120 Short Love Messages For Him and Her With Photos

Do you want to save time by skipping the process of typing Long Text Messages For Her Or Him? Then you are just on the right page as these messages are sweet, short and direct!

You can say much with very little for sure. This list of the top 120 short love messages consists of love quotes, short poems and romantic messages for him or her.

They are perfect love messages that can be sent in the morning, evening or night. And most importantly, you can send them to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. Enjoy!

120 Short Love Messages For Him and Her With Photos

Short love messages for her images
Short love messages for her images

1. There is nothing that can make me happier than having you to myself. I love you dearly.

2. Life would have been empty without having you. Thank goodness for meeting you.

3. My love for you is divine and endless. I’ll always love you.

4. You are my world and I love you than my food.

5. I’m so glad that we are bounded by the force of affection.

Nice Short Love Messages for Girlfriend

Sweet short love quote - Short Love Messages
Sweet short love quote – Short Love Messages

6. One thing I’ll like to inform you is that, you are my favourite. I do love you!

7. You’re sweeter than the sweetest and the most adoring man I’ve known ever.

8. I don’t mean to sound cheeky but you’ve captured my heart and consumed my whole being. You are the best!

9. Any chance you could get off work early? I want to cuddle you and spent a good time with you tonight.

10. You made my day extraordinary by giving me the warm feelings I’ve received today.

Short I Love You Messages for Him and Her

11. I miss you badly that I couldn’t even fix things properly. Feeling low!

12. All I want to do right away is to kiss you and hold you tight. You are all I wanted.

13. You are my bestie best and I love you for that.

14. I can’t wait to see your beatific face. Squee!

15. I’ve gone gaga all because of you and I don’t want to get better when love is involved.

Short Love Messages for Wife

Romantic short love poem
Romantic short love poem

16. You are that sun shine that lights up my day. Thanks for being my light.

17. The thought of you revives me from all worries and stress of the day.

18. Just to reassure you of my love. I’ll always love you!

19. until I met you, I thought soulmates was a mount saying.

20. I truly like you like no other. I really do!

Short Love Messages for Boyfriend

Beautiful romantic quote for him and her
Beautiful romantic quote for him and her

21. I know this sounds silly but I want us to live together till death do us part.

22. I didn’t believe in fairytales but meeting you has changed me completely. You are my legends

23. I just want you to hold me tight till I’m completely lost in your arm.

24. You know it’s true love when you both can spent time together without being bond.

25. Whenever you tickle me, I still feel the butterflies in my tummy and want to remain in your embrace all day like a little girl.

Short Love Messages for Him

Short love messages for him images
Short love messages for him images

26. My heart skip for joy whenever, I set my eyes on you.

27. You are the one that gives my life a meaning. Thanks for loving me like you constantly do.

28. You make me feel what I’ve not felt for others before. I am incomplete without you.

29. I wake up and go to bed every day with one thing. That’s thinking about you. I think about you every single day.

30. We both are guilty of criminal offense. I stole your heart and you stole mine?

Sweet Short Love Messages for Her

31. I never knew it was possible to find a true love until I met you. Thank you for giving me all your love sweetheart!

32. Take my sincere hugs and kisses, hope you’ll offer me yours too.

33. The new feelings I got since I met you change my world and perception about life. I am glad that you

34. I love the fact that I don’t have to be the best and perfect man for you to accept me. I love YOU…forever and a day!

35. You always make me full of life and want to live to its fullness when I am with you.

Short I Love You Sms Messages

36. You have no idea how my whole system stair up when I see you. my heart beats for you. you are my heart beat.

37. Thank for always being there for me, even when I don’t deserve to be cared for.

38. thought of losing you is the greatest night mare I’ve ever witness.

39. You are my buddy.

40. I give to you my rain of kisses long.

41. No Matter what years bring and life offer, you’ll always have my love. I will always love you.

42. You bring out the best in me. Thank you for making me perfect.

44. I love you and promise to share your joy and bear your burden so long as we live.

45. When you came into my life, I realized why had to wait this long.

Short and Sweet Love Messages

46. I just want you to know that you are my missing rib which must be replaced if I had to live life.

47. You are my dream and I’ll keep dreaming you so long as I live.

48. Love becomes perfect and enjoyable when the one you love is also your best friend. that’s how I feel about you.

49. You fix my broken heart and made me normal again.

50. Loving you e isn’t always roses and unicorns. I know it’s hard sometimes and harder some other times but you make the journey oh-so-worthwhile.

Short I Love You Messages

51. You are my hopes, my dreams, and my everything.

52. Hey handsome, I miss your cute face SO MUCH and I can’t wait to have you back so I can slam into you strong arm.

53 Thank you for loving me even when I’m annoying. I love you dearly.

54. Before I met you, I had no idea what it was like to look at someone and smile for no reason.

55. You make my life so beautiful, I’ll forever chasing after you.

56. I love it when you hug and kiss me like there’s not going to be another chance.

57. One thing I’ll never want to do is to live without you. I love you!

58. Whenever I think about the way you looked at me, I always feel and the most luckiest woman in the whole universe.

59. Your kisses make me lose control and I don’t want any remedy for that.

60. I love you more than flies love rotten flesh.

61. Sometimes I imagine what life would look like if we had not united. “Damn we make a cute couple!”

62. My life, love , hope and friend forever you are. you are the best.

63. I love it that every time with you is adventurous, you always You’re the best thing that happened to me! Love you!

64. Hey you. I just wanted to tell you that, you are my ringing tone and the music can’t stop playing.

65. Good morning sweetie! I hope is as exciting as the dream I had with you last night. Love you.

66. Good morning mine! I couldn’t just go on without hailing you this morning. Enjoy the beauty and the goodies of the day.

67. Whenever I’m having I am having hard time, a thought of you lessees my stress.

68. Thinking about you makes me brilliant all day! Have a pleasant morning Xoxo

69. After we met, I suddenly understand the meaning of the word love.

70. Whenever you are by my side, I always feel on top of the world.

71. May this SMS sent you an evening scent that will make everything already you sweet and fragrance.

72. I am always happy when I see you smile.

73. How come you have bewitch me so much? I can’ get you out of my head but I don’t think I need a cure.

74. It is true that nothing can quench true love that’s why we are still standing strong after all we’ve been through. I am madly in love…

75. I love the way your love makes me feel. Love you is not optional.

76. Now I realize that I can’t just go on without you. you are the one I truly love.

77. It doesn’t matter who is with me or not, you are my perfect match.

78. The first time we kissed, I thought it was a first time magic, but now I know that our is divine. The feeling has only grown stronger and stronger.

79. I just want to tell you that I love you, I love you and I really love you.

80. Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again. It’s absolutely insane, but it’s true.

81. Every moment with you is memorable. I love you.

82. My love for you has taken over my heart that nothing else matter or count so long as you are there. I love you.

83. The day I met you was the day my destiny was accomplished. Love you more than anything.

84. My love for you is so real, that it is difficult to pretend about it. Me minus you is equal to frustration. I love you.

85. No amount of waves can separate our love because my desire is to love you more each moment of my life. I love you.

86. Falling in love with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you.

87. Our love has put me in a delightful state of bondage that I never want to come out of. I love you.

88. I can’t do anything better any more than loving you. It is an experience I always want to live in. I love you.

89. You are a brainbox because only such captured my entire being and the way into my heart. I love you baby.

90. My days are made by the hug and lots of kisses I get from you daily. I love you.

91. I just realized how intelligent I was the day I first told you I love you. it is the best decision ever. Loving you is my hubby.

92. Your love is sweeter than any sweetest thing ever and comforting than a love of a mother In short, your love is charming. I love you.

93. It is amazing how a whole of me is being engulfed by you. You are my dream ever and has become my life. I love you.

94. Whatever you or say, the only thing that I see or hear is LOVE , LOVE and LOV. I Love my baby boy.

95. If loving you was a job, I would even be willing to work DAY AND NIGHT for eternity. I love you.

96. I love the way you made me feel, I never want to recover from it. I love you.

97. My life is short of joy when you are far from me but when I am with you nothing is incomplete. I love you because you are the best boyfriend ever.

98. Loving you has become a necessity rather than a choice or an option. I love you.

99. I Love my baby than my meal. I love you.

100. If I was asked me to choose between you and my dreams, I would still lose nothing because you are my dream. I love you.

101. My heart has forgotten how to worry ever since you step in because it is busy beating for you… I love you.

102. The magic connection of our hearts makes me wonder and realize that love is stronger than the strongest. Loving you is my life’s obligation.

103. Even a doctor could not explain the chemistry that bands us together. This is more than scientific knowledge. I couldn’t help smiling when I imagine all this.

104. We may not be perfect couple but we are strong and our love is the strength we ride on.

105. Whenever I am with you, my age, status, pride are all bring to nothing and the only thing that remains is you.

106. Your hugs make my knees weak and your kisses make me tremble. You seem to be bad for my health but that’s alright. I will still hug you, kiss you and miss you with all my might. I love you.

107. Thinking about you makes me breathless and missing you gives me a fever. I really don’t know why but it is okay.

108. Since I started loving you, you became a perfect man on planet earth, indeed love covers multitude of sins. I love you than your faults.

109. Staying away from you has become so difficult. I wish I could always be by your side to feel your warm embrace. I love you sweetheart.

110. The best moment of my life is whenever I am lost in your arm, it Chi my body down to my born marrow. I love you.

111. Having a boyfriend like you is the only way to experience true love and the only way to see life’s beautiful view. I love you.

112. When I fell in love with you, I realized that nothing in this life can be liken to love even the most beautiful feeling in the world is nothing compare to love.

113. The major goal of my life is to love you and make you happy always so long as both of us live. I love you.

114. Exciting is the feeling of falling in love with you. it is overpowering and uplifting, it is good a feeling. I love you my bubudo..

115. Whenever I see you handsome, I lose control and begin to act abnormal. Your love is really influential. I love you.

116. I want to be with you through tough and good times, I rather be down with you when you are down than to be in a perfect banquet. I love it when you smile.

117. I am proud and lucky to have a boyfriend like you, your unselfish nature make you different. I celebrate you.

118. I love the fact that thinking about you has become a remedy to heart problem and worry in my life. Loving you is the best and I don’t want to stop doing that.

119. Loving you make every day beautify and make me eager to live life to the fullest. I love you.

120. The only reason that the world is a better place to live is the fact that you exist in it. My heart belongs to you always.

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