Short Love Letter to My Girlfriend

Short love letter to my girlfriend

Short love letter to my girlfriend copy
Short love letter to my girlfriend copy

1. Dear girl, I am writing this letter to you as a means to express the deep love I have for you. I want to be with you in my life. I am thinking of settling down with you so you can be the mother of my kids. Truly, I just want to let you know that I love you. Look at the things I do, they are proof of the kind of love that roams in my heart for you. There is nothing I can do to get rid of the feelings I have for you. Much love for you my happiness. You are the one I will never think of once in a day but in a million times. I wish you understand the way I feel anytime I set my eyes on you. I love you beyond what you think because in you I find the special love that’s rare. You are my life, my nicest angel and the one that cannot be taken for granted for any reason. Your charisma is outstanding. This is also another reason that gets my heart more attached to you. Every day and night, your thoughts never leave my heart. To my surprise, you happen to be the kind of girl I aspire to be my wife. If the world could be as cool as your heart, there will be no much killings again. Less I forget how have you been? What about your friends, I hope everyone is fine? My regards to them all. Can you please tell them I said I love you? Can you come back home any moment from now so I can be set free of loneliness? You are always there when I need you most. You are always the number one reason for my happiness. Thanks for being there as a rock that holds me firm at the times of loneliness. Glory to the Lord who joined us together, if not you in this world, who else shall I lean upon in times of help? You may not understand why I so much love you. I don’t care depending you even though I know you are a female, I see you as a role model worthy of being love forever. Your special attitude wins my heart. Your powerful smile makes me happy for the rest of my life. I love you my dear angel. I need you in this world and also in the next life to come. You are my greatest gift. You belong to me always. I love you my beloved angel. A time will come; you will wake up next to me. You will prepare my favorite food and I will call you darling while you call me honey. Maybe then, you will understand how deep I have fallen in love with you. You will then become the most beloved mother to my kids and sweetest wife in the world. Good to have you in my life. I miss you so much.

2. Loneliness has overwhelmed me. I hope I can see you any moment from now. The truth is that, I have never been as happy as whenever you are around me. Your love stories, your voice and the beautiful songs that emanates from the sweetest part of your heart. I need you so much and believe me, it is just the truth. It is the love that hardly leaves the heart. It is a miracle that cannot be taken for granted. Could you remember the other day I was walking you along with my uncle? That beautiful smile you cast at me. That powerful look you gave to me? Those actions of yours are still waves of impact of love on my mind. I need you more than you think, I believe in you for you are that special girl, that rare angel and a beloved gem that should be blessed in all ramification of life. Thank God I met you. Thank God you are there for me. You are the best for me. You are the sweetest chocolate. Let me enjoy the impact of your love, for it is possible I may be no more tomorrow. I may have been forgotten someday. Let us enjoy our love together in a good way. I wish you will accept to marry me soon. I hope you will agree to be my life partner any moment from now. I love you my dear. Come to think of it. I have been in love with you for over two years, and even for once, you have never for one day rude to me. I miss you beyond what it takes to miss you. What does it take to miss you? It takes paradise to miss you. It takes heaven to love you and billions of dollars to get close to you. This is how lucky I am. You never made things hard for me. Remember you are to me like chocolate always sweet and nice to taste. I will always be there at a thought of me. You are like a pinnacle of joy to me, no wonder anytime I climb to your mountain of passion; my heart is always overwhelmed with love. I miss you to the core. Deep in my heart, I see you beyond a point that is rare. A point of a genuine love, happiness and deep passion that only the luck one can experience. You are my life, my nicest angel, your smile is beautiful and it is the reason why I will always love you all my life. You belong to me. I need you for all I care. You are part of my life that cannot be taken for granted. You are my only joy that everyone should be proud of. You are brilliant, you are cute and ambitious, and this is a great virtue. Keep it up my love. You will always excel in life. It is my prayer for you.

3. Since the day you left here, I have always been in a deep sadness. I need you to be with me always so I will have no reason to cry. It is like sickness not to have you around. This is because, every moment shared with you is a moment that brings endless joy to me. I so much miss your powerful smile; I miss your mind blowing beauty. Your perfume is one of the best in the world as it gives me that sensation only an angel can give. I love you my heartfelt lover. There is this strong believe I have. It is the fact that one day, you will become the woman of my life. You will give birth to my kids and then take good care of us together. I must let you understand that the aura of your love in my heart will never make look at other women out there. I have always prayed to God to give me that ability to be with you. That happiness that will always be of joy, success and prosperity. You are the one I have been searching for. The quality of a good woman all is found in you. This signifies that any man that marries you is lucky. You are fit for a good wife. You are there with me in love and in spirit. To my wonderful lover, don’t even panic for one day for I have given you my heart. I am now ready to be yours for the rest of my life. I need you in all part of my life. You are specially made for me. I need you to be there always. I can’t be where you are without been happy. May you find endless peace in your heart; may your heart be purified with true love. To the one I cherish, I want you to keep this letter for a good day. A precious moment that will always be of happiness, joy and endless success. This is my gift of words; I hope you will revisit them once in a while for you to know that I love you so much. Thank God for having you around me. Your support is a great feeling. It is a pure experience worthy of been celebrated forever. In no time, we will become husband and wife; this is indeed a great privilege in this world. My heart will always beat for you. It will make me smile for the rest of my life for the fact that I met the one I need most. I will be there with you all my life giving all the support I can render. I miss you my dear angel. You belong to me for all I know and there is no one that can take you away from me. I love you my dear love. I need you strongly. I wish you all the best and will never for one day forgets about you in this world. If you eventually become my wife, I will never take you for granted.

4. My pride, my love, my heartwarming pizza, the chocolate of compassion that gives me confidence to say hello to the world. When I was weak, you were with me as the best of companions. You chose to stay with me when others are no there again. I will never leave you for you will never be taken for granted for all I care. In as much as you belong to me, no one can intimidate you where I am. I will buy the world for you if I can. I will make you smile every single day of my life. You are the one to be pleased with all the time. You are my wonder and the star that shines all the time in my life. Every night, whenever I look into the sky, I see you clearer amidst millions of stars. The power of your beauty is astonishing; it is amazing and above all the best to feel among million girls. Life will always be a good place to enjoy with you but your absence is what I cannot withstand. The day has come when my love showed for a good relationship. I can wait till eternity for you to be done. Thank God for bringing you to my life. I will never regret that I have someone like you in my life. It is my joy that I have you. It brings comfort to me that I have a mercy like you in this world. Always be there for me. Don’t let any circumstance separate you from me. Remember you are a gift for me; I will try all my best to put smile on your face. You are the angel of passion that cannot be taken for granted always and anytime. I miss you my dear love. You are the most beloved angel in this world, I will never forget the fact that you belong to me. this is one other big reason why you will be taken care of. You are the most wonderful angel in this world; your smile is baked from an oven of passion in heaven. The biscuit of your smile can make a heart happy for the rest of his life. You are a soul of compassion, sympathy for humanity; therefore, it is my pleasure to have you all my life. You belong to me. No one should compete with me. No one should dare come between us because I am more serious about you than Romeo was to Juliet. If there is anything more than sacrifice, I will have done it just to put smile on your face. You are specially made for me. Before me is the evidence that you are my missing rib. You are the one I cannot do without. That special person every single soul will always be with to taste the power of love. The excess beauty of yours is more a great impact, more a great passion to experience. You are the one I cherish with the blood that flows in my body. I miss you so much and it is the truth from the bottom of my heart. I love you my angel.

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