Sweet Good Night Love Messages For Her

Sweet GoodNight Love Messages For Her

After a stressful and busy day, there is only one way to calm her down… send her Sweet Good Night Love Messages For Her. She is special and she needs to be told how special she is, that is why we have compiled the best of Goodnight love messages for her.

Pick any of these romantic night messages and send to that special woman in your life. Let them have a romantic sleep and a romantic dream. Good Night Love Messages for Her!

1. Like every other day, the sun rises and set. My love for you is always genuine and has no limit and boundaries, it has no time to start or stop. But one thing I know for sure is that I cant stop loving you queen of my heart. goodnight.

2. Is there any day i never want to see you , hold you, feel you or even want to all to myself. Love I won’t mind if you let me take you to the highest mountain of love. Good night my queen.

3. There are thousand of stars in the sky, waiting for you to say good night to the princess of my heart and I am saying have a nice dream my honey bunny.

4. I wish you were here with me to sleep and wake up together, I know my dreams will come true someday and we will be together forever my cutie pie. Good night.

5. I wish to come back home every day to meant you waiting patiently for your king to hold you tight and kiss you good night and sing till you fall asleep. I know my wish will be real soon. I love you. – Good Night Love Messages

Good Night Love Sms Messages For Her

Good Night Love Messages For Her
Good Night Love Messages For Her

6. Love can’t describe what I feel inside, when I see your beauty at each coming day. Oh love, what an epitome of beauty, I can’t wait any longer to be in your arm. My sweet love have wonderful night rest.

7. Being lonely is one thing and being lonely without the love of your life is another, just like this night I have miss all those good night kisses and cuddling and the sweet scent of your body. I adore every moment we have shared and still wish for more and more each day. Good night my joy.

8. Love sending you good night messages is not how I want to express my love for you, but rather holding you tight and making out all the lost time. Good night my happiness.

9. Even though I have your heart I you have mine, that doesn’t mean that I can’t miss you and feel your sweet chat and your beautiful face. My love for you is real and it is indefinite. I love you my princess, good night.

10. Whenever I sleep without saying good night to you, it seems as if I have committed a great offence of the highest order. But know that, I am saying I love you and will never sleep for once without given my good night kiss. I cherish you my sweetie. Good night love. – Good Night Love Messages

Beautiful Good Night Love Messages For My Wife

Good Night Love Messages For Wife
Good Night Love Messages For Wife

11. I know you must be laughing why reading this SMS because I can imagine how your face look in that astonishing smile of your and it making me feel fulfill and relief that you are ok. Just want to say good night and sweet dreams to the one my heart beat for.

12. My love tomorrow is another so I want you to sleep like my baby and dream about me giving you the best life can offer and see you like I always do my honey. Good night.

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13. Whenever I think of seeing you the next day my heart feels hmm is this how love is, because I will be so eager for morning to come and bring this damsel to me. I adore you more than anything. good night.

14. I feel so blessed whenever I think about you that you are mine. I can’t just believe it that true love is that easy to find, my love for you is unconditional and irreplaceable. Good night my angel.

15. I am sending you my body to sleep on, my eyes to be your guard, my hand to be your fan and my soul to ease your sleep to make it complete my love to be your true and real companion. Good night. – Good Night Love Messages

Good Night Love Messages for Girlfriend

Good Night Love Messages For Girlfriend
Good Night Love Messages For Girlfriend

16. My love for you is the only thing that I can say is what is giving the assurance that I have someone in my life, I can beat my chest that you will support me and always defend me even when am not there. Thank you for giving me what no one has. Good night my love.

17. I cant say good night without letting you know how my day was, hmm it was not easy without seeing you though. But now that I know this is reaching and telling you that I cant do without you. I love you good night my angel.

18. Do you know you are sent from heaven, you are the angel of my life, the queen of my heart, the treasure I have seek for, the happiness that bring forth the inner beauty that I don’t know it exist. I cherish my love. Good night.

19. I don’t have to think twice about who I love, I just know right from the first day I set my eyes on you that we are meant for each other and nothing can come in between us. I wish you are here to see how I feel about you. good night my angel.

20. When ever we are together I hardly get bored, but now that we are far apart I feel like you should come fill that space. My love I cant do without you the love of my life, thank you for loving me and good night my joy. – Good Night Love Messages

Good Night Love Messages for My Sweetheart

21. Imagine me touching your heart and closing your eyes, always remember that someone who love you and care so much about you is here missing you. good night my princess.

22. When even you laugh it waken all the part of my body that is stress for the whole day, I want you to come help me bring out all the hidden weakness and replace it with your strength. I love you, good night my queen.

23. Words cant describe what I feel inside, for you I will do anything. I adore you queen of my heart, good night my honey.

24. My love no matter how rich love is I will buy it as long as is your love I am buying. I know i cant compare you with any thing because you are more than silver or gold. Good night my joy.

25. Even if am so busy I will always have all the time and attention you need, for you I can do anything with you all things are possible. Good night my heartthrob. – Good Night Love Messages

Lovely Good Night Love Messages for Gf

26. I will have a good night rest and sweet dreams because it was you I will communicate this romantic love words to. I love you with all the I have, good night my dear.

27. Now I have realize no one love me just the way you do, no one has given me full attention, care, support and most of all trust me. I adore you my queen. Good night.

28. I know one thing for sure is that I will be there with you through thick and thin, I want to be the first to know what and how you wake. I love you my heart and nothing can change that, good night my beauty queen.

29. You know when two heart become one and all thing become easy and love become part of our life, so shall our love grow and be fruitful. I cherish every word you say to me and I cant stop loving you my angel. Good night.

30. I never want you to go, but I know we will soon be together no matter what time shall tell how unique our relationship. I admire you a lot and imagine you under my arms, my love please sleep well and sweet for tomorrow is another day for our love story. Good night. – Good Night Love Messages

Sweet Good Night Love Messages for My Lover

31. The more I think of you the more I fall deeply in love with you my sweet angel, I just cant believe that I found love it like a miracle. I love you my baby, good night.

32. I appreciate all you have brought into my life, and all the time your encouragement and countless support. I am lucky to have you with me by my side. I cant stop loving you my queen, good night.

33. The best days for me is always whenever we are together, I cant just want to get use to you not being with me. thank you for loving me and given me the best of everything. Good night my angel.

34. The first time I saw you I was astonished, then you came into my life and change what was suppose to be surprise into love and you gave me everything by accepting me. love I adore you to the fullest. Good night my cutie pie.

35. I grew fond of you , your food, your smile, your laughter, your care and most of all am jealous of the way you show me love. Thank you for giving me so much. Good night. – Good Night Love Messages

Cute Goodnight Texts for Her

36. I want to thank you for your all you have done for me and for the things you have not done, I know we are meant to be together. I love you my dear good night.

37. You know whenever I don’t see you for the whole day, I feel a part of me is missing, and when I hear your voice it come but not all. Love I want you to know that you are all I ever want to be with, good night my sweet honey.

38. When you said you love me all my body stop working but after you gave me the kiss that sent me to heaven, but when you hugged me I came back and never left your side. I love you so much, good night my love.

39. I wish you have a telescope to see me, I am just waiting for the night to pass so I can see you tomorrow morning. I just to be with you for you are the only one that give me joy of immense satisfaction, I love you my queen good night.

40. The night maybe dark, the moon may not rise and the star may hide, I will be your shadow that will hold you tight. Sweet dreams my angel. – Good Night Love Messages

Romantic Good Night Text for Her

41. Dreams are like stars, you may not be to touch them but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny. So believe in your dreams good night my cutie pie.

42. As the day turn into night, forget all your worries and close your eyes and go to sleep, remember all the good time we share together for it will ease you to sleep. Good night and a have wonderful night rest.

43. I don’t care about nightmare because thinking about you make my dream sweet, good night my heartthrob.

44. My heart I have something to confess, I cant but wonder if this is how sweet love is, I adore you so much. You are a favor in my life thank you for coming into my life, I love you so much. Good night.

45. When I breath is your scent that come out when I smile my face turn in like yours, there is nothing I do that wont be like yours, I want to always be like you for you are my perfect march. I love you my joy. Good night. – Good Night Love Messages

I Love You Good Night Text Messages

46. Lying on my bed and seeing the star reminds me of the star in my life that makes my life brighter, I want you and only you I want. Goodnight my sugar.

47. Sorry for not been there to hold you, kiss all the pains I have caused you and hug all the bad affection. For tomorrow is another to give you all you need. I love you and goodnight.

48. My loneliness is just a matter of time and my happiness is forever as long as am with you. with you, I found peace joy and tranquillity, goodnight angel of my life.

49. I want to make you smile all through the night, imagine me telling you all those sweet talk that use to make you laugh, and those kisses that make you want to hug me and those smiles that make me fall in love with you more and more. Goodnight my heart.

50. I wish my heart could fly and be with you to tell you how I have missed all those time we shared together, I want to sleep and wake to see my beautiful damsel. I just do know what I would have done without you. goodnight. – Good Night Love Messages

More Cute GoodNight love messages for her

1. Every sunrise reminds me of your beautiful smile; it is going to be a beautiful night for you and a wonderful day tomorrow, goodnight.

2. The night would be full of sweet dreams for you, thank you for making my life a wonderful place, my heart is filled with happiness because of you, goodnight.

3. May the angels be you guard as you recline in your bed this lovely night, I miss you so much, goodnight.

4. You make my heart skip in joy every moment that I think of you, you are a heavenly gift from above, as you close your eyes to sleep this night, I wish you a lovely night, see your beautiful face again tomorrow morning.

5. The night is for rest, sleep tight, rest peacefully goodnight my sweet love.

6. Goodnight, my angel, dream sweet of us, let your soul and body refresh for another day tomorrow, I love you.

7. I can’t live in this world alone without you, and every beat of my heart counts my beautiful love for you, you are the only love of my heart, goodnight.

8. The night is happy to you, the angel is happy to be with you, and me I’m blessed to have you too, goodnight my sweetheart.

9. You are always on my mind, and I don’t know what I can ever do with you, may the Lord restore your beautiful soul to your body as retire to bed this night, goodnight my angel.

10. Sweetheart, sleep early so that can you can have a beautiful rest, I always want you to be at your best, and remember you remain the joy of my heart, goodnight.

11. I was not perfect before I met you, but now you always tell I’m a perfect man for you and thank you for making my world a place too, goodnight, I love you.

12. I’m counting down to my coming back home, every night that comes reminds me of your lovely arms, I miss you babe, goodnight.

13. Wherever I could be, I would always find a way to come to you, and no distance can take you away from me, goodnight.

14. Let the moon cool your night, so your soul can find a restful night, may the Lord protect you as you drift in sweet sleep this night, goodnight my princess.

15. You are the charm of my heart; you held my world in great awe, I just crazily in love with you, smile for me, goodnight see your lovely face tomorrow morning.

16. When I looked into your beautiful eye, I see my paradise there. You are the apple of my eye, I love you so much, goodnight.

17. You are the joy that springs in my heart every day; I have been thanking God in every minute for the gift of a lovely angel like you, goodnight.

18. Goodnight my love, sleep tight, you are the care of my Lord.

19. I wish I could hold you in my arms forever. I feel so joyful in every single moment that I hold you close to my chest, thank you for being a wonderful part of my life. I love you, goodnight.

20. I look up to a beautiful night with you in dreams world, goodnight my angel.

21. Goodnight to you, my lovely wife, I may not be close by your side now, but I keep you in my heart until I would see your beautiful face again.

22. Goodnight my love, it is my eyes that are shot for the night, my heart keeps vigil of you throughout the night.

23. I cherish you now and forever, goodnight my beauty.

24. May your night be full of beautiful dreams, goodnight my queen.

25. I love like fishes love water. I would always remain yours forever, sleep tight, goodnight.

26. May your heart find joy in this night, may your body be a refresh for a beautiful tomorrow, goodnight my sweet love.

27. As you close your eyes to sleep this night, I wish you the most amazing night ever, full of beautiful dreams, goodnight.

28. I would count the stars with you tonight; I would count your blessing with you as well, may the sleep of this night inspired you for a greater tomorrow, goodnight my better half.

29. As you close your loquacious eyes, drift peacefully into a sweet sleep, goodnight, my angel.

30. Let the angels whisper beautiful lullaby to your ear, let your soul rejoice in a beautiful sleep, goodnight my moon, see you again tomorrow morning.

31. You are a raven beauty; my heart is filled with a beautiful thought of you, goodnight.

32. Goodnight my goddess, I keep you in my beautiful heart, have a lovely kiss!

33. Like rose flower attracts butterflies, so do get fascinated to you, there is no me with you, goodnight my beautiful belle.

34. My heart is joyful that it found you, you make my imperfection perfect, you are the most cheerful woman I have met, goodnight my beauty queen.

35. I’m full of gratitude to my Lord for giving me an angel like you, your thought warms my heart in cold weather, and cool my heart in hot weather, goodnight sweetheart.

36. My heart skip in joy when it found you, I have never had it so beautiful in my life until I found you, goodnight by happiness, may the night be beautiful for you your soul.

37. You have bewitched me with you beautiful love. Your smile is like food for my soul. I would love you all the time of my life, goodnight.

38. Have a lovely night, my sweetheart, sleep tight, I have asked my Lord to protect from the demons that roam in the night.

39. I love so much without any reason, and I don’t want to know why I love you, just to say goodnight to you.

40. There is a heart that can love the way I love you. I would do my best every moment to make you happy because you are my dreams come true.

41. The cheering news this night is that I would soon have you in my arms, I will be home tomorrow to see your lovely faces, goodnight my angel.

42. You make me happy every time that I see you. I can’t get enough of you, goodnight my sweet love, have a marvellous night.

43. You are a puzzle of love that I can’t find an answer to; you just fit in perfectly into my life; you are a priceless gift from heaven, goodnight sweet babe.

44. God bless every day and every night of your life; you are a blessing to my life. I love you so much, goodnight.

45. I miss you much my love, as I lie on my bed this lovely night to sleep, I think of all the beautiful time we spent together, you are my sweet melody, goodnight, I love you.

46. A wonderful night for you my angel, may the night be peaceful and lovely just as you are goodnight.

47. Like the beautiful star that cast a splendour in the sky this night, your beauty radiates deeply into my heart, goodnight my angel.

48. You have massively contributed to my success. I can’t believe that I have an angel like you as my wife, you are all that my heart please to have, goodnight.

49. I’m sending you a lovely goodnight kiss to keep warmly in the chilled night and to keep cool in the warm night, goodnight my beauty.

50. I find it difficult to fall asleep without you, I love you so much, goodnight.

51. I’m just thinking of you now. I miss you so much, goodnight.

52. I love it when we talk softly into the night until sweet sleep overtakes us. I love it when I fall asleep in your lovely arms, goodnight my sweet babe.

53. My emotion runs high when I spend a night alone without you. You have always hit my heart with doses of your love, I love you so much, goodnight.

54. Even if my day was hectic, I know that spending a night in your arms would take away my stress, goodnight.

55. I would be with you tomorrow morning by the grace of God, goodnight my angel.

56. You are all my beautiful dreams come true. I’m in a beautiful world because of your love for me, thank you for all the things that you have done in my life, goodnight.

57. I just want to wish you a good night with plenty of your love in my heart. Your voice is the last I wish to hear before falling asleep every night, goodnight.

58. I want to sleep now, let us fall asleep together so that we can rise together in a beautiful world tomorrow, goodnight my cheerful wife.

59. I love life because I love you. You are all-time joy, goodnight my sweetheart.

60. I miss you so much when I’m away from home. The nights seem longer than usual.

61. At the end of the hustle and bustle of the day, I’m revived by your beautiful smile when I get home in the evening, you set my heart on a beautiful tone for a beautiful night, thanks a lot my heart, goodnight.

62. Even when I close my eyes to sleep at night, I still see your beautiful face through my heart, goodnight.

63. I wish I had never had to miss you in a single minute in a night, goodnight my beautiful world.

64. I want to spend all my life with you because I love you so much, no one means so much to me like you, goodnight.

65. I pray that the Lord keep you safe as you prepare to retire to bed this night, I have always cherished you all my life, goodnight.

66. If I spend the entire day and night in your arms, I can’t just get enough of you, goodnight.

67. You don’t know how much you mean to me, do you? You are as the life that I breathe, goodnight.

68. If the night is cold, let my thought keep you warm, no matter what the condition is, always remember that I love you so much, goodnight.

69. The night is the prelude of a beautiful day to come, goodnight and sleep well.

70. You re just irresistible to my heart, my heart feel so happy just at the thought of you, goodnight my sweet belle.

71. Sweet dream, sleep tight, goodnight my adorable wife.

72. No one is more gorgeous than you are, every beautiful thought in my heart points to you, goodnight.

73. As you drift into in beautiful sleep this night, I pray my Lord to guard you to the hour of the morning, goodnight.

74. I will hug you. I would kiss you. I would care you when I return home, thinking sweet about you now, goodnight my sweet love.

75. I can bear anything, but I can bear to be away from home because you are my beautiful home, goodnight.

76. Dearest, without you, my life would be incomplete, good night sweet dreams.

77. You have been sources of inspiration to my life, thank you for your unconditional love for me, goodnight my love.

78. My morning is always wonderful, because I sleep with your beautiful thought in my heart, and I rise with you still in my heart, goodnight.

79. You the most amazing wife in the world, I want you to know that you are so special to me, goodnight.

80. You are the woman in the world. Your heart is filled with beauty and love, thanks for being so amazing to me, goodnight.

81. You cheer my heart with your sweet smile, your raise my hope of a better tomorrow, your words are my sources of inspiration. You make my world a beautiful place, thanks and goodnight my sweetheart.

82. A lovely night begins with you in my heart, goodnight, may tomorrow be more amazing.

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