70 Sad breakup message for him or her

Have you just broken up with your girlfriend and looking for a heart touching message to send her? Don’t worry at here we have collected the best sad breakup message for him or her to make her smile again.

Sad Breakup Message for Him Or Her

1. You were my everything! I loved you more than anything in the world baby. I still love you and always will. But deep down I see that we can’t be together.

2. It gives me a serious problem that we have to come to this point which forces me to seek for the break-up. It is painful but a decision that I just have to take. For many years, I have endured your attitudes but not now again. Everyone needs to go his way.

3. With tears in my eyes, I write this piece of information to inform you that I can no longer withstand the pain of our relationship. This will be the greatest decision I will ever take in my life because it involves the man I loved with all my heart. The man I trusted with all my heart thinking that he will be the one to make me happy for the rest of my life.

4. I am not happy to do this but there is no way I can help not to do so. It is my hardest decision to take but still, we both have to relieve ourselves of the pain that can’t be cured. Probably, we are not meant for each other. I relieve you of your responsibilities upon me. I am going my way.

5. Nevertheless, the way of man will always be different from the way of God. I am sad living with you though, after several endurances, nothing has changed for good. Instead, you remain unchanged, unserious with my matter. You prefer pain for me than happiness.

6. You don’t have the idea of how I feel right now, but I will leave everything for the good God to judge. Having known that I trusted you with all my heart, you still have the courage to cheat on me not minding how I will feel. You need to go your way; I will go mine too. I’m sorry, it is over between us.

7. This life cannot exist forever, so is anything that happens in it. We might have started well, being happy with each other for long. However, the situation has changed and I realized we cannot live together as one anymore. I fear for unknown trouble that may come between us.

8. The impact of this relationship has been killed by our carelessness; we are now just like every other person, no passion anymore. We were supposed to be truthful to each other, but the opposite was the case which I can never forget in this world. We need to give each other some space, not just space but a permanent one I think.

9. Sometimes, it pains so much that you are about to break up with the man you truly love. What makes it more painful is when it is coming as a result of an agreement that does not involve any fight. An agreement for the sake of the love we have for each other.

10. The truth is that the feelings I used to have for you are no longer there; I am really sorry for opening up too direct. However, I just have to do it so it will not be that I’m wasting your time. Please, we need to go our ways.

11. I never knew when I summoned the courage to say goodbye. I never knew when it began to come to me to want to be far away from you despite the kind of love I have for you. I will always love you forever but the truth is that I have to say goodbye until we meet never to be together again.

12. I still remain your friend even when my heart refused to forgive me that I have to say no more. I will be with you deeply in my heart but the most painful thing is that I will not have to hold your hands again. I will not find that time to say I love you anymore.

13. After several observations, I realized that we were not meant to be. I have done my part and wish you could understand the way I feel when things began to go wrong. Patience really matters in any relationship but it seems you have started to change the whole thing.

14. I have to tell you that it is over between you and me. Several times we have had a fight, we forgave each other and promised never to fight again but it seems that formula never works. It seems we are just there to fight. I really want you to know that we have to break up this will be the solution.

15. It is not good to break up in any relationship until there is a need for it. Baby, look at what our relationship has caused our family, the life that has gone all in the name of we love each other and refused to let go. I have been scared of what might happen to us if we break up but now I don’t care anymore.

Sad Breakup Quotes for Him

16. Let’s go our ways, we are not meant to be. The trouble we caused is okay, let’s embrace peace and move on in life. A tree cannot live forever no matter how long the life span, journeys of ten years have been covered, birds have died and new ones have been given birth to.

17. I love you and there is no doubt in it but the truth is that I cannot be a slave to a man who does not know my value. I see no hope in this relationship anymore. I see no reason why we should still remain in a relationship that hurts our feelings anymore.

18. The light that used to be on is no more. The good part we share together that brings love to the heart has been disconnected. The chain of passion that holds our bond together has been cut and so, there is no hope for this relationship again.

19. We cannot continue to live in hatred. Let’s call it a day and find water to quench our taste. It is the truth that we cannot survive in this kind of relationship. Let us try another way so we can figure out the reason why we could not hold a relationship together. I am sorry; I have to break-up with you.

20. When the brain is disconnected there will be no life in the body, when the wire is disconnected, there will be no light and if a room remains in darkness, there will be too much evil going on. We just have to call it a day. Please, let us be far away from things that will never work again.

Sad Breakup Message for Him Or Her

21. When there is no love anymore, all that will be in a relationship is a fight, flimsy excuse, unserious attitudes, and negligence. We need to say goodbye for peace to reign. We need to bless our noble hearts with another opportunity to be happy once again.

22. I will always find peace in my heart now; I don’t want anything that will make me cry anymore. You have really done your part, I think it is time for me to walk away and leave you on the spot where we stopped. I am calling on our break-up today. I am sorry, I have to leave you.

23. This is my work in life, to love and then worship but I am given the choice to either choose to remain happy or sad. I have been too long on the path of sadness just because you but now, I am really sad that I have to say goodbye so I can regain myself once again. I have chosen the path of love and happiness.

24. When there is love, there will be salvation, when there is understanding, there will be continuity but when these virtues are nowhere in a relationship, the sad path comes. We need to do away with each other at this point I am really sorry.

25. I have tried to say no to fight, I tried to avoid trouble but it seems they are getting stronger than I could handle. I am really sorry that I will be able to continue in this mess anymore. We are done with each other; there is no need to pretend when there is no more love.

26. I will rather stay alone enjoying the music of the path I took of a relationship. I have come to realize that we cannot be lovers anymore. We need our own path apart. We need to do what others have done before. I am sorry; it is over between you and me.

27. I love the fact that you achieved many things for me in life and I will always appreciate you for it but according to what the Doctor said, we cannot bore healthy children together, this is true, a sad story. We are not meant for each other. I have to say goodbye.

28. The problem is not the love that truly exists between us but the blood that is shed because we fell in love with each other. People have gone crazy upon our bond, demanding that we must break up or our Kingdoms burn to ashes. I have come to the conclusion that we must be answerable to the will of the people. I am sorry. I need you to search for someone better.

29. I know I have many reasons why I can’t live without you but the pain I will feel after the break-up is better for me than staying in this relationship. We just have to let go of each other and start a new life. We aren’t strong enough to face a new challenge in life but this time, we should make it possible. We can do it, let’s break up for good.

30. I will forever be yours in this world but that will be in a life that does not exist anymore. I will never let your hands go off me will never come from me to you again. The pen has been raised and the ink has been exhausted. I have taken my decision to cry no more.

Sad Breakup Quotes for Her

31. 4 years of fight and humiliation have to end today. I am tired and cannot take it anymore. The frustration has become something I cannot take it anymore because I am seriously sad about it. You need o to understand the reason why this relationship needs to end.

32. I have the pain in my heart but I can even smell the pain around you not to talk to see it in your eyes. To, you are not been affected by the setback of our relationship because you are not doing anything about how it will work again. I have to say goodbye and I am really sorry about myself because I regret I met you.

33. I am so tired of myself because I can’t just understand why you have to force me to take this decision. Deeply in my heart, I have a sad lane that cannot be easily wiped away. If breaking up is the solution for my headache, let it be finally.

34. The best way for you to understand how I feel about this relationship is for me to shed the tears of blood before you and then say, it is over between you and me. I am really giving up on this problem called relationships. Goodbye to another chance.

35. The second chance will never come again. I don’t have the heart to take the attitude that hurts a gentle soul anymore. Please, let it ends where we stop so we can enjoy the true love that is meant for us from another person entirely. God your way and I will take my lane.

36. I have been searching for a way to relieve myself of pain that is not necessary. I never wanted to get things out of hands so I decided to say no more to you. I am done with pains that pierce like an arrow. Please, another day will be good for you and another but not me anymore.

37. I have my world with you and it is the fact that you can’t hurt me anymore. I don’t know why all these are happening but I am sure my decision is for the good. I am so much pain in the past thinking that my presence with you will be better but it is the one I can’t tell anyone about

38. Sorry, I am gone for good. There can no longer be a second chance perhaps in the graveyard. Please, forget about us, we are no more.

39. This relationship is gone for good. It is not my fault but the fact that we are not meant to be. Sorry, I am gone forever.

40. Count me out of the struggle I am no longer part of the game. I am for good not for the nightmares anymore.

41. I’m really sorry; we have to call it history. Everything that ever happened between you and me has gone into extinction. I don’t have to say this twice, I’m really sorry I did this.

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