You Will Miss Me Quotes For Him and Her

These are exceptional type of love messages you will always appreciate; you can send the text messages to your loved ones to challenge them that they will actually miss you if you are not around them. Here we go:

You Will Miss Me Quotes For Him and Her

You will miss me quotes

You will miss me quotes

1. You will surely feel my absence because I am sure you are so used to my love like never before. You are my joy and the loveliest girl ever met.

2. You are my happiness, the true love of my life I can never forget the change you caused in my life no matter what.

3. I don’t know how you will cope when I finally leave, but one thing is sure that you will miss me when I am no more.

4. You have always been a good girl, a lovely friend and nice lover but still, I am sure there is no time you will not miss me.

5. I feel like staying with you all my life, I am yours and to the one I cherish the most, you will hope to see me soon.

6. When I am already long gone, you will realize how much I loved you but I will not be around to quench the taste of your loneliness.

7. I have always wanted to let you know that you are my best friend and the most loved angel of my life; I am really sure you will miss me.

8. I shed tears because I don’t want to miss you all my life, I know you always feel lonely whenever I am not around and this is what I have been trying to avoid.

9. Truly, you are so special, you are kind, and above all the most beloved one in my life; I can’t forget you for the rest of my life.

10. Indeed, you have been taking good care of me, you are my perfect lover, the one I can’t forget even though I try.

You Will Miss Me When I’m Gone Quotes

11. I thought I could make you relax whenever I am not around, but I am already having the instinct that you can’t do without me by your side.

12. I wish we can always be together all the time so that you will not have to cry whenever you feel too lonely.

13. I am lonely, I am happy, I am happy because you gave me the reason to be happy but today, at this moment, I will be sad for I feel for you.

14. What a nice angel you are that I can’t forget you no matter what, you are my love and I can’t afford to let you cry.

15. I feel so sad for you, I hope you will not feel too bad when I am no longer here with you, please forgive me, I will be back soon.

16. I have always wanted to let you know that things may not let me stay close to you often, but I will be there when you need me most.

17. Don’t cry if you can’t see me, don’t get tired when you want me, all you need is to understand that the journey has an ending.

18. No matter how far I have been, I will always be ready to put a smile on your face; you are the best woman in my life.

19. I wish I will not leave here any moment from now; I can’t imagine that the memories we spent together is about to be distanced.

20. You can always be the best you want to be, even if I am not around you, everything can still be fine. You are the best me.

You Will Miss Me Quotes for Wife

21. I have been with you since these years, we have shared love in common and loved each other better, but it doesn’t mean you will be fine if I leave.

22. There is nothing that makes me sad as to see that I am walking away from you while I know you will surely feel it.

23. I don’t want to forget you all my life, I don’t want to make you regret why you accepted me the other day, no matter what, please stay strong until I come back.

24. Living in a life that features you is one of the most beautiful things a lucky man can have; until I come back, please be patient.

25. I know it is not easy to see your husband going out of the home. You don’t even know if he will come back home or not but you can still be strong and faithful.

26. Do not forget me all your life; do not think I will fail you no matter what. You are always the best for me.

27. I need you to understand the part of me that loves you the most; that part no one can easily take away from me.

28. I need you too, I am missing you too; don’t worry; I am feeling the same pain of loneliness here. I will be glad I have you.

29. In this world, in this moment of my life, I am happy that somehow, somewhere someone says she is missing me.

30. I love your sincerity, I love your smile and the way you make me happy whenever I set my eyes on you; I will be back soon.

31. My falling in love with you was never a mistake; it was a great choice I made because I could see my kids in you.

32. I will never let you down for any reason; I will always remember you wherever I am at any time, any moment.

33. You don’t need to think I will not be back again, I will surely reach out to you, I will be with you no matter what it takes.

34. I feel like hugging you forever so that we will always be together for the rest of our life. You are my happiness.

35. I need to let you understand that every beat of my heart drops a need to be closer to you now than ever.

36. I miss you like the most interesting queen on earth, you are sweet, special, so don’t worry, you are not the only one that will miss someone, I will too.

37. I will always cherish the fact that you are with me, even when your absence is always my challenge, it occurred to me that you miss me too.

38. Think of those beautiful moments we shared together, I am pretty confident that you can do without thinking about me.

39. Don’t worry about me, I will be there when you need me most, I will be your lover when you need me the most.

40. I am delighted that I have you in my world, it is my choice to choose a woman I know deserves my love the most.

I Will Miss You Quotes for Him or Her

41. Loneliness is caused by the absence of the woman you love the most, and heart robbery is detected when your true love
is far away.

42. Does it mean that you stole my heart away? I have been feeling your presence from this distance place I am.

43. I want to cherish you with all my might so that you will always be happy when I need you the most. I love you.

44. I feel like having you around me right away, though it may not be possible today but some other days will make it a

45. I swear I can’t do without thinking about you on a day, that’s why my prayer has always been to see you once again on
a special day.

46. What can I do to make you understand how much you mean to me; you are the one I feel like loving all the time.

47. There is something I don’t like when it happens—when distance has to be the reason why we departed.

48. No matter how far you have gone in life, no matter the point you find yourself, one thing is always my hope—to see you soon.

49. The truth is that, I will try all my best to let you know that being in love with you is the most beloved in my life.

50. I need your love in this world; I love your face, your smile and the charisma that makes me happy every single day.

You Miss me Quotes for Her to Smile

51. I will be your happiest angel in this world, you take good care of me even in my sleep, so, this baffles me a lot.

52. I need you to know that you are cuter than you think of yourself, I feel like holding your hands forever.

53. Don’t forget that my heart is always with you, it makes me smile when I am around you; what a champion you are as a good lover.

54. Living in a world that features you have been a great joy for me, I will always be yours to see anytime, any moment.

55. Believe me, there is no single moment I don’t think about getting married to you, the reason is that you have all I wanted in a woman.

56. I cherish your smile. It is made of the sweetest chocolate, I love your voice, it sounds like the most beautiful sound ever heard.

57. How am I supposed to live without you? Is this phenomenon really possible? I am yours all the time. I love you.

58. A life without you is always difficult to figure out. I need every single moment with you so that I will be happy all the time.

59. I will love you day by day, cherish you night by night and be your happiness all the time no matter what you want.

60. Your weakness does not determine how much I choose to love you, it does not direct my affection for you, I love you as you deserve.

61. Truly, sometimes, we may not understand the reason why some people are always there for us, but we know they do miss us.

62. I don’t need to see a soothsayer tell me how much you value me. Several times, you have shown me how cool you are in love with me.

63. Every day makes me happy, every day makes me smile as you are so lovely, nice and well cherished to the core.

64. You will be the angel that my heart will always love, that stallion queen my heart will never forget again.

65. I am lonely right now because you are not in any way present where I can easily find you. I love you.

66. You are the one that brings joy to my heart through the leave of God, I shall always respect you until the end of time.

67. I just don’t want to forget anything about you, I want to love you all the time but how do I get close to you?

68. When I said I miss you, it wasn’t a joke at all, now that you are a bit far away from me, how do I cope with my life?

69. I wish you are here so you will pour the water of warmness on my head. I wish you I can come to you right now to show you how wonderful you are.

70. I will never let you down all the time; I will feel your heart with the best of my love so that the happiness you deserve will reach you.

You Will Miss me Someday Quotes

71. I have tried all my best to let you know how much you mean to me but you decided to show me reluctance and negligence,

I believe you will miss me someday.

72. I may not have money today, I may not be important to you today, but if you can be lenient enough in your reasoning, you will understand I have a future.

73. I may no longer be your standard, I may have nothing to boast about today but the truth is that, and tomorrow can still be brighter.

74. We only know today, who knows if my Lord will bless me tomorrow and by then, it may be too late for you and me?

75. I realized that falling in love with you does not profit me, rather, you decided to play with my mind. I promise you will miss me.

76. I have decided to take heart, I have accepted my fate but the truth will be manifested one day and then, you will miss me.

77. In as much as I am in love with you, it doesn’t mean you should take me for granted. You may fall in love with me tomorrow.

78. How I wish I could just turn the hands of the clock, I will have rather chosen not to suffer loneliness as I do being in love with you.

79. I may not be important to you today. I may not be that kind of girl you want, it doesn’t really matter to me but believe me, you will wish you hold me tight.

80. Although, I have tried all my best to let you know how much I want you, how much I am planning to give you the best of love.

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