Letter to My Boyfriend Telling Him How I Feel 

Letter to My Boyfriend Telling Him How I Feel

Letter to my boyfriend telling him how i feel – letters for him
Letter to my boyfriend telling him how i feel – letters for him

1.  I am writing this letter to remind you of the good rendered to me. How is everyone at home? Your wife and kids, I hope everyone is fine? Send my regards to them all. How I wish you understand the level of joy, I have on my mind right now as a result of your kind gesture. You really surprised me, and I never believe there is still a good friend like you on earth. Notwithstanding, where will I begin the journey of my life if you didn’t show up that very day?

2. Less I forget, right now, I am happy with my life, my wives and kids are also happy. There is no day I don’t pray that the Lord should bless and protect you. You are such an amazing friend, a calm person full of love and passion for the progress of humanity. I pray that the Lord in heaven protects you beyond your expectations.

3. I am so excited, nice, lovely and above all, I just want to see you right away to still, especially thank you. There is one more thing I need to point out. The car key you gave to me last week, I was told it belongs to me now. How do I begin to appreciate you for all you have done for me? I am still trying to understand why you show so much love towards me as a friend. Thank God I didn’t envy you perhaps if anything bad has happened to you from me, we both will have lost together. This is how healthy friendship should be.

4. I will always love you as my best friend, and nothing will separate me from you by His grace. We shall live together to change the world into a positive place. You are so cute, beautiful and above all the most interesting friend ever met. I must equally confess that you are such an intelligent friend; I have benefitted a lot from you. I really miss you so much. You are the best for me, and I will always be with you for the rest of my life. Thank you.

5.  The purpose of this letter is to express my feelings about the last football match. I think you shouldn’t have taken it that personal. I know such things hurt, but it is better just to keep calm and watch? We are all gentlemen, in fact, gentlemen to the core, why should we disregard this virtue for any reason? Please, take it easy and listen to what boss has to tell you.

6. Concerning the information director, I think what you need to do about him is far better than what you are trying to do. I suggest you call a meeting and during the meeting, fix a date for a general tutorial for the entire staffs. Don’t even hesitate to point out everyone’s mistake; just follow up with a piece of brief advice, and encourage everyone to put more efforts on what they do in the office. After that, try and see for some months how their improvement has increased.

7. Sometimes, we may lose our potential worker because we thought wrong about them. We thought they are the problems of the fall in our business; however, they are not even in any way related to our lack of success. I think we should sit back and reflect on our attitudes towards our business. What are our attitudes towards what will benefit us in life? It is from now that we will now be able to figure out the truth about the setback.

8. I think that’s my own opinion concerning what is going on in the company. However, we can still see to discuss better on how we can improve human performance in the company. This will actually create more chance to be hopeful about what we are doing.

9.  When you told me about starting the business, I was so happy. This is the kind of step I have always wanted you to take since these days. I am very sure that it makes sense when you do the right thing. It will give you that chance to make things happen as supposed. Let’s say, for instance, if you have no cash at hand, definitely as a businessman, you should have at the bank. This is one advantage of the business. Try and ensure that you are well enlightened about the business.

10. Though, just as you asked, I have some business tips I can share with you. The first of which is to have your customers in mind; let them understand that you really care about them. If I can heed this advice, I am sure your customers will always stay with you. Don’t try to disregard them for no reason. Let them have their opinions counted; it is through this means that you will be able to improve your business — their opinions open ways for you to see the lapses in your leadership.

11. Another thing you must understand is that you can always call your customers at a convenient time. Tell them how important they are to you. Build a good relationship with your customers, and before you could notice; they will refer a lot of people back to you. This will then serve as a benefit to you. I believe you understand this.

12. Less I forget, just want to suggest that we host a leadership class for the workers, perhaps it will make them realize their lapses too. I think, what they don’t understand is what it takes to put more effort in their roles, so after the leadership class, you will now have the full right to question anyone for not applying the knowledge acquired during the workshop. This is exactly how you should do it. How do you see it? I am sure you get my point.

13. Lastly, I will like to thank you for everything you have done in my life. It is hard to find a true friend like you. You are just the best kind of friend I need.

14.  To me, what I suggest is that you should buy her female jewelry. As a lady, she will be very happy to wear it around. You know what; it will be very interesting to be the reason why a woman is happy. In fact, she will really show you some love you can’t even imagine.

15. I feel like it is very important to cheer your woman up. Give her that impression that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.
After all, she is the most beautiful lady in your life. I am sure no other lady impresses you as she does. So getting her one of the most beautiful things in the market does not change your way.

16. Concerning her beauty, I don’t think I have the right to tell you about it. They used to say, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You should equally know how beautiful she is, especially, you are closer to her than every other person. Why not don’t you do that job yourself? Though to be précised, she is charming, and she is the kind of girl I will have recommended for you if you want. Yes, I am sure you understand what I am saying. Take good care of yourself, don’t just worry at all.

17. When I spy on her, she is always at the best mood a man should find a woman. Many of my boys with the sugarcoated mouth could not even win her heart. She was only telling them she already has someone special. That was when I knew you are being loved so much by a woman. With these observations, I am sure; you will be getting married to one of the most peaceful women on earth. Truly, friend, you are so lucky.

18. You also made mention of her furthering her education. I think that should be put into consideration two years after marriage. If God wills, by then, she must have given birth to one or more children in unusual cases. That is my say about that aspect.

19. I am pleased with her religion. Both of you are very compatible. You have found a partner in Lord. I know you with religion matter very well, so I am sure you have found your twin sister. Grab her with all your strength and never take her for granted for any reason. Take very good care of her, and always be happy with her. Play with your wife; it is one of the most beautiful things in this world. I hope you understand my stand?

20. When I read that message you sent, I burst into laughter. I think your wife is right. If you look deeply into her suggestion, you will realize how much she loves you and the children. If you have the money, why not take those children to the new school she suggested? As for you that I know, I am very sure you can do more than that. You have the money; this is what you can’t deny. Please, let peace reign, your wife is the peaceful kind.

21. Secondly, I want you to apologize to her, please, drop that ego and plead with her not to be angry about how you talked to her. Remember, you told me she was crying. I just want you to consider her as yourself, think of how painful it will be to be embarrassed in such a manner. So, good friend, I want you to please, pet her. It may even end up in the other room. This is what a husband should be to the wife.

22. If I may talk about how to make your wife happy, I think the first move is to give her the kind of attention she needs. Always remember that women are creatures of emotion. They react to what you show to them. If you can train her always to remain respectful, that will have been one of the most beautiful things in this world. Remember, marriage is not easy; this is the reason why you have to become a man to make this happen. Don’t you panic; the Lord shall see you through.

23. Sometimes, the best way to handle the foodstuff matter is by being economical. Economical in the sense that what you need most is to manage your food intake; eat moderately rather than being in excess. Through this, you will be able to enjoy the fantasy of a marital home. I hope you understand my opinion here.

24. When it comes to childbearing, may the Lord bless you with children! Before I proceed, let me ask you this rhetorical question. Are you really ready as a man? Don’t get me wrong, and I am not trying to scare you away from marriage. The truth is that dating is more expensive nowadays than marriage. So that should give you a firm truth about how easy most marriage can be. However, you are not guaranteed that marriage will be easy for you, in particular. I want you to cheer up; this is already a platform tasted by everyone.

25. When it comes to keeping your communication flowing, it is really necessary. In fact, I must advise you never to take this aspect for granted at all. In fact, being communicative with your spouse is an act of mercy. It is through this wonderful virtue that both of you will have the time to be happier in your marriage. So try and apply this principle in your marriage as soon as you get wedded tomorrow.

26. You know she is a woman, once, in a while, she might behave like one. I want you to be patient with her. It is when you handle a woman with a maturity that she respects you. In fact, she will be proud of you somewhere else. Don’t even doubt this; it is a fact from authority. Help her calm down during emotional times. You see, you must be a man. I swear, it is not easy to relate with women; if you are not careful, your image will be tarnished for no reason. So, for this reason, never you give up on her until there is no other solution than to divorce her.

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