Sweet Love Notes for Her with Funny Love Memes for Her

Sweet love notes for her with funny love memes for her

Sweet love notes for her with funny love memes for her
Sweet love notes for her with funny love memes for her

1. Princess, all I need from you is that you should smile. Your wellbeing is my happiness. I will always love you no matter the condition. You are one special person that everyone should be nice to. I love you so much that no one can stop me from loving you among human.

2. When you have true love, you have found the foundation of your joy in life. you will always be happy no matter the condition because your woman will not frustrate but rather encourage you to try your best and leave the rest for God to handle. This is exactly what I found in you. A good woman, a wonderful mother.

3. Sweetheart, thank you for everything. Thank you for the special love you show to me and the kindness you never hide. You are the most beautiful helper and supporter God sent to me as a gift of love and compassion. I will always love you every time. You are my light and the one I cherish with all my heart. I love you my dearest.

4. The love of my heart, I want you to be rest assured that your thought will always be on my mind. You can never change because you belong to me. I miss you every single day and the truth is that you will forever be mine heaven and earth. I ask God to protect you every day. So, this is my covenant with you and will always keep it safe.

5. Love is a force that binds you to her. It makes you love her even more every day. Now that she belongs to you, pet her and put endless smile on her face until the end of time. Never give up on what you have begun with her. Love everything about her and she will be your queen forever. I know, people will say bad things about you but remember that it will not in any way change her real personality that you know. You will be happy together forever if you can do this.

6. She is your light, your dream and the special woman preserved for you from heaven. Now, you should hold her tight so, never ever let go off her hands in any condition or situation. You must understand that she is the mother of your kids. The kids you love with all your hearts. You must be ready to protect her so her fear will be less or no more.

7. The love that exists between two people is a great gift from God. Take good care of it and it will profit you in a way you never think of. Believe me, no matter how you offended each other, if there is a true love between you, it will always overcome the temporary hatred you have for each other. You must accept that this world is created for us to love each other and through; we can tolerate each other for peace to reign.

8. If you need true love, she has it. if you need a sincere heart that will support you forever, she is the type. Her love is so superb that you cannot replace her with anyone on earth. She is the best for you and none the less she will stay by your side when others are walking away. Your woman is your eye, she will help you see when you are not around.

9. Don’t you see that we need to love the woman of our life? can’t you see that she has become so worried trying to make you happy? She is the one meant for you and indeed, you have to accept this fact because you need her all your life. You can bet me, she will always be sincere to you as long as you are sincere with her. Don’t cheat on her, if she is responsible, she will love and will never cheat on you
either. That’s how a relationship lasts longer.

10. I know you will always be there when she needs you most. This is the kind of man every woman should have. A man that will try all his best to make sure that his wife is safe. A man that will not be tired of taking good care of his wife. I am writing this note so that you will understand that it is not easy to be a woman. A woman that feels the pains beyond what her bones can withstand? Yes, such is the life of a woman and so, she deserves your respect.

Sweet love notes for her with funny love memes for her

11. I have found the true love have been searching for. I have found the happiness that cannot be replaced by anyone again. my wife, my
heartbeat and the angel that makes me smile. One of the most beautiful things about life is to have a wife which when you look at will be happy. You understand what I am saying. Yes, that’s the kind of woman you are. Thank you for taking good care of my kids in my absence. Thank you for always being my friend and angel. I love you so much. You belong to me and there is no doubt about it. I love you.

12. If someone asks me about you. I will quickly tell him that you are the love of my life and there is no other woman that can take your place in my life. For many years, you have been with me as a good woman that should be loved in a special way. I will never forget the first day we met. That day, I realized that I have found a good wife.

13. You should know that I can’t take your matter for granted. I can’t stop loving you until eternity. You have become the true angel of my life that I cannot stop thinking about morning and night. As this note reaches you, just remember that somehow, somewhere, someone is missing you to the core. I love you for you are my queen.

14. Your life is a great impact to me; it is a grace that will forever be celebrated. The reason why I chose you as my partner is not because you are beautiful but for your righteous heart. I love a woman with good heart. She will be sincere with you in anything she is doing and in the end; you will never regret getting married to her.

15. When I met you in this small world, everything began to change. I realized that I need to be with you for the rest of my life. A lady of beauty, and wisdom, I will always love you all the time. Things may not be the way I wanted but my wife will still remain the best in this world for me. I stay with you and you know my character the most. Let people say what they can, but it will not stop me from loving you even for a jiffy.

16. In case you don’t know how much you mean to me; write many words as possible, if you can finish an ink equivalent to seven oceans, that is how you mean to me. I will not tell you a lie for it is to me an abomination. Your wife must be respected and nothing must touch it. I love you so much and will always do for all the time. As you read this note, note that it is from the brightest part of my heart for you. I love you dearest.

17. I will always be yours all my life so, don’t panic about me. I have learned a lot from you. I learnt that patience can conquer everything. I realized that in woman, there are lots of treasures men are yet to discover. The content of a woman heart cannot be over emphasized but if you are lucky, you will find the best ever.

18. I love you so much that it takes me several hours thinking about a moment shared with you. This is an amazing experience that everyone should be mindful about. You are the antidote of the sorrow of my life. When you came into my life, I forgot about the pains of the past. I will always be with you for the rest of my life.

19. You took good care of me when I needed a shoulder to lean upon. This is the power of the true love I have for you. I met you the other day as a single lady, completely strange but all of a sudden, it was as if we have been together for years. I will never forget you for the rest of my life. I so much miss you and you will not believe this.

20. In case you are in need of a companion that will always stay with you always, accept me. I will be there for you every single day of your life and the reason is that you belong to me. I miss you so much. You are my life and the true angel of passion sent to me. It does not matter the complexion, or the race all I know is that, I am completely in love with you.

Sweet love notes for her with funny love memes for her—love notes and sayings for her

21. If you need the heart of a man to stick to you alone, always make her happy. Give her what she wants, take good care of her, respect her and her opinions. Never shout at her and she will be loyal to you always. You will then become the only true love she wants to spend the rest of her life with. That’s how great men won the heart of their women.

22. I am sure you don’t understand the motives of how women think yet. If you need a good woman, be good to her. Never tell lies to her so that she can confide in you. Don’t cheat on her and she will live to always respect you. Believe me, it is just the pure truth about women. They love those who could win their hearts and also show them sincere love.

23. I have been trying to understand the secret behind the heart of a woman and then I realized that it is patience. Deal with your woman with patience and she will live to love you. no matter how far you are to each other, the truth is that your heart will always be connected to each other.

24. Never mind. The most important thing is to be able to understand that your wife is a responsibility. You must take good care of her. She is your peace; keep her well so you will have rest of mind. If you are lucky enough and she happen to be your angel, she will be the best for you.

25. What I know about love is that when given with sincerity, you will have it back in love and passion. Love is a bond, so strong. I bet you will not understand how much your woman means to you until you lose her. Pray for a good woman and you will surely find her right before you. Such is the power of a good woman.

26. I have come here before you to tell you that women are the supporters of men. The truth is that you can’t do without them. If you can take good care of one among them, you will enjoy her stay with you from now and until forever.

27. Pray so that you will get married to a woman that will love you with all her heart. A woman that will cherish you with everything she
has. A woman of love, joy and happiness. A woman that will always be there for you at any moment. She is the kind of woman you should stay with all your life. I love you my dear angel.

28. I will always be yours all my life. It gives me joy that every day of my life has become something of joy because I have you in it. I will always be yours all my life. Just understand that, you are the one I cherish the most. I love you.

29. If you want to say a word to a woman, make sure it is romantic. Women love romance, so show it to them. If you do, you will be loved
forever. This is the reason why you must be prepared to stand for your woman when she needs you most. Show her the best part of you. Buy gifts for her and she will respect you the more.

30. I will always be by your side every day. I will love and respect you with all my heart. You belong to me and I am yours always. These are the kinds of words that should exist between a man and his woman. Enjoy this life together in peace and harmony, love and respect for each other.

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