Read This Before Going Global About Online Dating

While trying to find love globally, most of us turn to online dating. Once criticized as a place for the desperate, international dating on online dating sites has become a part of the dating game. A recent study of 22,000 people who got married between 2004 and 2011 discovered that 47% of these newly wedded couples started their relationship online through online dating sites.

Read this before going global about online dating

Read this before going global about online dating

While going global about online dating can be fun and convenient, online interactions are in several ways difficult to go through. Due to this, the process of starting an international relationship online isn’t as straightforward or smooth as most people may think. This is why you should carefully read through the following etiquette or rules that will assist anyone that wants to go global with online dating. Keep on reading as we go through the basics of looking for love globally on the internet.

1. Don’t be too desperate or eager.

Most online dating amateurs may get too excited, to begin with online dating, however, they need to ensure that they don’t get too eager, as this has the ability to scare off potential matches. Irrespective of how comprehensive your profile may be, how perfect your profile photo may look, or how high your income level is, you are still not guaranteed success.

Though you may find a match online, you still need to know that conversations can be short-lived. With this in mind, while trying to look for an international match on the internet, it is advisable you send your messages with no strong expectations, and in case you do not get feedback from someone within four to five days, then you should move on. Do not send follow up texts to people who have not yet responded to your previous text, or people who have stopped replying or responding.

Also, note that in case someone sends you a reply or text you first, it doesn’t necessarily mean that, they are already interested in you, your interactions with them may end up going nowhere. In case this happens, do not conclude you have failed, rather cut off your losses and push on.

2. Be transparent

One major international dating difficulties are knowing what your date wants, or what he/her expectations are. Do they want something casual? Do they want a date with you because of they just like you? This uncertainty is made worse when interacting with text since it is often very difficult to know what someone’s intentions or tone is. That is why you have to be very straightforward.

In case you want to ask someone out, ensure you add a line in your online dating profile about what you want. Also, in case you are looking for online pals pen or friends, then you should be open enough and state this in your profile, and ensure that your preference is contained in your message.

3. Be mindful of scams and other unscrupulous activity.

While going global with online dating, something you need to be mindful of is the fact that several harassers and scammers are all over dating sites. These scammers are not ubiquitous, but they are still very common, and you ought to be able to read the signs that show that you are talking to a scammer.

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In case someone wants to quickly move things to the next level or perhaps things are going too smoothly, be careful and follow to your intuition. While most online dating sites require you to be very open-minded, ensure no more takes advantage of your sincerity. Someone you recently met online and wants to extort money from you is already a major sign of fraud.


Leaving your comfort zone and looking for love internationally from other parts of the world is definitely a wise thing to do. Although online dating may not work for everybody, newbies who are in search for an international date, can make the most out of it and have a better online dating experience by carefully reading through this post, before going global with online dating.

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