Cute Quotes for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile over Texts

Cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile over texts

Cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile over texts

Cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile over texts

1. If you want to smile just begin to do so as you read my precious message. You will not get tired of a wonderful queen like me.

2. I know you don’t understand my mission tonight but all I want you to do is to sleep with your one eye open.

3. I dreamed that you a mad man gave you a dirty slap, when I woke up this morning; I a pancake rub on my cheeks. Did you do that before you left?

4. As you read my message write now, remember that a gorgeous girl is missing you right away. Have a beautiful night dream.

5. You are an handsome guy, there is no doubt about this, but what really matters is that being a handsome guy is not the only criteria to have a beautiful girl. So, hope your pocket is tight?

6. Nice one sweetheart, I am just being tired of a life without electricity. The night is as hot as hell. Can’t just imagine that.

7. Wow, this is fantastic, I wish you all the best on this special day, may you find endless peace now and forever. Good to have you handsome.

8. Yeah, there is no need sleeping tonight, all I want to think of is you alone. I hope you are fine? Have a nice day.

9. I realized that your face is as smooth as a basket ball ground, so I decided to crush on you and then we ended up becoming lovers.

10. I am sure you will be busy this night but remember, I am yet to finish the assignment you gave to me. I hope you know that?

11. Your face is irresistible, yummy sweet chocolate; I hope you get me right. I am only saying you are very handsome.

12. I used to like tall guys but when I met a short boyfriend like you, I forget about those poles without a common sense of romance.

13. I need you right now but I am thinking of how to rescue you from daddy’s dog in case you are caught with me.

14. Believe me; I can do everything just to make you smile. You get it? It is just the truth. I mean it. Good to have you around.

15. I have a lot of reasons to make you happy. You are smart and the way you make me smile is just the sweetest thing ever. I love you.

16. What can I say to make you understand the kind of feelings I have for you? You are sweet to me and I love you to the end.

17. I will never stop thinking about you all my life. It is because there is no one as handsome as you are among the handsome guys ever

18. Don’t be scared of this life, it is one of the reasons why men did not attain their potentials. Face this life with courage.

19. What is the meaning of a life spent without a nice guy like you? I want to be yours all my life. You are Mr. nice guy.

20. To the best man in this world for me, I know you are tired this morning but don’t worry I will make you happy tonight.

21. I never want you to sleep without thinking about me. I hope you have the time to do so? You are so sweet. I love you.

22. It is my pleasure to have met you. The way I used to feel three years back compare to now shows that you are a very responsible man.

23. Your guy is a prince, a prince of love, passion, sweetness and happiness. You are the best friend I have all my life.

24. You turn me on with your sweet voice, you advice me in the best way. You are all the best for me. I need you to the end.

25. When I met you, I knew you will be that simple guy with best attitude that will suit what I have been searching for.

26. What a nice guy I have as a boyfriend. I am willing to make you happy all your life, I love you my dear love.

27. You are the only man who makes smile so I want you to begin to smile too. You are nice, sweet and above all the best for me.

28. I wish you much love every minute of my life. I will always make you proud because you deserve that from me.

29. It is nice that you are a special guy. Anytime I look at you, I see a burning desire that burns for me alone.

30. I love the way I feel anytime I set my eyes on you. It gives me the confidence to make life a better chocolate for everyone.

31. Having you around is like hitting a market of a million dollars. Nice one from your side. You are so simple and easy going.

32. I just want to say, I love you like never before. I need you all my life and will always do forever. You are special.

33. If life is a pendulum. I will always swing it bag to you because it feels special to lead a life with you. I love you sweetheart.

34. What a special guy like you. You are my happiness and the way I love you baffles me too. You are so cute.

35. I need you all my life because you are all I want in my life. You are the sweetest person that I can always be proud of.

36. Meeting you in this world is one thing I can never regret. It is a great privilege that cannot be found in the market.

37. In you I feel the deepest love of a man. I am willing to be yours every time in this wonderful world. I love you.

38. You may not understand why I am melting in love with you. I need everything about you because you are the best man that cares.

39. I have come across many fake men. Meeting you has neutralized all their deceits. You are meant for me. I swear.

40. If I have a way to out smile on your face for another million years, I will accept because that’s exactly what I want for you.

 Funny quotes for him from the heart

42. He is the most handsome guy ever dated so far. I like him for one thing, he can spend money like Obama.

43. The Phrase “Your Shining teeth” is not an insult. Rather, it an another silly way to tell someone you love them to the core.

44. Let me come and rest on your chest. I am catching cold too much. You understand how the weather sings this day.

45. You are my professor in love. I will always be yours now and forever. I miss you, your laughter and everything about you.

46. I cant tell a lie. I sweat I am yet to see a funny man like you. I woke up this morning thinking about the funny moments we shared.

47. Merely looking at you, someone will understand that you are the most precious person in the world.

48. If you can smile for an endless day… I will be glad you do because it is a sign that I am now the entertainer I dreamed about.

49. I dreamed that you were chasing me. No wonder I woke up to see you being chased by our dog. I love you.

50. If you can give me just a hug, I think my body pain will be relieved. I hope you understand what I am saying?

51. I love you so much and the truth is already written in the book of truth. You are just more than what I believe.

Good Morning Quotes to make him Smile

53. It is my pleasure to have met a sweet and romantic man like you. Your presence is always full of life. Good morning my love.

54. I hope you love this sunshine? It is the nicest moment today. Enjoy the fragrance and never miss a moment of love and happiness.

55. I hope you are enjoying the blessing of a new day. Your face will be blessed better than you think by His grace.

56. Good morning to the most precious boyfriend. You can’t be here while the whole place is boring. I know you for a sweet day.

57. Cheer up sweetheart, you are my happiness and it is the reason why I want to say Good morning. You are special than shawarma.

58. You took away my heart last night and made me miss you too much than I can bear. Good morning sweet love.

59. Your love in my heart will always grow more than a tree. It is always the feeling that makes me happy. Good morning.

60. Wishing you a sweet morning as sweet as chocolate. I wish you all the best now and forever. Good morning dear.

61. What is the best thing a man needs in life? I think it is a beautiful woman that will always keep him warm all the time.

62. I may not be here to put smile on your face but the truth is that you are always on my mind as lollipop on the mind of a child.

63. I want you to know that I have truly fallen in love with you. Thank you my dear love. You are special.

64. What a wonderful morning time to the one I cherish. You are the most loving guy in my world. Anytime I close my eyes, I see you.

65. Good morning to that special heartfelt guy whose smile is irresistible. I am happy with and it is the reason why I adore you so much.

66. Nice meeting chocolate angel. You are so sweet and your lips are the most delicious flesh in the world—cool and soft. Good morning.

67. I feel like to make everything easy for you and it is the reason why I always want to be by your side every second.

68. I need you more than you think. You are the sweetest person ever. I love you my dearest and you are the reason for my sudden joy.

69. When you came into my world, I began to enjoy the benefit of true love. I miss you my beloved. Trust me. Good morning.

70. I want to be yours for every minute and every time. Good morning. I hope you have taken your sweet morning coffee.

71. I don’t know why I am so much in love with you but that’s just the truth. I am happy that you are lovely.

72. What can I say than to thank God that you finally came to my world? After many years of struggles for love, you came into my life.

Good night Messages for Boyfriend to make him Smile

73. Can you see the stars smiling at you? They are the most brilliant things I have ever seen in this world. Goodnight sweetheart.

74. What a lovely guy in this world? Your happiness shall always increase. You will not sleep in the wrong bed.

75. Anytime I see you, I feel like to hug you because you are a very handsome guy. I love you so much.

76. In no time, you will be called the most handsome guy in the world. I believe in my words because I have confidence in your beauty.

77. Whenever you smile, my night promises to be the most beautiful one. Goodnight my beloved. I miss you.

78. Going to bed without a kiss from you makes me sad. I hope to see you first tomorrow morning to make my day.

79. Let the fragrance of a beautiful night dream reaches you to the end. Your heart is of love, may I sink in it. Goodnight sweetie.

80. I need you to understand that you are far better than the most interesting person in the world. At your back he queues.

81. I hope that you will enjoy this nice moment with me one day. I will be right beside you as the most beautiful wife ever.

82. Goodnight my precious love. I will always find peace in my heart as far as I am with you. I love you so much.

83. Goodnight my beloved. You don’t understand the power of your love in me but the truth is that you are always there in my heart.

84. Did you know? The sweetest lips I have ever tasted in this world is yours. I was happy the day you gave me your first kiss.

85. I am happy to have met you in my life. I have always wanted to be yours since the day we met in a friend’s birthday.

86. When I saw you the other day, a strong feeling overwhelmed my heart. I prayed to find you once again and finally it was so.

87. Thank you for the bright face you made for me. If you are not kind to me, I will be bored and tired and people will judge you.

88. Make sure you are happy tonight. It is one of the best thing that has ever happened to me all my life. Goodnight.

89. I miss you so much and the truth is that you are just the best for me. I love you my angel and you are the cutest.

90. What a wonderful love I have in this world. Goodnight and have one of the most blessed moment in the world.

91. What makes me smile the most is the fact that you are part of my day and night. Goodnight.

92. Hello boy, I am so happy that you are around. Today will be a fantastic one I’m sure.

Sweet Short Quotes to make him Happy with you

95. Don’t give up on what you are doing; it may be the beginning of you fortune in life.

96. I love handsome guys. Their long beard is a killing point, irresistible charm.

97. What a nice guy you are. I will always be proud of you anywhere anytime.

98. I just want to say thank you for everything you have done in my life. Good morning.

99. I miss you like never before. Thank you for being there always. I love dearest.

100. You are to me like a comforter that will bring peace to my heart always. I love you.

101. I want you to be my life changer. The sweetest love that will always be on my mind.

102. Good morning darling. You are my happiness and the most handsome lover ever met.

103. Thank you for the true love you show to me. You have always been there when necessary.

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