50 Good Night Messages for Her/Him

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Cute Goodnight Quotes for HimGood Night Messages for Her

Romantic good night messages for her will make her understand that you actually think of her every minute that passes and a Romantic Good night messages for him will make him feel loved.

We have collected a series of Goodnight messages at iLove Messages so you could pick from and send to that person who is dearest to your heart.

These messages are well composed and will tighten the rope of love between you and your lover.

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her

1. Can I keep you and never let you go? Can I hold your hand and embrace you tight? Can I tell the world that I am so fortunate to have you in my life? On the other hand basically, would you be able to be my companion for whatever is left of my life? Good Night My Love

2. When you discover issues from somebody you cherish, hang on tight, don’t pass judgment on ask questions. However, trust and comprehend that the person is doing best to love you more. Keep in mind, love has nothing to clarify. I miss You. Good Night Angel

3. I’ve for the longest time been itching to be free, to take off and stay away forever… yet then, someplace past that, I wish to be possessed, to be held, and never be given up. That is how strong my feeling for you is, you are my world, good night.

4. Day and night are connected in a way that a couple of things are; there can’t be one without the other, yet they can’t exist in the together. How will it feel to be constantly together yet always separated? Wish I could hold you right now. Good night love

5. I’ll lend you my shoulder for you to cry on, my ears to listen to, my hand for you to hold, my feet to stroll with you, however I can’t lend you my heart because it as of now has a place with you. Have a wonderful night

6. Good Night Message: Falling in affection with you is the second best thing on the planet… Finding you is the first! Good Night.

7. Good Night Message for her: How might you know whether he truly adores you? It’s at the point at which you raise your voice, he’s quiet. When you slap him, he kisses you. When you cry, he embraces you. When you let him know you detest him, he lets you know he cherishes you! Good Night Heartrob.

8. There are tulips in my garden, there is tulip in the recreation centre, however, nothing is more excellent than our two lips meeting! I’m missing your sweet kisses. GN

9. People occasionally say ‘I adore you’ and when they do, it’s either past the point of no return or the affection is no more. In any case, when I say ‘I cherish you’ it doesn’t mean you need to stay, however, I wish you’d never leave. Good Night

Good Night Messages for Her

good night messages for her

10. The best a portion of cherishing is not longing that the individual cherishes you as much as you do, however in the inclination that you cherish the individual for more than you suspected you could.

11. Good Night SMS: To love somebody should be the most superb feeling. It ought to rouse you and give you bliss and quality, yet now and then the things that give you euphoria can likewise hurt you at last. Good Night SMS to my Love

12. Good Night SMS: Saying farewell makes you understand the amount you love, the amount you will miss and how much misfortune you had… realizing that the individual will never be yours by any stretch of the imagination. I’m glad you’ll always be mine even though you’re far away. Sweet Dreams.

13. Good Night Love Quote: If you feel the love in your heart, you are honoured by God, and if by chance that you impart to others the affection you have in your heart, you turn into a gift from God. Good Night Love.

14. Good Night SMS: True love covers the eyes to see no faults. Intimate romance obscures motivation to consider each circumstance. Genuine romance cherishes progressively when it harms much. Intimate romance is still genuine even to the point of giving up. I cherish you and have a wonderful night rest.

15. Good Night Wishes: In the morning I don’t eat in light of the fact that I consider you. At twelve I don’t eat on the grounds that I consider you. At night I don’t eat in light of the fact that I consider you, and during the evening I don’t rest on the grounds that I’m hungry. I wish you a very good night.

16. Good Night Messages: Love resembles a bowl of oats; warm, soft and bravo. Desire resembles soup, it is just great when it is hot. Sweet Dreams

17.  It’s truly difficult to sit tight for the right partner in your life particularly when the wrong ones are so adorable! You are the perfect one for me. Have a wonderful night rest.

Good Night Quotes For Him and Her

18. Good Night Quotes: What if you fall in love with the wrong individual? Will you give up or hang on? I think you have to do nothing, Just keep loving. Who knows? Possibly that love may be sufficient to make that individual the correct one. Have a happy good night.

19. Good Night Quotes: I can never say how my life would go and to what extent I’d remain alive. All I know is that even we’re miles separated, you’d generally be one of the sweetest bit of perplex finishing my life. Good Night to you love.

20. Good Night MSG: I may not be there when you require me, but rather a piece of me giggles when you’re cheerful and cries when you’re sad, the other part remains solid to pray to God for you. That is the best thing a far companion can do. Take good care of yourself and have a wonderful night sleep

Good Night MSG for Him and Her

21. Good Night MSG: In your eyes, I see the light of Colors, I see us beside each other. I feel my conscience merge with yours and I hear a voice say; What’s he is hers. Then I was fallen into you. It’s a dream I had, hope you’ll have a similar dream too. Have a good night rest.

22. Good Night msg: Thinking about you is the tipping point where my bad dreams end and sweet dreams start. I cherish you, my baby.

23. Good Night MSG: The length of they are about me and you, I wish that everything you could ever hope for working out as expected. Good night my princess.

24. Good Night MSG: I need to be the cool night breeze which gives you goosebumps as you rest. Great night young lady. My Woman.

25.  This message has the accompanying connections – the sweetest kiss and cosiest embrace, the cutest nestle and hottest cuddle. Good Night my dream.

26. The moon is furious at me and envious of you since I said that nobody can light my evenings up like my better half. I wish you Goodnight My Love.

Good Night Messages For Him

good night messages for him
Good Night Messages for Him

27. Good Night Messages For Him:  The night is excessively long, for you to be away. I am urgently holding up, for it to transform into the day. My heart will decay away, if things continue going on like this. All I need to do is give you a kiss. Good Night my King.

28. Good Night Messages For Him: I searched the internet for… What are the best words I can use in a decent good night message for my better half? Google answered… Ask your heart. I miss you cutie.

29. Good Night Messages For Him: Just like how the sun rises regardless, I also can’t avoid you since I miss you a considerable measure. Good Night Love

30. Good Night Messages For Him: This content is a medication which heads out NIGHTMARES and invites SWEET DREAMS. Suggested dose is One Message at regular intervals. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

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31. Good Night Text For Him: I wish we could nestle throughout the night… and nod off in the wake of watching the sunrise together. I miss you, my love. Have a wonderful night.

32. Good Night Text For Him:  Whenever I consider my adoration for you, I see everything I could ever want working out as expected. Good Night my Man.

33. Good Night Text For Him: I have never felt so desolate like this, everything I can consider is giving you a kiss. Such is the joyful impact of our affection on me, that everything I do is miss you profoundly. Do have a joyous night my cutie pie.

34. Good Night Text For Him: I might be drained, I might be drowsy. Be that as it may, I will never have the capacity to nod off, until I message my darling. Sweet Dreams.

35. Good Night Love Quotes For Him: Technically I am sleeping however in all actuality all I am doing is thinking about you. Sweet dreams love.

Good Night Love Messages For Him and Her

Good Night Love Message

36. Good Night Love Message: Looking at the dim skies of the night lit up by the attractive sparkle of the stars and the sentimental shine of the moon, makes me consider only one thing – wish you were here with me. I cherish you, Gud Nyt.

37. Good Night Love Message: Thousands of stars in the sky sparkle brilliantly, however, you are the main sparkling star in my sight. Gud Nyt My Love

38. Good Night Love Message: This message is a GUARANTEE that you will have SWEET DREAMS and you will wake up with a SMILE all over. All FEEDBACK, CLAIMS and COMPLAINTS must be sent to the BOYFRIEND office alongside charming KISSES and warm HUGS. Gud Nyt.

39.Good Night Love Messages For Him: I wish I could come over rapidly, I wish you would kiss me. I wish we could snuggle the night away, I wish it could never transform into the day. I’m missing you, my love.

40. Good Night Love Messages For Him:  Do you know why the moon is sparkling so splendidly today? Since it is attempting to be as wonderfully brilliant as you seem to be. Have a wonderful Night Rest.

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Romantic Good Night Messages

41. Romantic Good Night Messages:  This instant message is an official welcome for you to go along with me in my fantasies. Kisses. I love you so much.

42. Romantic Good Night Messages: The night is not always, but rather our affection is. Good Night Love.

43. Romantic Good Night Messages: I would prefer not to be your cover in which you cuddle, I would prefer not to be your sheets on which you wriggle. I simply need to be the person with whom, you can do every one of those things together and snuggle. Have a wonderful night rest.

44.Romantic Good Night Messages: The main thing my sweetest dreams, my life’s most extremely valuable recollections and my life’s greatest yearnings have in like manner… is YOU.  You are always present at every moment of my life. I so much adore you!

45.Romantic Good Night Messages: I can’t depict, how I feel. With my depression, I can’t bargain. Whatever I can consider, is meeting you. This serious gloom, I trust you can feel as well. Good night Love.

Good Night SMS for Girlfriend

Good Night SMS for Girlfriend

46. Good Night SMS for Girlfriend: I wish I could simply hop into your Facebook and give each photo of yours a tight decent night embrace. Good Night my Baby.

47.Good Night SMS for Girlfriend: Every night I nod off with a grin all over… in light of the fact that I realize that will wake up and meet the individual who puts it there. Good Night my Sweetheart.

48.Good Night SMS for Girlfriend: During the morning you are my SUN… sparkling your ravishing beams, which control my days. Amid the night you are my MOON… with brilliance erupting from your creases, fueling my fantasies. I love you, my princess.

49.Good Night SMS for Girlfriend: I owe my life to Instagram. Without taking a gander at your photos my evenings would have been suffocating and forlorn. I miss you, great night sweetie.

50.Good Night SMS for Girlfriend: This message is to advise you that despite the fact that the night will offer a route to the day, I will dependably be the dull night sky that spreads you like a cover, and the brilliant moon which sparkles love until the end of time. I love you and have a good night.

More Romantic Good Night Quotes

51.  Romantic Good Night Quotes: Do you know what is transitory? The twinkle of the stars which vanish as the sun ascends in the east. Do you know what is changeless? The route in which for you, my heart joyfully thumps. Good Night Love.

52. Romantic Good Night Quotes: The dull skies of the night are a canvas on which I paint my fantasies and envision us together, now and until the end of time. Great night sweetheart.

52. Romantic Good Night Quotes: As the clock ticks away to midnight, I simply need to state that you are the prettiest and the most delightful young lady in the entire universe. I adore you, Good Night.

54. Romantic Good Night Quotes: Pleasant evening to the young lady on account of whom my evenings have turned out to be longer and dreams have turned out to be dreamier. I cherish you.

55. Romantic Good Night Quotes: I want to be an owl with the goal that I could sit on a branch outside your window and gaze at all of you night long. good night.

56. Romantic Good Night Quotes: Your sweetheart has an adoration despises association with the night. He despises it since he can’t be with you, yet he adores it since he can dream about you interminably. Good night

Goodnight Love Quotes For Him

57. Goodnight Love Quotes For Him: I guarantee to be the warrior who battles every one of your NIGHTMARES and the errand person who brings all your SWEET DREAMS. Good Night.

58. Goodnight Love Quotes For Him: If it is a hot summer night, pondering you gives me sweet shudders down my spine. In the event that it is a nippy winter night, considering you give me a comfortable warmth completely through to my heart.

59. Goodnight Love Quotes For Him: a pleasant evening to the pixie who mystically makes every one of the inconveniences of my life vanish with her kisses.

60. Goodnight Love Quotes For Him: How would I be able to nod off without saying great night to the young lady who has been the purposes behind all the wonderful recollections of the past and the satisfaction that I’m going to find later on. I adore you, Goodnights

61. Goodnight Love Quotes For Him: I know it is past midnight, I know everybody’s sleeping and I know it is horrendously late. In any case, all I needed to state is that for the minute I can kiss you tomorrow, I just can hardly wait. Have a good night rest.

62. The night is my joy because it brings you close to my heart; night is my favourite because I can come closer to your heart. Goodnight.

63. The night is like a garment of love when you have a good girl to make it cover you comfortably, you are the best. Goodnight.

64. I want you to feel your impact from the farthest place in life even when we are not together, I want our heart to be the closest tonight.

65. Just like the brim of light, my heart beats for you every night; I think of you alone just to ensure that you are the best for me. Goodnight lovely boy.

66. The dearest face I have seen ever is the one on your body, this is the reason why I am always happy every night.

67. I love you beyond the space between two hearts. It is my joy and happiness that we are together today. Goodnight.

68. When I set my eyes on you, everything I was searching began to be cleared that it is easy to get. You are just the best guy for me. Goodnight dear.

69. You don’t know how much I am in love with you now; you are just the best love I have seen ever. I love you, have the sweetest night dream.

70. I want you to close your eyes this night, you will see me steering at you; it is the sign of the love I have for you.

71. This night will not be sweet to sleep because I can’t imagine you being far away from me. I need the air of your kisses to calm me down. Happy night time.

72. Sleep tight and never have a nightmare; just ensure that you see me in your dear dream. Goodnight sweetheart.

73. I love you more and more every day, I cherish you beyond the expectations of the people. This is an amazing feeling I have for you. Goodnight.

74. I will always be happy with you because you wiped away the past sorrows in my life; I love you more than the sky. Goodnight.

75. When I set my eyes on you, everything was not calm, but the few months I spent with you have removed every pain I faced. I love you.

76. There is no one that can stop me from loving you because I have dedicated my heart to your love. Only God can stop my love for you. Goodnight.

77. Ensure you sleep happily this night. Smile as you read my messages because it is the sole purpose of my text. I love you.

78. There is the truth about me and you, you may not know but I know better than you do. It is the fact that our soul is one in two bodies. Goodnight.

79. I want to be your fairy tonight, I want you to enjoy dreaming about me this night. I wish you a safety night.

80. There is no face as cool as yours especially this night. You are just the most precious gift this year for me. Goodnight.

Cute Goodnight Quotes for Him

81. Have the best you can this night, it is very important for you and me; our love is divine and I am really interested in you. Goodnight.

82. When I set my eyes on you, I saw the future I have been searching for; I saw the kind of man I wish will be my husband. Goodnight.

83. There is no way I can stop think about you because the heart controls it cannot do without being with you every day and night. I love you.

84. Without you in my life, it is like I do not exist, I can’t lead a life that does not have you. You are my love. Goodnight.

85. Precious love is the most beautiful gift ever. You know what? You are a precious love for me. Goodnight.

86. I feel like the world is paradise and the reason is that you are part of it. I love you so much. Goodnight.

87. There is love around your bed, her name is your heartbeat; just close your eyes and you will see me right away.

88. In this cool night, in this sweet hour of the day, in this precious time that no one is with but your heart, I am ready to bond with you.

89. I love everything you taught me about love. You are the most interesting person in this world for me. I love you.

90. The best day of my life is the day I set my eyes on you. I am yours forever. Believe me, I need you all my life. Goodnight.

91. Thank you for the way you make me feel. Thank you for making me look special. I love you beyond your scope. Goodnight.

92. I felt your impact when you were far away from me. I thought I will not see you again. Goodnight.

93. Loving you is sweeter than ice cream, creamy like chocolate. You are simply the most handsome guy ever seen. Goodnight.

94. I am so much into you tonight, I want to be yours every time in my life. Thank you for being there for me.

95. You put a smile on my face every night and it is the reason why I am always happy to reach out to you at nights. Goodnight.

96. I don’t like confess the reason for my joy to guys but since the day I met you, I don’t know why I can’t stop my confessions to you.

97. The night is smiling at you; the night needs to ensure that two lovers are in deep love for each other. Don’t sleep without smiling. Goodnight.

98. Wherever you are, whenever you are lonely and need the heart to calm you down please remember that I will be there for you. Goodnight.

99. I don’t know why the love I have for you intoxicates me like a bear. I just can’t control the feeling as perfect as it is. Goodnight.

100. When you want to sleep, just remember me in your heart and you will see me right in your dreams. I love you.

Sweet Goodnight Quotes For Girlfriend

101. The stars are smiling at you; the numbers of the stars you can’t count are the one smiling at you. I love you.

102. I want to end my life being in love with you; I want to be the mother of your kids one day. Goodnight.

103. You are my dream come true, the only guy that can put a precious smile on my cheeks. I miss you so much. Goodnight.

104. Every night is another opportunity for me to love you better than ever. Goodnight to my lovely boyfriend.

105. I will not stop the race of love with you until we reach our destination. You have changed my heartbeat to be as fast and the speed of light.

106. Anytime I look at your eyes, I see the kind of man that I have been searching for. I love it when you make me happy. Goodnight.

107. I am really proud of you. I can’t stop the great feeling that comes to my heart whenever I see you. The aura of you cannot be taken for granted. Goodnight.

108. I have been so much in love with you. This is the reason why I am always happy. I just want to say goodnight, my love.

109. You have been there for me when I need you most. I will never in any way stop thinking about you forever.

110. You are my joy, my love, my grace and the best gift for me among men. I wish you a peaceful night.

111. I love you with my heart and the drop of tears that never end. I will always love you for the rest of your life. Goodnight.

112. With the precious smile I receive from you every day; my heart will never be at rest until I see you tomorrow. Goodnight.

113. You have been giving me a sleepless night. Truly, I won’t deny the fact that your love lingers in my heart and dwells permanently the blossom of passion planted in it. Goodnight.

114. Your passion for me can be felt even from the deepest part of my heart. I wish you a night full of sweet dream.

115. Night has come and the body is tired but my heart still wants more of you. Goodnight my lovely guy.

116. If I am given the chance to make a wish, it will be to see you right before me. I love you, my sweetheart. Goodnight.

117. With you in my life, every little thing I need will be possible. I will ensure that I take care of you for you are a righteous guy.

118. Close your eyes and meet me tomorrow. I know I will miss you but the night will be fantastic because I prayed to see you in my dream. Goodnight.

119. Goodnight to my beloved smart guy; I wish you the best of dreams. I look forward to seeing you soon.

120. Just one night, and I am already restless. I want to ensure to see you smile at me soon. Goodnight.

Romantic Goodnight Message for Boyfriend

121. I hope I will be able to cope without you. every night forces me to pray that one day I should wake up next to you.

122. I have been in this life for long and it has never occurred to me that there is someone as special as you are. Goodnight.

123. Goodnight to my dearest brother, I wish you all the best and pray that any single thing you desire will be granted to you.

124. I want you to close your eyes and enjoy the passion of this night. You may not be that strong but remember, night is a garment for rest.

125. After several hours of work, you need a special night to relax and shine tomorrow like a star in the dark sky.

126. Whenever it is night, u feel like the day will not break again. This is the power of the love I have for you. Goodnight.

127. If you can smile at me, I will be happy because you are such an intelligent person and I love you smile. Goodnight.

128. The aura of your beauty marvels me. I came to realize that even a look can bring endless joy to the heart. I love you.

129. As you read this message, I hope that you are smiling because I am already missing you. How I wish I am there to keep you warm.

130. If this world is made of your smile, it will be sweeter than it is; I swear by the one that created me, you are gorgeous.

131. Goodnight my sweetheart. I hope for a good day when I will finally become yours and nothing else will stop us from waking up next to each other.

132. I pray for a man and God sent me an angel. You have been so cute to me and I will never in any way forget you. Goodnight.

133. You put a smile on my face every minute. You took me to the land of love that alone consoles my heart. I love you.

134. Having found a man like you, I began to understand the reason why I was in pain since this year. Thank God I met you. Goodnight.

135. Hello bae, ensure that this hour brings passion to your heart and envelopes you with a smile that is blended with a sweet dream.

136. Happy to hear from you. My blessed angelic boyfriend. Your face shines like sunshine anytime I set my eyes on you. I really miss you.

137. I don’t like to see the morning hour moves away, and I hate the night hour fading away because, in both, you are unique.

138. Goodnight my selfless love. Truly, no one can tell how much you mean to me but God. Goodnight and sleep tight.

139. I ask for the protection of God upon you. I pray that anything you need will reach you every minute of your life. Goodnight.

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