Funny From Female Happy Birthday Sister In-Law

A sister in law is like a sister, only much better. And today’s the day to tell her that just like birthday cakes and flowers, she is sweet and people love to be around her. A sister in law will never leave you, even when life gets crazy. She’s always got your back and is always there for you. It’s time to send some happy birthday sister in law quotes to your favorite sis – law!

Funny From Female Happy Birthday Sister In-Law

1. I don’t think I could wish you a Happy Birthday in any other way but saying how much love and admiration I feel for you. You are the best sister in law a girl could ask for! Thank you for loving my brother so much.

2. I know it’s your birthday and that you are allowed to be selfish and make silly wishes. For once, I would like to get something. Just this once. So here goes……I don’t have a lot of wishes ever because I’ve given them all to you…..but for your birthday I only want one thing……I want you to think of me as a sister. You are my sister…and I love you so very much! Happy Birthday my sweet sister

3. Dear, I know you must think I’m crazy sending you a letter… but no opportunity to say Happy Birthday and “I love you” will escape me! I’ve been wanting to write you for months all those things I always said to you in person before the kids were born (which is pretty much everything). But I figured it would be easier to just write it down.

4. You’ve got the loudest laugh! Thanks to you, I’m over the moon today, on this birthday of mine. Thanks for being an amazing and wonderful sister. Happy birthday!

5. I have no idea how you made it to 30…or 40 pretty soon. I am so happy that you spent another year of your life on this planet. I am really hoping that we aren’t the only ones left by the time we get to 60! You are so special and I just love you to pieces! Here’s to another great year of friendship and happiness.

6. You are the best thing that has happened to my brother since I met him, I love you so much! And I’m not just saying that because I’m family. You really are amazing and such a great friend. I hope we grow close and can be friends forever.

7. It’s been a long time coming, but I just wanted to say: I love you and I am so thankful that you came into my life. You make me smile, laugh, and forget the ups and downs of everyday life.

8. You can cook and clean, you always put up with my crazy shenanigans, you put up with Chris!!! All I wanna know… how does a girl like

9. It’s your birthday, so get out of the kitchen, take a seat and make yourself comfortable! As you blow out the candles this year we want to say these things to you:

10. P.S. – When I go to my grave and approach St Peter, I’m just going to say, “Look, look on the bright side! A 27-year-old gymnast who can cook AND shop for lingerie…that’s a good thing!”

11. Personalized Happy Birthday Sister in Law Notes of the day!!! Greetings and salutations, Sis! I can’t believe it’s your birthday again already. As a matter of fact, I was just thinking about you last night and I cracked myself up with a story about the time when you fell asleep. I have so many great memories from times we spent together that I wasn’t even sure where to start!

12. To my sister in law, who filled my life with joy the day you were born, who grew into such a beautiful young lady, and into an amazing woman I’m proud to call family. May all your birthday wishes come true.

13. I’d like to thank you for making life so much less of a pain in my behind. You are more than just a sister in law, but also a best friend. I am lucky to have you in my life.

14. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and let you know that I appreciate all of the advice, help, and love you have given to me over the years, you have made my life so much better. I’ve told you before but I will say it again. You are an awesome person and I love you so much!

15. You are a thoughtful, kind, handsome man whose kindness is evident in everything you do and say. I know life never goes according to plan, but you’ve done a great job keeping your nose to the grindstone. Few can pull it off, but you always do it with grace. I’m so grateful we became family and even more grateful that you are my husband! If we had a dollar for every quiet moment when I reminded you that it was my birthday and asked why

16. Thanks for the coffee and surprise visit this morning, even if you did wake me up. I love you like a sister and can’t imagine a better BFF. When you moved here I knew we would be the best of friends!

17. Congratulations on your Birthday! I hope next year is the best year ever. I’m sorry I missed your birthday but here is my present to you.

18. Nice try Milad but you can’t fool me. I know deep inside you wish it was my birthday instead of Lisa. Just think, you’re only one year older than me, not 8 like her. She even asked me to be in the wedding too! I don’t appreciate you going behind my back like that. You should know better than to mess with me. I haven’t forgotten our pact!

19. Dear BIL, you were born to Susan so that I could have a friend in my sister. You were her special gift to me. Now that you are one year old I think Mom was right…you ARE a gift! (Now get going on some nieces and nephews please!) Love, Aunt Kristie

20. We met in fifth grade, and you were nothing but a bother to me. When I turned 12, I wanted desperately to grow breasts, like the bigger girls at school. You instantly noticed when my wish came true. Without stopping to think of the consequences, you smashed your cupcakes onto my chest! For eleven years, I’ve grown to love you, and with every passing year my love has only grown stronger.

Happy Birthday Funny Sister in Law

21. I’m just going to put it out there that you were my first friend in this family, which was really weird for me. I was coming into a situation where I was completely new and where I didn’t know anyone. But, I knew that I liked you before I even met you because your name was the same name as mine, and you were the godmother of one of my best friends growing up. That’s how we met and from then on, we became fast friends. I seriously

22. Dear Sister in Law, I hope your birthday is filled with love and laughter. I want you to know how fabulous you are and that on your birthday I want to be the very first to wish you a happy birthday. I love you and have fun!

23. You have been a wonderful sister in law to me, and I consider it a gift that you have chosen me to be yours. You are talented, funny, smart and just all around beautiful. Have the best day possible…I love you!

24. Happy birthday sis! I hope you have a day full of wonderful surprises and sweet friends to share them with. You are one of the most kind hearted people I know and always go out of your way to do nice things for others. I hope you have a wonderful birthday full of love, laughter and lots of fun!

25. Happy birthday to my cute, funny and weird sister. I will never forget that time you jumped into the back of Matt’s truck to surprise Peter with a kiss, or when you spent an hour doing your own makeup and singing along to Annie on your way to your prom. I love you, for always being there for me, for being a good listener, for being my partner in crime in the kitchen and for loving Benji as much as I do! __

26. Birthdays are the best. I get to sit and reflect on the amazing things in my life. I have a loving husband, beautiful home and so many other things. My favorite thing is getting to celebrate with each and every one of you. To me your birthdays are very special and something I look forward to every year. You are the most important person in my life. Your birthday is your day and I know you will have fun celebrating no matter what we do it. I’m

27. You are the smiliest person I know. Always there for your family and friends, you always have a bright personality. You can make anyone’s day with your smile or laugh! Happy Birthday!

28. I have loved you since the first time I saw you. You are amazing, kind and funny. You’re everything I have never even dreamed of and so much more. Your heart is pure and your soul is beautiful. I love you sissy!

29. We’re sisters now. I love you to the moon and back, we can watch Pretty Woman, eat at Chipotle and break into pink leather pants together… Well maybe not the last one but I’d do it in a heart beat! I’m so glad our paths crossed and made a bond like no other!

30. You are like a sister. I don’t know what kind of sister I would have wanted, but whatever it was, you probably would not have been it. Thanks for putting up with me all these years. You’re the best!

31. Dear Sisters(in law), I want to say that I love you. I don’t say it enough, but I hope you two know how much your brother and I appreciate how much you two always have our backs! Thanks for being you…and not only do we get to have a great brother/sister in law combo, but we also have some of the best in-laws ever! TOM:I loved you today, yesterday and will always on your birthday and beyond.

32. Happy Birthday, Sis! I wish you all the best. Enjoy your day. Of all the sisters-in-law who may run my way … none would ever be so dear… as you, my lovely sister-in-law.

33. Happy birthday! I’m not only your brother’s sister-in-law, but I am also your “BFF” (best friend forever). I hope this birthday is one of your best, and may you forever be surrounded by true love, good health and happiness.

34. You are one of the most amazing sisters in law a girl could ask for. You can make me laugh when I’m not in the best of moods, and you always have my back no matter what. You are so kind and thoughtful, and I am so lucky to have you! You are an amazing person with such a big heart. Thanks for making our family so special!

35. First and foremost, thanks for the new purse. You always get it right and I love that you listen to me whine about what I wish I had. Karma will one day bless you with an awesome sister in law, but until then continue to keep the blessings coming my way.

36. My dearest sister, may all your birthday wishes come true! You’re a wonderful woman, and we appreciate you in our lives. We wish you health and happiness always.

37. This wishes for nothing but a long and healthy life for you, with much less gray hair, much more money and many more birthdays to spend with us. We love you very much!!

38. Year after year you are still going strong! And how does that feel?… Coming up to 40 and still leading the way for younger women?… Mother of 3 boys and grandmother of 5, with a keen eye on the ever-developing scene in the fashion world. Thank you, Sis (you will always be my sister), for all you have done for me. Your kind heart, no-nonsense approach and loyalty is second to none. I love you with all my heart.

39. Dear Sis, Yeah I know you are brushing your teeth at this very moment. I just wanted to let you know that I love you. I’m in your bedroom because we have the same blood type and the dragon needs to be saved from its evil self. Thanks for the donuts and cake. Love, Me

40. Surprise! I had to put on a tie to visit you in the hospital! I hope you had a great birthday. Leave the kids at home next year with hubby and I will come visit again. Hugs and kisses.

Happy Birthday to My Sister in Law Funny

41. Now you see why I love my brother! Happy Birthday, Hunny!

42. I’m not sure why I’m writing this. Maybe to ask for advice. Or maybe because it’s the first birthday we can share together as an official family. I never thought my life with be what it is now. Tyler and I were married October 3rd, 2009. And October 12th of last year we added to our family with Alexi. As newlyweds there was no question we wanted a family, but God knew just when the moment to bring

43. You’re my favorite sister in law, so I had to get you a birthday card. I’m still not sure if you and my brother are going to have a baby girl or boy, and if it’s a boy will he be more like you or him…time will tell. Regardless, you know I love you!

44. I’m so glad you are a part of this family, and even more so that you are my sister in law. I <3 you! Happy Birthday!

45. Life is so funny! We meet by chance and now we’re family. Thank you for being in my life, for being a good friend. I hope you get what your heart desires on your special day. I’m glad to call you my sister in law! You are the best!

46. You’re the best sister in law anyone could ask for, you’re like a sister to me and I’m happy to have met you.

47. I don’t even want to say happy birthday because you’re going to be 80! You probably don’t need any more days to celebrate your life. I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I love you. You are my sister, best friend and one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. As you grow older I look forward to watching your life unfold, sharing in your happiness, helping shoulder some of your burdens, spending time together

48. I’ve made a few mistakes in my life, but you arent one of them. You make me laugh, cry and I couldn’t imagine a life without you. I love you to the moon and back!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

49. I wish I could say I love you in person, but instead here is a note. I love you and will miss you so much. Come for a visit soon!

50. You are such an entire other person… Happy birthday!

51. What I want to know is how you were born with so much energy, and how you somehow manage to keep it all in one tiny body. I hope that one day I can be as fun and spunky as you are, because you are the best thing to happen to my bro. I am so thankful to have you in our lives, and as a part of our family!

52. I kissed a lot of frogs before I found your brother! If the situation were reversed, I would do the same thing. You’re really an awesome guy!

53. Dear Jenny, Happy Birthday to one of my favorite sisters in law! I can barely contain my excitement as you are turning 21!!! The three years we’ve shared together have been so much fun and I am looking forward to many more! Wishing you the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!! P.S.- Please be careful and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…

54. I don’t know if you can remember me, but I’m your sister in law. I heard of your birthday and wanted to wish you a happy day. Hope it goes well for you. I remember spending time with you when we were younger, but have not seen each other to catch up. Take care and feel free to call or text me back any time.

55. You are the best sis in law a sister could ask for! You always make me laugh and help me with everything. We have shared so much together, I feel like we’re closer than sisters sometimes. I can’t wait to share more with you! I love you sis!

56. I look forward to every moment I get to spend with you. Life is so much more with you in it, like a living Muppet show that never ends. Every day I learn something new and exciting, and my heart flutters harder and faster at just the mere thought of you. You are not only my sister-in-law, but my new best friend!

57. Hey sis, it’s your big day. I just wanted to tell you how much I love you + wish you the happiest birthday ever! And if anyone deserves that, it’s you! Love you!

58. Let’s face it! You are one lucky girl! Your brother found me and brought me home to meet the family. Lucky for you, I am not just a pretty face! I can cook, clean, wash and fold your laundry…all while winking at your handsome brother. He makes good money and works hard to keep our house in tip top shape. He even cleans toilets (which is more than I can say for my ex!) He is so kind, helpful, generous and

59. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is packed with fun and filled with laughter. ENJOY!!

60. WOW! Almost 50, but you still look so young and beautiful. Looks like mother nature is holding up pretty good to her end of the bargain. We have always been on each other’s side and you will always be a part of my life no matter what happens. I love you sis in law.

Happy Birthday Sister in Law Funny Quotes

61. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day surrounded by all your loved ones. Love ya, sis in law!

62. You’re really silly because usually you don’t care about my birthday. You always think they are boring and that no one cares, but this time you got me a present and a letter just for me! I like it because this is a great way to show people how much you love them. And that makes me happy that you love us so much. You are my sister and I will always love you!

63. Dear Sister in law,

64. My dearest sister in law, I cannot begin to tell you how much I love and adore you. Our relationship has been a rocky road at times but that is behind us now. Thank you for being such a great friend and for my amazing niece and nephews! They don’t call me the cool aunt for nothing!

65. We love you every day, you are the best sister-in-law ever. We hope that’s not a problem!

66. Happy birthday to my big brother! You’re my other half, I love how we can finish each other’s sentences. You make life more exciting, you turn ordinary days into fun-filled adventures. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world for having you for a brother. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted a big brother like you and now that I have one, I never want to let him go! Happy Birthday! Be sure to have

67. You are the one person I can count on, you’re the only sister I have and to me you’re just as good as any blood could ever be. I love you girl!

68. I’ve never known anyone as loyal and goofy as you! You always make me laugh, even when I didn’t think it was possible. I bet there isn’t a soul on this earth who could make it through life without you around. You make my life so much brighter, and I want to thank you for all the love you have given me.

69. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a year since you’ve been “born again”… Whooo hoooo! This looks like the year of your dreams filled with blessings, joy, and love! Love ya bunches.

70. Happy birthday to my dearest sister in law. I’ve known you for as long as I can remember and for every minute of that time, you’ve been an amazing friend. You’ve never turned your back on me, even when I was at my worst. When others left me, you stuck by my side. On this day, surrounded by family and friends, I please wish you a life of love and laughter.

71. Happy birthday to a sister in law, an honest friend and the most beautiful woman in the world. Everyone knows you’re funny but I wanted to make sure you knew too! Happy Birthday!

72. For someone who is so hard to shop for, you sure make it easy. You are the best sister in law and I am so happy we share a family. Hopefully this is the year I finally find the perfect gift, but never fear if not, I’ll be here on your next birthday with a special gift from me (for both of us). I wish you another wonderful year of joy and laughter!

73. You are the epitome of beauty, grace & elegance. And that’s all thanks to God! So thank you for everything & thanks for being my Sister in law.

74. I love you for who you are. Fun, smart, beautiful, caring and thoughtful. You make me laugh and keep me entertained. I can always count on a text or phone call from you when I need it! Thank you for making my life full of joy.

75. When we were children you pulled my leg, but now that we’re all grown up I know you won’t do that anymore! Yeah…right!! No matter what you do or say, I will still be your favorite younger sister in law.

76. You’re one of those people I feel like I’ve known all my life. You are such an amazing sister-in-law, best friend, and even a mentor to me at some points. I never have to worry about telling you my secrets, that’s why we all love you so much. Take care in your day and enjoy every second of it!

77. Happy birthday, sis! Hopefully you have a great day filled with gifts and love (not literally…I am sure that we already love you)

78. I have known you for only a short time, but I know that we will always be there for each other. I know that you are the only one who knows what it’s like to be my sister. You are the same age as me, but ahead of me in every way. You are beautiful and sweet, and I am lucky to have such a great sister.

79. You are the sister I never had, and the mom I always wished for. Even though we get on each others nerves, I wouldn’t trade you for anything. We have something so special that nothing or no one can come between us. I love you!

80. I love you to the moon and back. I would give you the world if I could. You deserve a treasure trove of happiness for all that you’ve given me over the years.

Funny Happy Birthday to Sister in Law

81. Here you go, the most honest sister in law ever. You’ve always been a great friend! I love how you make me laugh, how you’re an excellent person, and how you do everything on your own, but with help from others.

82. I can’t believe it. You’re ten years old now! I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday! When I look at you now, all grown up, I see a fine young lady that makes me proud to be your sister-in-law. I am looking forward to all the fun and laughter we are going to have. Happy birthday again, LuAnn!

83. I really love you and I bet you didn’t know that. Well I was thinking about your birthday this year and I kept wondering what would make your day special because I know you have had an east year so far but then I thought, “I like birthdays and making people happy, why am I not making hers special as well?” But now I am working on my own birthday so it’s all good.

84. So happy we are sisters you have been a great source of joy in my life. I wouldn’t trade you for anything. Love your big sis.

85. Sending a wish your way … best wishes for a year filled with happiness, laughter and love! We are so lucky to have you in our family! We can’t wait to celebrate your special birthday with you … Lots of Love from all of us!

86. I don’t know your favorite color, what you like to eat or how you like your coffee. It doesn’t matter, because we are sisters by blood and I love you as if we were raised together. I have seen you at your best and worst, but no matter what I love you and always will. Today is just a reminder of the bond we share and how lucky I am to have such an amazing sister.

87. I have never had a sister. But if I did, it would be you. You are the best thing that has ever been in my life. I was so lucky to have you come into mine and my brothers life and make us all a family again! A sister isn’t born, she’s made…I made one today!

88. We may not be related by blood, but we act like sisters! You make me smile every day and I thank the Lord for giving me a sister! There’s no one else I’d rather share my life with! Happy Birthday, dear friend!

89. Now I’m not sure if you’re supposed to be telling me this, but my brother can’t stop talking about how perfect you are for him. I guess we all wish we found a woman like you at the age of 33. But now that both of our brothers have such good taste, how could I refuse a good gift?

90. You are my friend, my partner, my soul mate and everything I could ever ask for. From the bottom of my heart. I love you so much!

91. You’re like a sister to me…I love you!! Woohoo!!

92. I promise that if I can’t find a broom to ride, I will be satisfied with being a side-saddle bride.

93. You’ve truly been a wonderful sister-in-law. I just wanted to let you know that your loved and appreciated. Even though we might fight sometimes. You’re sister, not just my brother’s wife. Happy Birthday!

94. I’m just so thankful I have you. You are more than a sister, you are a best friend that I will love forever. If it weren’t for the fact that your husband is my brother, I would steal you away and make you my wife! We share a special bond and I am thankful for every second we get to spend together. This year on your birthday I want you to know how much I love you, how much our friendship means to me and how special

95. I could never in a million years come up with enough words to properly express what you mean to me. There are simply too many reasons why I love you, but this card only has room for three of them. You’re always there for me, when I need a hug, a person to lean on or just an ear to listen. I love my sister in law. And as long as I have you in my life I’m the luckiest sister in law in the whole

96. Today is your birthday, and I want you to be the first to know that I love you very much. You are a sister I am proud of, a friend I enjoy, a smart and beautiful woman who is worth loving. I hope that your birthday is wonderful, because we each have someone so special. Happy Birthday!

97. The ticking of the clock is annoying, 8 more hours until my sister in law’s Birthday!

98. First of all…never let me catch you wearing my clothes again! Seriously, I love you. I can’t believe you are turning 50…but then again, I guess I can. You are like a fine wine…you get better with age. Thanks for always being there for me and guiding me as I finish growing up…you will always be young in my eyes!

99. You are the most beautiful person inside and out! You know I’ll love you forever right? Have a great day and just know that I love you with all my heart. Love, Veronica

100. Today is your day, birthdays are cause for celebration after all. So here’s a funny story I learned in school, hope it gets you laughing out loud!

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