Happy Birthday to Twin Brother and Sister – Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Twin Brother and Sister – Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to twin brother and sister – birthday wishes
Happy birthday to twin brother and sister – birthday wishes

1. Happy birthday to the most beautiful twins in the world, you are cute, your birthday is one of the best in town.

2. I will always wish every one of you the most beautiful moment on this earth, may you find endless peace in this world and ever after.

3. Thank God for a new day in your life, the success that has no limit will always be your portion for the rest of your life.

4. Thank you for the endless love you share with me; I will always love you both from the bottom of my heart.

5. Happy birthday, my dear, you are the most precious wins in this world. Have a nice day together, my little twins.

6. It is my biggest pleasure to wish you all the best on your wonderful day, happy birthday to the youngest twins in town.

7. I found both of you as my beloved babies the other day; now I am giving all praises to the Lord that spared your life.

8. Wishing you the best of luck, may you find endless peace now and forever? Happy birthday.

9. Thank God for sparing your life to witness this wonderful day on this day of your life. Happy birthday.

10. I searched the world to find twins of your calibre, but there is none like both of you. Happy birthday.

11. Wishing you a glorious day ahead, may you find a peace that will continue to grow till eternity?

12. I wish you the most successful birthday in the world. I will always be proud of you both until the end of time.

13. You are my children, and I have always wanted to reach out to both of you now and forever. Happy birthday.

14. I will always search the world to endure that I bring to you the most beautiful gifts my hands can reach. Happy birthday.

15. My twins are the most beautiful ones in the entire universe; I love them to the end of time. Happy birthday.

16. I want to use this beautiful opportunity to cheer you both up, always put a smile on your face all the time.

17. Happy birthday to my young twin babies, I wish you long life and prosperity. May your days be filled with endless love.

18. Three hundred sixty-five years of your life will profit you for a greater day ahead. I wish you all the best, now and forever.

19. Wishing you the best of luck, may your happiness never cease for any reason. Happy birthday.

20. Thank God for the special love you have been showing towards each other; this is how children should relate. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to Twin Brother and Sister from Brother

21. I have seen you more interesting than ever; you guys are the best in this world. Happy birthday.

22. I have found every secret about twins both yours is always unique, that’s why I love you guys. Happy birthday.

23. If I have my way to ensure that you are always happy, I will take the advantage to be the one to cheer you all the time.

24. I will always stand with you, for you and around you all the time. I will ensure that I protect your dignity with all my best. Happy birthday.

25. Today you are more experienced. I pray that your success in all you are doing manifest as soon as possible.

26. You are all it takes to be happy this special day of yours, always be prepared for all you are doing.

27. I just can’t stop loving you for you are the best friends I have. You are younger and wiser today.

28. With my heart filled with love, I am praying to the Lord to protect you against all the odds in life. Happy birthday.

29. Thank God for sparing your life to witness this special day. Happy birthday sweet sister and brother.

30. I wish you whatever you desire most in your life on this wonderful day of your life. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to Twin Sister

31. May you begin to excel in life, may your new day find peace in all it needed in life. Happy birthday.

32. May your entire wishes come true, may your new day find endless piece. Happy birthday to my beloved siblings.

33. Look at you, so sweet, so nice, so wonderful, you are the most interesting angel in the world. Happy birthday.

34. I just can’t wait to see you both happy. I will always be yours for the rest of my life. Happy birthday.

35. We are using this day to wish you the best you have always wanted in life, may your destiny favour you beyond your imagination.

36. I may not be chanced sometimes, and therefore looks like I’m rude to you. I wish you the best of lucks.

37. I never want to stop loving you for you are the best friend I can possibly be proud about. Happy birthday.

38. I have you as the best gift in life because you are a sweet sister that cannot be taken for granted.

39. Many times I have wanted to make you proud. I hope to see you happy all your life. Happy birthday.

40. You have always been the number sister in my life; there is no day my heart does not remember you.

41. I always respect your large heart and the readiness to give. Happy birthday to my simple sister.

42. You don’t know how much I have wanted to be yours for the rest of my life. I love you so much.

43. We may have had some fights or misunderstanding before now, but I am sure you know how much you mean to me.

44. Happy life for those who really matter to us in life. I respect you so much and wish you all the best.

45. What a nice person you have become on the surface of the earth, a sweet sister with a kind heart.

46. I am praying that the Lord should protect you in all you are doing and give you more success in life.

47. We may argue, we may fight a lot, but I must confess that you are the best female friend in my life.

48. Thank God for the entire love shown to me since the day you were born, may your new age pave the way for you.

49. I hope that this wonderful moment in life will be of great happiness. I ask God to bless you as you wish.

50. Let the success of a new day in your life freshen up your day with lots of love and happiness.

Happy birthday to Twin Brother Messages

51. Brother, you have always been the one I want to cherish for the rest of my life. Happy birthday to you.

52. Thank God for everything, you are my Best male friend; I wish you a day with lots of love. Happy birthday.

53. Thank you, Lord, for all you have done in life, it gives me the joy to celebrate today, you are plus one already.

54. I have found everything I need in life, glory is to God, but one gift I can never find the type is the gift of having you.

55. I love the way you dance last year while you celebrated your birthday. I hope you will find endless peace in your heart.

56. Wishing you the best of luck now and forever, may your new age bring more favour to your world. Happy birthday.

57. I just want to say happy birthday to the cutest brother in the universe, wishing you the best of lucks.

58. I could not stop thinking about this day in your life because it is my day too, have a nice day sweet brother.

59. I hope that you enjoy this precious day in your life, may you find it easy to make it in life as you wish.

60. I wish you the sweetest birthday in the world; your new age will profit you now and forever.

61. I know I don’t have any other brother save you. This is what actually gives me more concern to celebrate us today.

62. I beseech the Lord to protect you against all the odds of life that is weakening your destiny. Happy birthday.

63. The most difficult moment in the life of man is at that time when everything is no more working, but one of the best times in life is the day you were born.

64. It is another year in the life of a special brother, you are plus one today, may your days fly in colourful shapes.

65. How do I send you the gift for this uncommon occasion in your life? I was really worth celebrating to the core.

66. Thank God for the blessing of the day that will always remain in my memory for the rest of my life. Happy birthday.

67. I am pleased to announce the birthday of my beloved brother, may your age grow in grace. Happy birthday.

68. I urge you to have all the fun in life, and it is your birthday. I beseech the Lord to provide every means to make it in life.

69. Happy birthday sweet brother, you are always the best friend I will never forget. You are the best ever.

70. Maybe we have been meant for each other always to be proud of what we have become today. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to twin brother and sister special wishes

71. Wishing you the best on this day of yours, it is of great importance to have you being celebrated today. Happy birthday.

72. Take some time to have some fun, always fill your heart with lots of joy and happiness. Happy birthday.

73. I wish you the good life, joy and success, may your face shine with light and happiness that has no end.

74. Your day is here, and I pray that it continues to be yours forever, happy birthday to you, may you find endless peace.

75. Dear sister, you are a lady with a good heart. I pray that your mission in life will be of precious co-existence.

76. I sincerely send you a wonderful birthday message to refresh your new day. Happy birthday.

77. I hope you will enjoy every minute of your day. Yours is today, enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday.

78. I will always be proud of you because you deserve it. May your day be registered as one of the most beautiful days in life.

79. You are always young, and this makes me wonder if you are a year older today. Happy birthday.

80. If I can celebrate you until next year, I will do. Celebrate your day in peace and harmony.

For Twin Sister

81. Your fair face is of sweetness, love, happiness and joy that should be maintained forever. Happy birthday.

82. I can’t wait to celebrate your day because it makes me happy every now and then, Happy birthday love.

83. I will always remain your best friend, your sweetest sister and the most beautiful angel ever. Happy birthday.

84. It is my pleasure to make you smile every day of my life, may you find peace in your heart every day. Happy birthday.

85. Thank God for this wonderful day, it gives me happiness to celebrate you on this special day,

86. Nice having you as the queen of the house. Happy birthday to my precious love. I wish you all the best.

87. Thank you so much. I wish you more and more comfortable this day. Happy birthday to you.

88. It is my happiness; I wish you all the best on this wonderful occasion. I wish you all the best.

89. Thank God for everything you have done in this world. Happy birthday to the most beautiful sister.

90. Thank you for all the best things you have achieved for me. I am happy that you are plus one today. Happy birthday.

 Happy Birthday to Twin Brother and Sister from Younger Sister

92. I will always remain your loyal sister; you are my mentor and the most beautiful people ever associated with.

93. Thank God I met you in this world; it is my pleasure to wish you all the best on earth. Happy birthday.

94. This is another year in your lifetime; have it spent in the most beautiful state of mind. Happy birthday.

95. You are plus one today but minus one in youngness; hope you will respect us with young skin.

96. I will always be with you every single day of my life, wishing you the best of luck on this special day.

97. Happy birthday sweet angelic sister, I just want to say, happy birthday to the most wonderful sister in the world.

98. May you find in your heart peace as you set to celebrate this day. It is the day you were born, may your face shine in the light.

99. I am celebrating the cutest twin today, and I am sure you will be happy to attend the best day party in town.

100. I will always be glad to be celebrating you every year, and you are the best sister in my life, may you always find it easy to excel in life.

101. Thank God for this day of your life; it worth a million reasons to be celebrated. Happy birthday.

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