50 Good Morning Love Messages for Her

This is a collection of the 50 best Good Morning love messages and good morning text messages. Send these messages to your loved ones so they start their day with a smile and in a great way.

These love messages can either be sent to your boyfriend or girlfriend as they will make your lover fall in love with you. When they know that their thought is with you all through the night and you could send them a good morning SMS.

good morning love messages

Good Morning Love Messages for Her

1. When the sun rises – Good Morning Love Messages

When the sun rises, I want to be the first to say good morning to you my love and to know how you are doing this morning, hope your night was great? Mine was not too good but with your thought in my mind, I felt like I have won a lottery, you are my lottery you know, you give me joy and all that I need. Have a great day ahead my sweetie pie.

2. It is a new dawn

It is a new dawn, my love. I want my Good Morning SMS to be the one to wake you up and now I am saying how was your night? Hope it was splendid. I was just dreaming of you in my arms, so I said I should let you know someone is thinking about you, my love. Have a great day love!

3. Even though you are not here – Good Morning Love Messages

Even though you are not here, I know our heart are so close, I can hear you breathe and I can hear you saying I love you and my heart says I love you more. I just want to say good morning.

4. Take good care of  heart

As you wake up this wonderful morning, I want to remind you to take good care of my heart and I will take care of yours. I LOVE YOU, DARLING. Good Morning.

5. To be nice and good – Good Morning Love Messages

To be nice and good is the best, people suffer violence and humiliation, patience is the best solution to being a good friend, good lover and a good companion. Be calm and be good as you walk out this morning. I love you. Just want to say good morning.

6. As the blessing of this day – Good Morning Love Messages

As the blessing of this day bring forth joy and glad tidings so shall our love be blessed to yield good news . how was your night my honey?

7. If there will be a day to love

If there will be a day to love, I will choose every day because I can’t just live a single day without loving you, I will choose to love you over and over again. Good morning my heartthrob.

8. Achievement is not having it all – Good Morning Love Messages

Achievement is not having it all, but having you. I can proudly say I have it all with you in my life. I have had all achievements and the success story is now ours. I love you queen of my life. Have a great day ahead.

9. I was reborn the day I met you

I was reborn the first day I met you,  right from that day, I knew we were meant for each other. Loving you is not an option, it is my fate. You mean the world to me, my angel. Good morning my love.

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10. Saying good about someone You Lve– Good Morning Love Messages

Saying good about someone you love and appreciating all the efforts of that person towards making you a better person is the best way of life.  My baby, O truly appreciate the love, care and all your efforts to making me a better person. Good morning to the love of my life.

Good Morning Love Text Messages To Wake Her/Him

good morning text messages

11. Dreams come in form of your Thought


Dreams are said to come in form of your thought before going to bed, your thought has made me sick. I was diagnosed with love and the doctor said the cure is your love so please will you be the one to cure me? Good morning love.

12. Say good morning to the one you love – Good Morning Love Text Messages

There’s a saying that says when you wake in the morning to say good morning to the one you love, your day will be great, so I say to myself why waste time when I know my love is out there waiting to hear from me. Good morning my dearest heart.

13. I’ve been into different relationships that failed

I’ve been into different relationships that failed, but when I look at you, I see that you are different, that we are meant for each other. You are sent from heaven. Good morning my angel.

14. When I wake up in the morning – Good Morning Love Text Messages

When I wake up this morning, your love is what comes to my mind, so I can only feel better when I’m able to tell you how much I love you and to say good morning.`

15. Yesterday was gone

Yesterday was gone and today is another day, our love keep on renewing each day that passes by. Our love is unique and the best thing that ever happened to me, I am bested and favoured by God. God bless our union, good morning my queen.

16. It isn’t about money or fame – Good Morning Love Text Messages

It isn’t about money or fame, life is all about been happy and happiness comes when one’s heart desire become reality. Mine is by finding true love.  It isn’t easy though but still found you. I love you more and more,. Good morning love of my life.

17. Money, fame and friends come and go

Money, fame, and friends may come and go but love remains in the heart, my love for you is real and certain. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you are truly beautiful, my cutie pie, good morning.

18. If I should sleep – Good Morning Love Text Messages

If I should sleep, all I dream of is you, loving you, being with you. With you, my life is complete. I knew from the start that I’ll always love you, but never imagine it could be this strong, my morning is not complete without saying good morning to you my everlasting flame.

19. Love they say have no boundary

Love they say have no boundary and has no limit, so my love for you is endless, with absolute truth and honest heart. I have loved and cherished every single moment we shared together, you are the one for me and will always be, you will always come first in all that I do. Your love gives me strength to live. Good morning my honey bunny.

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20. I can imagine your face this morning – Good Morning Love Text Messages

I can imagine your face this morning, it reminds me of how your face lightened my day, thinking about your gorgeous smile alone brightens my mood, my love, do have a great day.

21. Your pretty face

Your pretty face always reflects in my mind, you talk the way you walk, the way you laugh always make my head want to explode, I love you not because you are beautiful, your family or for material things, I love you for whom you are. Good morning my angel.

22. Guess your night was good – Good Morning Love Text Messages

Guess your night was good and your heart is telling you that someone is out there thinking of you. I’m also in a deep thought about you so I say to let you know you are not alone. I love you, good morning love!

23. I just sent you a rose flower

I just sent you a rose flower, did you receive it, I just want to say hope your night was good, I miss you so much my love . Do have a great day, my jewel.

24. Your laughter always gives me joy – Good Morning Love Text Messages

Your laughter always gives me joy, happiness is the key to live an healthy life, whatever makes you happy also makes me happy, you are special and good in everything you do, I love you with all of my heart. Good morning honey.

25. No matter how far we may be

No matter how far we may be, we still unite in our thought. Our heart is united as one, messages come and go but the love in our heart still remain because love is based in the heart. I love you and good morning.

26. People think am crazy – Good Morning Love Text Messages

People think am crazy, but they forgot that love is the fruit that keeps the heart and mind functioning well, love make me feel like a baby and I know that am your baby pet and I will always proof the people wrong about the love that I have for you is real, and not madness because I know nothing is impossible with love, good morning love of my life.

27. Do you think I deserve you

Do you think I deserve you? I’m so lucky to have you, you know. I never knew true love still exist. You are my everything, my jewel my pride my weapon and most of all, my love that never ends, I love you. Gud mrng

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