Happy Birthday Teenage Girls Quote

Happy Birthday Teenage Girls Quote: Undoubtedly, each girl has her own birthday. This day is the happiest day in the life of any girl. Every girl awaits with excitement and pleasure to celebrate her birthday. On this day, girls meet friends, communicate with relatives and receive gifts from loved ones, get new accessories and get used to big celebrations to come all night long. Who do girls expect to be happier on this occasion?

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Happy Birthday Teenage Girls Quote

1. Happy birthday to you! In the past months, we have had our troubles but through them all, I’ve learned what a wonderful and genuine person you are. You’re not only beautiful, friendly and nice but you make me laugh with your honest comments. I hope we can make it through this year even better than last year. You’re a true friend. Happy birthday!

2. It’s your birthday, so we shall give you a piece of advice- live life the way you want, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are special, beautiful and nice! Be Careful with what you wear because you may look hot but people should understand how to appreciate it. Don’t let them make you feel less for being who you are. Have a Nice Day!

3. Birthday Wishes for the Daughter can be a real challenge, and every father should know how to write an amazing birthday message for his daughter. Daughters are treasures and fathers should never miss any of the special moments in life. And as we all know, birthdays are those special occasions full of affection, happiness and surprises. Birthday messages can mean so many things for you and your daughter, as they will make her feel better than ever.

4. You are a special friend and I am thankful to have you in my life. I know we will share more good times together. Happy birthday!

5. You are more than a best friend. You are my blood and you have been that for the past four years. Thank you for making every day an adventure, and thank you for making me feel special. I will be forever grateful to have you as my brother! I hope your special day is everything you wished it to be, and more. Happy birthday!

6. You are my best friend and I treasure the fact that you know everything about me. You’re not judgmental, you are honest and always put me first no matter what. Thanks for being there throughout all my ups and downs, and for always being there for me. You are a great friend who I can trust and lean on in times of need. Wish you a very happy birthday!

7. Thanks for making me feel special. Sometimes, I forgot to tell you how much you mean to me. Years together have brought us close, but nothing can compare to what I feel for you. You changed me and showed me that mistakes happen and are okay because they teach us lessons.

8. When I was just a small child, I thought that only my life is special and beautiful. But now as I have grown up, I realize that you are the most special one in my life. You have always been honest and nice to me. I love you to the moon!

9. Thanks for sharing your special day with me. I wish we could always be together forever, but in reality, it is not possible.  We both want to be together when we are old, and I am sure you will have many more friends and relatives coming to see you. And I will be among them, of course! Happy birthday!

10. You are my role model. Without you, my life would be incomplete. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I appreciate your love and support and every single birthday wish you make and send me this year. Thank you for being such a special and nice mom!

11. I am thinking about you on your birthday. I hope that this day brings you everything that you have always dreamt of. May the year ahead make you happy and bring you closer to your dreams and goals.

12. You deserve the best. Happy birthday!

13. Happy Birthday to a wonderful person and friend. Thank you for being there when I was feeling down. Thank you for all the things that you had done for me.

14. You all are special. Without your love, friendship, support, everything means nothing to me. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday to you.

15. How could I ever explain you? You have all the best traits of anyone I have ever known. To me, you are special. You are always there for me and I know that whether we see eye to eye or disagree, all your opinions come from a place of honesty, and comes from a place of love. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday.

16. Thank you for everything. You have been nice and nice to me in my life not seeing anything from its bad side. I wish you a very happy birthday with a lot of great things in your life. Your extraordinary care has made me better today. I am grateful!

17. Thanks for all you have done! You are a special lady, and I wish you a very happy birthday. May happiness bring you butterflies, love to bring you warmth; always keep your family close to your heart.

18. Believe in yourself and the world believe in you, too. I want to thank you for the lessons you have taught me. I am sure that they will help me achieve all my goals. Happy birthday!

19. Whenever I had a problem, you were never far in reaching out to your helping hand. Whenever I was down, you were there to raise me up by giving me hope and strength. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you and hold you in the highest esteem. As usual, this birthday is also special because it is your time to celebrate. Enjoy yourself, my dear! May all of your dreams come true!

20. Dear best friend, you will always have a special place in my heart wherever I go. Besides the fact that you are beautiful and nice, you are also one of the most honest and selfless people I have ever met. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a happy birthday!


Happy birthday teenage girls quote


Happy Birthday Wishes Teenage Girl

21. On your birthday, I want to share my sincere appreciation of your value. You deserve a million thanks for being such an honest friend to me. I hope you continue being the nice person that I know and cherish.

22. I am so lucky to have a friend like you! You are such a great soul and I cherish every moment we spend together. You are such a nice person, full of honesty that I can trust each word you say. I am thankful for all the support you have given me and wish you happy birthday and all the best in life.

23. Hi, coz! You are so special to me! I hope that you will become even more beautiful and kinder. You share your thoughts with me so honestly, which is one of the many things I love about you. Keep being yourself and don’t change for anyone ☺

24. My daughter, you have always been a joy in life to me. My special gift from God! I know you have passed that stage where a girl turns into a woman, but the young mind and heart will always be pure and full of love. I wish you all the best for the rest of your life. Today should be no different from any other day; filled with love and happiness, with every tear wiped away by your dear mother. Happy birthday, darling!

25. You are so special to me! I never wanted to lose you as my best friend, but time was cruel and took everything away from us. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and hope you have a great one.

26. It takes a great heart to fill mine with joy every time. Thank you for everything over the year, through ups and downs you still stand by me. I can never thank you enough, but most importantly, I’ll try to be a good daughter and follow all that you have taught me. On this special day of your life, I wish you happiness and joy!

27. Birthday wishes don’t come close to describing the warmth of feelings I have for you. You are special, beautiful, nice, honest and a million other positive words that truly describe your character. Happy birthday

28. I don’t know what to say but somehow, I feel like I have known you all my life. You are special. You are beautiful. You are nice and honest. Please continue being this way always. Happy birthday, Love.

29. Girls, you are special, beautiful and unique. It is because of you that I am able to smile when I am down. Your friendship gives me strength when I am helpless. You make everything worth it because you are nice, honest and genuine.

30. Thinking of you on your birthday. I am glad I get to celebrate this day with you. Also happy birthday for being such a special, successful and nice girl in my life. I hope you have a good time today!

31. Age is just a number as long as you are happy and in love. Thanks for all you have done for me. Today is the perfect day to show your appreciation for someone who will give you reason to live. Have a great birthday!’

32. Hello! I hope I am not the last one who wishes you a happy birthday. Your day is very special, my friend, though you might not think so. Just remember that there are people out there who are thinking of you constantly and wishing you happiness. Here is a part of me wishing the same for your special day.

33. When I think about all the things you have done for me, I can’t thank you enough. You can always count on me anytime of the day, because that’s what friends are for! You are someone I will always idolize and forever cherish. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday!

34. You should feel special on your birthday. Beside my loving, I have nothing to give to you. Everything I have is because of you who gave life to me and always took care of me as well as others around you. I love you so unconditionally. Happy birthday!

35. I am putting together a special booklet for you full of birthday quotes. I know, at times it was tough for you to be the most patient one in the family and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being that way.

36. On your birthday, I wish you all the best in life. You have been my confidant and my best friend. An ordinary day is not complete without a call from you. On this special occasion of your birthday, all I want to say is, I love you!

37. My special friend on this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday. I appreciate everything you have done for me and for others in this world without expecting anything in return. You are such a beautiful person whose heart bleeds for the less privileged and down-trodden. Happy birthday!

38. The splendid nature, the lovely surroundings and the fresh morning air are all very necessary for a healthful existence. I hope you have a great birthday! You deserve it!

39. Happy birthday to the most special girl, my daughter! You are an angel on earth that has made us proud while also, becoming the most beautiful flower in my garden. Every day is a blessing, and you have made it more beautiful with your presence. Love you, darling!

40. Hi there! I hope your birthday is as special and exciting as you are! Being your friend is an honour, since I am one of the few people who truly know how funny and caring you are. Stay awesome and party hard today!

Happy Birthday Little Girl Quotes

41. This message is written not only for a special person, but also for a special girl, so I am sure that you will understand every word in this message…

42. I have always been a fan of the person that you are. It was when I was young that I fell in love with you. You inspire me to be the best; that’s why I will do anything for you. This birthday, I wish you the happiness and success in life. Remember to always do your best.

43. This is seriously one of the most beautiful birthdays. I appreciate you for being genuine, caring and kind-hearted. You have inculcated so many positive values in me, that I would like to thank you for bringing out my true colors. Thanks for everything Wish you a lifetime of happiness!

44. Awesome! I love this life we live. Some parts of it I could have done without, but overall I can’t complain. Thank you for making me a part of it and for being so special to me. I’ll always be here for you, no matter what, happy birthday from my heart!

45. Happy birthday, You are the most amazing and caring woman that I have ever known. You always made me feel special even in difficult times. No matter what, you always manage to make everything nice and beautiful, or rather peaceful inside my heart. Thank you for that, and thank you for loving me unconditionally. I love you so much!

46. I appreciate you and all you have done for me! You have turned me into a beautiful person. I wish you love and happiness. Happy birthday to an amazing friend.

47. When it rains on your parade, I am the raincoat for you. Your smile is contagious; you make me want to be a little less serious from time to time, just so I can hear that laughter of yours. You are special, beautiful, nice and honest. In other words, you are my best friend and I am very glad that we met.

48. Thank you for always making time for me. I love the way you have always been there when I needed support and how you have given me your best in everything. You are one special friend to me, someone that I can talk to about anything and who understands me fully. You make life easy and enjoyable. From the bottom of my heart, on your special day, I wish you all the joys of this world! Happy birthday!

49. Happy birthday to a very special lady who is always there for me. I know you have done much for me and I wish for you to be compensated handsomely. The next phase of your life should be the best in the world. I wish you a happy birthday!

50. Your friendship is wonderful, I wish you a really happy birthday and lots more to come. Thank you for always being so nice to me.

51. Your presence in my life has made me so happy. You mean so much to me and I cherish the little time we spend together. You have always been my strength and support, and I hope you forever will be. Happy birthday!

52. It is your birthday. Today, I hope that you will have lots of fun and laughter. I feel blessed that you have touched my life in so many positive ways. Because of you, I am the person I am today. You are one special lady! Happy birthday.

53. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter! No matter how much time has passed, you still remain the most special girl in the world to me! I can never thank God enough for blessing me with such a wonderful child. Happy birthday, my love.- Dad

54. Today, you are a year older. I just want to say that you’re special, beautiful, nice, and honest. You can be anyone you want to be. It’s not about beauty or your clothes. Its all about being yourself and knowing who you are.

55. The most beautiful thing your soul has given to me is the truth. You were able to care more for others than for herself, and this makes you an extremely special person. It is my honor to have such a friend like you who never failed me in the darkest hours of my life. Your consistency and honesty made me feel like I can trust you with anything, and this quality is amongst one of the things that I value most in you. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday!

56. I am grateful for having a friend like you, who is forever ready to be there for me at all times. You are one person whom I always feel comfortable with and I hope to be with you forever. Happy birthday my dear!

57. No matter what happens or we go through in the future, I will always love you and treasure you. For now and always my dearest friend! This birthday, I wish each of your wishes come true and that your greatest dreams do become your reality. It is amazing to have a friend like you with whom I can share all my hopes and aspirations.

58. You are all of these things, and so much more. I know you always believe in me, no matter what. You are the best friend anyone can ever have. Always remember that I will love you no matter what! Happy birthday!

59. You are the most honest and straightforward person I know. I always admired your consistency. You are an angel to me in the form of a friend. Thank you for being there for me always at all times!

60. Even though you are special and beautiful, the best thing I like about you is your honesty. You always speak what’s on your mind and never play games. Thanks for being there for me all through my life. Happy birthday, sister!

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