Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter From Mom and Dad

The best way to look at it, is that you’ll be surprising your daughter with creative funny birthday wishes from mom and dad. The great thing is that these funny birthday wishes can be easily personalized. Birthday greeting cards with funny wishes for daughter are an inexpensive way to spread joy and laughter on the most special day in your daughter’s life.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter From Mom and Dad

1. We have brought you into this world, and we wish to continue bringing joy and happiness in your life for a very long time. We take pride in claiming you as our daughter and we will not allow the world to tell us otherwise. Happy Birthday my darling!

2. Dear daughter! We are so happy to be celebrating your birthday again this year. You are growing up fast, and it won’t be long before we will have to pull the cart and not you. You had a total makeover last year, and I appreciate you for spending on a plumber instead of buying yourself expensive outfits like your friends do every month. Happy Birthday!

3. Dear Son or Daughter, You are the daughter/son I cherish most. Compared to my mother/mother-in-law, you are more like the best mother in the world. My love for you is one what I would have never thought of. The way you are always by my side and stay with me through thick and thin is such a huge relief to me. Thank you for being the best daughter any mother could ask for on this occasion! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAUGH

4. Happy birthday, Dear. I know, it’s hard to believe you are already this old, but my prayers and wishes for you have always been that you live a full and very meaningful life. So unbeknownst to me, you had grown up to be a lovely and charismatic lady. On this day I want to tell you how much of a blessing you have been in my life and how joyful it is for me to call you my daughter.

5. ​Happy birthday, my dear! We are proud of you for being so good at everything and never giving up, though it was hard at times. Bless you and your career. You are an inspiration to us all. We love you always!

6. We never imagined this day would come, the day where I call you my friend. We are inseparable. But of course we were always close and keep your feelings for each other very close to our heart, regardless of our age differences. You have been growing without me realizing and reached adulthood so quickly. To show the world that we are a family, there’s nothing I will not do for you. Happy Birthday!

7. I am thankful for being blessed with a daughter like you! You always had something sweet to say and you used to make me smile. Today, I have learned a lot from you. When I am stressed out, you are the medicine that can cure me. You are the one with whom I can openly express my love. I wish you all the happiness in this world and hope you get what you truly deserve.

8. Dear daughter, I’m sure you’ll be the most beautiful girl on your party  today. My heart melts when I see you all grown up. And now that you are a lady, I wish for you to use that to fulfill your dreams. Make me as proud as a father is supposed to be. Please do not be afraid of the challenges ahead. Enjoy life! I love you!

9. Wishing you all the happiness, success and everything good in life that you always do so much to bring to others and the world.  I am so grateful for the stable and loving family you have created for me. You love everyone around you and have made so many people truly happy.  And now my turn, happy birthday mom!

10. Excited to see you turn another year today, as always. Many Happy Returns of the Day, dear. You have been an inspiration in my life. I am a better person because of you. May the wind be always at your back, sunshine on your face, and the rainbows to grace your way! (Read: Cool Happy birthday Wishes for Daughter )

11. My daughter me happy every day, and even more so on her birthday. You made my life so much easier and enjoyable to live. I am sure all children say the same things about their parents, but our relationship goes beyond that of a mother and a daughter. We are best friends! I wish you a very happy birthday and may the new age be filled with lots of love, care and fun just like all your previous birthdays!

12. Happy birthday, daughter! We want to wish you all the happiness in the world!

13. Happy birthday to my daughter. Hello dearie! I hope this day is as beautiful as you or even more. May you get everything you wish for, and be surrounded by the love of your family and friends. You are an amazingly talented person with a big heart and limitless potential. Happy birthday to my baby girl!

14. Though it is hard to believe that you are thirty, it does not look like a lie at all! I am going to make this day an extra big party with all your favorite delicacies. From my family, you will receive so many gifts that you won’t be able to move. Happy birthday daughter!

15. Dear daughter, years ago, we used to tease you by calling you a “problem child”. However, as time passed by, it became clear to us that you have been our biggest blessing. We love you more than we can ever express in words. We wish you all the best on your special day!

16. Happy birthday to my only daughter, Emily! On this day, we remember how blessed we are to have you in our lives. We are happy to see you grow as a person and that is what counts for us. You also make us proud with your achievements, every milestone you cross. I am thankful for being a part of your life and seeing you being an incredibly talented person. We love you from the bottom of our hearts.

17. We love you and are delighted to celebrate your birthday today. We have always wanted to have a child just like you; we did not know we would be so lucky. Susan, this day is about celebrating your life, your love and all the goodness in you. Happy Birthday to my dearest!

18. Happy birthday, dear! I wish we could celebrate your birthday together but since that’s not possible right now; I want to wish you a happy birthday anyway. I am praying you continue to become the great lady that you are and embrace every phase of life with the same enthusiasm and joy. I love you dearly.

19. Some people are lucky enough to have a garden, while some are lucky to have a window, and yet some are lucky enough to have a daughter like me. Happy birthday! I would be lost without you my dear. I am grateful for the brilliant person you have grown into. My wish is that God grants you his richest blessings on this special day and all through the year.

20. Your dad and I were so excited when you entered this world. All the sleepless nights we went through had proved to be worth it; you made our lives so much more fun. Now that you are four, there is still so much we have to teach you and share with you. Happy Birthday! May God bless you abundantly.

Simple Birthday Wishes for Mom From Daughter

21. The day God gave me a daughter was not the best gift of my life, but the fact that he gave me a mother like yours who loved and cared for me through the good and bad times. You have been there for me when I needed you most, taught me about the world and encouraged me to dream big. I want you to know that you are one of the best mothers I know and that I love you dearly.

22. Dear daughter, may you have a beautiful day on your birthday! This year you are becoming so big that we don’t need to take an extra bag for your toys. If you continue to be pestered by men looking dumbstruck at you, we’ll just have to install blinds in the front yard. Can’t wait to see what God has made you into. Happy birthday!

23. Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and my husband. The way you complete us makes it impossible for us to imagine life without you. We love how much you have achieved in life despite growing up away from us. Thank you for your support and inspiration. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

24. Hey, dear daughter! Wishing you all the best on your birthday. We are grateful to God for giving us a perfect angel in the form of you. Happy Birthday dear!

25. To my dearest daughter, you are so beautiful and amazing as always. I wish you were here with me right now along with my dad. When you left us last month, I thought the world had ended but your dad was very brave, courageous and strong while dealing with your absence. Until we see each other again, take care of yourself and stay safe. Happy birthday!

26. Your birthday celebrations will always be special, as it was on the day you came into this world. Daughter, words fail to express just how much I cherish and love you. From the moment I gave birth to you, I knew that our relationship would go long way. And here we are, celebrating your birthday for many years to come…happy birthday!

27. I love my daughter, and I had to bribe with ice cream and cake for her to agree to write you a birthday note. All kidding aside, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy Birthday!

28. Hi, dear, happy birthday to you! Hope your day will be filled with all the pleasures and blessings. I am sure that it is your best birthday till now. If a mom could wish to give you all these on the same day then you sure have a great mom! Thanks for being such a great daughter without whom I cannot imagine my life. Thanks for always being there for me in every situation and tolerating my mistakes. You have given me a new life and future by being born,

29. I don’t know what I would have done without a daughter like you. Happy birthday, you are the best daughter in the world. I love you so much!

30. How on earth did someone as adorable and wonderful as you are, come out of me? I was so full of energy back them. I guess they transferred to you. You funny child, always keeping me entertained with your cute little acts of mischievousness. You are a wonder to me, and a star in my sky. Happy birthday darling!

31. Wish you a long life, happy birthday dear! You are the apple of my eye and I love you as I loved no one else. I am proud of you, your accomplishments, and life. I cherish each moment we spent together , and look forward to many more years to come. Now, enjoy the day!

32. Mom and Dad, boys are my thing as it is pretty clear by now. But you two are the most important ones in my life. I wouldn’t exchange you for anything in this world. I would be lost without you both, and your love has made me a better person than I was before we met. I love you guys!

33. We have shared the most beautiful moments on this planet since you were born. You are our pride and joy and we love you with all our hearts!

34. Dear daughter, don’t forget that today is your birthday. There is no one better than you to celebrate with. You are pretty as a picture, smart as a knife and dynamic. He every aspect of life, you are wonderful and very special to us. Birthday wishes for my beautiful & dear daughter!

35. Happy birthday, dear daughter! Our lives are not the same without you. You have been such a good friend to us and we appreciate all of your efforts and hard work. For your birthday, you deserve the best of what this world has to offer. We hope that our daughter will always remain happy and healthy.

36. You are our little princess, and your parents and grandparents love you so. You have given us a reason to smile every day of our lives. I am sure you’ll face some difficulties sometimes but we will always be there to guide and protect you, because no matter what, we love you! I hope and wish that your life brings you everything you’ve always wanted. Happy Birthday my kid!

37. Dear daughter, you are getting slightly boring as you are growing old. But we love you to bits. You need to come back and give us some fun again. Have a blast in the next phase of life and bring extraordinary ideas, thoughts and action to the table. Make a difference to the world! Happy birthday!

38. Happy birthday to my daughter! I know, you can’t understand how I could feel so old. You will think that I am joking, but your dad and I are so proud that you have become a fully grown lady. We have loved you from the day you were born and we still do! We wish you a wonderful birthday and a life filled with happiness and successes!

39. Dear daughter, thank you for your undying love and support. You are the one who makes our family complete. I wish you a very happy birthday!

40. I am not a mother-daughter duo but I would love to be one. Seeing you grow from a child all the way to an adult has been the most rewarding experience I have ever had. You are the best gift any parent could ever receive, and I hope your birthday fulfills your wishes in every way. Happy birthday!

Deep Birthday Wishes for Daughter From Mom

41. Daughter, we couldn’t be more proud of the beautiful soul that you have become. Happy birthday to our angel! We will always be there for you no matter what life throws at you.

42. You are not just the daughter of my best friend John, but also my very own daughter too. A lot of thanks go to you for being such a great daughter to John and I all these years. You have given us the most precious gift of all, which is the gift of love. On this birthday, I want you to know how truly happy you have made us, and how beautiful our life together has been since the day we first came together. Peace and joy be with you on this

43. Thank you for being a good daughter and a good friend. You are always there for everyone that you care about. Your sense of humor is childlike—you can make me smile even though I cry or laugh over anything! You are thoughtful, smart and selfless. I am very proud to have a daughter such as you. I love you. Happy birthday!

44. Dear daughter, we both have our fair share of ups and downs in life. You have fought your way through the hardship, and I have always been there to guide you through these dark patches. But today, I realize that there is nothing left to teach you, and all the pain and aggravation you have passed through made you a better person. I am so proud of you mom! Wishing you a happy birthday today.

45. On your special day, I want to be the first to wish you a very happy birthday. I am curious to know if you are going to cut the birthday cake before or after you blow the candles.

46. Dear daughter, you have made this day very special for us and we are happy for it. Thank you for being a wonderful and lovely girl. You always amaze us with your astounding thoughts and actions. Happy birthday to the prettiest girl in the world!

47. You are a unique and amazing lady, and my daughter! I want you to know that I love you more than words can express. The day you were born the most beautiful star in the sky shone down on me. There would not be a thing wrong with my life if I did not have you in it. Happy Birthday you lovely girl!

48. Wishing my beautiful daughter a very happy birthday! I know your life revolves around finding new things to do, new stuff to buy and you have an insatiable desire for just about everything! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wish you many many more years of discovery, success and above all, happiness!

49. Happy, happy birthday to the most fun-loving daughter in the world! I hope you realize how lucky I am to have you as my daughter. As a mother, it is one of my main responsibilities to ensure that my child survives through her childhood, teenage and adulthood! Today, your 20th birthday brings me so much joy because I can finally stop worrying about you. It is such a relief to know that you are now an adult and will be able to handle all the challenges of life with

50. Dear daughter, I hope that you know that your dad and I love you. You are our pride and joy, and I promise to support you through all the conflicts of your youth. Happy birthday to my beautiful little angel!

51. My job was to make sure that you were safe and sound, have a good time and never find yourself in any difficulty. But then, I could not have imagined that you would grow into such a caring and compassionate young lady in such a short period of time! You are so responsible, thoughtful, warm-hearted and brave. I am so very proud to be your mom! Happy B’day to my sweet daughter!

52. Hi dad, happy birthday to you! I’m a successful businesswoman now and this is your accomplishment. You taught me how to be a responsible person and here I am with my own business. I know you cannot be with me always yet I still feel so safe and protected beside you. Thanks for all that you have done for me and wishing you a very happy birthday.

53. Happy Birthday to the most caring person in the whole world. Although our time together has been short, I know that God had determined that we would live just long enough to pierce each other’s hearts. You’re a woman of quality and your presence in my life has been nothing but significant.

54. The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. You are our shining star, and we know you will shine always! Happy birthday sweetheart!

55. Dad, you really are one in a million! I know in my 27 years with you, we have had our differences, but it truly does not bother me that you pay more attention to your dogs than to me. I love how you take care of me and worry about my happiness at all times. Thank you for the pres- ent. I absolutely adore it.

56. Here are a few funny birthday wishes for daughter from mom and dad. I hope you like them!

57. As you embark on another journey into the years, I send a greeting of love to wish you a happy birthday, daughter! As we prepare to celebrate another year by spending time with family and friends, we think of many things. Among them is certainly how much we love you. Your laughter can brighten any day, your kind nature is something to behold, and your kindness truly makes your mother and I appreciate all that you are. We hope that you have a wonderful day celebrating all this and much

58. Happy Birthday to the daughter who is more than a friend and the most precious part of my life. You are kind, funny and beautiful in every way. Your smile makes me smile, your face lights up when you see me, you make it a point to reply to my messages without fail. I am so proud of you; you are everything I could wish for and more. Happy birthday!

59. Dear daughter, you have only one mom this birthday so I just want to say Happy Birthday! Just in case you are wondering how old you are now, here’s a little help – Hope our time together, hopefully short, has highlighted the fact that being a mom is by far, the most difficult and challenging job in the world. We wish you all the happiness and joy there is on this wonderful day.

60. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear daughter! Today every minute is going to be amazing and filled with unforgettable memories. I promise that we will live it to the fullest and create memories which will last forever.

Best Birthday Wishes for Daughter From Mom

61. My dearest daughter, many years ago I gave you life, and today I celebrate your birthday. Your presence in this world has changed my life in a positive way. You are the love of my life and will always be so. Happy Birthday to a daughter like no other!

62. Daughter, we are so proud of you! You are such a responsible woman and making everyone around you very proud.  As your parents we have always supported you in the decisions that you make. We love it when people admire your personality and attitude. I truly hope this day will be filled with happiness for you.  Happy birthday!

63. I just wanted to thank you for being so caring. You are a good daughter and I hope God will bless you with all the happiness in this world! May you have a very happy birthday!

64. Dear kid, no matter how old you get, we will always consider the best years of our lives to be the ones that were spent raising you. As we fill your adult-sized card with signatures from people who will be glad when you’re grown enough to move out, we are reminded that how much longer will it be? Happy birthday, from the folks who are missing their little girl!

65. Happy birthday my dear girl! Year after year you have grown into a beautiful and intelligent woman and today is your celebration. We love you and are so proud of you for all that you have accomplished, but most importantly for all the wonderful man that you have become. We love you.

66. Happy birthday to my lovely daughter, who has made me proud in all the decisions she has ever taken. May your life lead you towards success and happiness. I love you so much!

67. Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter! Happy Birthday to You!

68. Dear daughter, today is a celebration for the gorgeous person you have turned out to be. To say that you have been an inspiration in our lives would be an understatement. We are grateful to have you and look forward to many more birthdays! Happy birthday!

69. You are so cute, fun and beautiful. When you smile, it makes everyone around you happy. When you laugh, my heart breaks into a million pieces but very quickly, the smile on your face make them whole again. I love you daughter and today is your special day. Make each day count so that someday when we look back, we will have nothing to regret. I hope you have a great birthday party!

70. Dear daughter, you look like me but you have got your father’s humor! __00on this day, I wish you the birthday of your dreams! I will always be there for you, as a parent and a friend, to guide you and provide for you.

71. Daughter you are my star that shines brighter than the sun. But even the sun will never outshine your love! Happy birthday darling, words will never be enough to show how much you mean to me!

72. It is my privilege to wish you a happy birthday! You have been so responsible, smart, funny and wonderful. You have always made me proud to be your mom. May all your dreams come true and may God keep you happy and safe. Happy birthday, Sweetie!!!

73. Dear daughter, ​ you have given us the highest form of unconditional love. We are unable to thank you enough for all the sacrifices you have made for us. You are a blessing that brought joy into our lives, and made life worth living. I wish you the best birthday ever!

74. Congratulations dear daughter on your birthday! You are 21 now and I know how much you love to party, so today should be unforgettable! Promise Me you will be safe, remember don’t do anything reckless.I want you to live a long happy life and should not act in the way that seems right to you but is the wrong way.

75. Dear daughter, your father and I are now settled in our new place. That was totally due to the selfless sacrifice you made. You were the glue that held this family together. I wanted to thank you on your birthday, just because I love you so much.

76. Happy birthday, dear daughter! We love you so much! You are the most wonderful daughter in the world and made me happier than before. You have that magical gift of making things better with just your presence. I thank God for sending you to my life! You are truly a blessing beyond measure. Missing you so much! May all your dreams come true!!!

77. I would like to start by wishing you a happy birthday and continue by saying I’m glad you’re here. You are so special to me, just like a daughter should be . I can’t imagine my life without my little darling girl. Happy Birthday.

78. You are the very reason why we exist, you are the light of our life. You know how to bring out the best in us and make us better than what we used to be. We could not have wished for a better daughter like you. We love you so much and wish you a very happy birthday!

79. You know, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing our daughter grow. I know that today would not be complete for you, if you are not surrounded by loved ones and friends. You are the reason why I keep providing the best of me. I love you! Happy birthday!

80. Dear daughter, we want you to know that without your presence in our lives, nothing would’ve been the same. You were designed by God to be the apple of our eyes and brighten up our every day. Sending you our love on your birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Grown Daughter From Mom

81. Daughter, they told me that when you were born, the whole hospital was filled with happiness and joy. I am glad you are my daughter and always make me proud! Happy birthday!

82. Happy birthday to my daughter who has brought so much joy to my life. You are a ray of sunshine that makes the days worth living. I hope you have the best birthday ever!

83. We are not sure if you will be able to read this message or not, because you never had the time to messaging very much. But if you get to read this we wanted you to know that as a daughter and a friend, you were fun and always bright for our eyes. We are thankful for everything.

84. Many happy returns of the day dear! You are a sweetheart and we love you to bits. Happy Birthday!

85. We are very grateful to God to give us a wonderful human being with you. Although, it is plain to see that some time in the future you will outdo each and every one of us with your achievements, but today is not that day! I love you so much! Thank you for being a cool daughter.

86. You know, I have always wondered why you are even here? There are so many girls in the world and I can’t for the life of me see why God brought you on my lap. Even though you have been a pain in the neck, I am never going to forget the day we met. You walk in step with God and have made me stick to my promises. Happy birthday!

87. Dear dada, I send you my warm wishes to celebrate this special day. Today is your day, the most important day of your life.

88. Sweetie, we know you hate getting old and grow out of your childhood clothes quickly, but be sure to take care of yourself physically and mentally and try not to act childish. I keep telling you life must be fun otherwise why would we have been born?

89. Dear daughter, as you celebrate another birthday, know that you are one of a kind and that you are special in every way. We know you worked hard to reach this milestone birthday. Just know that we are happy today is your special day!

90. You are a gem, you are our daughter and we love you dearly. Without your presence in our lives, things would be boring and colorless. We thank God for the blessing that you have been to us. Happy Birthday.

91. Darling daughter, today is your day and we are celebrating it with all your friends you have known from childhood. Have a great time. We love you!

92. How are you doing my dear? As we speak, it has been five years since you were born. We would like to celebrate this special moment of your life. Happy Birthday! We love you!

93. My dearest daughter, you have always been my pride and joy. You were born to give love to the world. And today, I honor your courage, love, and strength. I hope the day finds you full of new possibilities, with a better understanding of life. May your birthdays be as special as you are!

94. Dear (daughter), we are sorry we have neglected you. We know very well that you grew up without a mother and a father, who were too busy chasing their dreams to spend time with you. So today, on your birthday, we promise to never forgive ourselves for what we did to you all these years. We are sorry for being so insensitive and for not valuing your presence. From this day onward, our lives will change for the better as we promise to spend more time with you enjoying

95. Dear, on your birthday today we are sending an angel to you from above. She has come to make sure that you feel happy and loved for the rest of the day and for many more years to come.

96. The bond between us is stronger than the bond of pearls, stronger than the bond of music, and stronger than the bond of dreams. Happy birthday to you, my daughter.

97. Hi, Mom. I am so lucky to have you, a mother as dedicated and loving as you are. You are such an inspiration for me and I look up to you. On your birthday tomorrow, may God shower his blessings on you abundantly. Happy Birthday!

98. I don’t know how to describe you. Sometimes, you make me stress and angry but at the same time, your happiness makes me happy. I hope that your birthday party is the most awesome of all.

99. Daddy, you have really put the shiver in my spine!

100. Dear Daughter, we just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope it’s a good day for you. You are a brave girl and we love you from the bottom of our hearts. We know that one day you will make us proud by accomplishing all your dreams. Love, Mom and Dad.

101. I want to wish the most wonderful daughter on this special day. I remember when you were born; I was madly in love with you. You looked so cute, tiny and innocent. You grew up to be sweet, funny, smart and an extremely kind-hearted person! Our life together has been rich and full of fun. Your personality is as contagious as your laughter. We love you very much and hope that your birthday is just as great as you are! Happy Birthday!

102. Birthday messages do not always have to be serious ones, they can be funny messages as well. These kinds of messages should equally be written by the parents to their daughter and are an expression of how wonderful she is. The following are some of these funny messages:

103. Daughter, we love to see how you grow and how you learn everyday. You are the flower that keeps blooming and that never withers. We wish you a very happy birthday!

104. I think it is safe to assume that the universe has been blessed with another wonderful daughter. The stars have shown the great life you have ahead of you. I will always be here for you, and I know now that I don’t have to carry the burden alone. So, wish your daughter a very happy birthday!

105. Daughter, you have entered into the adult world and today is your birthday! I hope that you have a great time on the day of your birth. Whatever happens, just make sure that you live life to its fullest. May all your wishes come true!

106. In this special day, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for you in the best possible way. Your lovely smile, your gentle hugs and your tiny hands give me so much delight. You mean the world to me, and I am blessed above all that you are my daughter. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

107. Sweetie, ever since you came into our life as a baby and made everything better, we have loved you more than anything in this world. Your every smile, giggle and laugh bring us closer to heaven. You mean more to us than the biggest decision we will ever have to make in our lives! Happy birthday, honey!

108. Happy Birthday to you, my sweet daughter! You are precious; the size of your head doesn’t matter. I love you beyond measures and wouldn’t trade you for even the most beautiful diamond in the world  . You will always be my angel. Love you so much, Sweetie.

109. I am happy that you turned into a lovely young woman which could brag about, but I am much happier with the fact that you have managed to turn into an awesome wife and a brilliant mother. What else can your parents ask for? I hope this special day brings you much joy and happiness.

110. Dear daughter, you are one lucky lady!

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