100 Inspirational Quotes about Life and Struggle

Life struggles and inspiration are two factors that determine how productive a human could be. If you are inspired by something or someone, there is a possibility that you will make it faster in life than a person who lacks inspiration. Inspiration makes you struggle to survive in life.

We have arranged some inspirational quotes for you and you can get inspired to do the right thing from the meaning of the words that comprise each of them.

Inspirational Quotes About Struggle in Life

Inspirational quotes about life and struggle

Inspirational quotes about life and struggle

1. Life is a challenge, it is a place where the real men are the only ones that survive, however, real men are not those with muscles or strength but those who believe they can achieve.

2. If you want to be good in life, you have to change your attitude; attitude is a choice, but the carrier of the attitude is the one that should take control.

3. If you are busy wasting time on unnecessary things in life, there is a possibility that your life will be miserable soonest.

4. Don’t allow a day to pass you by without that you must have achieved at least one thing; something you can be proud of.

5. You are the reason why you are still where you are; many great minds died without achieving their purpose in life, they died a failure because they were not inspired.

6. There is no day that is not good, the way you see your day will determine how your night will look. Take good control of your life with great moves that lead to success.

7. I know very well that success is not easy to achieve sometimes, but if you keep pushing and refuse to give up, definitely you will enjoy your success to the end.

8. Sometimes, I used to feel for some people that complain and blame their mothers or grandma that they have been bewitched, the same way you were bewitched, you can wish to be because bewitch to me, means wish to be, and you will be.

9. In as much as you believe that everything is possible, truly, it will be possible for you to achieve almost any dream in life.

10. I must tell you the truth that there is no dream that is impossible to achieve in life, just believe in yourself, work hard and see your dreams coming to reality.

11. There is no day that will pass by without a dream being fulfilled. If you allow yourself be defeated by a negative thought, it means you have finally accepted defeat.

12. It is only cowards that give up on challenges, no matter how heavy your heart is, it can never be as heavy as the mountain.

13. Winners are those who don’t give up, they are always positive in their focus because they believe everything on this earth is possible to achieve.

14. Living a life without focus will lead you to failure, it is better you define what you want in life so that your future will be clear.

15. The day you realize your purpose in life is the day you will realize how you should have been working hard in life.

16. Don’t allow a day to pass you by without reading a page of a life-changing book. If you are willing to reach a height in life, you have to be informed.

17. The only way we can be assured of our future success is when we strive hard today and then see the immediate result of our sincere effort.

18. You may reach a point in your life when all you need is self-motivation, if you lack this tool in you, how will you taste the sweetness of success.

19. How can you excel in life, when all you do is fill your heart with negative thoughts? Those with great minds don’t do such things.

20. Giving strong critical reasoning capacity will make a better chance for you to figure out the root of a problem. You can always be at the top if you really wish.

Long Inspirational Quotes About Life and Struggles

21. Joy is a choice, it is something that comes from your heart but can’t be seen until you decide to allow it manifest. If you are sad, don’t quickly give up, it could be that the strength you need to face your current challenge is to believe you can.

22. Living a life that makes you happy is the best, don’t live the life of someone else, be mature in all you are doing in life. Don’t give up so easily.

23. Most people that commit suicide do so because they feel life is not worth it anymore, but I have an advice for them. What happens in your life later is always better than what happened previously.

24. Life is all about changes when you experience an unusual situation in life, I advise you to stay positive. Don’t allow anything to change your dream, be focused and continue to strive until your dreams become reality.

25. Successful people have reasons why stay late at work and wake up early in the morning. They love their family too, they wish they can sleep as you do, but have been able to realize that the world needs their service.

26. You can reach out to your dreams quickly by communication, learning, affirmation, positive thinking, good attitude and patience. You can go far in life if you possess any of these qualities listed above.

27. There is always hope in life, there is always one chance to make it in life, there is always a reason not to give up, if you find that reason, I am sure you will make it someday.

28. When some people are hit with difficult easily give up. It is not expected of them at all. The kind of attitude you apply for something will affect your life someday.

29. Life is all about the kind of change that will affect your personality; it is left to you to do choose the direction you want your life to face.

30. Because you are being strong in all situation does not mean you don’t know what you are doing, It means you don’t give up when things get tougher in life.

31. Life is more intense than you think, if you want to achieve great things in life, you must be ready to do great things, you will have a sleepless night, working days and strong focus about your dream.

32. The happiest people on earth are not the ones with all the wealth; they are the ones with contentment in their heart. Learn how to be contented, don’t give up at all.

33. Great achievers didn’t achieve their success today; they have been struggling for months, years before they finally become established.

34. Because you fail yesterday does not mean you will continue to fail all your life. There is always a chance you will enjoy this world when the time comes.

35. I want you to know that a special day in the life of a person does not come until he or she is ready to welcome such day. You can now start your dream quest until you meet your goal.

36. Strong heart is 90 per cent success because people with courage will surely achieve great things in life. Have a strong mind.

37. If you ask some people why they are happy, they will tell you is because they chose to be happy. You have the right to decide what happen to you.

38. Your success is something that will always wait for you until you are no more, if you have a dream in life, start searching for a way to make it come to reality.

39. In all aspect of your life, there are some which will make you understand that things we focus on in life are worth being faced with all our might. We don’t give up on issues of our life.

40. You need to develop positive self-talk this will give more confidence and opportunity to achieve great things in life.

Inspirational Quotes About Life and Struggles Tumblr

41. The weight of the kind of belief you carry on your mind will determine the kind of success you will finally achieve while you plan towards achieving a goal.

42. You don’t give up because something does not work out, as time goes, you will realize how much things are originally easy but initially seems too hard for you.

43. Explore the world to find great things, enjoy your life with your family and never forget to stay connected with your Lord.

44. The focus I have about life does not disturb my focus about fun and relaxation because I have been able to figure out that, there is time for everything.

45. My coming and going, my life and the choices I make in life will always be to make changes that will affect human positively.

46. Let us go for the right thing in life, that’s how we will be able to achieve success in life, spending too much time doing the wrong thing will always make us remain the same all the time.

47. You can always turn yourself into a superhuman, by being focused, disciplined, lovely and happy all the time no matter the condition you find yourself.

48. A man without a specific realistic goal in life is bound to fail at any moment. You will find out when your effort finally pays off.

49. Any effort you make today will make you stand out tomorrow. You will be surprised how your effort finally brought joy to your life.

50. One thing I understand about the human mind is that, it is a learning machine, what you feed it becomes. Always feed your mind with positive thoughts.

51. Positive thinking moves you forward in life; you have to be optimistic all the time. Don’t give room for any pessimist in your life.

52. Learn how to love and respect, it is the only way the upthrust movement of your dream will quickly accelerate to lead you to your success.

53. Nagging around or blaming people will only waste your time; a minute wasted on an argument is enough to miss an important flight.

54. Don’t joke with time, when missed cannot be recovered again. You have to fight up every single day to ensure a successful day.

55. The way you see yourself in the mirror is how your life will respond. You will not be addressed as a lion unless you are one. What is your identity?

56. Eagle does not give, it fights back after many years of strength gathering. If you study the life of an eagle, you will be inspired by great character possessed by that superhuman you called an animal.

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57. I have seen eagle grab its prey, he does that we strong focus, concentration, and great energy and that’s why it succeeds most of the time.

58. You need to believe that your target will be achievable, and then like a brave and intelligent man, always expect disappointment; it doesn’t mean you are pessimistic.

59. There is no time you will not be happy, it is your choice to allow sadness reign in your heart. You have all it takes to be happy.

60. Your present situation does not mean everything is over in your life, it means you have to face your life challenge to make it in life.

Inspirational Quotes about Life and Struggle with Good Thoughts

61. Your thoughts are powerful tools, use them rightly to push you to the peak of success, successful people had a positive mindset, and it worked for them.

62. You must try your best to make things work for you. If you are not happy today, does not mean you will be sad all your life, don’t be scared of what tomorrow has not brought.

63. Staying positive brings health to the heart, it makes the blood flow to the brain and the heartbeats well for longer life. Always stay positive.

64. The kind of thoughts you fill into your heart will determine how happy you will become in life. Always put your trust in God and ensure you do the right thing at the right time.

65. Your mindset is very important, if you must think of anything in life, give it a good thought, don’t allow your mind to control what you want, your brain can do the navigation.

66. Always believe that you are strong, and you will realize how strong you become, tell your heart that you are religious, and you will find yourself becoming more devoted. If you think you are a failure, there is every tendency that you are.

67. The stubborn people who refused to give up on what life brought to them know very well what they are doing. They are actually focused on the right thoughts needed by their heart.

68. When things go wrong, don’t even think of giving up, I have come to understand that things in this world are like shadows, if you don’t worry yourself about them, they will chase after you.

69. You might of being dealt with emotionally, but the reason why you are still sad up till this moment is that you gave up on building your mental power.

70. Building a positive mental attitude should be your number one focus in life, you must fight to become great in all you are doing.

71. Everything in life needs patience and good attitude, don’t feel relax at all, you must work hard every day and night to enjoy the power of the efforts you gave to your dream.

72. People that are living a comfortable life today didn’t achieve it one day, they have faced a lot of challenges, disappointment, trauma and then finally, remain the best in all they do.

73. Try and figure out what you know how to do the most and then concentrate on knowing more about it, and you will be surprised how you win in life.

74. Days and days, months after months and life afterlife people will continue to fail or succeed, but the good news is that you can choose to win.

75. Until you train your mind not to give up on what really matters, then you will find out that even the most successful people didn’t find it easy initially.

76. There are many reasons why we cannot reach the height of some people in life and the reason is that they gave up.

77. There is one thing I believe in, that’s what we call courage, if you have it, believe me, or not, you will achieve great things in life.

78. If you want to be rich in life, make friend with rich people, if you need to acquire great knowledge about a subject matter, meet those that are expert about it but if you want to remain positive, forgive yourself.

79. Your joy in life is not hard to find, it is right there in your heart; believe me, you don’t know how strong you can become if you remain positive while you work towards your dream.

80. Your life is very important, don’t joke with it, don’t mess it up with excuses and blames, stand up for the right thing and enjoy your life as supposed.

Success Quotes for Good Relationship

81. Let your character remain emulative if you are simple and straight forward, everyone around you will develop some credibility for you.

82. Self-worth and self-respect build a good relationship and a good relationship brings about success in all you are doing.

83. When you achieve the trust of the people, you have achieved almost everything you want them to do for you. Try and build your character to match the standard of the greatest people ever existed.

84. Your way of life is the identity people know about you, it is what will determine how people see your wife and kids.

85. Before you misbehave, always remember that life struggles and aspiration to succeed in life do not entertain a violent attitude to be achievable.

86. Your neighbours are watching your attitude, they are judging and recording, the day you know will be a shocking one, whether positive or negative.

87. Our love for each other makes every single day flow in love and happiness, and love and happiness are essential for a good life.

88. You can also be happy if you want, just love yourself and the people around you. Forgive yourself by forgiving those who have offended you somehow, by so doing, joy will return to your heart.

89. Always judge less or never judge it will go a long way to set a good standard in every relationship you find yourself.

90. Respect for others is respect for oneself when you regard people, you will surely scale through the entire difficulty to reach your goal.

Life-Changing Inspirational Quotes

91. When the focus becomes your routine, it will push you up in life, when discipline becomes your daily activities, you will achieve your goals at a faster rate.

92. There are many reasons why your life will not change you want but if you can take good care of how you make use of your time, it will go a long way to fix your lapses.

93. Everything you need in life is always achievable, all you need is to believe in yourself, and keep working towards your dream until you reach your goal.

94. No one has ever got it right without some challenges, if your life is not going on as you wish, you can pause a bit, think critically and get things fixed.

95. Success is turned by turn but if you misuse your opportunity, it means your chance to succeed in life has been messed up, but still, if you realize your mistake, another opportunity might come up.

96. Your failure in life has nothing to do with anyone, it has to do with the kind of attitude you give towards what matters.

97. Winners never lack because they have taken the pain to win and now they enjoy the effort of yesterday.

98. A smiling face does not just come, it is derived from how you define whatever happens in your life. You may fail today and then succeed tomorrow.

99. Winning is a choice, if you really want to achieve a goal in life, preparation is the first approach and the last step is happiness.

100. A wise man said, if you really need a good reward, learn how to serve humanity, if you want to be named a good person, mind your actions and speeches, they really define who you are.

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