Happy Birthday to a Special Man Sayings

These text messages are specially composed for you to send to that special man that will always be there for you in times of joy and sorrow, that special man that deserves your love and happiness because he has been with you all the time.

Happy Birthday to a Special Man Quotes

Happy birthday to a special man
Happy birthday to a special man with Images

1. You are a special man, a lovely angel, and the most beloved prince that will never be forgotten in my life. I love you in a special manner you will never understand.

2. Falling in love with you is the first thing that first gave me great joy in life, I will always cherish you for the rest of my life. Happy birthday for you are the best for me all the time.

3. Anytime I see you, I feel the bliss of true love roaming in my heart. I am happy to be yours all the rest of my life. I love you so much.

4. Indeed, this birthday is a super fantastic type, the one I don’t think anyone has been able to celebrate since the day I was born.

5. You are so cute that I will never let you down all my life; I cherish you beyond the peak of love. You are more beloved to me than any other celebrant today.

6. The day I met you was such an amazing one I couldn’t believe there is anyone like you. I love you beyond the sand of time.

Happy Birthday to a special man sayings

7. In my heart I found the patient to wish you a big happy birthday, I am so happy to have you in life.

8. Your cute face is always the number one reason why I fell in love with you, then your good character crowns it all.

9. You are super with lots of blessed reasons to be with you. I am happy to celebrate you on this day you opened another chapter of an incredible life ahead.

10. Good to have you in a world full of love, you are beyond very another man the most wonderful. I love you and wish you are here to celebrate with me.

11. Congratulations on your birthday that makes me smile around with everyone, I am so happy to have you in my world.

12. You own me and that’s why I will forever love you until the last breath. I will cherish you for the rest of my life.

13. You have occupied a portion of my heart that makes me happy. That part of my heart no man has been able to reach.

14. If I wish you this great day in true love I will become the gladdest queen of my time, so I am wishing you a special birthday to keep you happy.

15. You are the only man that cares the most holding you for myself alone had become my only goal in life.

16. I really appreciate you for being there always, I can’t deny you of anything as you are the most interesting person of my life. I love you.

Cute Happy Birthday to a Special man Sayings

Happy birthday to a special man sayings
Happy birthday to a special man sayings with images

17. I feel a strong love for you, I feel a passion that trugger my heart to be filled with the flame of joy for you. Happy birthday.

18. Whenever you hold my hands, what comes to my heart is beyond your imagination I can’t wait to see us joined in love.

19. Happy birthday to a man like a million men, a man with sincerity and trust for a woman. I love you specially and will always be by your side.

20. I feel like having you around me all my life because it is not easy to find a treasure these days. I wish you good luck.

21. Thinking of you is my number one priority every single day of my life, if I can’t see you, I become so lonely and stressed.

22. No matter what it takes to define the kind of special love I have for you clearly, I will adopt, so we can make a history in love.

23. I will hold on to you even in the most difficult times, I love you more and more and wish you the best in life.

24. For I will never let you down all my life, as your beloved wife I am specially wishing you the most belated birthday ever.

25. I need you for the rest of my life, I am happy because you feed my heart with perfect love that was divinely installed in you for me.

26. I am happy to celebrate my man, the only true love of my life whose face is as bright as the shining son.

Romantic Happy Birthday to a Special Man Sayings

27. You are my coolest man, in fact, I have no other man but you. I feel like making you happy all the time because it has always been my vision.

28. You are my love, my life and the most beloved celebrant of the day, a man of great vision Happy birthday.

29. What a new day in the life of a special man whose life whose love is the reason why I am happy today.

30. All I have been praying for in my life is to find a man who will always care for me like his daughter, and cherish me like his queen, and here you are before me.

31. I know very well that the only means through which I can make you happy dingo hug and kiss you tonight. I am your wife, so I will do exactly.

32. I am happy to be with you, remember how much you have changed my life, this alone will make me love you forever.

33. I am really sure that living without you will make me sad, loneliness will consume me and so, I will always love your person.

34. Indeed, you make me smile all the time, you are the coolest angel of my life and above all the most wonderful person ever set my eyes on.

35. You are the best man that ever land in my heart, every foot step you made in my heart left a footprint of an everlasting love.

36. All I knew is that, a day without you will not make a single sense. Happy birthday to the man my heart beats for.

37. You are the love of my life, the most precious man that gives me concern and confidence to be strong in whatever I do.

38. You know I am in deep love with you, so let’s celebrate this day in good love, good health and good con of passion.

39. To the most interesting man of my heart, anytime you strike a beat on my heart, I loss in pleasure.

40. Happy birthday to my champion, the rose whose fragrance never dies since it finds its source from the Greatest Light ever known to man.

41. The feelings I have for you are greater than the reasons why I fell in love with you. I need you , now, tomorrow and forever.

42. I must let you understand that the very first time you came into my life has changed every story about me. Your presence in my life should be described as the new beginning.

43. Sometimes, I feel like touching the innermost part of your heart to feel the kind of material it is made of because of you so kind and amazing Happy birthday.

44. I hope this new day of your life will bring lots of joy to you, it will remain your best day for the rest of your life.

45. Indeed, I feel like loving you, I feel like coming close to you every day and every minute to feel the impact of your love in me.

46. Don’t you know how much I have fallen in love with you? Don’t you realize how I am always restless anytime I set my eyes on you? Happy birthday.

Passionate Happy Birthday to a special man

47. I am always in need of you all time, I am your friend and wife, so it is my responsibility to celebrate you more than anyone else.

48. What about the cake of love you brought to me, what about the special love you share with me? You are my cutest friend and husband.

49. As you are about to lay your head, I wish to be the first RI o wish you a belated birthday Happy birthday to the youngest husband in the world.

50. What a nice moment in my life for the cutest lover that will continue to be my heartbeat all the time. Happy birthday.

51. If I cannot love you as though this world will not end, then I will always be ashamed of myself. Good morning and happy birthday.

52. If love is not good, I am sure it will not exist between you and me, I am so lucky to have you. I am happy to celebrate you too.

53. I love you day by day, month by month and years by years and the reason is that you are special than what I thought you to be.

54. Hello birthday man, I cannot forget you all my life, I am in great love for you all the days of my life. As you wake up today, may your endeavours favour you.

55. In my life, something makes me smile, do you know what it is? Your smile. It is a powerful one I can even resist for a day.

56. What really strikes my heart about you is that you are always charming, and the aura of your smile sends me to a plateau of love.

Lovely Happy Birthday to my Husband

57. You put smile on my cheeks every day, so tell me why I shouldn’t celebrate you like a prince. Today is your day, so may you find success you never expected.

58. May the sunshine of grace, love and prosperity blend with your destiny and bring endless joy to your corridor.

59. Smiling with you is my joy so if I see you always, it will be the best thing I will always be happy about.

60. What a great friend and lover you are my dear husband, the dream of my life and the most amazing companion of my life. Happy birthday.

61. Whatever it takes to make you smile will always be my number one priority. I need you day by day and night by night. Happy birthday.

62. Just like a tree growing like passion, a joy like never before. I will be yours all the time. Happy birthday to my life partner.

63. Don’t you know you are my joy, my heart and soul, the only man who has been able to touch my heart the most.

64. I want you to know that being in love with you is one thing I cannot stop. I feel like loving you to the end of time.

65. If what you need in this world is to smile, I am always ready, if what you need in this world is to be happy, I will do everything to make you happy.

66. Surely, your love in my mind is the best. I feel like being in love with you every single day. I love you beyond the sky.

Precious Happy Birthday to Lovers Quotes

67. I realized how much I have fallen in love with you, not knowing that you will finally become my special man. Happy birthday.

68. In my world, where everything I ever needed is you, in my life where all I wanted is to see you happy all the time. This special day of your life will be remarkable by His grace.

69. Surely, being in love with you is the best, it is the reason why I will never let you down for any reason. I love you.

70. I will be yours all the time, trust me because your thoughts have captured my heart more than you can ever imagine.

71. Happy birthday to the special man whose thoughts I realized had stocked in my memory and refused to leave forever.

72. Happy birthday to a wonderful husband and a nice father. I really appreciate your presence in my life. Falling in love with you is the best for me.

73. Don’t you realize how much you have been in my life? You are that blessing that was sent to me from a divine aged of love and mercy. Happy birthday my dear.

74. I thought of this day and now it has come to reality, thank God for sparing your life. I am happy to celebrate you once more.

75. Again and again I will always be with you. I will be where you are all through my life and will never let you shame all your life.

76. You see, that very moment you want me will be more than granted because you are always the best for me.

77. I need you for being in love with me. You could understand the best part of my love for you today, it has always been so. You deserve a lot of love from me.

78. I have sent for you, I have heard from you but today is my first opportunity to celebrate you and I shall try all my best to do so.

79. If I don’t cheer you up today, who then is supposed to do so? I need you so much, so it is my joy to make you happy.

80. There are many things I wish you know about me, things that give me courage about you. I love you like Sugarcane.

81. I feel for you, I have a strong feeling of true love for you because you are all I have all my life. Happy birthday.

82. Every blissful moment, Every graceful time that brings the ambience of joy into your heart makes me smile the most.

83. Love is flowing in this heart just like a flower does in the garden that smells passion. Your day is glowing like a ray of glorious sunshine. Happy birthday.

84. The day you were born, it rained heavily because the sky was crying and heaven was said to have released its beloved angel.

85. Our world is full of lovely people like you, and it is the reason why I am always in love with you every single day. Happy birthday.

86. You have been of great advantage for me, you are an advocate of love, a comrade of joy and the most beloved man in my life. Happy birthday.

Cute Happy Birthday Messages to a Special Man

87. I have been loving you since I was in my mother’s womb, I got to know because I can see that in you now. Happy birthday.

88. Glorious love is the one I experienced from you, it has always been, I love you so much in this world we are.

89. Indeed, I am in love with the right man, I know this because you are always there when I need you most.

90. I love you, darling, your birthday is the charming one, happy birthday to my man, a special treasure among the rest.

91. You are the breeze of my life the water I drink to cool my temper and the comfort my heart feels when I’m sad.

92. I wish you all the best, I cherish your day and it is the reason I cannot stop loving you for the rest of my life. Good to have you. Happy birthday.

93. When I look at the ambience of a good day that speaks of great love about you, I realize how important you have become in my life.

94. Today or forever, every single moment of my life shall be of glorious favour with you because I have found what I have been searching for in you.

95. Happy birthday to my beautiful angel, the prince of love that was sent to me. I love you beyond what you think.

96. Sometimes, I used to think if it is ever possible to find someone that can make me happy as you do. Happy birthday celebration to my dear husband.

97. You don’t know how special you are to me. Like a miracle, you set foot in my world Thanks for being a great man.

98. Your endless love makes me happy all the time, I never want to forget you day and night. I love you to the point of joy.

99. Your remarkable day is here again. Thank God for this wonderful day in the life of a special man. You don’t know how important you are to me.

100. You are the most special man in my life, I can’t imagine a life without you. Thanks for your lovely smile, your love and care.

101. Imagine a situation in which you are not with me, how am I supposed to cope in life? Happy birthday to the sweetest celebrant of the season.

102. It is a very good opportunity that I am alive today to make you happy. This is your day, I hope you will enjoy it.

103. My heart is something I cannot deny from thinking about you because it is made to house the love I have for you.

104. The heart beats every second but thinks of you in a million times. Happy birthday to my heart robber.

105. I think the Heart is elastic because no matter how far you go, I realize my love for you is always there.

106. I shall be your angel, all the days of your life, I shall remember you when you least think of it. Happy birthday to the soldier of my heart.

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