Best Good Night Inspirational Quote

Good Night has become one of the most famous quotes in USA. If you are in love, this goodnight wish will surely take your relationship to the next level. This Good Night wish is full of sweetness that your partner will surely fall for you.

Good Night Inspirational Quote

1. Good night, sleep tight. I pray that you stay in your dreams for all that’s bright. For all the stars in the sky are wishing you peace, happiness, and love.

2. As you lay in bed tonight, I want you to try something. Forget about me. Forget about our problems. I want you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and think of the person who makes you happy. Think of one thing that they do or maybe one word that describes their personality. Sometimes when I’m upset over my life, I think of you and realize how amazing my life has become because I’m with you. Tonight before you go to sleep.

3. Sending you lots of love and goodnight wishes. Just wanted to let you know how special you are to me tonight. Hope you sleep well, knowing how much I care.

4. In my dreams, I see you. In my heart, you live. In my soul, you cast a spell that will never let me go. You mean everything to me and I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone. Good night, sleep well, and have sweet dreams of me!

5. You are my everything. Wonderful memories-happy times, sad times, and nervous times. I love you with all my heart and always will. Rest well tonight knowing that I love you!!!!

6. Good night my love, I’ll see you in my dreams. The beauty in your face is all I ever need to make every day complete. The only thing sweeter than our love is the thought of spending forever together. I can’t wait until tomorrow because I will get to see your smile, once again.

7. Before you came into my life I missed you so much. With you in my life I’m no longer afraid to go to sleep because I know when I wake up everything will be all right. Good night and sweet dreams!

8. Next to my own heartbeat, I can hear yours. And it calms me. Good night my love, I’ll be dreaming of you soon.

9. Sweet dreams my little Angel. This year I’ve been lucky enough to spend many nights with you, whether here or on the other side of the country. I’m so thankful for those special moments together. Your smile lights up my heart and your laughter gives me butterflies. I’ve never met someone so beautiful, inside and out. Goodnight my love!

10. I miss you. Good night, sleep tight. Dream happy dreams. Know that I love you – whether we’re far apart or together – always, forever.

11. Goodnight to the best friend, the one that I can tell anything about without feeling judged. The one that has helped me grow into who I am today. I love you!

12. The thought of being with you tomorrow is so inspiring it makes me sleep very lightly tonight.

13. Goodnight, my love! As I drift off to sleep with you on my mind, I am filled with happiness. Before I go to bed, I find myself wondering if you are thinking of me, too.  Are you snuggling with your lover tonight? Do you miss me like I  miss you…? As silly as it may sound, when I think of this makes me feel loved and not alone.

14. Goodnight my sweet, I love you and miss you each minute we’re without each other. Tonight more than ever I am looking forward to the day we can be together – no more time apart.

15. Sometimes all you need is a reminder that someone loves you. Tonight I’m sending you a reminder. Glad I had the chance to remind you. Sweet dreams!

Good Night Inspirational Sleep Quotes

16. As I stare at your pictures, my heart longs to be next to you. I’ll dream of you as I fall asleep tonight and a smile will find its way onto my face because no matter how far away from each other we are, we are always close in heart.

17. I know a lot of people say this but I really mean it! There isn’t a single moment that goes by that I don’t think about you and how much I love you. You have changed my life so much for the better, and anytime I feel the world is against me you are there to lift me up. Now get some sleep because you have an early morning!

18. I love you with all my heart and soul. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again, to kiss your lips and fall asleep next to you.

19. As you lay to rest, may tonight’s sleep give you the strength to face all your troubles and the beauty of the Sun to give you the energy to carry on. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

20. Good night, sweet dreams, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. You are everything to me and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I love you!

21. I love you; more than you know and I will forever and always cherish and protect you. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

22. Goodnight my deliriously wonderful spirited wonderful amazing friend. You are so special to me, so thoughtful and considerate, so fantastic in every way. I’m so blessed to have you in my life, even if it’s just to talk with occasionally. I love you! And have a great night.

23. Goodnight my sweetheart. I love you and wish you sweet dreams.

24. May you be inspired while sleeping and may your dreams be beautiful.

25. Goodnight my love. I know for sure that you are the one for me. The space between us seems so far yet so close. It’s killing me being away from you, but if I have to have the pain of missing you, I’ll take it over not having you in my life at all! I love you, baby.

26. You are always on my mind even when I am busy doing something. I love you! Good night my sweetheart.

27. I love you, more than any words can say. You mean the world to me and I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you for always being there. Good night and sleep tight.

28. Good night, my love. Dream of me. Dream of our endless future together. Dream of how I truly feel about you. I love you so much, and no matter how far apart we are, my heart beats only for you!

29. Darling I wish a million stars were in the sky to greet you on this beautiful night because a million won’t be enough to explain how much I love you.

30. I want to hold you tight, kiss you deep and full on the lips, run my fingers through your hair, touch your face, look into your eyes. Whisper to you how much I love you then give you a big warm hug… I feel at peace when I am with you.

Beautiful Inspirational Good Night Quotes

31. To my AMAZING fiancé, I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. God knew what he was doing when he created the world and he knew that he would need perfect beings like you and I who can love each other unconditionally, who can be each other’s everything…. who can someday raise a family together. I love you to the moon and back.

32. Good night! I admire your brilliance, your smile, your eyes, and the way you hold my hand. Good night dear, with love.

33. Good night my love! I can’t sleep without calling you first, so keep sleeping peacefully. Your breathing sounds so lovely. See you soon, Sweet dreams

34. Goodnight my love. I just want to wish you sweet dreams and tell you how special you are to me. I can’t wait to be in your arms again.

35. Sweet dreams my love. May the Angels watch over you and keep you safe, listening to the music of your whispering heart. I will love you forever and always.


Good Night Inspirational Quote


36. My love for you is infinite. Countless stars in the sky are bound to go out, but our love remains ageless with an inexhaustible supply of passion. Sleep tight, my love.

37. Sleep well, my love. May tomorrow be a good day for you. And remember, whatever happens in life is always for a reason. But it is always best to focus on the positive and look at the brighter side of things!

38. I love you like the stars above, like the sun upon the earth, as the ocean’s depth.

39. Good night my love, may your dreams come true. Everything is alright now that you are by my side, I feel calm deep inside. MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU! Growing old with you is the best gift I could have ever asked for. It was almost impossible to take my eyes off of you at dinner tonight. The way you smiled at me, your sparkling eyes, your contagious laugh, your sexy body… it’s all so intoxicating. I love you more than words can say. Good night!

40. I know we don’t say it enough, but I love you. There is no other person in the world that I would want to spend my time with. You are everything to me. Have a wonderful rest of your day and night and I will see you tomorrow!

41. As my mind takes me back to all the special moments we’ve shared together. I realize how much I appreciate you for all the joy, happiness, and love you have given me throughout this journey of life. You are simply amazing!

42. Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.

43. I awoke the next morning, feeling a warm sensation in my chest. I looked down and you were gently snoring away. I couldn’t help but softly kiss your forehead as I knew that this was a rare moment of harmony where our paths had crossed for a reason. God must have known we would need each other to make ourselves whole again…still, I don’t regret for one moment what we have been through, as it has made us both stronger people.

44. Good night my love! I love you more every day. Tonight I did something new ~ I watched the sunset without wishing on any star or thinking of u. It taught me how to be thankful for what I already have. Because of you, I am happy, healthy, and more in love with life every day. Today reminds me again how lucky I am to have someone so special in my life… YOU!

Positive Inspirational Good Night Quotes

45. I will climb through the heavens, swim across oceans, and travel across time. To be by your side forever, watching you as you dream. In those dreams I will lay next to you, knowing that our love is as pure as snowflakes from the sky. Feel the warmth of my embrace as I hold you to my chest. No other man compares to you and no other woman should attempt to take your place. This goodnight comes from a place of pure love. Sleep tight and dream of

46. Good night, my love. I hope you dream of me.

47. Good night my love! I hope you sleep well and wake up refreshed and ready for another day. I love you and will see you in the morning.

48. Thinking of you tonight. Wishing I was there with you. I miss your smile, your laugh, your touch… But all in all, I’m satisfied to know that tomorrow when I wake up, that it will be another day that I get to spend loving you.

49. I’ll always love you, even when I can’t keep my eyes open. Sleep tight!

50. In the darkest of days, you have been my brightest of lights. In the morning, you’re the first thing I think of. You are my best friend. You are a blessing to me and I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

51. Goodnight my love. May you have restful sleep with sweet dreams. May your days be filled with happiness and success. Goodnight!

52. My heart is where you are. You are my center, my home. I love you, goodnight!

53. I’m thinking of you tonight. I pray you sleep peacefully and feel my arms around you keeping you safe. Rest sweetly, my love.”

54. Good night to the most amazing man in the entire world, you are so strong, so determined, so brave. I love you so much. Nothing will ever be long enough until I can hold you again. You are my soul mate, my best friend, my everything. I love you!

55. Good night, my love. I miss your sweet kisses and the way we’d lie in bed hours after we had fallen asleep. My dreams were filled with you and I awake each morning still longing for you. With every day that passes, it gets harder and harder to be away from you, and at night, when you’re not here to hold me tight; I dream of your loving arms around me.

56. I may not be there with you at night when I’m asleep, but my love will watch over you. That is if you dream of me too.

57. Even when I can’t be there physically, you will never be far from my thoughts. You are a beautiful soul and I hope you dream of me as I do of you tonight.

58. It’s midnight and for the first time in a long time, I feel like my world is right. You brighten my day and make me feel like I am important. But, most of all you make me feel like I am loved and cared for. Nobody else can do that except you, and for that I am grateful. Good night and sleep well, my love.

59. You are so beautiful to me, inside and out. I don’t think you realize just how loved you are. Please know that you are deeply loved by so many people near & far. You have a way of making everyone feel special just by being yourself. You have changed me for the better, into someone who thinks only of others instead of himself.

60. You are my happiness, without you in my life my world would be dark. I am so blessed to have you in my life, you are the light in my sky, the smile on my face, you are all I wish for in a forever love.

61. You are my best friend. You are my angel. I love you to the moon and back.

62. I don’t know where I would be without you. I love you more than I knew was humanly possible. Be happy, always!

63. I love you for being the strong, confident, intelligent person that you are. You are my best friend, my soul mate, my world. I love you so much it hurts to not be in your arms right now because in your arms is where I have always wanted to be!

64. Goodnight, my love. May you have sweet dreams and wake up hopeful.

65. Sometimes we get caught up in the day-to-day. We forget to take a moment to smell the flowers, and truly appreciate those around us. Don’t wait until your time on earth is over to remember how much you cherish those that really matter. Every time you take a breath, I want you to think about me and smile because I am thinking about you and smiling too! Good night

66. I don’t want to go to bed right now because when I close my eyes, the only thing I see is you.

67. May you always dream of angels blessing your dreams.

68. I want to give myself entirely to you and fill your life with the brightest colors imaginable. I want to surround you with love and warmth. With a love like this, surely nothing is impossible.

69. You’re my comfort. My joy, my peace. You’re the home I come to when I’m tired or upset. I promise forever have a nice night

70. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for celebrating with me when I succeed, and cheering me on when I fall. For telling me to never give up, supporting me by my side, even when I make mistakes. You are my best friend, I love you so much! Good night

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