100 Best Good Morning Messages For Her & Him

Best Good Morning Messages

Best Good Morning Messages

1. Your voice is like a rhythm to my soul – Best Good Morning Messages

Your voice is like a rhythm to my soul, your smile stops every breath and your laughter brings the good things that life can give, I love you so much, I don’t know what to do without you. Good morning my angel.

2. The early morning stars – Best Good Morning Messages 

The early morning stars are the representation of all the people you know, and you are the cloud in where the star stay and when the star fade gradually, but you my love for you will never fade not with time. Good morning my heartthrob.

3. Your Face is the Source of LightBest Good Morning Messages

Whenever we are together in the dark, your radiate face is the source of light that brighten all the place, I wonder what was the source of the light. Never knew you are such a beauty even in the dark, I love you and will always do. Good morning to my dearest.

4. Some minutes to think about you – Best Good Morning Messages

It took me some minutes to think about you, but the anxiety on my face took the entire day. For you I can do everything humanly possible just to make you happy my love, good morning to you, Pretty.

5. Whenever I dream about you – Best Good Morning Messages

Whenever I dream about you at night, I find it difficult to wake, because it’s like being with you. I love you, good morning

6. Sleeping and waking without you – Best Good Morning Messages

Dreams are your last thought at night before going to bed, I slept with your thought and woke with your thought. I’m sick of sleeping and waking without you by my side, I want to be with you every morning, cuddling you. I adore you, good morning.

7. I don’t know how – Best Good Morning Messages

I don’t know how the day will be like, good, bad, smooth or difficult, sober or emotional. one thing I know for sure, your affection for me. Which is above whatever I might come accross. Good morning to the love of my life.

8. You are the reason – Best Good Morning Messages

You are the reason why I am happy even when am sad. I just think of you in that your romantic body and elegant dress. I am sick of your love and it makes me feel important. Good morning love.

9. Our past are always left behind – Best Good Morning Messages

Our past are always left behind the present matter a lot, you are my present, future and the love of my life, as long as I live you are the love of my life, good morning.

10. Always be by your side – Best Good Morning Messages

What I know is that I will no matter what always be by your side in sickness, in sorrow, I shall stand by your side. By your side, I shall be always. Good morning my honey bunny.

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Best Good Morning Quotes

Best Good Morning Quotes

11. Will you be my blanket? – Best Good Morning Quotes

Honey its raining heavily over here and I need a blanket to cover myself, will you be my blanket? Please am so cold this morning, I want to hug and kiss you, to relieve me of this sensation am feeling. Good morning my angel.

12. As I wake up this morning – Best Good Morning Quotes

As I wake up this morning with your love , that whatever I do is you on my mind, as I was on my way to my work place am sending you a rose and my kiss, please take it and let it be with you still I return, good morning.

13. The only one in your heart – Best Good Morning Quotes

I would like to be the only one in your heart and I will be the only one in your heart, now and forever, I love you good morning.

14. I know I’m lucky – Best Good Morning Quotes

I know I’m lucky because God has favoured me in many ways by giving me this wonderful love of my life, I am truly honoured. Who am I to let you down, thank you for believing in me, good morning.

15. My morning joy – Best Good Morning Quotes

my morning joy, the only honey that I lick, the only room I sleep and the one and only forever love of my life, I think about you when I roll around on the bed. Gud mrng my sweet heart .

16. I had this dream – Best Good Morning Quotes

I had this dream that I fainted, I could see my body going to the heaven but I wasn’t allowed to go through, the angels at the gate said to me that my love is still out there on earth. Baby that is why I love you more. Gud Mrng.

17. Until I hear your voice – Best Good Morning Quotes

My love, my day will not start until I hear your voice, so I am sending you this message as a reminder good morning my love.

18. If I was to be there with you – Best Good Morning Quotes

If I was to be there with you, I will place my hands on your shoulder, caress at it and kiss your forehead in such a way that you will live to remember me, good morning my darling.

19. Each day that passes by – Best Good Morning Quotes

Each day that passes by my love keep on growing like a pumpkin leave, and each day you make me feel something beyond my widest dream. Good morning queen.

20. You are the one that make smile – Best Good Morning Quotes

My angel, you are the one that makes me smile, you are the one that gives me joy, you know I can’t hurt you intentionally, and I won’t lie to you. Will always support you in whatsoever you do, you know I care about you a lot and won’t let you cry, we will always be together as one, I love you and good morning.

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Best Good Morning Texts Messages for Her


21. Whenever I wake up – Best Good Morning Texts Messages

Whenever I wake up in the morning, the greatest thing I feel is the love we both share. I love you with everything that I have got. Good morning dear.

22. Morning is beautiful but incomplete – Best Good Morning Texts Messages

Morning is beautiful but incomplete without you in my life, my breakfast won’t be complete without sending you this love message, I care a lot about you. Good morning.

23. If you were a sea – Best Good Morning Texts Messages for her

If you were a sea I would be a dolphin, no matter where you go, I would always be with you, I love you more and more each day that passes by. Good morning.

24. Even though I know – Best Good Morning Texts Messages

Even though I know I don’t know my stand in this relationship, what I sure know is that I love you such much, good morning my love.

25. Do you know you are the sunshine? – Best Good Morning Texts Messages for her

Do you know you are the sunshine in my life, even before I open my curtains you are already shining in my heart, I love you and baby. Good morning.

26. I wish I could just describe you in one word – Best Good Morning Texts Messages for her

I wish I could just describe you in one word, you are what I call miss perfect, and the angel of my life. So tell me how possible is it that I can describe you in one word. Good morning my love.

27. You Make my Present and Future

My love you know you are the one that makes my present and my future, you are the impossible thing that is possible in my life. Good morning my heart .

28. I feel so much strength & happiness– Best Good Morning Texts Messages for her

Whenever I wake up, your face, voice and your body will just reflect in my mind, I will feel so much strength, happiness and most be filled with so much love. I love you, good morning.

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29. My love for you is un-expressable

My love for you is more than what a thousand word can express, the more the love and romantic feeling is un-estimated. I adore you with great love. good morning sweetie pie.

30. My destiny will forever be the best fate – Best Good Morning Texts Messages for her

My destiny will forever be the best fate so far, I am lucky to have you by side and the one and only heartthrob, do you know we are the world best couple of the century. I will forever be your everlasting flame, good morning.

Best Good Morning Texts Messages for Him


31. Whenever I am satisfied

Love, do you know that whenever I am satisfied, I can tell you what I passed through, you can imagine when I miss you or when am eager to see you, you can imagine the pain I will go through. Good morning my king.

32. If love were to be colour Best Good Morning Texts Messages for him

If love were to be colour, I will pick all the colours, if love were to be music I will select all to listen to, and if I were you I will run to see who sent me this romantic message. I love you very much, good morning my king.

33. What an amazing handsome you are

My heart desire, your love is more than the decoration that which I adore. What an amazing handsome you are, your strength is matchless, good morning love of my life. Good morning my king

34. That empty space Best Good Morning Texts Messages for him

That empty space I once felt was the worst moment even with the best music, I still feel that empty space, but you can and change it all, thank you for coming into my life. Good morning my king.

35. My life is it a dream come true

My life is it a dream come true, you are the dream that came through, I am enjoying every bit of my love with you, just waking up every day to know that a heart that care for me is astonishing. Good morning my king

36. The Doctor prescribed your love for me

Doctor prescribed your love for me, please will you be my cure? For I can’t do anything without you in my life. Do you know I honestly want to be the one person you will always love? Please can you do that for me. Good morning my heart.

37. Do I deserve you? Best Good Morning Texts Messages for him

Do I deserve you? hmm, but you know your love was what I was waiting for and the long answer to so many questions? Good morning the most handsome love I ever had and still sure will going to have. Have a great day handsome.

38. We shall live together someday

I know someday we shall be living under the same roof and part no more, my instinct tells me that.Am happy it gradually coming to reality, I love my sweetheart, good morning my king.

39. I want to say am grateful for this journey

I want to say am grateful for this journey we have embarked together to fulfil, this great love of ours, thank you my heartthrob, for your concern over me. Good morning handsome.

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40. It was when you came into my life Best Good Morning Texts Messages for him

It was when you came into my life, my life turned around and I changed completely into a gentle lady, Could you please tell me how you did it that everything about me changed for the good. Good morning my love.

Cute Goodmorning Texts For Her

41. The early morning sky

If by chance, the early morning sky was a representation of each individual I know, you are the sun and every other person are the blurring stars, soon to vanish by your bursting love. Good Morning my Queen.

42. I couldn’t care less – Cute Goodmorning Texts For Her

I couldn’t care less whether the sun rises or not, my morning begins simply after I message my young lady who I adore a great deal. Good Morning My Queen.

43. May Almighty GOD Love You

Today, may Almighty GOD Love You, protect You And Motivate you. Great Morning to you my queen. Have an excellent day!

44. Any Day won’t Be Complete – Cute Goodmorning Texts For Her

Any Day won’t Be Complete Without Doing A Great And Heroic Deed, A Perfect Line Of Every Good Samaritan Who Lives The Word Of God. Good Morning!

45. When Pride Rolls Me Down, Humbleness Pulls Me Up

At the point when Pride Rolls Me Down, Humbleness Pulls Me Up; When Lie Cracks Me Down, Truth Builds Me Up; When Sins Makes Me Dark, Forgiveness Makes Me Light; When the World Push Me Away, My Allah Pulls Me Near. Good morning my Queen.

46. Morning is God’s method – Cute Goodmorning Texts For Her

The Morning is God’s method for saying one additional day to your age… Go, live, have any kind of positive impact, and Have A Nice Day. Good Morning my Queen.

47. Morning texts does not just mean good morning

Morning texts does not just mean saying Good Morning, it is a quite way of saying: you are the first thing on my mind when I wake up! Have a decent day my queen!

48. Great reflections go before awesome deeds – Cute Goodmorning Texts For Her

Great reflections go before awesome deeds. Incredible deeds go before achievement. Have an awesome day.

49. We search for our joy in other individuals

Most times, we search for our joy in other individuals, in any case, some of the time we have to discover the satisfaction inside ourselves. Look into yourself my love and you’ll see greatness.  Good Morning my Queen.

50. Having you close to me

Having you close to me saves me from the depressions I’ve been battling for long. Presently all I need is to wake up alongside you and my day is fulfilled. Good morning my queen.

More Cute Good morning messages for her and him

Good morning messages for her

1. When I hear the rooster of the cock, I know that another beautiful day has arrived for us, thank God, that we made it together to see another new day, may your day be full of happiness and harmony, good morning my love.

2. The joy of seeing another beautiful day is as this increased because I would spend it with an angel like you, good morning.

3. When I went to sleep yesterday night, I prayed for a lovely day for us tomorrow, thank God that tomorrow is here now, good morning my sunshine.

4. There is no moment that your thought doesn’t fill my heart, this lovely morning as I rose from my bed you readily come to my mind, I hope your night was full of beautiful dreams, I wish you a wonderful day.

5. If there moments I don’t miss seeing your lovely face is a morning like this rising up every morning to see your beautiful face gives me great courage to face the day with a sweet mind, good morning.

6. My love, wake up, a beautiful day is born for you, you would be marvellous and astonishing today. I love you so much.

7. Every time when I wake up from bed, I think of other beautiful nights that we have spent together, I know that the day would a lovely day for us, I miss you so much my babe, good morning.

8. It joyful, it is marvellous to have you still in my life today, every beat of my heart beats for you, I love you.

9. If I have nothing to offer you today, but my love for you would never stop, you are so special to me. You make my life a word place, good morning, have a joyful day.

10. Like the splendour of the moon and the glittering of the star, your love shines brightly in my heart, thank God for the gift of another beautiful day, let your heart find peace and love today, good morning my beautiful woman.

11. The morning has come, fresh and beautiful, may your life be filled with beautiful things today, good morning my sunshine.

12. Every morning offers me greater opportunities to love you more. There is no day that I don’t find a new reason to love you better than yesterday, sweetheart, you are so special to my heart, good morning.

13. Wake up from the sweet dream world into the world of reality. I’m waiting with an open heart to receive you, may all your beautiful dreams come true today, good morning.

14. It is the beginning of a new day. It is fresh and tender, let your heart be joyful, it is going to be a wonderful day for you.

15. Like the purest of a new baby, I wake up today filling so great about you, only your beautiful thoughts filled my heart because I dreamt sweet of only as long as the night last, you are my beautiful world, good morning.

16. My heart is packed with a beautiful love for you, last night I went to heaven to load my heart with sweet love for you, you mean everything to me. I love you so much.

17. Dearest sweetheart, open your eyes, do you know that you are my beautiful life? Thank God that I found you, good morning.

18. You are my dreams come true. You make everything in my life beautiful ever since I found you. I can’t live without you, good morning, my gorgeous.

19. Dear love wakes up. It is a lovely new day. I have already written down all the beautiful places I would take you to today, remember as I always say to you, you deserve every beautiful thing that comes to you, you are one in a million.

20. I have never found a girl as lovely and peaceful as you are, you an angel sent from heaven above to make my life beautiful, I would always love you more than you can ever believe, good morning my sunshine.

21. I would be your canopy in the rain; I would shield you from the scorching heat when the sun is high up. I would be your tears when you cry, and I would be everything that would make you smile, I would be your beautiful world forever because I love you so much.

22. I never wish for a single day without you. My heart finds it difficult to breathe well with you. You are the most beloved soul to me. I love you so much, good morning.

23. When I found you, I know that I have found my eternal joy; I love you with all my heart, good morning.

24. Sweetness glide through my heart when I found you in this lovely morning, your day beautiful just you have always made my splendid, you eternal bliss, good morning sunshine.

25. As open my eyes this lovely morning, you are the first that I think of, you know you always make my life beautiful, I would do anything for you, good morning.

26. As the sunrises today, you would ever be on the rise in your life, let your heart find happiness, good morning.

27. You make me feel so happy because you love me so much; I love you too, good morning.

28. I have wonderful news for you this lovely morning, open your eyes, see the beautiful world, aren’t the sunshine of today beautiful?

29. The day is bright as your lovely eyes. I fall in love with you over and again every time I see your beautiful face, rise and shine. It is a lovely day.

30. You are the crown on my head. You are the beauty of my life. I love you with all my heart, good morning, my sweet dream.

Good morning messages for him

31. You are everything that gladdens my heart, every morning when I wake up and I know that you are there for me, my heart makes skip with endless joy, I will always be the man of your dream, good morning.

32. Let your heart knows that I love you so much, as the daybreak today, I promise to do my best to make you happy, good morning.

33. In my mind, you are the chosen one for me. I’m going to make you proud of me, good morning.

34. I have been so happy with you, and every new day that comes renew my love for you, good morning.

35. Wake up, love my love; it is a new day and a new beginning for us. My life is always beautiful. Good morning.

36. I would always be happy with because you have done so much for me in my life, every rising of the sun, is a dream come true for us.

37. The beauty of my soul is you, the smile on my face is you, and everything that makes me happy is you, I love you so much.

38. You are my joy of joy. You are my sweet of sweetness, I love you like the promise of day and night, may my Lord gladden your heart.

39. The world is beautiful because it has a marvellous person like you, without you; I’m nothing, good morning my sunshine.

40. The more I see you, the more I love you; I wish that a day would never come when I would be in your arms, good morning, my king.

41. I’m the happiest woman in the world because of you. I love you so much.

42. You are everything that I have ever dreamt of in a man. It is a dream come true for me, good morning, my superman.

43. I’m a cheerful heart, I’m a lovely soul, and I’m thankful to my Lord forgiven me you.

44. Good morning, you are the best thing that has ever happen to my heart; I want to let you know that you mean so much to me. I love you.

45. Let love you more, let be with you forever, you are the joy of my life, good morning my sweetie.

46. My heart is a playground for you. I don’t mind how long you remain there, having you in my life has brought me so much joy, rise into a beautiful world, good morning, my handsome.

47. You are the first man in my life, and you are the best, I love you, open your eyes it is a beautiful world waiting for you.

48. Good morning my hero, a beautiful day is when I have an awesome night with you, you are the best husband in the world.

49. Life is so beautiful because you love me. I would forever be the joy of your life, good morning, my love.

50. Just as your heartbeat every single second so do I count my blessing with you, you are a blessed soul, good morning my sunshine.

51. I don’t mind if the day is cloudy or not, I don’t mind if I miss my favorite meal today, but I mind if I don’t say good morning to you. You are the hero of my life.

52. Good morning my king, a wonderful day awaits you as you step out of the house this morning, be cheerful for the day. I always love you.

53. Wake up my love; let your heart rejoice, for another lovely day has come for you, you would achieve glorious height today. I love you so much.

54. I love it when you whisper something sweet to my heart. I love it when you hold me tight. I love it when I feel your lips on mine. I ever love everything you do me, you are the happiest moment, good morning sweetie.

55. Every moment I spent in your arms lives an endless joy in my heart. I would always be the love of your life. I will give you all my heart, good morning.

56. You make everything beautiful in my heart. You are a great inspiration to my life, thank you for the care and love that you have for me, good morning my happiness.

57. You make each of my dreams come true, the dream to love and be loved back, was possible because of you, I would never hurt you, I would always be there by your side, I love you, good morning.

58. My best time with you is morning and night. You are my joy. I love you so much, good morning.

59. Wake up with a beautiful smile my life, never live a moment without a cheerful heart, I never want to see you sad, smile for me, good morning.

60. Your happiness is my happiness, live a beautiful life and forget the troubles of this world, let no one or anything take your happiness away, good morning.

61. Wake up, it the dawn of another day, a beautiful world is waiting to receive, have a wonderful day.

62. I miss you in the hours of the night that we sleep, but I must confess I had a lovely night dreaming of you, wishing you a marvellous day.

63. The day is bright and beautiful, wake and receives your blessing of the day, good morning.

64. I’m just waiting for you to return from heaven, hope brings a heavenly gift as you open your beautiful eyes this morning, good morning, wishing you a cheerful day.

65. Be great, be astonishing, and be marvellous, it is a wonderful day for you, good morning.

66. The morning is fresh and beautiful. I wish you are at home to make it a memorable one for my heart, you are the best I have ever had, good morning my sweetness, I miss you.

67. Let there be a broad smile on your face as you open your eyes to read my good morning note for you. You make my perfect world good morning.

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