Images of Love Quotes for Boyfriend—Love Images for Him

Images of love quotes for boyfriend—love images for him

Images of love quotes for boyfriend (1)
Images of love quotes for boyfriend (1)

1. I needed a man that will understand me. A man that will be patient with me in all I do. I needed a man who will always be happy with me all my life. I needed a man with strong heart and the Lord gave you to me.

2. The day I set my eyes on you, I knew that something good will come from you. I understood the blessing I am about to meet in life. I love you.

3. I will never forget the day you walk into my world. It was a special day in my life because I have never being made happy like that before. I love you.

4. You are my happiness, the one I wish I can spend the rest of my life with that can tolerate my weakness and turn it into strength.

5. I have vowed that you alone I will love at all time. I mean what I am saying because you are just the best for me.

6. I can’t imagine a day without you. I feel like the world has ended if I can’t see you just for a minute. I love you.

7. I need you to come my way to put smile on my face. You are my pearl and the one I trusted the most. I love you.

8. If I can make you happy always, I will never hesitate to do so. I will love you for every single minute you spend with me.

9. I will never forget you for the rest of my life because you are more than special. I love your face, it gives me confidence, I love your voice, it is the most beautiful sound ever heard.

10. If I can make this life a better place to be, you will be the number one person I will pick to be with me. You are the best guy in this world.

11. I thought it was a dream when I first met you and now I realize it is reality to have you all for myself. I love you.

12. Nice meeting you in this world. You are my life partner that I cannot do without. Thank you for the true love you share with me.

13. Before I met you, I live in an imperfect world. Now that you are in my life, I lead a perfect life meant for me.

14. You change me from bad to good and taught me how to be happy than ever. I love you so much my blessed angel.

15. There is no doubt you have a caring hand and a precious mind. Your love is true and it is the most beautiful experience ever.

16. Give me the perfect hand that makes me happy and I will always love you for the rest of my life. You heart is full of love and affectionate thoughts.

17. Sometimes, I wonder what I have done to deserve a lovely person like you in my life. my love for you increases every day.

18. If there is any way I can make you happier than this, I will have done so to put endless smile on your face. I love you dear.

19. You are the love that speaks for me. I know what I’m saying because anytime you come around, I am always confident of myself. I love

20. Who can tell the very reason why I love you this much? None among the people can tell you because it is too deep for their understanding.

Romantic love Images of love quotes for boyfriend

21. Life is so sweet because you are with me. I will always be there for you especially when you are not around.

22. One thing I want you to know is that I miss you like never before. You are the last man standing. I love you.

23. Anytime I am with you, I don’t worry about this world because you are already another world I enjoy. I love you.

24. I am in need of you in all I do because you are one of the best for me. I check your way and realized it is a good path to take.

25. To you the most handsome boyfriend in the world. Never mind what people say about me. I am not ready to leave you at anytime.

26. I humble myself because your love is deep in my heart. I miss you so much that I will always be yours always.

27. Thank God that I met you in this world. It is my pleasure that you belong to me. No matter what, I will always like to be with you.

28. No matter how long we have been together, there will always be two days I will always want to spend with you, now and forever.

29. The status of my relations—I have been accepted by the most handsome and amazing man forever. I love you.

30. Thank you for showing me true love. I appreciate you for the sweet moments you spend with me with passion.

31. Your smile is heartwarming because I cannot do without loving you. Your presence is my better half.

32. I was scared, thinking I will not survive this life alone. When I found you as companion, my life changed. I love you.

33. I realized that being with you is the sweetest thing ever. You are cute, lovely and above all the most charming guy ever.

34. I hope to be your woman one day. I have always thought of becoming the sweetest person in your life.

35. I can’t stop loving you for you have become that special man my heart beats for every single day. I miss you.

36. I can always be yours if you want. My heart is loyal to you and there is no reason why I should be sad being with you.

37. I have finally come to a point where I can’t stop loving you. The point between love and passion. I miss you my angel.

38. You are the perfect man for me. You are cute, nice and above all the sweetest guy I can say thank you I love.

39. I will never deny you of your right upon me but I will give you everything you need. You are special.

40. You are the prayer answered. You are the fulfilled promise of the Lord upon me. I will love you forever.
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41. Love is bliss. Love is passion and love is the very smile you cast I you read me.

42. If you need a good love, date a man, but if you need a sincere love, date a gentleman with true love for you.

43. Love is not like flower, it is something more beneficial than flower. It is a treasure better than diamond.

44. Whenever you see your face shining with joy, it means you have fallen in love with someone that makes you happy.

45. Love is that deep feeling that gives you deep joy in your heart. It is that force that makes you give out easily.

46. When you are in love with someone, you are in love with the most precious person in the world that no one looks like.

47. The color of love is red, sometimes blue and every time it’s you. Love is that smile that comes from you.

48. When too people are in love, they understand no other language than love, passion, smile, hug, and cool kisses.

49. Love is the choice you made that puts smile on your face anytime you meet the one you love with passion.

50. You are the freshest person in my world and I love you so much that no one can stop me from loving you.

51. I will never stop thinking about you for the rest of my life. You are the cutest angel in this world whose love is irresistible.

52. I am sure you don’t have the ideas of how deep I have fallen in love with you, good to have you my angel.

53. I need you in my life every minute because you are the neurons that run in my brain, being far away from you will make sad.

54. The sweetest words I have heard before are the romantic ones you say to me. I believe in your words.

55. The moment I realized that I am in love with you, I have been trying all my best to make you happy.

56. Thank God for this world. I met you and my life began to change. You are the sweetest man ever.

57. I will never stop loving you because you are the hero of my heart. You are that prince I cherish the most.

58. Life without a nice guy like you is like hell. I don’t think there will be joy in this world without you. I love you.

59. When you came to my world, things changed for good. Now everything that change has been improving.

60. As your heart loads your love for me, I take the time to prepare on how to accept the most beautiful love ever.

61. Thanks for the time you sacrificed to make me happy. Thank you for the most wonderful moments you shared with me.

62. I have been in love with you with great passion. A passion with strength and the most precious feeling for a man ever.

63. Knowing that you are the man of my life, I decided to take good care of you all my life. I love dear.

64. If you fulfill all your promise as you claim, you will become the most precious man in my life. I love you.

65. Indeed, you are a super star, your love for me is fantastic and I am sure you understand.

66. I want to dwell in you so that I can be blessed with your love. I called upon God to give you to me. I love you.

67. I am in deep live with the man I will always cherish for the rest of my life. I miss you so much my dear love.

68. I will never forget the first day I set my eyes on you. I will forever be yours all my life. I miss you.

69. No one can be like you in my world. You are so unique to me and I will never regret that I fell in love with you.

70. You have taught me many things in life which I will never forget. You taught me how to love.

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71. Loving you is a great privilege. It is the most beautiful reason why I want to stay with you now and forever.

72. There are two days I want to stay with you—today and forever. You are cute dearest.

73. I need you to understand that being with you is a great pleasure. Thank you for your sacrifice.

74. I really want to be yours forever. Believe me, I will always love you for the rest of my life.

75. I will always love you because you brought deep love into my heart and it is one thing I cannot forget.

76. I will always appreciate your kindness in my life. It has built a great joy chamber in me.

77. Wishing you the most wonderful things in this world, may you smile at last.

78. There is no reason why I will not melt in love with you because you are so strong as lover.

79. Loving you is the most beautiful thing that has ever happen to me. I miss you my dear.

80. I realized that the flower that grows in your love garden is the most beautiful one in the world.

81. I love the fact that your love for me is beyond ordinary. It is something that I can always be proud off.

82. When I met you I realize that there are many chances I lost as a woman to have been loved.

83. Thank God for the gift of a wonderful person you have become. I will always be yours always.

84. I just want to be with you in every minute, every seconds and every day. You are the dream I saw.

85. You are my happiness and the chocolate whose taste is the best ever. I love your smile to the core.

86. I need you to understand that with you this world will be a place to be. I love you my darling.

87. You are cute, wonderful, lovely, sweet and every nice thing in this world. I love you dear.

88. There is no other man that can take your place in my life you are more that who can be taken for granted.

89. I miss you with every reason. You are the most beloved person in my world. I need you to know this.

90. Thank God for what you have become. You are all I have and the sweetest angel I trust all my life.

91. Thank you for showing me a wonderful love life. Your joy is mine and your tears are always the one that roll down my cheeks.

92. Having found you among the most precious ones in this world, I appreciate the love of God for me.

93. I have always wanted to be the one that will make you happy. You found me and you have found your joy.

94. The tears of eyes are willing to taste the sweetness of your love, believe me. You are the one I want and need all my life.

95. Your kisses are the best ever tasted. You are the most amazing person in my world. I love you.

96. Everything about me has always revolve round the special love you have for me. I realized you put smile on my face.

97. Thank you for always being special to me. You are wonderful, nice and sweet. I love you.

98. I will not doubt you anymore for you have taken a great part of my heart. I love you so much dear.

99. I need your –presence every time, this is a sign that you have become my second nature.

100. What I love most about you is the sincerity you show to me. I love you like never before.

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