Why You Should Try Online Dating If You’re Shy

The first thing that should come to mind, and of course, the experience itself whenever dating is involved should be something surreal, peaceful and wonderful. However, the real journey into dating becomes an uphill task when you are a shy person. Yes! It is that bad. All the first steps to landing yourself a date are very hard to pull off.

Studies have shown that 50% of the population are introverts. Therefore, if you’re not one yourself, there are big chances that you’re going to come across one. We are made to understand that although introverts love to be left alone so as to recharge their batteries, it does not mean that they do not want to be around people.

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It simply means that they love to have some alone time. It will suffice to say that getting to know a potential partner might be difficult for shy people, as they find it hard to start up or even hold a conversation with someone else; which is why you have to try online dating!

Try online dating

If you are shy, here are some reasons why you should try online dating:

Starting Up Conversations

Once you’re attracted to someone, there’s this tendency to want to strike up a conversation, make them laugh and smile, flirt with them. But as a shy person, these tendencies come with a lot of ‘what ifs’;

– what if they do not want to talk to you?

– what if you mess things up?

The beauty of online dating is that you are in the comfort of your home with no need of physical contact with your crush. So, you’ll be freer to express yourself, and you can also take rejection in good stride without any form of embarrassment. Also, online dating gives you many people at your disposal. When you fail at one, try again with another person.

Holding Conversations

It is easy to maintain conversations online when they’re started because the major hurdle, which is starting a conversation, has been scaled. At this point, you get comfortable and become yourself while chatting with them. It is mostly helpful when both of you have similar interests and you just loosen up and talk, and your potential partner will get a glimpse of your personality. As opposed to what many people think, shy people do not lack words to say. They only need an opening, an invitation to talk, especially with people they’re not familiar with. That is why online dating is perfect for them, as it involves a conversation between two people.

Personal Conversations

Getting a shy person to start up a conversation is always a hard nut to crack, not to talk of getting them to address a group. Online dating allows shy people to have actual personal conversations with people; this is what they actually like and want, as it helps them organize their thoughts and create a pace for them.

Physical Meeting

Scheduling a physical meeting is even better and easier if you are able to find a potential partner from your geographical location. This is known as local dating. If you ever get to the point when you are ready, and begin to plan a physical meeting with a potential partner whom you’ve been chatting with online, then you’re commendable. It is believed that you must have gotten really comfortable with them, so having a physical conversation will be easy for you.


You can hit things off after your first physical meeting, if both of you click. For shy people, online dating is the ideal option, as it helps them feel at home. This writeup helps you overcome the problem of starting up and holding conversations. Once you’re able to do that, you can fit in well in the world of online dating. Good luck!

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