I Love You Text Messages for Him and Her – Loving You Sms

I Love You Text Messages for Him and Her – Loving You SMS

I love you text messages for him and her
I love you text messages for him and her

1. I realized that I have completely given my heart to you this morning, when I woke and did not find you by my side.

2. Loving you is my therapy when I am sad. You are all the one I will cherish, admire and adore a lot.

3. I am missing you right away, you are the best for me, and I will always love you to the end. Thanks.

4. If you understand how much I want to be with you in a day, you will have be the gladdest ever.

5. I have a lot of love for you. You are more than just a wife; you are all I have. I love you darling.

6. I will make sure I prepare your favorite today, so there will be that favorite smile on your cheeks.

7. Thank God for meeting you in life; you are better than many I have seen in this world.

8. Have a nice sleep tonight. I am willing to be close to you every day of my life. I love you.

9. I cherish you so much; you are to me like an angel flying from one paradise to another.

10. I will always love you to the end. Your smile alone gives me strength to live on a day.

11. I don’t know how to make you understand that my heart will stop beating if you leave me for someone else.

12. I need you every day of my life. I love you like never before. Thanks for everything. I miss you.

13. You are my happiness and the most beautiful lady in this world. I miss you like never before.

14. I love your gorgeous face, it mesmerizes me a lot. Anytime I see you, I am always happy. I love you.

15. You are the kind of woman I need in this life, you know how to take good care of a man. I love you.

16. In this world, I will always love you and in the hereafter, we shall continue from where we stopped.

17. I never knew you are this beautiful, until I came close to you, I realize I have been dating an angel from far.

18. Loving you is my priority; it is something I never joke with anytime, any moment. I love you.

19. I feel like to come close to you inch by inch every day. I love you so much and will always do.

20. There is no any reason why I shouldn’t love you. How can I do without loving you, when I am addicted to you?

I Love You Text Messages for Him and Her – Missing you SMS

21. Right away, I am missing you. I am lonely and needs someone to call mine. I love you.

22. Since the day you left, I wish I can be myself once again. I love you and wish you are around.

23. I am sorry for hurting myself for not coming along with you. I hope to meet you soon.

24. Loving you is my heartbeat, it gives me the strength to work and smile all day long.

25. I am so committed to loving you, perhaps, it is the reason why I miss you to the core. I love you.

26. You are the sunshine I saw in my dream smiling at me passionately. I miss you dearest angel.

27. Anytime I dream, I see your beautiful face, if I woke up, I miss you like never before.

28. Your presence in my life is a gift from God, that’s why I hate to see your back for a second.

29. If I can turn the hands of time, I will stay where you are forever. I love you baby and wish to see you soon.

30. If I miss you more than this, I may not survive the next minute. Please, come back home. I love you.

31. I can climb the most dangerous height on earth to show you how much I have missed you. I love you.

32. You are close to me than every other person, to see you walk away is one thing I cannot face.

33. I have missed many things about you. I miss your giggles, you smile, and the way you sing with passion.

34. Loving you is something that brings joy to the heart. I will always love you no matter what.

35. Even if you are located at the end of the world, I will always wait for you. I love you so much.

36. You can go, I am like a cage, and you are like a bird, I will always be there for you. I love you.

37. I realized that I am in deep love with you the moment you started walking away. Cute you.

38. You are the cutest lady in the world, may you find peace in your heart wherever you are.

39. I want you to know that wherever you are, I am somewhere thinking about you. I miss you.

40. I have never missed anyone or anything the way I do since the day you left. You are my heartbeat.

I Love You Text Messages for Him and Her – Good Morning SMS

41. All I need right now is to see the face of the most handsome in the world. Good morning sweet.

42. You are a good father, a nice friend and the most amazing husband in the world. Good morning.

43. I just want to say good morning to the freshest husband ever seen in the world. Hope you had a sweet dream.

44. I am wishing you a day full of love and sunshine; may you smile at the end of a beautiful day.

45. I am sending you lots of kisses and hugs this morning. You are the sweetest husband. Good morning.

46. I swear, I will not tell lies that I love you. You have always been my number one man in all history.

47. Since the first day I met you, I wanted to tell you that your presence is a divine intervention. Good Morning.

48. I must let you understand that you are my life, and the one I cherish with all my heart.

49. Good morning baby, I just want to remind you of how you make me feel whenever I’m with you.

50. I don’t think I can spend a day without thinking about you. Have a nice day sweetheart. I love you.

51. You are the best lady I can always be proud about. Your level of intelligence is the best for me.

52. I must tell you something, nothing strange though, just want to say you are my sunshine.

53. Sunshine, how was your night. Did you know? If I have not seen your face on a day, I am nothing?

54. The truth is that, I am solemnly addicted to you. I will always love you to the end of time. Good morning.

55. I am wishing you all the best in every moment of your life. I love you like never before. Good morning.

56. Thank you for yesterday, I really enjoy my dreams after reading your beautiful texts.

57. I need a woman like you by my side. I am sure with you, everything I need, will be possible.

58. I love you with every single vein in my body. Good morning to my gorgeous love.

59. Take a good look at yourself; can’t you see you are the most beautiful angel in the world? Good morning.

60. Morning is another sunshine, bringing lots of joy to the heart, I wish you all the best sweetheart.

I Love You Text Messages for Him and Her – Goodnight I Love you

61. Sometimes, I wonder why I find it difficult to sleep at night, until I realized that I’m in love with you.

62. I hope you will enjoy this night to the fullest, I am missing you already. Goodnight my happiness. You belong to me.

63. I want to be yours all my life, you are the best for me, you are the most beloved angel in my life. Good morning.

64. Nice meeting you on this planet, you are the rose of my love garden, on an Island built of joy. Goodnight.

65. I want you to smile tonight. You are cute, lively, gorgeous, so you deserve to smile with passion.

66. I will never forget the day I kissed you. That’s my first kiss in life; thank God I did as my wife.

67. I love my wife so much because she is my day and night. I will always love you to the end.

68. Thank you for the stars and moon you brought to me. I will never leave you for any reason.

69. Goodnight sweet cherub, you are my lily and the lollipop of love I have. Goodnight.

70. Your lips are as sweet as chocolate, I don’t pray I miss it on a day. Goodnight sweetheart.

71. I have always prayed to wake up next to you. Thank God I made it. Goodnight sweetheart.

72. What a nice guy you are, I anticipate marrying you someday. I love you so much. Thank you.

73. I have seen the man of my life. Everything you need is what concerns me the most. I love you.

74. I want to be yours all my life; you are the best for me. I will never forget you for the rest of my life.

75. I wish you all the best; you are my life, my heart and the most interesting heartbeat. I love you to the core.

76. It is my pleasure to have found you in this world. You are the part that completes me. Goodnight.

77. As you look to the sky, you will see some twinkle stars up above the world, they are my smile for you. Goodnight.

78. I have a lot to tell you, but words cannot describe them. Have a beautiful night sleep. I miss you.

79. There is no night I don’t miss you, it is the meaning of the special love I have for you. Goodnight.

80. Whenever I see you smile, it makes me happier than ever. I love you to the core. I love you.

I Love You Text Messages for Him and Her – thank you for loving me

81. I just want to appreciate your efforts in my life. Thank you for loving me, for you are the best for me.

82. I am glad you are my husband, the one I will always be proud of all my life. I love you, thanks a lot.

83. I have never seen any man loving a woman the way you do to me. I love you like never before.

84. You are the most amazing man to me. Sometimes, I sit down wondering what kind of man you are.

85. Thank you for showing true love to me. Thank you for always been there to make me smile.

86. I am truly in love with you because you show me the meaning of true love. I love you.

87. I want to appreciate you for the entire sacrifice you took just to put smile on my face. I love you.

88. You are indeed a great guy, I will always thank you for the best you have done in my life. I love you.

89. It is my pleasure to say thank you. Your kind of man is rare to find. I love you so much.

90. What a nice lover I encountered the other day, I am so lucky to have you. Thanks a lot.

91. You are the kind of woman that can take good care of my kids. I am in love with you with sincerity and wish to thank you for loving me.

92. Thank you for choosing me as your soul mate, I really appreciate this from you. I love you.

93. I will not stop loving you; the reason is that, you are good lady, thank you for all you’ve done for me.

94. I am so glad for having you. I am grateful for defending me in my absence, and standing by my side.

95. If you were not in my life, I wonder how I can do it alone. Thank God for a guardian angel. I love you.

96. You are the special kind of love I prayed for; you are my mercy and the most beloved one for me.

97. I just want to say, I love you. You are the best for me. I need you like never before. Thank you.

98. I want to thank you for loving me. It is not easy to find true love these days. I love you dear.

99. Sweetheart, I hope you had the sweetest dream last night? I want to appreciate you for loving me.

100. You are my heartbeat angel, thank you for not denying me of your attention. I love you so much.

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