Funny Flirty Good Morning Texts for Him

Are you ready to get your boyfriend to ask you out? I have the best funny flirty good morning texts for Him, so you can start the day off right. Use these flirty good morning text messages, and he’ll be asking you out all day!

Funny Flirty Good Morning Texts for Him

1. Good morning, sweetheart! (Insert name) is lucky to have you in his life. That smile on your face, the warm eyes, and how beautiful you make me fall even deeper in love with you each day. Good morning and have a great day!

2. Good Morning Sweetheart!… I was just thinking about how happy I am to wake up next to you and how lucky I am to be spending the rest of my life with you. I love you, baby. Have a great day!

3. Good Morning to my favorite Hottie. Can’t wait for our date, kisses & hugs  I don’t need the sun to shine, I’ve got you and your cute smile.   Smile and be happy – Today is YOUR day!

4. I love you! I’m so happy to have you in my life, every day is better because of you. I can’t wait until tonight, my bed is a little cold without you…I think we should spend the day in bed together.

5. Good morning! It’s only 9:05 and I’m in a fabulous mood because of YOU! YOU brightened up my day, my night and pretty much my entire life. I just had to tell you that I love you so much!

6. Good morning. Just thought I would tell you that I decided to let you know that last night was the best night of my entire life. If I die today, I’ll know that I had the best night of my life sharing it with you.

7. Good morning baby. You’re amazing, you know that?

8. I am so confused too… How could that girl from the club be the same as the one I slept with last night? Esp when she is wearing nothing but my shirt this morning. I’m just glad you’re a snuggler 🙂

9. How’s your day looking?

10. I couldn’t help but notice… there is a slight size difference between us. Were you aware of this? It’s actually kind of funny.

11. Good morning, baby. I don’t know what I did to deserve you as my boyfriend. You are the perfect gentleman and I find every day with you exceedingly wonderful.

12. Good morning sexy, hope you slept well! I always think about you when I wake up.

13. Morning babe! Hope you’re getting ready for a great day. I have to tell you something: my heart skips a beat every time you walk into the room AND every time you say “Hi”. I love you so much.

14. Good morning handsome. I had a dream about you last night and it involved us, champagne and whipped cream…

15. You’re a great friend and I love you to death, but please stay away from my boyfriend. Not kidding. Thanks! Have a good day 🙂

16. Good morning handsome, hope you’re having a great start to your day!

17. Good morning bae, hope you have a nice day and you don’t see my arms around anyone else while walking your dog

18. Woke up and immediately thought of you. Hope today is as awesome as you are. Xo

19. Good morning baby! I am going to go make you breakfast, unless you want something specific. Oh by the way you look absolutely adorable this morning. See you in 15 minutes.

20. lucky I am to be spending the rest of my life with you. I love you, baby. Have a great day!

Good Morning Quotes for Him Funny

21. Good morning hun. I know you’re tired so I’ll be quick! But I needed to remind you that you ARE the best hubby in the whole world for a few reasons… You are kind, hard working and VERY good looking (trust me). Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, you make me feel like a queen – and I LOVE IT!!

22. You have made my dreams come true. I dreamed about you for so long and now that you’re here I never want to let go. I’ll follow your lead because you’re such a good leader. I believe in you and all that you do, without fail and without a doubt.

23. Good morning! I hope you had a good night’s rest, and that your dreams were filled with wonderous bunnies and fluffy kittens.

24. It’s nearly impossible to find a cute, funny and romantic good morning text for my boyfriend. The good news is – I am about to provide you with exactly that and I’m excited about it!

25. Wake up sleepy head! It’s time to rise and shine. I want to wish you a good morning with lots of hugs and kisses, since this text message is worth a thousand words. So, to you, my dear boyfriend, I say good morning!

26. Good morning sunshine. I am so happy to have met you! I love hearing your voice and waking up to your sweet texts. You make me smile every single day with your thoughtfulness. You are the best boyfriend in the world!

27. Babe Good morning! When you wake up and read this, I just want you to know ‘I Love You’ I don’t say it enough because words can’t express how I feel about you. That is why I need to tell you that, AWESOME is all I have to say! You are one of the kindest and most loving persons in your heart. Thank you for the day, yesterday was wonderful and very memorable. And bring on more days like this!

28. Good morning sweetie, hope you had a good sleep, I did, I woke up early to make you some breakfast, it’s on the table. You didn’t get me anything for Valentines Day? I feel so unloved. Don’t worry! I have something for you in the kitchen. So hurry and come down to see your surprise.

29. Good Morning Babe. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, like literally. I prepared a delicious cup just for you. I love you so much!

30. Good morning. I woke up thinking of you again, the way you look in the morning with sleepy and tired eyes, your hair all messy and free. Here’s a picture of you to show you how much I care.

31. I can’t get enough of you and all your positive energy. You could light up an entire room just by walking in it. The more time we spend together the deeper I fall for you, if that’s even possible. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

32. Hey, sexy. I know it’s early but I really needed to talk to you. Open up your window, let me in and we can continue this convo 😉 xoxo

33. Hey, how was your day? You need anything from the grocery store or the mall later?

34. Good morning handsome. I hope you slept well and had some nice dreams. I want a man with a smile and eyes like yours to start my day. I want a nice and hot cup of coffee brought to me accompanied by a nice and delicious kiss. I want your arms wrapped around making me feel safe and protected.

35. Good morning handsome, have a good day at work! I’ll see you tonight.

36. Hey lover, how was your night? I bet you were thinking about me… [smiley face] I love waking up and seeing that you thought of me. I love you so much.

37. Walking through the world with you As my soul mate, are you kidding me? This is a dream!!! It always will be. My Love for you Is eternal, growing everyday. With you I have found true happiness and complete satisfaction now I can say that I am content in love.

38. I can’t wait to see you after work… have a great day!

39. Okay, I know it’s embarrassing to admit but I miss you. I miss your laugh, your smile, your cute little face and mostly I miss our morning coffee date every day. Please tell me we’re still on for Thursday?

40. Hey cutie, how are you this morning? You don’t remember me do you?! You look at my name, see ‘HIM’ and think of your friend from high school. The one with the round glasses and mullet…because, yes I went to high school in the 80s too. Anyway! How’s your day going so far? 🙂

Flirty Good Morning Texts for Your Crush

41. I don’t care why you haven’t called me yet, but I love you. And don’t ever forget it! 😉

42. Wish you were here to put my coffee mug in the dishwasher for me.  🙂

43. How is the sexiest man alive doing? I bet you are exhausted after that workout. I bet even thinking about it puts you to sleep.

44. I know many things, I’m aware of a number of things, and one of those things is that I love you. There, I said it.

45. Good morning, handsome. Did you sleep well? I hope so 🙂 I’m sending you plenty of hugs and kisses with this text to you!

46. I love you, babe! Thanks for making my life so much brighter. I can’t imagine waking up without you in my life. Have a great day!

47. Good Morning sunshine, You sexy man, I can’t wait to see you today, I have a surprise for you. Its a Wednesday like every other but with you its different! I am so lucky to have met someone as wonderful as you. Your smile always brightens my day and it makes my heart skip a beat every time. Thanks for always making me laugh and putting a smile on my face. You really are amazing.

48. I like to wake up and see your face every morning. I like to hold you when you sleep. I like to kiss you as often as possible. I was thinking of an excuse to be able to spend more time with you today, but that just sounded pathetic and obsessive. Okay how about, hey Mr. Hottie let me take care of your dry cleaning, or can I clean your car for free?

49. Good morning to you, sweetie. I hope you have a great day today and that you have a very special treat in store for you this evening when you get home. I love you so much!

50. Good morning sweetheart! I enjoyed last night so much. Can’t wait to see you again!

51. It’s so early on a Saturday morning, I know you’re still sleeping. I wanted to wish you a very happy and healthy day. Just wanted you to know that I love you.

52. Good morning, beautiful. Did you sleep well? I would love to see your beautiful smile and big eyes every morning. So can you please wake up now? I’m afraid I will start getting jealous of the alarm clock.

53. Good morning, sunshine! It’s going to be a fantastic day. I can just feel it. The weather’s great, the birds are singing and I just washed my hair, so…you know…it’s a really good day. It’ll be even better when I get to see your smile!

54. Hey good looking! Hope you had a romantic night with the lovely lady in your life,

55. I’m sending this just to let you know that I love you and I miss you. I wish I could be close to you so we can cuddle in bed and watch a boring documentary together. Being far is a torturous punishment, knowing that you are at the other side of the world, while I am here feeling lonely and incomplete.

56. I don’t deserve you. How can I explain it? You’re just not smart enough… or good looking enough… or strong enough.. or brave enough … or sweet enough.. or anything enough to be mine! I fully intend on keeping you though, until the day I die. Love ya!

57. Good morning my love! I hope you had a wonderful sleep. I can’t wait to see your handsome face! I love how you make me feel so special, like no one else matters in the whole world.

58. Good Morning, Sweetheart. How are you this morning? I was just thinking about you and wishing you a wonderful day. I hope you dream of us together tonight, so when we see each other tomorrow our first hug is as if we were just together last night. Take care, see you soon!

59. Good morning sexy! I hope you slept well, and that good dreams on me were a part of it. I was thinking of you all night, how your lips would feel on mine, how warm your body is against mine… Can’t wait to see you <3

60. Hey sexy, I’m thinking about you. Hoping you had a good night’s sleep and had pleasant dreams about me. I wish I was there to hold you and wake you up with some sweet kisses!

Cute Good Morning Text for Him

61. Good Morning Babe. Hope you had a wonderful rest. I could go for your arms wrapped around me right now!

62. I’ll never forget our first date, the first time you looked me in the eyes during a smile and the way your hand felt in mine. I love the way you look at me and all of the cute little things you do. I will always love you more than anything.

63. Hey baby, I was just thinking about you and wanted to say, “Hello.” Wake up sexy 😉 xoxo

64. I LOVE YOU BABY! Happy morning!

65. I just wanted to let you know I love spending time with you. The first thing I think of when I wake up is how lucky I am to have you in my life. And the last thing I think of before bed is telling myself that everything will be OK because he is in my life as well.

66. Good morning hun. I hope you sleep like a rock last night.. and that I didn’t move much! haha love you baby!

67. Good morning, handsome! How was your rest?

68. Hey. I know it’s really early, but I wanted to tell you that I’m thinking about you and I hope you have a great day!

69. Hey you, Good Morning!! Fill in the blank with a fun thought or something that you like about him. I can’t believe I am waking up to your beautiful face today! I love how much you Let’s start the day together with a good Then… (insert good morning kiss)

70. Good morning handsome 🙂 I woke up thinking about you. I LOVE YOU!!!

71. I know your probably not awake yet, but I had to text you! It’s 8 in the morning, you haven’t drunk your coffee yet. I just wanted you to know that I love and appreciate you so much.You are my best friend, and my heart beats faster every time I see you. You’re the most amazing man in the world. And don’t forget it! P.S: call me later once you’ve had your coffee 😉

72. Good morning to you, good morning to you! Good morning dear, he’s also here with me and we’re so glad that you woke up healthy and alive. Now it’s time for you to start your day with a smile on your face. Have a good one!

73. I hope you’re having a great morning. First day of the weekend, woohoo! I’m just checking in to see how you’re doing… probably getting ready for work, if you have time tell me what color shirt you will be wearing? JK 😛 Hope your day is going well and that you had a nice weekend. Text me back later or leave a message during lunch and we can set up our Valentine’s date this week!

74. Good morning! I hope you had a good night sleep and that you are in a very cheery mood today! I have a surprise for you today so don’t worry if you feel like you’re going to be busy all day. Hang on to your phone 😉

75. I love you. You’re so cute when you’re sleeping. (wink)

76. Happiness is waking up in your arms and seeing the beautiful sunshine filtering in through the window, hearing you breathe and seeing the peaceful look on your face, knowing that today is going to be a good day because I have you as my guide. Love you!

77. I’m thinking about you. Like really thinking about you. Like how pretty your smile is and how I don’t want anyone else to see it but me. So I’m texting you from behind the security of my computer screen. Maybe one day we’ll be able to meet. Until then – there’s always these text messages.

78. You look so hot in those boxers, I almost don’t mind being woken up at 6:15 a.m. Listen, you are like sleeping beauty because I woke up to a smile on your face (even though it was drool). Ha ha! Ok, well back to my ‘beauty sleep’!

79. Hey sexy! I didn’t wake you did I?!?

80. Good Morning Sunshine!

Cute Good Morning Text Messages for Him

81. Hey there handsome, what are you doing today? I was just thinking about you and I can’t help but smile. Have a great day and I can’t wait to see you later!

82. Good morning baby! I want to start off by saying that you look incredibly sexy in your new uniform. You have no idea how much I love breakfast in bed… with you in it! 😉

83. The best part of this morning is that I get to see you. Nobody can make me laugh like you do. I hope filling your life with love makes you feel as happy as you make me feel. I love my life because it’s full of love and best of all, because you are there to share it with me.

84. May your day be filled with happiness, joy and meaning! I love you baby!

85. Good morning, baby! I was trying to go back to sleep but the sun is too damn bright. So I thought I’d wake you up instead. How do you feel about breakfast in bed? You can have anything you want, or nothing at all if that’s what you prefer — though something sweet for your sweet would be nice. I’ll even make it for you, no matter how bad of a cook I am. What do you say, beautiful?

86. Good morning sexy 🙂

87. Good morning, beautiful. I can’t wait to see you today.

88. If you have someone who makes your heart skip a beat, crave for every touch and makes your life meaningful, then never let that go.

89. Someone told me that you’re upset with me. Is that true? Want to talk about it?

90. Every single day you do something that makes me fall in love with you all over again. You are the most thoughtful and romantic person I know. I love how you always look out for others, but are also so attentive towards me. You’re the best boyfriend anyone could have! Good morning to my handsome boyfriend.

91. Mmm… no one is as handsome as you in the morning! I wish I could wake up to your beautiful face every morning. Coffee and kisses for my handsome boyfriend, I love you!

92. Good Morning sexy, I can’t stop thinking about you. What will my mouth taste like this time?

93. My dear husband Happy Valentines day. I hope you have a wonderful time on your little adventure. I know how much you love hiking and it will be nice for you to be out of the city for a couple days. Don’t forget about your phone! It’s okay if you get lost for a couple days, just don’t let yourself get eaten by wolves or cougars. I mean that in the nicest way possible. Love you!

94. Love you and I don’t want to go to work! Let’s just stay in bed all day and hang out 😉

95. Sweetheart! I can’t wait to see you today…I really want to hold you in my arms and kiss you very deeply. Today I’m gonna tell you how much I love you.

96. I’m thinking about what a lucky guy I am to have you in my life, I’m thinking about how you make me smile every day, I’m thinking about how much you love me and mean to me, I’m thinking that you’re the best boyfriend ever. Because you are!

97. Sweetness, I know you’re almost awake… So I would like to remind you one more time that I love you and that I’m always happy to be with you!

98. Our anniversary was yesterday and you, my love, deserve to hear all about it. Thank you for being part of my life. You are more than I ever could ask for, more than I ever dreamed of – you are in fact simply perfect.

99. Hey there, handsome. I got you something special for your birthday… ME!

100. Good morning! I hope you had a happy and restful sleep. Don’t forget to clean up the mess you made in the kitchen last night.

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