotes for Him and Her  Good Day Messages

Have a Good Day Quotes for Him and Her  Good Day Messages

Have a good day quotes for him and her – good day messages
Have a good day quotes for him and her – good day messages

1. It will be my pleasure to see you having the best day ever. You must be tired now, so have a nice day.

2. The day smiles at you as the moonlight does in the night, have a beautiful moment with your colleagues.

3. The fresh morning dew is a special reason to put smile on your face, it is a sign of a calm day ahead.

4. What a wonderful day ahead, I can sense the enjoyment awaiting us later in the day. Have a good day.

5. Just want to say, good morning, I hope you had a bountiful night dream last night. Good morning once again.

6. What a wonderful guy you are, I am happy to have you as my one in a million heartbeat. Good morning.

7. A good day beginning from the way we view things by our mindset. Good to hear from you.

8. I hope you are happy this moment of the day. I am sure you are fantastically happy right now.

9. A sweet day is the one that can be called a good day. I will miss you and there is no doubt.

10. Thank God for all you have done in my life, it is my pleasure to have you in my life.

11. What a cute, sweet and nice person you are. I just want to see your beautiful face to have a nice day.

12. A cup of coffee is also good enough to have a good day. Good morning sunshine.

13. When you kind to each other, the day will be good to spend the best time together.

14. Wherever you are, make sure you are happy with everyone. Your smile is enough a charity.

15. Happy people have nothing to lose, they are always admired by both friends and enemies.



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16. To have a good day is to shun all kinds of worries and fear. Good morning my beloved.

17. I woke up this morning to see my sunshine, when I raised up my head, I saw you coming to me.

18. You are my perfect match; I will love us to have a good day together. Good day ahead, sweetheart.

19. You are a heartbeat angel, may your day filled with endless joy that will permanent your smile.

20. You can still be the happiest person you want to be, always, anytime and anywhere. Good morning.

Have a Good Day Quotes for Him and Her Good Morning Messages

22. Thank God it’s another morning. Morning for fun, morning for sweetness and morning for everything.

23. Before you go for another day job, make sure you put smile on your face. Good morning.

24. The best moment of the day is to see that you are smiling for a good day ahead.

25. Be inspired, be nice, smile and never look bored at anytime. Good morning sweetheart.

26. Lovely day ahead of you, may you find peace on this beautiful day; put smile of your face.

27. The most precious I know so far is that moment you smile for having a good day. Good morning.

28. Wishing you all the best on this special day of your life; have all the best special day moments.

29. Special greetings to a special soul, may your day time favor and bring peace to you. Have a good day.

30. Take advantage of a beautiful day and be happy every single day of your life. Good morning.

31. Have a positive day ahead, refresh your day and never give in to any failure. Smile my friend.

32. The day is bright for everyone to smile. It is only your mindset that determines your mood.

33. What a nice day to share with the most amazing people in the world, you are always the best.

34. Thank God a day with endless bliss, I hope you will enjoy every bit of the day. Good day.

35. I beseech the Lord to bless you with a wonderful day ahead. Thank you for everything.

36. May your new day be filled with lots of love, joy, success and happiness that will make you happy.

37. I love your face, so I pray that it shines with lots of love, joy, calmness and good conditions.

38. Have a wonderful day with lots of success walking for you. Good to have you around.

39. May your success finds no bound; may you always smile all your life. I wish you a wonderful day.

40. May you smile in the end; you are more than just a friend. Your success can still be enhanced.

41. A day with a positive thinking can make things better for you today than yesterday. G00d morning.

 Have a Good Day Quotes for Him and Her  Motivational Quotes

43. It is ideal to have you. may your day be brighter than you it was yesterday. G0od morning.

44. You can still bounce back after adversity. Never blame, rather, change the lane.

45. Successful people will always fight to make you happy. Don’t give up until you make it.

46. Positive mindset will make the day a gift worth celebrating. Good morning dear.

47. Smile all day long, it is a remedy to the worries of life. Good morning friend. You have got the cutest face so far.

48. Thank God for everyday, in as much as you woke up to see the light of the day, it worth it.

49. I hope that this day will be a perfect day for you. in love and respect, in joy and happiness.

50. As you are returning home today, I pray that you encounter fortune, joy, luck and prosperity.

51. Happy day for you, may you find everything easy for you this day. May your face be filled with smile.

52. Your heart will experience good things and you shall be protected against all odds of life. Have a good day.

53. Wishing the best you can ever need in life, may you smile for work well done. Good morning.

54. Happy sunshine day, may you live to smile and happy weekend to you. I wish you a great day ahead.

55. May your face shine like sunshine, your love will never be forgotten in the heart of your loved ones.

56. I am happy to announce the beginning of a new day to you. I wish you sweet and precious day ahead.

57. You are always the best, may your heart never experience any pain. Good day ahead.

58. You are a super girl, I want to wish you the best you can ever imagine. Good to have you as friend.

59. Whenever you wake up in the morning, always aspire for a good day ahead. Good morning.

60. I hope you have all it takes to be happy? May you find endless peace in your heart. Good morning sweetheart.

61. Wishing you best of luck in this wonderful moment in life. may you easily accomplish your mission.

62. I just want to wish you a successful day full of good luck, fortune and prosperity. Good morning.

Good day Quotes, Good Morning Quotes and Inspiration

63. Good morning friend, never forget to think positive today. it helps shape your direction.

64. Having good thoughts about yourself and others have a way of affecting you in a positive manner.

65. Good attitude makes a good name; it is my pleasure to extend my hands of love to you this morning. Have a good day.

66. I am sending this message to my friends, wishing them all the best in life. You are one of them.

67. I am wishing you a brighter day this morning. I pray that your hand reaches what you desire.

68. Good morning sweetheart, always remember that no condition is permanent. Smile, cheer and laugh.

69. If you are optimistic, you will see solution in everything while a pessimist sees failure in all things.

70. The truth is that, we will always be happy if we chose to be. Good day ahead to the best friend of life.

71. Don’t have limitations on what you can do. Build your skills every day, one day you will master what you want.

72. Yesterday is gone, focus more on what is the best thing to do today. Good morning sweetheart.

73. You can always check back on your past to see what to do to improve your presence but don’t allow yesterday take too much of today.

74. Always put smile on your face, it is a drug that cures sorrow, a friendship gift to those that are sad.

75. I am wishing the best on this wonderful day, may you continue to be happy all your life. Good day friend.

76. It is better to smile than to remain sad and arrogant. Smile attracts good people and a tightened face chases away fortunate people.

77. Whenever you are scared of taking a good action, always remember that 98 percent of fear is false.

78. If you failed yesterday, see it as an opportunity to learn how to reach your success. Good morning.

79. Failure is when you give up but if you see failure as one step ahead, you will finally achieve your dreams.

80. If you think you can change the world, you will change it exactly how you thought. Good morning.

81. Never give in to what the haters say, their words are negative but your mission is positive.

82. Wonderful people will always smile at you; never for one day allow your pain define who you are.

Good day Quotes, Good Morning Quotes and Prayers

83. I beseech the mercy of the Lord to descend on you; may you smile and have good reason to be happy.

84. May the Lord in His infinite mercy make this day a better one for; may your home be filled with joy.

85. Lord, bless us, have mercy upon us, take good care of our household and make us smile in the end.

86. We call upon the Lord to blessed us with all we need. May His mercy always shower on us.

87. Your mission for the sake of God shall be fulfilled for you; you will always be protected all your life.

88. As you wake up this morning, may you meet your fortune on your way; may your life be prosperous.

89. I pray that your heart desires be fulfilled for so that endless joy will reign in your heart. Good morning.

90. May your name be protected by the most merciful; may you continue to excel in all you do.

91. May the Lord protect you against all the evils of this world; may you smile in the end. Good morning.

92. Wishing you all the best on this planet. May your face shine in light of peace, harmony and comfort.

93. May your perception about life be the one that guides you to the right path. The Lord in heaven shall not forsake you.

94. Good morning to all of you; I am wishing you the most of this wonderful day ahead. Good morning to everyone that matters.

95. May the glorious favor of a new day reach you in good health; you shall smile until the end of time.

96. The Lord shall protect you against all odds, you will never get tired of living in this world.

97. May the Lord be merciful to you, to lead you to a greater height in life; may you find peace in your heart.

98. All you want and need shall be given to you in the easiest way. You will not beg before you feed.

99. May the journey of a wonderful life favor you; as you strive to be the best in life, may it not come in vain by His will. Good morning sweet brother.

100. I just want to ask God to deal with your enemies, purify your heart and draw you close to Him. Good day ahead.

101. Lord, I beseech your holiness upon all that matters to me; I ask you to bless them, have mercy upon their relative and make their kinship stronger than ever.

102. May you find it easy to fight through the troubles of life; you will always be blessed with all you need. Good morning.



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