50 Romantic Good Morning Messages for Saying I Love You

Do you wish to send romantic good morning messages to tell him or her that ‘I love you’? Don’t look further as we have compiled the best 50 romantic good morning messages.

In this article, you can also find Romantic Good Morning SMS To say I’m sorry, do you have any need to tell your lover that you are truly sorry and you’ll like him or her to wake up to see your apology SMS, then scroll to check out the I’m sorry messages on this page.

Also, Good Morning to My Love messages when you miss her are perfect for your girlfriend to wake up to meet how much you miss her on her phone. These messages can also be sent to your boyfriend.

Romantic Good Morning Messages

Romantic Good Morning Messages for Saying I Love You

1. Destiny and fate are alike

Destiny and fate are alike, but I don’t think our coming together is mere coincidence. I always knew our love brought us together. Thank you for showing me true love. Good morning my angel.

2. Greatest things are coming my way

Greatest things are coming my way, my life is turning around, every day is a blessing of different dimension, I appreciate you more and more. Thank you for bringing out the best in me. Good morning my queen. I love you.

3. Looking into my present

Looking into my present, I see what the future holds for us, I see brighter things ahead of us and I see uncommon love just for me and you. then I say what a combination of honey and sweet, I love you. Good morning my queen.

4. Everything became clearer

Everything became clearer to me the day we met, you are the most amazing thing that has ever happen to me, sweetheart, I am truly lucky indeed. Good morning my queen.

5. Why I call you My Everlasting Flame

Love have you ever wonder why I call you my everlasting flame, hmmm is because you are the only light that always arose me whenever I see you. Good morning angel of my life

6. Whenever I go to bed

Whenever I go to bed, I pray for another day to come so as to see my love, because you are the most important person in my life. Your beauty is what I ever want to see, thanks for making me your no 1. Good morning queen of my heart.

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7. You are my world

You are my world, the only one that makes my day complete, the day you came into my life was a blessed day. I want you to be my one and only love, good morning love.

8. My morning happiness

My morning happiness comes from a special person like you after I thought love doesn’t exist. Thank you for convincing and assuring me that love is real. good morning my joy.

9. I now know what it is to be loved

I now know what it is to be loved, each day that passes by, I noticed the love increasing immensely without knowing how. Please, will you be my love meter so as to calculate how much the love has progressed, Good morning my dream model.

10. Gone are those days

Gone are those days I use to say to my friends that my love will be a cute princess, and my dream came through and I finally met you. Thank you for coming into my life, I love my princess. Good morning love.

11. If today was valentine day

If today was valentine day, I will be super happy because you choose to live for me, rather than die for me. Good morning love of my life.

12. I want to give you the best

I want to give you the best of the best thing you always give me, which I know I owe you a lot, first let me give you my love, heart body and soul please accept it. That is a token of my love for you, I love you so much, good morning.

Romantic Good Morning SMS To Apologise

Romantic Good Morning SMS
Romantic Good Morning SMS

13. Can’t Move On Without You

I don’t think I can move on without you, please I’m sorry for all I have wronged you, my love. Good morning love of my life.

14. To err is human to forgive is divine

To err is human to forgive is divine, I know I have made you pass through the worst moment of your life please forgive and forget, I love you and will never do anything to hurt you. Good morning my love.

15. Accept my Apology

Knowing fully well that what I have done to you was hurting so much, I don’t want us to continue this anymore so I’m saying you should please accept my apology. Please am sorry, good morning.

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16. Find a Place in Your Heart

Love please could please find just a thinning space in your heart to please forgive me, you know I can not do any thing without you good morning my heart, have a great day ahead.

17. What can soften your heart

What can I say that can soften your heart, do you know your kiss sends me to heaven and your smile brings down angels and your carefully selected word sends explosive to my heart which makes my heart to explode, which sends a message to my brain that this love of your life is sent from heaven. Love am sorry, good morning.

18. I know things are not in good shape

I know things are not in good shape now, what happened was the worst of it all, but do find a place and forgive me, good morning love

19. If only my heart can be opened

If only my heart can be opened, you would see how sorry I am for hurting you my love. Good morning,

20. What will I do to get you to forgive me

What will I do to get you to forgive me, if I knew you will be hurt I wouldn’t have even hurt you. Please let go of the pass and lets think of the future, good morning and please forgive me.

Good Morning Sorry Message For Girlfriend

Good Morning Sorry Message For Girlfriend

21. I let you down

You entrusted me with your but I let you down with the things I did to you, but always remember that to err is human and to forgive is divine. I love you with all my heart, good morning my love.

22. Waking up and feeling good

Waking up and feeling good hasn’t been easy for the past few days we hard this misunderstand, please forgive me and forget for I will do such thing no more. Good morning my queen and I love you.

23. I have learnt from this now

I have let you down big time and cause you pains, but I have learnt from this now, that it won’t happen again. Am sorry forgive me, good morning.

24. Am sorry for my mistakes

Am sorry for my mistakes, I know that I have failed you this time, please allow me to make it right this time. My queen, forgive me and I love you. Good morning.

25. Every disappointment is a blessing

Every disappointment is a blessing. Now that I want to make it right, I will make it double. So everything I now do is double, please forgive me twice and I love you twice more, good morning

26. Words cant say it all

I am sorry for letting you down, words cant say it all, but what can I do if not that you should forgive me, good morning love.

27. I am so ashamed to have done this to you

I am so ashamed, to have done this to you, I let you down when you needed me the most, am sorry to have abandon the way in did, please forgive me I need you like do. Good morning the love of my life. Good morning.

28. Please accept my apology

Please accept my apology and give me another chance to prove it right I never meant to hurt you, please loving you is my major priority and I appreciate you a lot, I really am sorry to have made you feel bad. Please forgive me. Good morning my angel.

29. Forgiveness could be hard

Forgiveness could be hard, but I don’t know what came over me, I know I sincerely hurt you and am saying am sorry please do accept my apology because I did not do it knowingly. Good morning my precious love. I do appreciate you so much.

30. I come begging for your forgiveness

I come begging for your forgiveness, I regret my actions, I never will hurt you intentionally. You know I love you so much, to have done such a thing please forgive me, my queen. Good morning.

31. Blame me for all

Please blame me for all that has happened to us, I regret it ever hurting you my love, I love you with all my heart. Good morning sweet heart.

32. I don’t deserve you

After I thought of what I have done to you, I sobbed, I have betrayed your fate in me, I don’t deserve you, but one thing you should know is my love for you has no limit and I can do anything for you, please forgive me and am sorry. good morning my honey bunny.

33. I thought I will never feel lonely

I thought I will never feel lonely after I met you, but now that you and I now have this little misunderstanding, I am now missing you like I have never done in my life. Please forgive me my morning joy.

34. My day was so lonely without you

My day was so lonely without you, my thought was shallow, my face was remorseful, I am lost in my own world. Please forgive me, my queen, good morning.

35. When I woke up this morning

When I woke up this morning it was as if I was been stabbed, but it was after I realise that it was because of your thought, please am sorry to have hurt you. Forgive me my love, good morning.

36. That we are having this little quarrel

That we are having this little quarrel does not mean I wont give you what you deserve, please accept my apology, my princess. Good morning angel of my life. Have a great day love.

37. I miss you every now and then

I miss you every now and then, please could forgive me and forget that I ever hurt you, let move ahead because better things await us. I adore you my love good morning.

Good Morning To My Love Messages When You Miss Her/Him

Good Morning To My Love Messages

38. Its painful to know that you ain’t around

Its painful to know that you ain’t around me whenever you are far away from me, its better if you are always around me. Because that makes me feel better and healthy, please my dear stay close to me and make me better. I love you with all of my heart, good morning to my love.

39. Even though I hear your voice

Even though I hear your voice every day and every minute, I still miss you like never ever before. I love you with all my heart, cheers love. good morning to my love.

40. Today is beautiful but am so sad

Today is beautiful but am so sad that I could even enjoy it to the fullest for your absence, wish you were here with me. I love you, good morning, My sweetheart.

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41. When the sun rises

When the sun rises, the breeze blow and the trees waving, all seem nice but it will be nice if you were here with me enjoying the free nature, I really miss everything about you. Love so much please come back to me my darling, good morning to my love.

42. My day can’t be great

My day can’t be great, when I turn to all my sides I can’t find you anywhere around me, but greater things would come my way whenever we are together. I miss you always my dearest angel. Good morning. to my love

43. Days and You’re not here

It is over days now and you are still not here with me, I miss your love and affections. Good morning my dear.

44. To think that I won’t miss you

To think that I won’t miss you that much, but now am wallowing in your thought please accept me back and I promise to be a changed person, please forgive I need you like I do. good morning my dear.

45. My arms long to hold you

My arms long to hold you, my heart long for feels your love but it so sad that you are not here to help me relief, for sure I miss you. Your love is the one that helps me to grow, I appreciate more and more each day that passes by my joy. Good morning to my love.

46. Love story that doesn’t have any ups and down

Is there any love story that doesn’t have any ups and down? I am using this to say you should consider me and come back. I miss you like seriously. I don’t know if I should cry for the one I love, please come back your true love await you. My honey bunny, good morning to you my love.

47. My love for you is increasing

I see that everything is getting out of hands, my love for you is increasing because ever since you left I can’t see to get hold of myself, I beg you please don’t do this again let go back to our us, the us that can tolerate every obstacles in our way, please forgive me and I love you so much, good morning.

48. The main reason I wake up daily

The main reason I wake up daily to a lovely morning is having you around me, my love for you has no duplicate and has no doubt, I do know you will come back. Because we are meant for each other. Please forgive me love. Good morning.

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49. I’ll always express my love

I’ll always express my love for you without fear, this is because with your love, I’m stronger than a fiddle and bolder than the boldest. Good Morning my love

50. I have no fear in telling the entire world

I have no fear in telling the entire world how much I love you. The love you show to me daily can never be gotten elsewhere. I’ll like to tell you this morning that I appreciate your love for me and I’ll forever love you. Good Morning my darling.

More Romantic good morning messages for saying I love you

1. The dream of seeing your beautiful face again today has come true, I dreamt sweet of you last night, hope your night was beautiful too, good morning my sunshine, I love you.

2. Here comes another beautiful day for you, it is going to be full of beautiful opportunities, all you need to do now is wake up and say thank God for the gift of life, good morning my sunshine.

3. Wake up my love, it is a new day filled with love and happiness for your heart, you are so special to me, and I dreamt sweet of you all through the night; enjoy a lovely day for you, good morning.

4. The greatest happiness in my heart is you, and thank God that you have risen from sleep this morning to see another beautiful day, today I promise to love you never like before in your life, good morning my charm.

5. Wake up my beauty, arise and shine it is the beginning of a beautiful day for you. I love you so much.

6. As cheerful and fresh as this morning is, so shall your life be cheerful and beautiful today, good morning.

7. I don’t care if the sun rises today as far as you can rise from sleep, you are my sunrise, good morning, my angel.

8. You make my night filled with beauty and splendour because I dreamt sweet of you all through the night, I would make you a most memorable day, because I love you so much, smile my love, good morning.

9. In a beautiful morning let like this having a lovely kiss from you and a warm cup of coffee would make a great day for me, you are all that I need to start a marvellous day, good morning my piece of joy.

10. Just as my night is incomplete without dreaming of you, my day is as well not complete without a hug and a lovely kiss from you in the morning, you are the sweetest joy of my life; I love you with everything in my life, good morning.

11. Let’s I forget to tell you this beautiful morning that you are the sunshine of my life, every day that breaks increase the love in my heart for you, good morning my most adorable, I love you so much.

12. Like the stars and the moon that shines brightly in the night, and the beautiful sunshine of this lovely morning, your love cast a ray of splendid light in my heart, good morning my dream, wishing you a marvellous day.

13. Wake up my beautiful love, open your lovely eyes it is the beginning of a promising day, and that God that we are I it today, I cherish and love you so much.

14. Good morning my heavenly gift, thank you for making my world a living pleasure, you would always have all my love for you.

15. Open your lovely eyes, my love. It is a beautiful morning. It brings peace and harmony for your heart, smiles and thanks God for not everybody has the opportunity to see a beautiful day like this with us.

16. As fresh and splendid as this morning, I pray that your day would be the same; you mean everything to me, good morning.

17. Good morning, my beautiful soul mate today is packed with a beautiful gift for you. You have always being a special woman to my heart. I love you with every beat of my heart.

18. The morning is chill and lovely. Don’t worry, a beautiful sunshine would soon emerge from the east to warm your body. Thank God, I have you; you are my everyday happiness, good morning, wishing you a wonderful day.

19. Like the beautiful light of the morning, your love shines brightly in my heart, you the admirable girl to heart, may your day be full of all incredible things, good morning, my darling.

20. When I wake up every morning to be greeted by a lovely smile on your face, I feel energetic to face the world. Your love is an impetus that gives me great inspiration to face everyday life, thank God that brought an angel like you in my life; I love you with every beat of my heart.

21. Good morning my angel, do you know that you are the cutest girl in the world?

22. If I have you in my arms to rise together to the beautiful world in the morning, then I can be sure that I would have a beautiful and lovely day, you are everything that is beautiful in my heart, I cherish and adore you, good morning my sunshine.

23. Just as I have been everything to me, I would be your beautiful world too, wake my angel, I have a lovely kiss and a cup of warm coffee for you to begin a wonderful day.

24. Gosh! Every morning I get to realize that I’m living with an angel, you look stunning and gentle when you open your beautiful blue-eye to cast I look at my smiling face, you set my heart ablaze, good morning my beautiful world.

25. Every moment that I set my eyes on you, I feel so delighted, I have been filling this way for all the time of my life; I want you to know that you are so special to me, good morning.

26. When I wake up every morning I thank God for the gift of a beautiful day and thank HIM for the gift of a precious wife like you, my love, ever since I found you, you make my world a better place, I love you with all my heart, good morning.

27. There is no day that breaks without you in my mind, you have always been the biggest joy of my life, wishing you a lovely day full of endless joy for your heart, good morning my angel.

28. What makes a day memorable in my heart is when I’m sure you have risen with a beautiful heart from sleep. Sweetheart, I want you to know that your happiness is my joy, good morning.

29. Smile as you open your eyes this lovely morning, it is great to be alive, and my heart wishes you a lovely day.

30. As the seconds tick into lovely daybreak, I wish your heart to be filled with beautiful thoughts so that you can start a beautiful day with a lovely heart, good morning!

31. Every moment I know that you are around, I know that it is always going to be a brighter day, you are a good omen, good morning my sunshine!

32. You are my first morning thought, thinking about you makes me feel so joyful, I wish you boastful day, good morning my sweet love.

33. Every sunshine reminds me of your beautiful smile and your lovely face, you are certainly the most gorgeous woman in the world, good morning, my sunshine.

34. I don’t care how my days go, but I care how yours goes, I always want you to be happy all the days of your life, because you bring so much happiness and love to my heart, good morning my love.

35. You are my dream come true; you are the sunrise in my life. I’m proud to have you as my lovely wife, good morning, my beauty.

36. I love to start every day with you because you set my heart on a perfect mood to begin a lovely day.

37. You are always my gorgeous lovely wife; I have never seen another woman that is as beautiful as you are, good morning, my adorable wife.

38. It is a beautiful morning, wake up my love, the day is going to be a beautiful day for you, you are my endless joy.

39. I love you all the time of my life. There is no time that passes that I don’t think sweet about you, good morning my dearest.

40. I greet you with a cheerful smile this lovely morning, good morning to you, my beloved.

41. You keep my heart warm throughout the night. My sleep was full of your sweet dream. I would make those sweet dreams a reality for you today, good morning, my queen.

42. The best moment of my life is when I found you, ever since then my life has been so joyful, good morning my beautiful world.

43. As the sunrises, today, may your day be splendid, good morning my bundle of joy.

44. You are the one that makes me smile; I will give you all my love, good morning.

45. May your heart find happiness and joy today and forever, good morning.

46. Good morning my angel, I just want to let you know that I love you so much and that I would home soon.

47. Wake up, my sweetheart. The joy of having you in my life is so much. There is no day that passes that I don’t pray for you, may God bless your day.

48. Good morning my darling, be hopeful for a better day. I have asked my Lord to bestow your heart with happiness.

49. Good morning, what you cannot achieve yesterday, you would achieve today. I wish you a marvellous day.

50. Good morning my angel, I know that I don’t always tell you how much you mean to me, I want to let you that I deeply appreciate all that you have been to me, without you I life would be right for me, I love you, good morning.

51. My heart is full of gratitude to God, who has given me a wonderful woman like you as my wife. You are my everything, thank you for your care and love, good morning.

52. The morning comes with blessing and harmony for you. I want to thank you for being an amazing wife to me. I love you.

53. I’m the most joyful in life just because of you, I would always be by your side forever and more, have a cheerful day.

54. Good morning, my beautiful dream may today be your happiest moment.

55. You are more than just a wife to me, you are my everything, good morning my sunshine.

56. You come to my mind first thing in the morning. You live in my heart always. You’re me down to earth. I love you so much.

57. Good morning sweetheart, I don’t know when sleep finally took me off, I find it hard to sleep because I was just thinking about you last night, I miss you so much, wishing you a brighter day.

58. Good morning sweetheart, you don’t have to worry about today, I have sought my God guidance for you.

59. Wake up my love, look out from your window, the sunshine as bright as your lovely eyes. I love you.

60. I dreamt sweet of you until an alarm clock interrupted me this morning; I wish to make every beautiful dream about you a reality today, good morning.

61. Good morning my cheerful baby, you are as beautiful as this beautiful morning, like a rain pour down from heaven, your love descended on my soul.

62. The morning is more beautiful for me because I have you in it, my days are incomplete without you.

63. As peaceful and lovely as this morning is, that is how your love resides in my heart, good morning, my sweetheart.

64. Sweetheart when I woke up from my bed this morning, you are the first person that comes to my mind, this is how to think of you morning, afternoon and night, I cherish you so much, good morning.

65. In the night the stars and the moon reminds me of how beautiful you are, in the morning the beautiful ray of the sun reminds me of your beauty, good morning my damsel.

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