Amazing Farewell Quotes for Friends

Farewell Quotes for Friends: People come and go, and we never know how long we’ll have them or if we’ll ever see them again, but those relationships stay with us forever. Maybe it’s because you shared so many memories with them, or maybe it’s because they changed your life. We may not see those friends anymore but we often remember them as a monument of our lives.

The parting was difficult and sad, but we can take comfort in the fact that we had them in our lives at all. It doesn’t matter if you’re saying farewell to a friend, family member, teacher/coach/mentor: whenever someone is leaving your life forever, they deserve a proper farewell.
Farewell quotes for friends may be hard to find, but here’s a little help for you because if it involves your friend, it’s worth the time spent.


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Farewell Quotes for Friends

1. I can’t believe it! I never thought you would leave this place, but alas, the time has come to go separate ways. I love you and I will truly miss you. Remember to keep in contact and let me know how you’re doing.

2. I always looked up to you, you were always there for me, giving advice to me. You meant everything to me. Now that I can’t talk to you, feel your arms around me, or see your beautiful smile. The only thing I have left are memories, positive memories of you which will never fade away. I love you so much.

3. I love you so much. Thank you for all the years of laughs, tears, good times, and bad. I wish you well on your new adventure. You are amazing and I hope you know that. I will miss you a lot!

4. Do you remember the day we met? I thought it was love at first sight. We’ve shared our togetherness through the years. Now it’s time for me to say goodbye my friend, but you will always be my friend. You’ll never leave my heart and soul … I will love you forever.

5. I will miss you dearly, friend. We have shared some great times, I hope that more are on the way. It’s hard to think of this as a goodbye, you are always with me… even when we are apart. I know our paths will cross again

6. I will always love you, no matter what happens. I wish you the best in life and in everything you do. Hang in there, everything will be alright!

7. I love you and I always will. I don’t know why I am so sad. You are parting from me, but not your friendship which is worth all else besides. A friend is never known till needed. Be mine forever.

8. We have had so many great memories together. From running around the neighborhood as kids to lifting together in the gym, I will never forget everything we have been through. Thank you so much for always being there for me, no matter the time or place. I love you with all my heart!

9. I am closing this chapter of our lives. I will always be grateful for your presence in my life. I wish you all the best!

10. I never thought I’d ever love someone this much. I will never stop loving you. You have been my best friend.

11. I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you with all my heart. Always remember that I will always be there for you. You are one of the most amazing people alive, never forget that.

12. I think we were more like that one summer. As soon as the first leaf fell I could feel you slip away. We used to be so connected, but now we aren’t even close. It hurts because of how much I love you, but I know it’s time to let go. There is no point in trying anymore. You can try and say it’s not true, I know it is. We don’t feel the same way anymore and we

13. I don’t know where we will go from here. But I want you to know this: I will never forget you and I will always love you.

14. I just wanted to say that even though I do not know you that well, you are one of the nicest people I have ever met. Your compassion for others is truly inspiring, and your smile can light up a room. Just wanted to tell you…THANK YOU…for being so good to me!

15. You are my rock, my soul mate. I love you with all my heart and nothing can change that. You are my best friend and the only one I could ever really see myself with for the rest of my life. I’m so lucky to have you!

16. You are one of the best friends I have ever had, and it breaks my heart to see you go. You came into my life so unexpectedly and changed me completely. I will never forget the time we spent together because it comes every time I think about you.

17. It is safe to say that I will never meet another friend like you. You were like the big brother I never had and I am grateful for all the opportunities you gave me. Thank you ♥

18. To a very special friend, you’ll always hold a special place in my heart. I only hope that every time you look back upon this day, you will be able to remember it as one of the most meaningful of your life. I know not everyone is lucky enough to find the kind of love we shared. But there is someone out there for you. It may not happen tomorrow or next year, but it will happen (promise). Take care of my brother.

19. I am so glad I met you. You have been a true friend to me, but it’s time to part ways. I have found the love of my life and he is everything to me. Our relationship means more to me than anyone else in this world. I don’t want you to be the third wheel on this journey, but if we never see each other again, know that I will carry with me your love and the time we spent together.

20. You are my best friend for life, my soul mate, my hero, my everything. I love you with all my heart and just want you to know that I am thinking of you always.

21. You are one of the most hilarious, fun-loving people I have ever met. You always seemed to know just what to say to cheer me up when I was down. I will never forget you, and I will always wish you the very best! Love & Light.

22. You have always been a friend to me, a true-hearted friend. We have been friends for a very long time, and no matter what happens in our life, I want you to know that I will always remember the good times we’ve had together. I will also remember all of the love you gave me, and the music that we listened to on road trips. Thank you for being someone that I could confide in when no one else was there.

23. Words cannot express how much I love and treasure you! I hope you find the happiness that you so richly deserve. I’m sending you much love, luck, hugs & kisses.

24. Thank you for coming to my graduation today. I don’t know what I would do without you. You are like a sister to me, and that’s why I wish you all the luck in the world!

25. I remember going to high school together and one day I decided to go home with you because you asked me too. Then I went to your house and we watched a movie together. While watching the movie I realized that I was falling for you. Not only did we make a lot of friends together, but we also made a lot of memories together, memories I will cherish for years.

26. You’ve been a friend to me for a long time now. I want you to know that you’ll always be special. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here for you.

Farewell Quotes for Friends

Farewell Quote for Friend

27. So a lot of good memories, a lot of laughs and a lot of love. I may not see you every day, but I’ll never forget you. Love you buddy!

28. It has been wild 7 years, but I wouldn’t change a thing. We have had the most fun, the best times, and amazing memories that could never be matched by anyone else. You are so much more to me than just a friend, though I know it may not show every day. To you, I am forever in debt for how you have made me feel. You have made me so happy in so many ways that it is hard to find the right words. All I have are

29. Our friendship has meant so much to me. I am glad that I met you because you are truly wonderful. Thank you for making my life better. Thank you for the memories, thank you for the laughs, and thank you for pure joy. You were truly one of a kind. You will truly be missed.

30. I’ve known you for 2 years and you were there for me when I needed you most. You were always quick to lend a helping hand and an encouraging smile. I will always remember the good times we had. When we part ways today, I wish you well and hope that our paths cross again in the future.

31. I just wanted to tell you that I love you. You will always have a place in my heart and always be a friend. Keep smiling and always know that no matter what, I’ll be there for you. Be happy. Take care!

32. I have so many things to tell you… I love you, I thank you for having been one of the best parts of my life, your smile or your eyes or your love. I am glad that God entrusted my destiny to you. And now, my dear friend, thanks for being there by my side our entire lives. Thanks for being there with me in the happiest moments and thanks for loving me when nobody else did!

33. Your friendship lighted my path like a bright star in the night…you helped me find my way, even when I couldn’t see…your journey is now over, but mine still continues. I will always remember you.

34. You are my dearest friend, and I will miss you even though I see you every day. You are like family to me! Please come visit!

35. You’ve been my best friend for 10 years now. I hope one day when you are in heaven, you will look down on us all with a smile on your face. I love you.

36. I hope you know how much you mean to me. I hope you realize the magnitude of your love. I hope you realize that you are kind person who makes everyone feel special. I want to be like you when I grow up. Every time I think about you my heart overflows with happiness. You are my inspiration, my teacher, my mentor, and my friend. I love you so much!

37. I love you. I’ll be your friend forever.

38. As long as you are here with me there is nothing to fear. I will always be here to hold you when you are scared, to listen when you need to talk, and just simply be by your side. I love you, baby!

39. You have been a tremendous friend to me. You have been so much more, too. You’ve been a soul mate, a confidant, a listener, a therapist, my teacher and my student, sometimes all at once.

40. I know you said that this is goodbye, but really it is only “see you later” or “I’ll talk to you soon.” You are one of the dearest friends I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I will miss you terribly, but I know someday we will see each other again. The memories I have shared with you have made my life all the more special. The things I have learned from you have benefited me tremendously.

41. I have known you for over 11 years now. I can’t remember how long, but I know it was a long time. So long that it feels like you are a part of my family now. You have helped me through so many hard times in life, so many tear-filled moments where I have fallen to the ground crying, and even though I will probably never see you again after high school. I can’t help but wonder where life will take us. I love you forever

42. Never be sorry for the memories. They are yours forever, each one a special gift to open when you need them. And sometimes all you need is a quiet heart to remember what it really means to have close friends. Even if we are miles apart, you will always be in my heart, always remembered and never forgotten. I love you.

43. I have been lucky enough to know you for more than 20 years. I have had more laughs, good times, and joy in my life than I could have ever imagined because I knew you. You have a heart of pure gold and strength that is unstoppable. Your positive outlook on life is infectious and the bond we have had over the years will last a lifetime.

44. I can’t believe we had to say goodbye. I will always cherish the memories and the good times we had. I wish you all the best and never forget how much I loved you.

45. It’s been fun and we’ve had some great adventures. I just want you to know that I care about you a lot and you will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for the memories…

46. This is not goodbye, it’s just until we meet again. May God bless you, my friend.

47. I’ve never met anyone like you before. I didn’t think love at first sight really existed, but it did. You are my best friend and the most amazing person I know. I am so lucky to have found you. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for always making me laugh with your silly jokes! Thank you for spoiling me! I love you!!

48. I love you more than anything. I’ll miss you like crazy.

49. I am at a loss for words. I thought we were best friends and could talk about anything. You mean so much to me and you will be missed dearly.”

50. Even though we won’t be able to text or hang out as much, I still want you to know that I am here for you whenever you need me. I love you and pray that you travel far and accomplish all of your goals!

51. I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. You lift me up when I am down. You remind me to laugh and smile even when I don’t want to. Your hugs are the only place in this world where I feel completely whole and where you can always make my day.

Best Friend Farewell Quotes

52. My friend, I will miss our time together. You were always fun to be with and never had a mean word to say. I hope you find whatever it is your looking for in this world. I think you’ll make a great husband and father someday. I admire you and will always love you. My friend, I wish you the best of luck!

53. I will always love you. I’m so thankful for our friendship. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most. You are my sunshine on a rainy day, my laughter when I’m sad, my thoughts before I go to sleep every night. The best years of my life were spent with you by my side. Keep shining, Angel.

54. I’ve watched you go through so much the last couple of months. You are an amazingly strong, beautiful person which is exactly why I love you so much. I’m so incredibly proud of the person you’ve become and I just want you to know that no matter what happens in life, I will always be there for you.

55. I’m not angry… I am just confused. Why would you want to leave, when I love you so much? We have been best friends for years, and I don’t think anything could ever change that. You are the only person that understood me, my struggles, and my fears. You were my confidant when no one else was there for me. We have shared some great times together! So many memories of laughter and love.

56. You were my best friend, companion, my soul mate. You brought me laughter and love. I am proud to have known you.

57. I love you with every little piece of me. Every day you bring so much happiness to my life. I never thought I could feel this much joy and peace. Thank you for sticking it out through thick and thin. It is such a blessing to be loved so completely by such an angelic human being! You are my life, my world, and my everything! Without you I am nothing and I truly mean that.

58. I realize now that what I was looking for out there in the world, I already had. Realizing that, seeing that, is going to be a tough task. I’m going to miss you because we were friends, but I’ll always remember you as much more than a friend. Someone who taught me to accept love and give love without limits or expectations, someone who showed me what friendship could be if it was rooted in truth and reality.

59. Hey guys, the time is here. I’m sorry to say my time with all of you is coming to an end. I have met some of the best people ever in my life here on the forums, and sadly it’s time for me to say goodbye. You all have made my experience on this site worthwhile. No regrets here though, every moment has been fun.

60. Thank you for standing beside me for all those years. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, and the joy you gave me. I will always treasure our time together.

61. A true friend knows of your many flaws and still loves you for your good qualities. A true friend supports your dreams even when they know that you may fail. A true friend can say anything to hurt but does not because she believes in you.

62. I never imagined I could be this happy! From the moment we met, I knew deep down inside that you were someone special.

63. I love you way too much, and that probably stems from a childhood of not being truly shown how a father is supposed to love a daughter. I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to earn back all the affection I’ve been denied. I love you with all my heart, my body, my soul, every ounce of me that exists. You are my heart.

64. I’ve learned that you don’t need to stay with someone who doesn’t hold you, respect you, or even cares about you. I know that it is hard to move on but you must take care of yourself first before others. It breaks my heart to say goodbye but I will always wish the best for you.

65. I want to remember you the way you are now. I don’t want you to change. You make me feel alive, alive in a way I’ve never felt before. I love knowing that no matter what happens nothing will ever change between us, because I love you with all my heart and nothing could ever stop that.

66. I look up to you. You are the kindest, smartest, most beautiful person I have ever met. You have changed my life for the better in so many ways. I can’t wait until you are in my arms again. By the way, I love the “new me.”

67. I remember when we first met. I thought you were a completely strange and out-there person, that I could never really get along with! Turns out I was wrong. You are one of the craziest people I know, but also the most caring, sweetest, funniest, and most hard-working friend I have. So yeah, thanks for being my friend for all this time 😉 you’re the best!

68. Because of you I laugh much harder, live much better, and love much more. You’re part of my soul. We may not see each other every day, but you are always in my heart.

69. I wish I could find the words that would make you stay, but all of them seem inadequate. It’s like trying to describe color to someone who has never seen it. There are some things that are just better experienced than explained. Good luck with everything the future brings, the world is yours to conquer.

70. Keep shining! Each new day brings you fresh light to share with the world, so go on and spread some sunshine. Enjoy your day.

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