60+ Unique Polite Break Up Messages 

Polite Break up Messages: Break—up does not really require that we should be harsh on it. Let’s keep it low, let’s make it mature rather than picking a fight on our partner. We can state the reasons why we can’t stay together again. The cause of the separation could be from us or our partners but still, we need to apply wisdom so that the past lovers will not become the newest enemies.

You can approach your lover politely and tell them why you want them separate from you. If they have a deep understanding of a reason why an action occurs, they may accept your request and move on even when it will be hard on them.

You may not know the kind of words to start with; however, we have provided an avenue for you to do so, in as much as we are not that happy to see that you are about separating from your loved one. However, we need every information recorded in case its need arises and is inevitable.  You can also read some of our messages here.

Polite Breakup Messages

  1. In as much as I love you, in as much as I wish we spend the rest of our life together, I still have to tell you that it is better we live our life separately.


  1. I am sorry; I need to let you know that it is over between us. I am no longer interested in this relationship.


  1. When the sun does not shine again, there is no need for the clothes to be dried in it. I am really sorry; we have to call it a day.


  1. Baby, at this point in time, I will like to let you understand that we cannot continue this relationship again.


  1. I am sorry, it is already late for you and me; we cannot stay in this relationship anymore. The day is gone forever.


  1. It gives me serious pain in my heart to let you know that it is over between you and me. Thank you for everything you have done.


  1. I have thought of our relationship, I have shed tears in secret but now have to come to a conclusion that you have to go your way.


  1. When something is not meant for you, there is no way you can handle the situation. Let’s go our ways for good.


  1. Whenever I remember how we used to go along with each other in peace and passion and then compare it with the situation now, I burst into tears. It pains me that we have to suit ourselves.


  1. I am sad about this decision but it is the right thing to do. Please, forget about me so that you will find peace again. I love you.


  1. Indeed, I have tried all my best to call you back to your senses but every effort is in vain. I leave you to do your part.


  1. I have done my part; it is left for you to do your part. The cage is left opened and the bird is flying away.


  1. I may not be right for my decision but I just have to take it for the pain that never ends. I have tried to make you understand but it seems you are tired.


  1. Everything has an ending, I think today will mark the end of a beautiful journey we started some time ago.


  1. When I met you, everything was fine and then suddenly, you changed your attitude to hurt me always. I cried for rescued no one came until I gave up on you.


  1. I shall be happy someday, this is a belief and I’m sure will come to pass. You have been the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with but it seems I am wrong.


  1. No matter what, it takes me serious pain to come to this conclusion, but remember, I can’t cope with you again.


  1. The cage is no longer tight and the bird is ready to fly away. Don’t bother to chase my bird; it will rather die than to come back.


  1. I am scared you may lose me soon. I am just like a hunter, calling on my dog but it never listened until nemesis caught it up.


  1. When you began to change, I noticed you really hated me. My heart swells whenever I see you being loved by another man. I leave you for good.

Polite breakup messages

Polite Breakup Messages for Lovers

  1. I will rather let you know that the party that reigns between us has finished. There are no me and you again.


  1. Sorry for this message, but I have to let you know the truth before it is too late; I call it a termination.


  1. You don’t understand my gesture but I need to let you be clear that there is no love again. Truly, I’m sorry there are no us again.


  1. Although it will be hard to live without you I still have to go, who knows tomorrow will bring another lover.


  1. Love is like a painful stroke of the cane, but when you endure and can’t endure again, you have to run away.


  1. I am not interested in making anyone cry, I am interested in bringing back peace to my heart. I say goodbye to this relationship.


  1. I am confused about this life, it is not always how we think. It comes with shocking situations we can’t cope with. Goodbye, my love.


  1. I have finally given up my love for you. I love you and will continue to love you until we never meet to reconcile again.


  1. My heart still beats for you but my love is no longer there for you. You ruined it yourself and I can’t face a further ruin.


  1. Go your way, we are done with each other. I am sorry; you need to go your way forever. Though, I appreciate your love for me.


  1. You are no longer interested in what interests me, you are now so reserved that there is no more joy in your heart for me.


  1. When your lorry does not move despite the tank is full, there is a big load on it—offload and move on. I am gone for good.


  1. I have come to the conclusion that everyone needs to move on in life; I have seen the truth clearly that this love is no more.


  1. It bites like lions’ tears; it pains in a crucial manner but it relieves when there are no us again.


  1. I have tried all my best for this love to continue but it seems you grow stronger in resistance. I break-up with you today.


  1. Let us break up today, I am tired of the fact that I have to suffer. I have to leave you for the one you truly love.


  1. I know love is strict. I know love is a choice. You have made your choice so let me take my path for another day.


  1. The night is here, let the sunset and vanish. The love binding us together has been cut off, there is no need for you and me again.


  1. Now we are history, we are a story to tell to our unborn kids. I will tell mine the good part of our story; it is left for you to tell you what you want.


  1. Who knows how tomorrow will look? I have seen how today is, there is a possibility that tomorrow will be better but not in what I have seen so far.

Emotional Breakup Messages

  1. I just want to let you know that, we are gone forever. Sorry, if I hurt you but try and learn to forgive me for I cannot take it anymore.


  1. I don’t know why I have to say goodbye, but there is this thing in me, which will never let me rest and it is the pain you cause me.


  1. I will always be with you for the rest of my life is no longer the truth, if you need it the way you show me now, I may want to say, it is over.


  1. I gave up at last though it will remain painful in my heart forever. Maybe you find peace in your heart after today I don’t know but I have to leave.


  1. I wish this is not happening, I wish you have been able to do the right thing to ensure that our relationship stays strong.


  1. It may not be easy for me to live without you but it is better I live without this relationship. It kills me. I am sorry, we have to separate.


  1. I just have to tell you the truth that it is no more interesting to go out with you when the right person comes, you will be happier.


  1. I thought our affections will continue, I thought this life will be the same all the time but in the end, there was no reason to say stay again.


  1. I am embittered that those beautiful moments we shared together are going away in no time. It really pains me with great pain.


  1. My tears I cannot hide again. My pain I can’t control because I find myself in a love story that causes me to pain all the time.


  1. If you want me to live in peace, please accept my request. I quit. There is no need to be with you again. There is no light in the room again.


  1. When I first met you, things were fine until suddenly, your attitude changed towards me. I was thinking it will be well until I finally conclude that love for me is gone for another.


  1. I thought we will spend the rest of our life together. I thought you will be the mother of my kids but in the end, you became the woman I can’t marry.

Breakup Messages Polite and Straightforward

  1. If I knew you are this close to me, I would have prayed that I shouldn’t date you in life. Thank God nothing has happened between us. I love you.


  1. I won’t be happy to see you sad all the time. I know very well that your heart is saddened but we need to move on.


  1. For the benefit of our unborn kids, let us go our separate way; medicals have not favored us in life. I love you.


  1. When fire does not burn again, it is advisable to search for another spot to set a fire. I have chosen another part to dwell on.


  1. I had you every time on my mind, I had you in my thought until suddenly, and you showed that there is no feeling again.


  1. This has happened already but I am solemnly sure that you understand. Please, just take heart and move on.


  1. I have done almost everything; I waited for you to do something to save our relationship. I cried but no one heard my cry.


  1. I just have to learn how to get used to not being without you. I know it will be difficult to forget you.


62. It is already too late. It is not our long-distance relationship that caused this decision but your reluctance in taking the right decision at the right time.


  1. I am sure you can’t blame me for what I am doing right now. Just like you can’t blame me if I said it is over between us.


  1. By now, I am confident enough to say goodbye because you have shown me that you can live without me.


  1. You made me the way I am today. I gave you true love but you destroy it with your pride. If you have done the right thing this mess will not come up.


  1. Perhaps all I gave you was not enough, but the pain I went through trying to make you look back at me will testify when you realize your mistake.


  1. I may shed tears today, but it is possible that I will be happy tomorrow. I will then no longer need to suffer any pain anymore.


  1. It is our choice to choose who to leave within life. Though, we may not be strong enough to face some challenges so the best is to quit.


  1. Pardon me if this will hurt you; pardon me if I will have to do this because I have no choice. I am sorry there are no me and you again.


  1. I love you and will continue to love you but forgive me that we have to stop loving each other. I can’t face the pain of pains I have caused you. We can’t be together in a relationship and it is what you also know.

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