Here’s How to Revamp Your Marriage

Every love-smitten couple desires a fairy-tale forever after in marriage. Homes will be blissful if everyone follows marriage rules. Marriage is meant to be a forever deal without the dreaded ‘D’ word. Divorce is not an option where love, mutual respect and understanding reign.

Marriage is intended for pleasure, not torture. For love to reign and thrive, always choose ‘you’- knowing ‘you’ are one! You both come first, before the children or others.

Marriage can be beautiful, full of sparks and perks, but it takes a lot of work. Passivity is a murderer of love while familiarity is a serial killer in marriage! Being in love is swell; but, sometimes, romantic feelings of love is never enough. Commitment is more important to enjoy your peculiar attributes, and work through each other’s quirks, shenanigans or weaknesses.

Marriage is a forever love that’s always a work in progress. It needs couple’s deliberate proactive actions, creativity, compromise and all it takes to make it a heaven on earth experience. As a committed married couple, you need to revamp your relationship, to keep the flame of love alive, or spark a new flame from the embers of the dying one.

Care to know these marriage rules? Do you want to know how to revamp your marriage and why? Need a clue to rekindling passion for a beautiful never-ending love in marriage? You are welcome on board:

Marriage Rules essential in Revamping your Marriage

1. Commitment:

There’s no forever love and a riding in the cloud experience that can be sustained without commitment. The in-love experience gets a rude shock when reality dawns that your husband or wife has flaws, weaknesses and irritating quirks. Your sense of commitment will help you both work at it, without bolting, and enjoy your lovable attributes.

2. Faithfulness and Truthfulness:

Naked but not ashamed means you keep nothing away from each other to build, earn and sustain trust. Dishonesty is a deal-breaker for most people. Where there’s no trust, or faithfulness to the marriage vows, a crack in the wall is the beginning of the end. This includes disclosing encounter with an old flame. The air of secrecy brings distrust and misery.

3. Verbal Affection:

You must always express your love for each other. Talking about your feelings promote love, joy and harmony.

4. Physical Touch and Intimacy:

Touch and play with your spouse. It’s both comforting and arousing. Intimacy should be embraced with reckless abandon. Just do it, for the fun and the joy!

5. Affirmation:

Negative criticise your spouse is destructive. Praise him or her lavishly, even if you don’t feel like, when heshe is deserving. Be sparing in your fault-finding mission. Attack the problem, not the person. Deal with the issue and resolve the matter. Empathise and correct in love to build up bruised ego. Be compassionate and stay in love!

6. Quality bonding time:

Bring back the fun by doing your favourite pastime together, or find a middle ground. Total attention, genuine interest, talk, gist, plan, play, date; just the two of you, bond. It forges togetherness. Save your marriage from boredom. Be friends, act as lovers though married.

7. Respect:

Mutual respect of each other’s person, space and values is vital to sustain or revamp marriage for a blissful union. Slow down on unsolicited advice, avoid subtle or outright threats. Don’t order your spouse around. Seek his or her opinion and rub minds together. Agree to disagree when you don’t see eye to eye. You’re a winning team!

8. Priority:

Be each other’s priority in every area. Choose yourselves above others. Let your spouse be your number one priority and heshe will be your number one staunch cheerleader and support system.

9. Speaking up:

Communication is vital in revamping your marriage for a joyful union. Speak up when bothered, upset or hurt. Don’t bottle up with resentment to avoid an imminent explosion. On the other hand, don’t bring up past resolved issues or angst.

10. Acting married and sticking it out!

You are partners, best buddies, lovers and everything good in between. Act that way and have loads of fun while at it. Your home, your pride, your joy- the whole essence of marriage!

Couples who love one another and deliberately choose to work at it really live happily ever after, just like the fairy-tale. It’s not by accident. It is intentional. From this write-up, I’m hoping you’re able to see how and why you need to revamp your marriage.

Thank you for choosing not to throw in the trowel, by choosing to fight for your happiness with your husband or wife. You’re a trailblazer!

Feel free to comment or ask questions. Kindly share with your friends, colleagues or family with ailing marriages, waning love or new love birds.

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