Happy Birthday to My Sister Messages – for Big and Younger Sisters

Happy Birthday to My Sister Messages – For Big and Younger Sisters

Happy birthday to my sister messages – for big and younger sisters
Happy birthday to my sister messages – for big and younger sisters

1. Get your cake ready we are going to devour it mercilessly today because it is one of the most important days of your life.

2. Whenever I am invited to a birthday party, I love it when there is a big beautiful cake — happy birthday sweet sister.

3. I will love you more like a sister if you make a birthday cake. You know I love it, so do this for me and others.

4. One sure act that makes a birthday party awesome is the making of the cake, please make it and let’s end it there.

5. Happy for now when you show me your cake I will add birthday. You know I don’t joke with yummy cakes.

6. Lovely cake from lovely sister, I really enjoy the steps you are already taking for this birthday. I am sure it is going to be fabulous.

7. What a sweet looking birthday cake. This day is going to hit the earth this year. I am happy for you.

8. Can I just quickly shout? Thank you for the gift of a new life? My sister is plus one but her birthday cake is almost looking like a mountain.

9. I love big things, so be reminded that my cake is going to be extra-large. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

10. I wish you all the best and pray that everything you need will always be possible. Please don’t forget to keep my cake.

11. I am pleased to send you a belated birthday message, take Norris and be the best cake maker of the year.

12. The cake is for the birthday as item seven is to a party. I just want today happy birthday to my dear sister.

13. Just to say happy birthday to my sweet lovely younger sister, I have arranged for your cake, okay?

14. I wish you more love, more happiness, more success and more cake in abundance to celebrate this wonderful birthday.

15. I hope you will enjoy this wonderfully made cake on your birthday. It is made from the water of love.

16. It is my pleasure to send you a happy birthday wish, may you find it easy to excel in life. Have the sweetest cake for your day.

17. Today is a special one in your life, and you need all the best cake in the world. I am sending one for you right away.

18. Part of the heart of a beautifully celebrated birthday is cake. I hope you will enjoy the most beautiful birthday ever.

19. I wish you all it takes to make the most beautiful birthday cakes on your birthday. Happy birthday my beloved.

20. I want to say happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world, my beloved sister. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to My Sister Messages—All about Motivation and Inspiration

22. Don’t relent anymore; you can always be the best you have always wanted to be. Happy birthday.

23. Do you think it is easy to become plus one today? Always cheer up and be happy with yourself. Happy birthday.

24. If life feels like not going as you want, always fight over. Don’t give up for any reason. It may be that your success will reach you soon.

25. It is my pleasure to be with you on this wonderful day of your life. However, I am a bit far away, but my heart is with you.

26. Many have failed in life because they believe they can’t achieve anything in life. I wish you all it takes to be happy on your birthday.

27. I wish you what will always make you happy in life. Happy birthday and ensure you are always happy with everyone.

28. This day of your promises, success and prosperity. Don’t panic but push forward until the goals are achieved.

29. I am sending a wonderful birthday message to someone special the most beautiful sister in the world. Happy birthday.

30. Thinking of you every single day of your life gives me more inspiration to train you in the right direction. Happy birthday.

31. I just want to say thank you for being a wonderful younger sister, and you can always be the kind of woman you aspire.

32. You can always be refreshed with all you need, and you are the most beautiful angel of this world. Happy birthday.

33. Why not smile? It your day, a day you was born to enjoy the bliss of this life. You can always be the best you want.

34. If you work hard, you will find the kind of life you aspire easy. It is always possible, so believe in what you are doing.

35. Take care of yourself; it makes you shine like moonlight. If you smile, people will be comfortable with you. Happy birthday.

36. I hope you understand what it takes to be yours, and I am always happy whenever I set my eyes on you. Happy birthday.

37. Thank God for the most beautiful sister I have as mine alone, she is gorgeous, sweet, and above all, she is a princess.

38. I wish you best of life, best of moments and the treasure of your heart shall be found for you soonWhen you don’t give up that easily.

39. I wish you all the best on this blessed day of your life, may your success never stop gushing like rock water.

40. Happy birthday. One thing that makes a day like this more fantastic is to put a sweet smile on your face.

Happy Birthday to my sister messages to make her happy

41. You may not know how important you are to our family, but we will always be proud of you for the rest of your life.

42. We are pleased to celebrate you every minute of your life, and you are super fantastic. Happy birthday, dear angel.

43. Thank God for this wonderful moment of your life, may you find endless peace that will grow to make you happy.

44. We beseech the pleasure of the Lord upon you to remain as the most interesting part of your life. Happy birthday.

45. Thank you for all you have done in my life; you are the sweetest angel of the family. Happy birthday.

46. What a wonderful day ahead for the most beautiful queen of the house. I pray your day comes with endless success.

47. You are always the best among your friends, and I urge you to put more effort always to be the best you can.

48. Happy birthday to the gorgeous sister, may your new age be crowned with all you need now and forever.

49. As the day is coming to an end, I want you to be rest assured that you will always be there on my heart as the best sister ever. Happy birthday.

50. Whenever you smile, your heart will be filled with young-fullness, you will be happy just like a beautiful little girl.

51. I hope that you enjoy every bit of your life in joy, success and prosperity. Happy birthday to my lovely sweet sister.

52. I just want to use this opportunity to appreciate you for being a good sister. You are always the best for me.

53. Happy birthday my wonderful sister put a smile on your face and allow people to enjoy the beautiful face you carry.

54. I am always happy whenever I see you; the reason is that you are always the best for me. I wish you all the best.

55. Thank God for everything, you are the most beloved angel of this planet, and we love you as our kid sister.

56. What a nice day in the life of my precious sister, I will always be proud of you all the time. Happy birthday.

57. I am happy to have you as my sister; it is not easy to find someone as intelligent as you are on earth. Happy birthday, dear.

58. Thank God for this day in your life, we will always be happy to celebrate you every single day of your life.

59. We wish you the best in this precious month of yours; success will chase you pant down and put a smile on your face.

60. May you smile for being the best in all you undertook, may your new age be filled with lots of success.

Happy birthday to my sister from the Big Brother

61. I am sure you understand what it takes to be happy in this world, happy birthday, my beloved angel, I wish you all the best.

62. I will always love you because you mean everything to me; you are the most precious love of this world for me. Happy birthday.

63. Thank God for all He has done in your life. He will always be there for you every day and night because you are the best sister in the world.

64. I just want to assure you of a wonderful moment in this world, may your face always shine in deep love and success. I wish you all the best.

65. I want to say, I love you and the reason being that you are more than just a special person. Thank you so much.

66. I will never get tired of loving you because it makes sense to me to always find peace in encountering your face every day as a kid sister. Happy birthday.

67. May your new age be of abundant blessing for you, I will always love you and will never forget you forever.

68. I need you to understand that it is better for you to be happy all the time; it is one of the most beautiful things to do. Happy birthday.

69. What a nice moment in this world for a beloved sister, I ask the Lord always to make your affairs easy for you.

70. Your birthday comes on the same day with your final exam, may you find it easy to pass your exams in flying colour.

71. I never knew you have grown up to become a precious angel as you are, you are so sweet, cute, nice and above all the best.

72. I wish you what it takes to be happy in all ramifications of life; you will always be the best for me. Happy birthday.

73. There is no reason why I shouldn’t smile. It is my happiness, and I will never forget you because it is all about you and me.

74. I want to be by your side as a big brother, to make you happy, and to take good care of you whenever you need a helping hand financially or emotionally.

75. Anytime you are scared, always remember that there is God up there; you are such a superhero, the best for me. I love you.

76. I will always be there for you no matter what; it is always the act for an older brother to secure the younger sister.

77. I just wish you are around, I will have spoilt you with lots of gifts, but you can manage this 5000 Naira as a gift from a beloved brother.

78. Wishing you a lifetime of prosperous love, success and happiness, I beseech the Lord to come to your rescue at the time of pain.

79. May the heaven and earth created by God never fall upon you; may your face always shine in the glory of God until you achieve your goals.

80. Any moment I look at you, it occurs to me that I need a lot of effort to groom you well as a big brother. It is my responsibility to treat you well.

81. Happy birthday sweet sister, you may not understand the happiness I found in making you happy, I love you so much.

82. I just can’t be on earth watching you die, I will find a means to make you happy someday. I love you, my beloved one.

83. What a nice moment being spent with you? I can’t possibly forget you all my life because you are my happiness. Happy birthday.

84. I am praying every day, begging God to spare your life for us. I am happy because you are the best sister in the world. Happy birthday.

85. We will always remember you for whom you are; we will never forget you for the rest of our life as you are a youngster with a mature mind.

86. I love to say happy birthday to my kid sister, and she is plus one today, I pray that the kind of success she needed to be fulfilled for her.

87. You are human, you desire, you want, and also need, I pray that the Lord in His infinite mercy blesses you with all your needs.

88. I cherish you so much and pray that every single day of your life will continue to brighten up. I will never forget you.

89. Thank God for whatever it takes to spare your life up till this golden moment. You are my gorgeous sister. Happy birthday.

90. I hope you will put a smile on your face this very day, and I pray that the Lord in His merciful nature blesses you on your birthday.

Short Long Life Birthday Messages for Younger Sister

91. May the holiness of a wonderful day of your life cause you to live longer than you expected. Happy birthday.

92. Whatever you are doing, and wherever you are, always remember that you are making history. Long live, sweet sister.

93. I assure you of a beautiful moment in your life, may you always be given all you need. Happy birthday.

94. Thank you for being a humble sister; this is one of the reasons why you are progressing every single day.

95. I will never forget you all my life because it is rare to find a sister that is as precious as you are. Happy birthday.

96. I will always wish you the best on earth because it really matters to do so. You are my responsibility — long life sister.

97. Dear sweet little sister, today is your day, may you live to celebrate more of it in life. Happy birthday.

98. Thank you so much. You have become one of the best on earth for me. I will always be happy with you being a precious sister.

99. What a nice moment with a wonderful angel, you are all I have as a sister in this world, I have the promise to take good care of you.

100. Happy birthday sweetest sister, may the Lord spare your life and make you smile every day of your life.

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