Funny Birthday Wish To Son From Mom

Funny Birthday Wish To Son From Mom: Family is a little different and babies are like a mother’s treasure. Anyways it’s funny to share happy birthday wishes to son from mom as well as from another relative member and here I am placing full of the best & cute birthday wishes for son.

Funny Birthday Wish To Son From Mom

1. Wishing a very happy 26th birthday to my beautiful son. Having you in my life means more than I could ever express. I am so proud of the man you’ve become, and the father, who provides for your children. Love Mom

2. Dear son, you’re now 4! Happy birthday! I’m so proud of you for making it through another year. love mommy

3. Most kids get stressed out on their birthday. You got so many presents you lost count. But your momma wanted to say, “Happy Birthday with all my heart.” I love you son!

4. From the minute I saw you, I loved you. Through your teen years and onto adulthood you have always been my heart. And what an amazing man you’ve grown into. Happy Birthday!

5. You are turning 11 and you’re still my sweet son. You’re growing up to be a fantastic young man. I hope you always keep earning A’s in school and getting good grades on your report card because that is what will keep you out of trouble! Live a good life; do things that make you happy and don’t forget that happiness is the secret to success.

6. Wow you are getting old! I can’t believe it myself that my little boy is all grown up. I know I am going to cry today and I hope you don’t embarrass me. You are my number one guy, my other half. I love you more than balloons and ice cream combined. Enjoy your day son!

7. Josh, Have a great Birthday. Love, Mom

8. I had two wishes when my son was born, that he would love me and that he would never find out how old I am.

9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAUGHTER/SON! Today is a day to celebrate you and the person you’ve become. I remember the day that you were born, it was the best day in my life and it still is. I want to ask you to do something special for me. Be who you are my son/daughter, I’m so proud of you!

10. Happy Birthday to my son. You are such a good person. I know you sometimes doubt yourself, but deep down we all know you are the best thing to ever happen to this family! Even though you sometimes get on my nerves I still love you to death and would do anything for you. I hope your birthday is fantastic! Love Mom

11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON! I love you very much. You are such a great son and when I look at you I am so proud to be your mother! Anyone would count themselves lucky to have such a polite, honest, courteous, and respectful son like you. I hope your day is as special as you are!

12. You’re getting older and older!!! I am very excited about this, but at the same time, I am a little bit afraid because children really grow up fast. You are my sweetest son, you mean a lot to me. I wish that you continue being such a fine boy! Happy birthday!

13. Hey, I love you. You’re the most amazing kid a mom could ask for. You’re smart, funny and so handsome. You have brought me so much joy in the last year and I wish that the coming years are just as good, if not better. I love you baby boy!

14. You are such a good and responsible boy, I would trust and love you with my life. I hope you never change, always do what you believes in no matter what other people say. I will always love you, no matter what.

15. To my son,

16. Hope your day is full of much love and laughter. Don’t party too hard today, remember tomorrow you’ll be another year older! I LOVE YOU!

17. I don’t know how you do it. You’ve been in this world for 12 years and have held down a full time job since the age of 9. You have fulfilled countless chores, met countless deadlines and dropped countless jaws with your speak-ability. And let’s not forget your poker-faced ability to blow smoke rings at that big machine that makes pop! Of all the things you’ve done in your 12 years, being your mother has been the most challenging…and rewarding. I love you

18. Happy birthday to Dallin, my favorite son, who is not only handsome but tall enough that I can ride his shoulders now! Good luck on your mid-term exams!

19. Happy Birthday, honey! I wanted to make you something special for your birthday so I made you a cake, too! It’s a cheesecake. Do you like cheesecake? I do.

20. You always know what to say when the sky is falling in and around. I know that given any type of situation or circumstance, you will be there with a smile on your face. I just love you so much, son. You bring me so much happiness and joy, and we have shared so many memories together. I am incredibly proud of you my son. Happy birthday!

21. Happy birthday my son. Today is your day. I’ll be thinking of you, each and every year. You are one-of-a-kind, like all the finest china. I love you to the moon and back, always remember that.

22. Son, you were born on the day after Valentine’s Day. Aren’t you lucky, because you have me as a mommy and I love you more than anything in the whole wide world! Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy! It is a joy every day I am with you.

23. My darling son, I had a super big birthday this year, and everyone gave me wonderful gifts. But you were the best present of all. I love you, my dear son!

24. I wish I could say this to your face, but I can’t. So, enjoy your birthday sweetheart. I care about you so much it hurts sometimes. I’m so glad that we found each other. Your sister and I love you more than anything!

25. Happy birthday to my son! Your father told me that I had to get you a card because he doesn’t do things like that. Don’t tell him I said this but…I’m so glad he does not sing! I hope your day is filled with laughter and love. Happy birthday!

26. I love you so much, my grown adult child! What can I say? You inspire me to be a better person every day. I look up to you, even though you are shorter than me. You are such a good man inside and out that it leaves me with no words. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

27. The most important lesson life teaches us is to love and be loved in return. Some of us are naive to this lesson, yet others are lucky enough to find their true love. You, my son, are a lucky one. With each passing day I see how much happier you are when you are with her. And I am especially glad you have chosen to share your life and love with someone who loves you as much as she does. The two of you make a beautiful couple and for this I

28. I hope your birthday is super amazing! I can’t believe my baby boy is growing up and turning 4! Wow, time flies by just like that. I know you’re going to have a really really really really really REALLY good day!

29. I hope your birthday cake has three layers: one for the knife, one for the forks, and a third for me! Happy Birthday.

30. You have become a fine young man who I am very proud of. Whenever I am near you or give you a call, my life feels complete. It’s always been about you and now it will always be about you! Have the most amazing birthday! You deserve only the best. Happy Birthday!

31. Son, with all my heart, I want you to know that you will be the most amazing man any mother could ever wish for. Have a great birthday! Love, mom

32. You may not be my firstborn child – but you’re my first love! Happy Birthday! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and joy. I love you.

33. As my son, you make me proud. As my friend, you are priceless (to me). As my sweetheart, you are irreplaceable. I love you so much that words cannot describe it. Hope this makes your birthday extra special! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

34. Happy Birthday, my love! I hope this day is filled with love and laughter. I know you’ll make your friends smile and laugh too, many times today and always. You’re the beat of my heart, the one i want to be by for all time and space.


36. I feel like I grew you in my belly, raised you by myself, and sent you off to college only to come back a little crazy. I guess all moms must go through that. As you get older, you become more of a man and less of a boy. You are no longer the little boy who everyone can influence or tell what to do. On your 31st birthday I just want to say “Grow Up”. Don’t forget to grow up in the head as well as the

37. You crack me up! I know you will do great at your party. I can’t wait. And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

38. Enjoy the sweet taste of cake while I sit on this side of the fence and accuse you of gaining weight! You look great – incredible really! I’m just jealous because you won’t share your cake.

39. You are my special baby boy and I will always love you like no one else. I cannot believe it’s your birthday already, a great time is given to us that you have been born in this world. Wish your special birthday be as wonderful as your loving mother always be. Have a great day my son.

40. I love you. I’m blessed to be your mother and even more blessed that you are my son. I am so thankful that God chose me to be the mother of an amazing young man like you. Thank you for all you do, for all the laughter and love you fill my life with daily. Have a wonderful birthday today and always know that I love you with all of my heart.

41. Your momma wanted to say, “Happy Birthday with all my heart.” I love you son!

42. Dear ______, You’re a big boy now. Happy Birthday Love you! :

43. So you’re turning 20. Wow! So now you’re a big boy, huh? You must be ready to leave home! Oh, wait a second. What am I saying? You’ve probably been ready to leave for the last 10 years! Happy Birthday, sweetie. I love you and can’t imagine my life without you!

44. Wow, where did the last 20 years go? You are no longer my baby boy, but a grown man! Every year I look at you and say “wow, how did this happen so quickly,” but then remember your dad and I brought you into this world. 🙂 You are our miracle and we are thankful every day that we have you in our lives. I hope that you have a great year and keep growing into the wonderful young man I know you can be. We love you more than words

45. So, here we are-Mom and “only children.” I’ve heard this rap before; it never gets old! Well, maybe a little… There are so many things that I want for you in life. All of them begin with ‘a hug’ followed by words of praise-but since birthdays are about only getting, let’s start there. I hope that every day brings you closer to your dreams. Today I’d like one of your dreams to come true…I hope that you

46. I love you more today than yesterday and less than tomorrow

47. I would trade my soul for a night out with you and your friends. Wish me luck!

48. I’m thrilled you’re already a teenager. I can’t wait to teach you how to drive. And when you get your license, then I’ll know who to call when I’m running late for school and need a lift!

49. Happy Birthday, I’m so glad you were born today! May all your wildest dreams come true. Enjoy your day my son and have a wonderful year. I cannot wait to see what life has in store for you, you are going to be an amazing man. Just remember that we are here for you while you navigate the tricky parts of life, and know that we love you immensely. Happy birthday.

50. I don’t even know where to begin. You’re amazing, that’s all there is to it! You are everything I could want in a son and more. You’re well above average in height, but what makes you stand out is your heart. You’re always thinking of others, not just yourself. I want so badly to make this birthday one of the best yet, but I know there is no way I could do it without you. You’re amazing and the best son anyone could ask

51. I don’t know what I’d do without you, you’ve been my backbone through everything and know you’ll always be in my heart. You’re a big boy now, with so much potential and I cannot wait to see how far you go. Happy Birthday!

52. I wish you didn’t have to get old because you are always going to be my little boy. I love to see the look on your face when you find your birthday cake and all your friends singing. You had me at the sound of a chord, the day you were born. That’s why I can’t help but smile and laugh each day. That is why…I love you so much!

53. I’m glad I didn’t have all the things you have, or I’d be an old lady now and wouldn’t have the chance to see you grow up! You’ve been a joy to me and all I want is for you to be happy. Have a great birthday and enjoy this day with your friends!

54. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Having you as my child has made my life complete! I will cherish every moment we have together and I won’t take any of our time for granted. I love you from the bottom of my heart and words cannot describe how happy I am to be your mother!

55. Look at you, all grown up and on the brink of turning into a real gentleman. I know as you get older your ideas about the world will change and some things will be outgrown. So will some friends and maybe even our family get bigger! But there is one thing that will never change…I love you, with all my heart and I always have!

56. You are my son. I am your mom. You were born October 12th, and so you are a Libra (and yes I looked it up!). You know I love you! Even though your middle name is Kole… I still do. Never change.

57. Happy birthday! I hope this brings a smile to your face, and a song in your heart. It is also an annual reminder to call me on MY birthday.

58. Happy Birthday dear sweet son, I hope that your day is filled with laughter and love. Happy Birthday wishes to the world’s greatest son in the whole universe, there is no son like you! Have a great day!

59. Happy Birthday Dear Son. Have a Great Day and be safe! I hope that you have an excellent day.

60. I’m sending you a card to say I love you. I love you more than the sun and the moon, more than all the fish in the sea. I love you more than all the trees in the forest, more than all the stars in heaven. Plus an extra 1 million bucks just because I can, but not enough to get me off your back. Happy Birthday son!

61. Happy Birthday, my darling son! All these years have passed with so many memories. I can’t believe how big you are. I know it sounds crazy but you are growing so fast into a man…I hope you will always be my little boy. There’s nothing in this whole world that I want more than to see you happy. I just want you to feel good about yourself and know that your mom is right there with you every step of the way. May God bless you and watch over

62. You are the son I never deserved and I love you with my whole heart. Happy birthday! “””

63. Happy Birthday Baby. You are surrounded by so much love from your friends and family on your special day. Make sure you come home soon, we all miss you so much. I want to be the first to wish you a Happy 35th birthday. I can’t wait for our family party next month and hearing all about what life is like in Japan.

64. Honey, everything would be better with you here. My laundry room would be cleaner, my house painting would never end and my diet would be perfect. I miss you and wish you were here. Love, Mom

65. There are just two things in life that I respect and admire most: men who make the world a better place and men that make their moms proud. No matter where the path in life leads you, I hope it leads you to making the world a better place and that makes me proud. You made me the happiest mom ever by being born. Happy birthday!

66. You are a sweet kid and I could not be prouder of you for the man that you have grown up to be. For one thing, every single day, it’s obvious how much you care about your family, friends and even people you don’t know! You’ve always had a kind soul. I couldn’t help but fall in love with you the moment I first held you in my arms. I am so lucky to have a boy like you – one who is honest and upstanding

67. Happy birthday big guy!!! Even though I feel like you’re growing up way to fast, please remember who you are and never lose sight of what makes you YOU! I love you!!!

68. Look out world! Here I come… I’m flying high with all my cares behind me, because today is the day that I was born. You’re thirty now, and it’s time to face the world with all your might. So today I give to you a present; a present of love that takes the form of a brand new car!

69. Happy Birthday to My Son,I hope you have a wonderful day and get everything you wish for. I love you so much,and hope this year is the best ever. Like Facebook statuses say things come and go but brothers and sisters are forever. Never forget we will always be together in this journey of life.

70. I wish that the sun would shine everyday, that there would be peace in this world and that you continue to grow into an amazing man, who will always follow his heart. I love you son, have a happy birthday!

71. My son, I want to wish you the best birthday ever! May all of your wishes come true and enjoy the day surrounded by friends, family, chocolate and kittens. Love Mom.

72. Happy birthday to my darling son, who is one year older today than he was yesterday! Happy birthday to my dearest, who I hope will continue to appreciate me in the coming years. As your mother, the only thing that exceeds my love for you is my tolerance for you.

73. Happy birthday to my sweet boy. I love you so much! I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy you bring me everyday. I wish you a year of those same feelings. Have the best day, and enjoy it to the fullest!

74. My birthday wish for you is that you always know how much you mean to me, and how glad I am that you’re in my life. Have a joyful birthday and many more on the way!

75. Mommy loves you! And so do your daddy and sister. We hope that you enjoy your birthday, but just not too much “booze for me son, noo noo noo, or anything else illegal or inappropriate!!!”

76. I hope this letter finds you doing well, I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of everything you’ve done and who you’ve become. You’ve turned into a fine young man with the biggest heart. It makes me happy to see you smiling and laughing. Keep doing what you’re doing because Mommy thinks it’s just awesome!

77. You know what they say, “thirteen is unlucky for some”, but not for you! I’m so happy and proud to have you as my son. Happy birthday, dear child!

78. Son, I am so proud of you. I still remember the first time you said the words ‘I love you.’ You were only two. Your sister and I were in the nursery looking after you and your brother when suddenly we heard a little voice yell ‘I love you!’ We knew it was coming from your mouth as no one else was in the room but us (and of course God). Ever since then I have thought about that day almost every day and I always smile when thinking about it

79. You are never too old to get a birthday card! Enjoy my little monster!

80. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON! Hope it’s smokin’!! You always were a good child, And now you’re grown. I’m proud of how you handled things, And how you turned out to be. It might not show, But really son I’m glad That I had played a part In what you’ve got today. The best advice I can give you is to just keep on Livin’. Love Mom

81. Happy Birthday son! I hope this card brings a smile to your face. I love you so much, and I am very proud of you. You have grown into a fine young man, and the best part is you have found someone to share life’s adventures with (his wife!).

82. Dear Peter, Today is your birthday and I am giving you a lot of stuff to enjoy. You can have this bag filled with candy, flowers given by 20 kids in your class, and the best gift of all – I am taking you out for breakfast! Have a great day!

83. Today is your birthday. You make me older and I’m not sure you can go to the bathroom by yourself yet, but here’s the thing: I don’t want you to! I love knowing that you depend on me and that you come to me with all of your questions. I want to help you grow into a confident man. I know someday you’ll leave my side and this is as good of a present as anything else!

84. I know you’re older so you think you don’t need your mom anymore. But I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of the man you’ve become. I love you baby!

85. I have always saved all your cards, even from age 7. I love them as much today as when you gave them to me. Happy Birthday!

86. Today is your birthday. And if you think back long enough, I’m sure you can remember the day I told you that being born was the biggest mistake I ever made. Since then, we have come to an understanding. I love you more than any other human being in the entire world. You may have wondered what took me so long to realize this, but as they say… better late than never.

87. Well, another year is over. So much has changed since you were born, but one thing remains the same–you are still driving me crazy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy Birthday!

88. I don’t care if you are 40! 40 is NOT too old to be scared of the dark! I am going to pretend that you are still 5 years old and I will leave my bedroom door open tonight just like I did when you were little! If the monsters are scary come climb in bed with mommy. Love you.

89. I am so proud of you. I love you, never forget that. Always know I’m here for you and will do anything to help your journey on life’s path lead the way.

90. When I saw you were turning 30, I started to shake a little, but then saw that you were still young at heart. Then I began to laugh and realized I was shaking because I was so excited. Where did the years go? Remember when you were just a kid and we had fun doing everything together? We went to the beach, where we built sandcastles and swam in the ocean. We played on swings and slides. We would get ice cream cones at the candy store and

91. I hope the experience of my parents being your parents teaches you the value of money. Hope you can learn to get yourself things, and not rely on mommy to do everything for you, like pay the bills, cleaning your messes up, and most importantly giving you a college fund. While I’m at it, I hope I taught you how to respect girls and raise a family with values that have worked for generations. You’re going to need that in about 10-20 years time when Jessica

92. Happy Birthday Son! I Love You! I wish for you to be rich, successful and happy. Don’t take life too seriously – it’s your birthday. Eat lots of cake today, go see a movie tonight, party all weekend and make mistakes tomorrow.

93. My darling boy, Happy Birthday. I’ve tried to hold back tears as I write this little note to you. But when I thought of the fun and laughs that we have had together, there were no more tears left in me. So, my darling boy, Happy Birthday! I love you so very much!

94. I hope you don’t take this too seriously because it was not actually written by mom, but by your girlfriend. Anyhow, here goes: Merry Early Birthday! I love you very much and think of you daily, as I probably should since I bore you. Love you lots.

95. A mother’s job is never done. Look at me, I’m still working and you are already 29. I wonder who will be the next to carry on my seeds of wisdom. But I have to say, that this year I am just so glad you are here. It has been so long since we have last had a chance to talk and catch up. Please congratulate your siblings for me as well – they raised a fine son like you! Happy birthday baby boy, your happiness makes us all

96. If I could, I would spoon you until the end of time. I love every moment spent with you, I’m so thankful to call you my son. Happy Birthday!

97. Happy Birthday to my favorite son/daughter in the whole wide world! I am sending you hugs and kisses through this card while reminding you that your mother will always love you and be here for you. You are still my little baby that I love to snuggle! Oh how things change! I hope you have the best day today and all days!

98. I’ve known you since the day of your first breath, and I’ve loved you every single day since! You’re funny, smart, handsome, and hysterical. I love taking care of you and doing things for you. I love seeing you smile and hearing your laughter. Happy birthday sweetie, I’m so happy to have you in my life!

99. Son, if today was your birthday, I would make sure you blow out all the candles on your cake. In fact, since it is NOT your birthday, I will blow out all the candles just to make sure you won’t wish for a new mom!

100. I’ve been a very good Mom — most of the time. Now you have your big 40 to celebrate. This will be a momentous birthday for you, so I felt that I owed it to you to send some inspiration in the form of a poem:

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