50 Happy New Month Text Messages and Prayers with Images

50 happy new month text messages and prayers with images inspiration

50 happy new month text messages and prayers with images
50 happy new month text messages and prayers with images

1. Today is a new month, a month with new dimension for those that are ready to do the best with their life.

2. A new month is meant for the best people on earth, they never do without making good thing out of it.

3. Do what you can to make this month a wonderful one for you. You are created for great purpose in life.

4. Have one of the most beautiful moments in life. May you find peace, love, success and harmony in life.

5. The smile on your face signifies the special impact this day shall bring upon you. Never give up what you believe.

6. New month with new opportunity. Always out smile on your face, never believe in what the negative thinkers say.

7. Life will be good for you only if you live it with clean heart and faith. I wish you a fantastic month ahead.

8. May you find this wonderful month easy for you to enjoy your hand work. I wish you the best now and forever.

9. May your day and night be filled with endless peace; may you be blessed with success and prosperity this new month.

10. I am sending this special message to those who mean a lot to me. I wish them all the best now and forever.

11. Happy new month, may the Lord open new ways for everyone of us to achieve what we aspire.

12. Lord, may your mercy spread around us and make us happy every single day of our life. happy new month.

13. Thank God for every one of you. You finally made it to this month. May you find rest of mind in all you do.

14. Hello friend, if you receive this message, just know that you are very important to me. I love you all.

15. Happy new month to my beloved angel, may you all be inspired with good fortune from now on. Happy new month.

16. May you find peace in your heart and your love in the heart of everyone you come across will always increase in your favour.

17. Lord, I beseech you to protect my would-be wife and make her one of the most successful students this year.

18. Wishing you a belated month ahead; may your heart find rest. I wish you all the best now and forever.

19. I just want to say thank you for your love for me, may your dream of years be fulfilled for you this month.

20. I am happy to say good morning to the most gorgeous lady in the world, may your days be filled with breakthrough.

50 happy new month text messages and prayers with images Motivation

22. This month is one special opportunity for you to set new goals with purpose. Happy new month.

23. I love you so much and it is the reason why I want you to smile in all condition, it will strengthen you.

24. Happy new month my dear brothers, I am grateful for all your efforts and sacrifice in my life. Happy new month.

25. With the most interesting people in this world, this month is specially meant for you so make good use of it.

26. You are special if this message gets to you. We may be busy but the most important thing is to remember each other.

27. As fresh as this new month, may we find all we intend to achieve easy; may we always be happy. Happy new month.

28. Let the fortune of this wonderful month reach everyone of you in peace and harmony. I wish you all the best.

29. When you have good people around you, life will become a better place to live. You must be strong enough to be the best.

30. I hope you will fight your fear with courage so that the achievement of this new month will be special.

31. I just want to say happy new month to my handsome friend; you can still be the best you desire.

32. Great people see good opportunity in anything they do. Have a wonderful month full of the infinite mercy of God.

33. Dear friend, believe me, I have just selected you among the best people in my life. Have a wonderful month ahead.

34. May your destiny be directed to a point of endless success; may the favour of this new month be a complete fortune for you.

35. As flower grows and spread good saint to the world, may you grow and spread good impact to the humanity. Happy new month.

36. I just want to say good morning and happy new month, may your first day in this month mark the beginning of your success in life.

37. I want to say happy new month each and every one of you. Your thoughts are always close to my heart. Happy new month.

38. I am glad you are alive today, may you always find peace in whatever you are doing. Happy new month dear.

39. I am sure success is everywhere today being a new month for new opportunity. I wish you a palatable day ahead.

40. When you are the type with endless love, you will find peace and harmony in anything you are doing. Happy new month.

41. Lord, there is no one like you in this world and until eternity there will be no one like you, for this reason we say raise us above

50 happy new month text messages and prayers with images Quotes and prayers

42. Have one of the best months ever, be calm always and never give up on anything you lay your hands. Happy new month dear.

43. May your face shine in the light of a new month that comes with tranquility and opportunities. Have a nice day.

44. Although it is almost night, but thank God I finally made it to say happy new month. May your favour draw near to you.

45. This is another wonderful month, I ask the Lord to always protect you in all your endeavors in life. Happy new month.

46. May your living benefit you and your sleep shall always bring health to you. Have a nice day. I wish you all the best.

47. Thank you O Lord for everything you have done in our life, we are equally calling on you to protect us all through this month.

48. Lord, you are the most marvelous. We ask you to guide us to the right path and bless us with whatever we need.

49. Happy new month dear, you are so gorgeous and your smile is one of the most powerful ones ever seen.

50. If you are calm, this month will be one of the best for you. I have never seen anyone with faith lacking in life.

51. You are my life and the only reason why I begged God to spare my life till this moment. I hope this month will be a great favour for

52. May you find peace in the blossom of your heart; may the diamond that reside in you shine above the sky. Happy new month.

53. May the Lord purify our souls and draw us close to His light. Lord, don’t be tired of us at any moment. Happy new month.

54. Wishing you all the best that are gathered in this new month. I hope that you enjoy it to the fullest. Happy new month.

55. Lord, only your ways we believe we can succeed in life; show us your bountiful ways and make us smile in the end.

56. I just want to be sure that you are doing fine, have one of the most beautiful moments in life. Happy new month.

57. A gorgeous wife like you worth more than millions of diamonds before me. You are blessed, may this new month mark your success story.

58. Lord in His infinite mercy shall protect and guide you against all errors that may cause your life and properties.

59. As you embark on this journey of fortune, success and great opportunities, may you excel in all conditions.

60. The Lord of mercy shall fulfill your dreams for you and your happiness will live with you forever. Happy new month.

61. I always smile anytime I see you happy. This has always being my prayer for you every month. Happy new month.

50 happy new month text messages and prayers with images Girlfriend or Boyfriend

62. I never knew I will fall in love with you until we finally met each other for the first time. Happy new month.

63. Nice meeting you my beloved. I have found the most beautiful woman in this world as my angel. Happy new month. A month with grace.

64. May this day mark the end of your pain and sorrows in this world, may your life be endowed with love and happiness.

65. The Lord of the truthful Throne shall bless everyone of you and put smile on your face as you least expected.

66. Happy new month to my wonderful girlfriend, may your beauty always shine in success and prosperity.

67. Thank God for this wonderful moment in our life, we also want to thank God for sparing our life up this moment.

68. Wishing my handsome boyfriend one of the most gorgeous moments in this world, may you find peace in your heart.

69. I love you to the core, and every corner of my heart is in love with you. I pray that your dreams shall come to pass.

70. To my life, my joy and the happiness that roams in my heart, may this golden moment find you in good condition.

71. The Lord of mercy shall not in any way be tired of you now and forever. Have a nice day ahead. I love you so much.

72. I just want to be sure that you are happy. Always put smile on your face; after stress is relief. Happy.

73. When I set my eyes on you, I understood that you are the woman I have been searching for. I love you my dear.

74. To the best lady in this world, your smile alone is one of the most precious things that has ever occurred to me. Happy new month.

75. Life will always come in your favour only if you can put your trust in God. Happy new month.

76. May you be blessed with what you least expected; may His infinite mercy always dwell in your home.

77. The day is bright for everyone to enjoy the fragrance of a new month that comes with new opportunity. Happy new month.

78. Lord, show me the way to the end of success this month and bless me with success that has no end. Happy new month.

79. Do not let us be disappointed for any reason, bring joy to our family and make us smile in the end. Happy new month.

80. I beseech the Lord to protect us and give us everything we ever needed in our life. Happy new month.

81. May this wonderful month mark the beginning of our success; every little effort we apply to achieve greatness in life shall profit us.

50 happy new month text messages and prayers with images—Wife and Husband Quotes

82. Lord, put smile on the face of my wife and make her happier than ever. Happy new month.

83. I wish you all the best and pray that your dreams come true for another rest of mind.

84. It is not easy to make it to a new month; I hope you will enjoy the success of a new month.

85. May you live long to enjoy this wonderful day in your life. Happy new month to you the one I cherish with all my heart.

86. I want to be with you all my life to cook for you; I want to prepare your food pray for a better day ahead.

87. May you heart beats with comfort from the lote tree that spreads nothing else but success as fruit. Happy new month.

88. I will always smile at you to give you the confidence to enjoy this wonderful month along with your family.

89. May you enjoy the pleasure of a new month in peace and harmony; may your goals for this year be achievable for you.

90. Have a nice day my dear angel, you are fantastic and I need you to excel in life. May your wishes be granted to you.

91. Happy new month to my lovely sister, you are indeed one of the best. Have a nice month ahead.

92. Your pleasant approach to life baffles me, you are specially made for us. Happy new month.

93. Champions are those that are always happy for what they have. They are always contented.

94. Wishing you all the best this month, may you live to enjoy your hard labour.

95. Success is possible only if you have the strong faith and right approach to achieve it. May you succeed in everything you do.

96. May your life continue to move in a positive direction. Happy new month.

97. The entire good thing that has ever come your way shall not be destroyed for any reason.

98. May the special day full of love, joy, success and harmony be yours forever. Happy new month.

99. Lord, only you are the one that can make things happen, please, protect our lives as we approach a new month.

100. The reason for this short note is to wish best of luck in this world. Happy new month dear.

101. Have a super interesting month ahead. May it mark one of the best days of your life. Happy new month.

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