100 Good Evening Quotes, Images and Memes for Him and Her

Sending Good Evening Quotes and SMS to friends, someone special or mere acquaintance is a great way to end the day. Romantic good evening SMS can also enhance the flavor in one’s relationship. Summing the whole day up with such sweet, and sometimes silly, SMS & messages for greetings good evening can make the relationship even sweeter. Inspirational messages can also lift one’s spirit after a bad day.

Every day cannot always be a nice day for everyone. You may have a bad day. Inspire and cheer them up with some inspiring SMS  and messages. You can encourage them by sending words of wisdom in a form of short text messages. Quotes about friendship and motivational sayings can also be used, ended with the greetings “good evening”.

Romantic Good Evening Quotes for Her

1. When you feel lonely, denied and in sorrow, just know that someone somewhere is hoping to give you all you want in life. I have always been and will ever be there for you my sweet love, Good evening!

2. When you can do well for the benefit of others, I call it freedom. Baby show your freedom with love and appreciate the accomplishment of the morning hustles, have a cute evening naps. A soporific evening to you!

3. True lovers are always in a union, they help build one and another for a better future. They feed each other with love and take care of each other with joy, happiness, and success in life. Good evening my love!

4. Forget about the past pains no matter what it may bring; only great women can do so. You may be restless because you could not achieve something you really need in life but if you have a never giving up the spirit, one day you will wake up and find out everything is okay. Good evening dear angel!

5. Morning may be too stressful, hustles may weigh you down but the evening will always find a way out for you to rest after all these hefty days. It is a good opportunity in this moment that I can reach a very important lady in my life. Good evening!

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6. For the special lady in my life, I am wishing you a cool evening that will bring joy to your life. I may not have enough word to express how I feel for you or how much you mean to me. Thinking about you all the time is my joy. Good evening!

7. The evening may be dark and rough but I am willing to reach out to you so I can feel the aura of your evening relaxation. You are the best lady I have ever met in life, loving you is a romantic episode in my life. I just want to say, good evening!

8. Contentment is when I can reach out to you—my angel been rest assured that you are fine and okay. You are a special light that shines on my heart giving me more reason to fall in love with you. No matter what may transpire between us; nothing can stop my love for you. Good evening!

9. In the morning I was fascinated by your power smile. This evening I am hoping to see your beautiful face, a face that brings tears of joy to the eyes God has given you. I am trading my joy to the only girl in my heart. Good evening!

10. I see you in darkness like a shining rolling star. You are to me like a cute jewel ever sparkling with light that comes from the heart of love. The morning is gone but another opportunity is here and it is called the blessed evening. I am wishing you a great evening dear angel, Good evening!

Sweet Good Evening Quotes for Lovers

11. I see you smile in the patch of love like a pretty queen which you are. I love you because you are smart and beautiful. My dear angel, loving you is a pack of the sweetest chocolate. You are a star and a rare treasure in my life. Good evening!

12. This evening, I am sending lots of waves of comfort to restore all your stress into coolness and passionate naps. No matter how hard your day may be, always remember that a heart is there for you. Good evening!

13. The evening time is like a light that follows up with the glorious sunshine of the day, it comes with lots of fortune to relax our head after long days of stress. My dear angel, we are here for each other to show how much we are meant to be. Just want to say good evening!

14. The rose that my heart reads and counts every day and night—I want you to be rest assured that you have found the best love on earth who will always be there to wipe away your tears. I love you with all my strength, due have a wonderful evening my love!

15. Like a pouring juice of passion, I admire you whenever I set my eyes on your blue eyes that spark with light. Love is more expressed in the evening when the heart is about to rest because it will come with a comfort unexplainable to the benefactor. Good evening darling!

Good Evening Poems with Love For Her

16. I love you this much because you are a special kind of girl. Your presence in my life is a joy that has no bound. Your love is endless and selfless. I will love you forever my dear princess, good evening!

17. I love everything about you, your face, smile, steps and your gorgeous body. I am sending lots of passion packs to you this evening, so you will know I love you. I want you to be rest assured that you are the best for me. Good evening.

18. With the joy that emanates from the bottomless part of my heart, I cheer you up this evening. I declare that my angel is the most cherished queen of my heart. I love the style of your love, your cuteness and kindness—good evening!

19. The super love my life, the most interesting lady I have ever come across in life. Loving you is the most interesting thing that has ever occurred to me. I love you passionately. My heart is attached to you. I love you, have a wonderful evening!

20. You are my joy, my love the most interesting thing that has ever happened to me. My dear angel, I will leave to prove to you how important you are to me. My love, having you in my life is a lifetime success. Good evening!

Good Evening Quotes with Images For Her

21. The lily of my love garden, you alone I love to pluck so you will live with me—in my heart, room and everywhere I may be. You are my shining treasure, an uncommon diamond. I love the whole of you from the head to toes none is left unmentioned. Good evening, my joy!

22. This is my luck and passion, the lady I will forever be proud of. The lady of my life; the queen that was chosen for me, I mean it when I said I love you. Thank you for all your kindness in my life. I just want to say, good evening!

23. With you, love becomes sweeter than the sweetest chocolate, more interesting than the Titanic movie, you are so cute my darling angel, loving you is a great joy on its own. You are an epitome of beauty a paragon of joy. Good evening!

24. Good evening my sugar lady, your love turns my heart like a tornado and sentenced me in ten year in passion. Your beauty forced my head down in humbleness of a queen of beauty. My paragon of gorgeousness I just want to say good evening!

25. Like a jewel of love, you shine with light. Your face is a building of charming smile. I love the way you act and the life you lead. My dear angel, you are the best queen ever—the most interesting girl of my time, I love you so much. Just want to cheer you up this evening, hope you had a great day?

26. My love for you has no explanation because it comes in huge waves uncontrollable by any mortal. Your love is very hot on my heart burning like a molten magma. You are my angel, the chosen bringer of joy into my life by God, this evening is special and I nominate you for comfort. Good evening!

27. My real joy is not because I am alive today; my real happiness is because you are the angel of my life. The angel I adore my love and the only pretty lady—I love you with my life. This evening, I am sending you all good wishes of life. Good evening baby!

28. Dear love, I am in love with you today because you worth it. You proved to me that you are a power house of kindness, loving you will forever be a thing of joy in my life. I love you so much. Good evening!

29. My dear angel, you are my one in a million girls, the reason why I smile every day. The first time I set my eyes on you, heaven was seen on earth. You are my dear princess. The adorable lady I have ever come across, loving you is the gladdest experience I ever encountered. Good evening!

30. You have your taste, I have mine and it is you, ever since the day I knew you, happiness found its way to my heart. A day cannot pass without your thoughts in my heart. I just want to say good evening to my love!

Good Evening Funny Memes For Him and Her

31. The reason why I’m happy is that you belong to me. This evening is calm, bringing the comfort of the night with the setting of the sun. The morning was bright and it was spent with you, this evening is cool, I hope you will find the best of pleasures in it. Have a wonderful evening!

32. Every time and moment come with its own uniqueness. This evening comes with your thoughts and this gives me more brightness in my heart. Thinking of you brings endless bliss to my mind. I love you with all my heart. Good evening!

33. Good evening baby, I hope your cup of coffee is ready? Anyway I just want to send you lots of hugs and kisses to keep you warm till the bedtime. I am in love with an angel, a beautiful queen I cherish with all my heart. Evening glory is shining upon your face. Enjoy yourself darling!

34. You are a cute girl. A gorgeous gazelle, a pretty princess. Your eyelashes are so colorful like rainbow light. Your walking step is like that of Beyonce, I love your shoulder—a broad like shoulder like that of a white stallion. You are a peacock in the land of beauty. Good evening, dear angel!

35. I love your face that shines with the light of passion. I admire your charming smile that mesmerizes my heart and buries me in the pool of joy. You are like an uncommon diamond treasure hard to find, easy to love and most adorable to keep. Good evening.

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36. Whenever I see your charming face, my heart blows off in endless love. You are a paragon of beauty, a queen of cuteness and a joy that hangs on my heart chambers. I love you with a great passion. Just want to say good evening my love.

37. Your smile is a powerful love bullet. It shows my heart and melts it in passion, purifies it in affection and endows it with an amazing comfort. Loving you is a cute experience. Good evening baby!

38. Love I called you because you deserved to be loved. My dear angel, if there is anything I wish for you—a life lived in joy, happiness, success and prosperity. This evening, I am sending you every good thing life can bring. I hope you had a wonderful day, please do find this evening more pleasurable. Good evening!

39. You are my endless joy itself. I am so lucky to find you in life. My dear rainbow, loving you is like a school of thought, ever with you forever with me. The sparkling smile of yours digs my heart with excitement and pulls me down the stream of love. Good evening a charming angel!

40. I will love you my cute angel like a treasure—a priceless treasure. You are not bad my dear angel, with you my heart is light. You are like an ocean of joy. Whenever I see you I burst into joyous party of affection. I love you just want to say good evening!

41. Sweet, hope the morning came with ease? I just want to reach out to my sweet girlfriend the best girl ever in my life. Your evening shall be filled with blissful moments. Have a wonderful evening my princess.

42. You are a pillar of beauty, your eyes shine like a cute night star. Your smile is a golden treasure; your face is as bright as a glowing sun. I love you my sweetheart, having you around me is a powerful feeling. Good evening my love!

43. You are the best girl that I have ever come to my life. Since the day I set my eyes on you, I knew you will bring peace to my heart. I love everything about you; baby I want you to know that you mean the world to me. Good evening!

44. The sweet diamond of my heart, I hope you had a wonderful day? I am wishing you a great evening. Do have a sweet dream tonight. I love you with every good reason. Good evening!

45. I love your ways and your simple life style. You mean the world to me. Having met you in life, joy, happiness and success became mine. You are my best friend—a cute beautiful angel, I want you to have a wonderful evening time. Good evening!

46. Loving a sweet angel like you will only do well to the health of the heart—no harms at all. I hope you find peace in the brightness of the day. My joy in this life is that I met you. I promise to always be with you until the end of time. Good evening dear!

47. Your presence in my life is a luck for me—a lifetime luck. You came in and put light into my life. I love you passionately and there is no girl worthy of taking your place in my heart. Good evening, my love!

48. My dear heart, love is a pain and pleasure—I chose the both so we can enjoy our life together. I want to be with you now and forever. You are my queen there is no doubt—my missing rib. I love you so much my princess, good evening!


Romantic Good Evening Images for Him & Her



Evening is a precious time after the morning hustles. It gives us comfort and hope for a cool and romantic awaiting night. You may be thinking of what else can you do with the time of evening while you are relaxed and freshen up. Why not make good use of that special time to reach out to your loved ones across? For romantic good evening messages for boyfriends, you can always count on us.

Here are some good evening messages for boyfriends. You can keep in touch with them always through our messages.

Cute Good Evening Quotes for Him

1. Like a rainbow, your beautiful eyes enslave my heart making it so attached to you—anytime I set my eyes on you! Your beautiful smile excites my feeling making me fall deeply in love with you. A superhero of my gentle heart, the heartthrob that mesmerizes my soul, spirit, and body—I just want to say good evening!

2. The lion of the realm of love, my sweet boyfriend the one I cherish so much. I want you to calm yourself because there is no other prince before me more loving as you are. Since the day I set my eyes on you, I knew you are my treasure. Good evening baby!

3. Evening is a time of comfort after a lot of stress during the blessed morning. I am using this golden moment to reach out to you my beloved boyfriend. Hope you had a fantastic morning? I wish you a great night ahead. Good evening my sweetheart!

4. My sweet prince, the smile of passion you splash at me melts my heart I won’t hide it. Your walking steps remind me of a buggy man—tall and giant. This evening is a special time for interesting people like you to relax and rest your head for a brighter day ahead. Good evening love!

5. The early blue moon of the eve is smiling at you my dear heart, telling you how wonderful you are—a gem and a kind-hearted person I have ever seen in my life. For so long, I’ve been searching for a cute romantic treasure like you but all in vain. Thank God I met you. Have a great evening nap!

Beautiful Good Evening Quotes For Her

6. The world’s best people are those who fulfilled their morning dreams and rest in the evening to prepare for the romantic night ahead. I am extending my joy and gratitude to you this evening that you should have a nice evening! Good evening baby!

7. Love is a wonderful experience especially when it comes to sharing passion with a handsome guy like you. Whenever I think of you, mild smiles cover my face and hit me softly on my heart. I love you my king of love. Good evening!

8. The joy that emits from my heart is a blessing I feel it no doubt at all. You are such a romantic boyfriend I will ever want to be with for the rest of my life. I love you and cherish your attitudes. Evening is a cup of love, have 100 cups for you and me. Good evening!

9. I am sending lots of romantic kisses and hugs to an igniter of love fire in my heart. I want you to feel warm and comfortable with yourself this evening so the night will be cool. Good evening my love, do have a great night ahead.

10. With you in my heart, I feel a sensation that moves me into deep love with you. You are a source of my joy—a unique happiness I cannot explain. You’re my lovely guardian angel. No other guy can take your place in my heart. Just want to say, good evening!

11. I have a guy that I’m always proud of—a person of gentle heart and lovely affectionate impact. He keeps me active and brings out the best in me. I love you my dear sweetheart, only you my dear heart has chosen to the end! Good evening!

12. If I can turn back the hand of time, I will have willed to spend the whole of my life with you. I think I can’t forgive myself having not found you since the years. I missed a lot my hero because a love like yours is rare to find. Thank God I’m with you today. Baby, I want to say, good evening!

13. I love your smile, kiss, hugs, giggles, and everything about you. You are so cute, hot and special. I love you more because you are cheerful and funny. This evening is specially packaged for you. My love I am sending you my kiss this evening, take note of its hotness. Good evening!

14. Good evening my joy. A guy full of life I love like never before. The love I have for you is so unique that I can’t explain how it turns me on and on. Your smile is a powerful tool of passion melting my heart into fluids of admiration for you. I love your beautiful face—as cool as the evening time. Good evening, love!

15. The first day I met you, I had a love at first sight because the aura of your presence marveled me to a point of love comma. Thank God you smiled at me; perhaps I would have been dead now. My sweet guy, hope all is fine this evening?

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16. There is a judgment in my heart and it is the fact that you are so special to me, you brought joy to my heart and makes me feel special. You are my hero the one that my heart has chosen. I love you my sweetheart. Good evening baby!

17. Love is a sweet experience in life. I want to extend this joy and feelings in my heart this evening for the one that’s beloved to me. My dear angel, loving you is more than what you can ever expect from you. I want you to understand that you are the best friend and lover I have ever met before. Good evening!

18. The love that I see in your face is more than what the words have explained so far. I am happy because you demonstrate the depth of your love for me. I love you my dear jewel. I ask God to bless you this evening. Good evening!

19. We are meant to be I believe. Since the day I met you, my life has never remained the same. I love you with passion for you are a special kind of guy that my heart agrees with. You are my role model. Loving you will be a special gift. Good evening my heart!

20. Your beautiful eyes are like a diamond treasure sparking with passion, affection. I cherish you Mr. handsome, your height pulls my heart towards the wall of joy and happiness. I want to be with you till the end my dear sweetheart. Good evening!

Good Evening Quotes with Pictures For Him

21. Have you taken your hot cup of coffee? I am sure you do. I want you to relax your body for me because all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Grab the evening opportunity to prepare for a sweet night and great morning. Have a sweet evening darling!

22. I love you my dear angel, I hope you are fine? I just want to confirm the joy which the evening has brought to you. Is there success in it’ what about prosperity? My wish for you is to see you smile everyday of your life. Good evening my joy!

23. Hi love, it is evening now! My kisses for you are wrapped with lots of chocolates to keep you relaxed. My hugs are coming to keep you a company all through the night. I wish for you a great day ahead. Good evening!

24. Good evening a pillar of joy that circulates in my mind. Your thought in my heart this evening is more special than ever. You are a cute guy, loving you will be fantastic to be subscribed to because it will bring endless love to the heart. Good evening I love you!

25. With you the evening nap is no longer necessary since I will always hear your voice. Every moment shared with you is a golden pillar. It gives me a feeling that lasts in my heart. You are a real gem my darling. I just want to say, good evening!

26. Meeting you in life is a great experience because I have never found a man like you all of my life. You treat me special and put endless smile on my face. This evening is coming with lots of comfort I sent to you. Good evening!

27. My dear love, my joy increased this evening because I thought about you. I really have missed you so much. All I am wishing for is to see your smiling face once again because it fascinates me and makes me feel special. I love you baby, good evening!

28. Good evening darling, I hope you had a wonderful day? This is the relaxation time; I want you to feel the comfort that comes with it because your joy is my happiness. Have a great evening my treasured jewel. Good evening love!

29. You are to me like a beautiful treasure made of love. Your handsome face dazzles my heart and leaves me in wonder. What kind of angel are you that I completely fell in love with you? Good evening, my joy!

30. Since the day I met you, happiness has found its way to stay with me forever. Your kind hearted personality has affected me positively and now I can’t comprehend my love for you. You are so special my dear hero, good evening!

31. Loving you is like an ocean of honey which I will like to swim forever. My sweet boy, this evening is full of passion coming from the depth of my heart. I want you to share the zeal with me. Enjoy yourself, good evening!

32. With the best gift in life I adore you. With the sweetest chocolate I admire you, and cherish your impacts in my life. I am missing you already. Remember our evening memories? That’s exactly what this evening brought back to my heart. I can’t stop loving you. Good evening!

33. The corner stone of my heart is longing for your love. The chambers and the tissues of my heart are dying to see your smile once again. I love you so much my darling sweet buggy man. You’re my super hero. Good evening!

34. One of my official duties as your girlfriend is to make sure I put smile on your face. I know you may be tired this evening but I still have to express my feelings for you. You alone my heart bleeds for, I love you baby. Good evening!

35. Love they say is real when it involves two sincere people. I am lucky you are truthful to me. I love you more than you can imagine. With the joy that surrounds this evening time, I pray to God to uplift you and shower you with comforts. Good evening!

36. My evening prayer for you is to see you excel in every affairs of your life. You are tired now I guess but I have to reach out to you to show you how important you are to me. Loving you is my pleasure. Good evening!

Funny Good Evening Quotes for Him

37. I am so happy today because you are special. You came into my life to change it for good. The brightness of the day has done its own part of your success today, now I’m sending you an evening filled with lots of comforts and relaxation. Good evening love!

38. When I said I love you, it was the truth from my heart. You belong to me on the wings of love where the wave of passion has carried me away. I love you this much and I’m praying for every good thing that life can bring to a person. I want you to feel the cool breeze that comes with the sunset. Good evening!

39. You are to me like a sea of treasure pleasing to the heart. From the start of the hours of the day till the end of the hours of the night, your thought is always in my heart. I am sending you many packages this evening, in them there are; relaxation, joy, bliss, comfort, happiness and excitement. Have a wonderful evening dear!

40. The sun is now set, I want you to grab the opportunity it comes with—so you can prepare for a romantic night and a wonderful morning. I love you my dear hero. You are such a wonderful boyfriend. Good evening!

41. Your love in my heart grows like a beautiful flower watered with passion. The seed of your love in my heart is peace covered with the back of pleasure. The evening time has come giving you the opportunity for brighter day ahead. I just want to say good evening!

42. With you in my life, I find a great pleasure that cannot be explained with any word. It is not lie; I really miss your presence and will ever want to be with you, good evening my joy!

43. Passion is you and the reason is because you are so sweet—a kind heart boyfriend I have ever met in my life. You replaced my past pains with your sweet words and mesmerized me with your soft touch. Good evening I love you!

44. Nothing else can be as special as your smile whenever I see you. It gives me comfort this evening to reach out you my dear Superman. Loving you is bliss. Good evening! I want you to have a great day ahead!

45. Evening time is a special moment that gives peace to the heart after the stress of the hours of the day. I am pleased to wish you every comfort that comes with the evening. Have a wonderful time darling!

46. I wish you know how much you mean to me; probably the world will have been filled with your excitement because I love you with all respects. If you can open my heart this evening, you will find a lot of good wishes for you. I just want to show you how much joy I derive been in love with you. Good evening!

47. The king of my heart, I will love to reach out to you this evening to show appreciation to you for all what you done in my life. These tears of passion won’t stop rolling down my cheeks as long as you are in my life. You are so cute. Please do have a wonderful evening!

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