50 Goodnight Love Messages for Girlfriend

We often love our girlfriends, text them messages and also make them feel special among other ladies. This gesture towards our girlfriends will make them happier to be with us. We are for them just as they are for us. You can send these messages to them to make them happy and fall in love with you.

The night is shower bliss; it is a pure flavour of passion and the most interesting time to think about the woman that is close to our hearts. When a man is in love, he never minds climbing the highest mountain to say hello baby goodnight I love you.

50 Goodnight Love Messages for Girlfriend

1. It doesn’t take me time to say I love you, it doesn’t mean anything to me when you offend me because I believe every woman errs. As you lie in your bed, know that somehow, somewhere, someone is in love with you.

2. I have been searching for the most beautiful face to say I love you and then I met you. Your eyes are like the pearls uses to build the castle of love. Your smile is as bright as sunshine. I wish you the bliss of success this night.

3. There is a genuine force in me that I cannot stop unless I unleash it on you. The force of love and endless passion. You are the most passionate angel ever. Goodnight to my beloved. I know will really miss you to the core.

4. If loving you is the best thing that will ever happen to me, I won’t argue. I have seen a lot about your way of life and realized it is compatible for you and me to stay long forever. I love you so much my dearest.

5. I have left anything called worry, I have decided to take my part in the realm of love and when I met you, you defined my purpose we the special love shown to me. I want to hold you tight to the end.

6. Promising love is not hard to identify but hard to get. If you meet anyone that loves you truly, hold on to them, never let go because they will be hard to find again. Goodnight to my angel. I love you.

7. It takes time to find your true love, when you find him hold him tight, tells him how much he means to you. You are the most beautiful love in this world in my life. Goodnight to my happiness the most loving angel.

9. When we were alone the other day, I realized a great power in you. The power to convince your future husband to do the right thing. I saw your strength in becoming a good woman in a good home.

10. I love you so much, that’s the reason why I can’t stop thinking about you at any moment. Your thought is like a billion bars of chocolate in my heart. I love you beyond how you think and pray that this world will be a convenience for you and me.

11. No one can stop my love for you but God, the Lord is known for His Good actions. Have a sweet night dream that brings love to the heart. You are dear to me my dear love that I can’t stop loving for the rest of my life.

12. You depend so much on your confidence in God; this is the sign of a faithful wife you will become in the nearest future. Loving you is more like something beautiful I can’t describe. You are as cute as the bliss of this night.

13. I will rather love you more and more for the rest of my life than to own a castle full of gold. What is the meaning of wealth without happiness? Beyond this world, I have a dream for you, to become yours forever.

14. I am so much happy this night for you. I feel like tomorrow should never come because this night is to me like paradise. It is a way out of sorrow, stress, anger that was acquired during the day. Goodnight my love.

15. The very day I set my eyes on you, things began to change for me. The joy of how I felt the first day I set my eyes on you cannot be taken for granted. Dwell in my heart for good, place your love in this heart forever. Goodnight.

Romantic Goodnight Love Messages for Her

16. With the love I have for you, anything you want can be given to you. I respect you so much and pray for the love that flows in you to reach me to the end. I just want to be happy with you forever. Goodnight.

17. Let this night be a loving star, let it smile at you to bring the best of dreams to your heart so that I will appear while you are sleeping. I want to kiss your lips while you dream of us. You are awesome my girl.

18. To my surprise, I realized that a day without you is like a year without food. I wish you all the best in life. Goodnight my sweet lover. Let your love be appreciated. You are my joy and the best of all ladies ever met.

19. I just want to see you already wrapped in my arms and then say goodnight to you. I wish you all the best.

20. Between a million smiles, a million days passed I have not seen anyone more important to me as a lover than you are. I guess you are from a planet called love. Your romantic skill is amazing that I can’t stop been marvelled.

21. Wishing you one of the most interesting nights ever. As you smile at this wonderful sky that smiles back at you, close your eyes and you will see me right beside you. You are the one my heart has chosen.

22. Babe, do you know I could not sleep all because I was thinking about you? Do you know I become so close to you like never before? I am so much happy I found you in this world where all men have become evil. Good morning.

23. I bet you will always enjoy every single moment in this world with me and the reason is that I have dedicated my heart to you. I have been so much in love with you all my life as a gem that you are, it amazes me that you are the sweetest babe ever met.

24. There is no day I don’t have become your wife. I have tested you and you passed several times. You are amazing and it is a great reason why I finally fell in love with you. I can’t just be where your presence is not needed. I love you.

25. I want to be with the man that has my time, a man that gives me full attention and wants to see me happy all my life. Goodnight my dear superhero, you don’t understand how much your presence in my life has made everything better. Good morning.

26. Loving you is the best thing that occurs in my heart, it is the limit at which my blood pressure is balanced. Goodnight to the one I cherish to the core. You are the man that I adore. The most intelligent musician I have seen ever.

27. Anytime I see you performing on the stage, I smile and then nod my head in affirmation of your powerful talent. Goodnight my precious love and the best thing I have for you is this, love that never ends.

28. I want to see you smile all your life, I want to see you happy every day and adore your handsomeness for it is not easy for a man to look like you. I wanted to call you a beautiful man until I realize you are a man. Good morning.

29. After many years of pain and disappointment, I finally met you. I met the love of my life, the precious angel that can’t be replaced by any other babes. You are special in my heart so enjoy this morning time.

30. I pray for lots of things for you but the one I most cherish is the prayer to see your face as soon as possible. Goodnight darling.

Good Night Love Quotes to My Girlfriend

31. When I finally realize that the best way to stay happy is to find a wonderful man that is ready to sacrifice everything for you. You are that babe I can bet my life upon that you are trustworthy and genuine. Good morning.

32. I don’t actually know why I can stop loving you but indeed, I am in a deep love for you. I can go to the highest height to shout I love you if that’s the only way to prove to you how much you mean to me. Good morning.

33. My heart beats for the passion that reigns before for us. My heart is just like a brim of light, it shines whenever you on it with your true love. Remember, you are my truest lover and boyfriend. I wish you all the best.

34. When I was single I could not do many things alone but since the day you came into my world, I can now tell the difference between been single and being in love in a special way. Goodnight to my blessed girlfriend.

35. There is nothing that reigns more in my heart as a thought that the aspiration to be your wife someday. I want to be yours. I want to be the reason why you smile and to take care of you and your kids. Goodnight.

36. He who has found a man has found a good thing, when both are in Lord and advise each other towards righteousness; it is no longer an abomination for them to get married. This is the reason why I never can stop

Goodnight love messages for girlfriend
Goodnight love messages for girlfriend

loving you. Goodnight.

37. There are so many things in my heart to tell you, many words that give the heart concern, many things only words cannot express. The true love I have for you and the wishes that never end. Goodnight my love.

38. For many years, I have been searching for a true woman like you, a woman of love and happiness. A lovely woman who will always be happy to be with me forever. Goodnight to my beautiful angel.

39. You don’t need to be scared; loving you will not be a hardship upon me. I have decided to be with you for the rest of my life. No matter what, always remember that this world will be a nice place for us to express our love for each other.

40. Love has been in the air for long but I didn’t notice anything until I finally met you. I wish you all the best in this special moment of this blissful night. I hope to hear your voice alone in all I do tonight.

41. Loving you is the most interesting thing to me, do you know why? Anytime I look at you my heart is filled with passion.

42. I am so much interested in this night; I want you to have the best of it. You are cool so this night should be awesome too.

43. Nice to meet you in this special world. I love your face for it is the home of beauty. I love your smile it reminds me of the most beautiful place in the world. Goodnight.

44. Let this night meet you in good condition. Your success will forever be favour upon mankind. You are the best girl I have ever dated.

45. The past ladies are fake until I met you, I realized how I have missed the impact of true love. I wish you an awesome night.

46. Missing you really suffers my heart. It gives me a serious headache to figure out how to make you happy until I finally understood that a beautiful girl like you deserves the best in this world.

47. Having met a wonderful girl with the cutest smile, I felt complete love in me. You don’t know why I am awake this night. It is because you are part of my life.

48. The night is filled with love and smile, it is a nice moment to say hello to the one you cherish with all your heart. Goodnight.

49. The most important thing about the night is to find it peaceful and restful. You have your lover already waiting to cheer you up in the morning.

50. Good morning does not matter now that’s why night is special for lovers. The darkness of the night aids passion to flow by imagination. Goodnight my love

51. Goodnight my queenly pet, I wish you a blissful night with lots of comforts, I will expect that you smiled while sleep. Goodnight.

52. For how much time did I spend thinking about you? It has always been my joy to remember the most beautiful in my thought. Goodnight.

53. You are my nightgown, no wonder I can’t sleep until I cover my heart with your thoughts. Goodnight my sweet angel.

54. You may not understand the joy I feel in my heart anytime I hear your voice in the night. I can’t deny this grace at all. Goodnight.

55. If loving you is the reason why there is paradise in my heart, I will never doubt that. You are such an amazing lady.

56. Every night, I think about each moment we spent together in the morning and then, I miss you all through the night.

57. If your face is not seen by me on a day, I feel bad and sad. I love everything about you to the core. Goodnight.

58. You are my angel, the star I used to see anytime I close my eyes. You are to me like the most beautiful treasure in the universe.

59. I love the smile that finds its source from your face; I love the heart that dwells in you because it is the kindest ever. Goodnight.

60. Before you sleep tonight, make sure you smile. Pray to God to bring me to your dream and for sure you will see me. Goodnight.

Hot Goodnight Message for Girlfriend

61. I cannot change for you; you are already the one chosen for me. If I wish to be yours forever, it just a waste of time because I am already yours. Goodnight.

62. There are many reasons why I cannot stop loving you. One of it is that you have been the smile that dwells in the pores of my face. Goodnight.

63. A fair, sweet lady like you should be treated like a queen. I don’t want anything to touch you just like an egg; your skin is delicate to me. Goodnight.

64. I will ensure that you are somewhat happy tonight; just close your eyes and you will see me hugging you from behind. Goodnight.

65. Baby, ensure that you sleep on the corner of love in your bed; that’s where I kept my heart to keep you company. Goodnight.

66. With you, everything I need will be possible because you are a blessed lady. I admire your devotion to God. Goodnight.

67. Wishing you the most interesting things in this world. You are worthy of been loved every minute. Goodnight.

68. If there is any way I can make the entire world treat you like an egg, I will do but only God can do so. Goodnight.

69. There is nothing that can make me stop the prayer I have been saying for you. This is because you are a cute angel. Goodnight.

70. Look at the sky out there; millions of them in the galaxy smiling at you. I am happy to be your boyfriend. Goodnight.

71. With every single smile of yours, my heart becomes purer and fresher. I am not yet a complete guy until I hear your voice.

72. This night is meant for a beautiful lady like you. You are simply the most interesting person in this world for me. Goodnight.

73. If the sunshine shines in the morning, you will reflect in the night because you are my moonlight. Goodnight.

74. What else do I need in this world when I have all I want in you? You are a sparkling superstar. Goodnight.

75. I have been searching for the most interesting lover in this world and then I found you. I wish you all the best. Goodnight.

76. If anyone wants me to happy, just call the name of my angel. I will be glad all throughout the day. Goodnight my love.

77. Don’t take my heart away. You are my heart but distance is taking you away. Please, ensure that this night is full of sweet dreams.

78. When I set my eyes on you, I realized the kind of love I have been searching for. You are just the best for me. Goodnight.

79. My love, how have you been? I hope you understand the kind of love I have for you? This night can testify that you are right here in my heart. Goodnight.

80. Good to meet you in life; yes I understand what I am saying, I am not crazy but in love with my angel. Goodnight.

Goodnight SMS for Girlfriend

81. If I can have your smile all my life, it is enough for me to shine. You are my sun in the morning and my moon in the night. Goodnight.

82. Loving you is wakes me up from sleep. I face reality because your influence is superb. I will miss you forever. Goodnight.

83. I will not stop thinking about you; you are my blessed angel, the queen of my blossom heart and the best ever. Goodnight.

84. You are for me, believe me, there is no doubt in it. No other lady can take your part in my life. Goodnight.

85. When things are fine, it is because love exists, the super bond created for mankind will forever be appreciated in you. Goodnight.

86. Make sure you enjoy this night full of my kisses and warm hugs. Dream about me and enjoy every moment in the night.

87. It does not take me anything to think of you all my life; this is because you have won my heart and I will never forget you. Goodnight.

88. If this world can be better than this anytime any moment, it is because you are part of it. I have never seen a girl as lucky as you are. Goodnight.

89. In this world, we have many reasons why we can’t stop love some people one of the reasons is that you are cute. Goodnight.

90. I am missing you badly and can’t help but to pray that another day is here. I want to be blessed along with your beautiful face.

91. The power of your smile lives with me in the night, singing love songs for me and repeating the most beautiful images about love. Goodnight.

92. If there is no night, there are you. You are my night and day, I see you in anything I do because you are always in my thought. Goodnight.

93. I feel the impact of your endless love in me. You are my beloved angel, the best angel ever seen in the world. Goodnight.

94. The most precious smile I have ever received in this world is yours. It was really hot and heartfelt. Have a wonderful night sleep.

95. I will for sure love you every single day of my life. You are the best person I have spoken to this year. Goodnight.

96. You are my dream, my pearl and the most interesting jewel that dwells in my heart. Let this peaceful night be yours in comfort. Goodnight.

97. You are to me like a pearl that I can’t stop admiring. The light that emanates from your eyes is the comfort of my heart.

98. Goodnight to my soul mate, do you know that a glance from you can make my heart blow like the First World War?

99. You are the most precious jewel in this world. Every word spoken to you came from the bottom of my heart. Goodnight.

100. As you close your eyes to sleep, just know that someone somewhere is in love with you and cannot sleep without thinking about you.

Sweet Goodnight Quotes for Her

101. Good to hear from you my darling. You are my present joy and will also be my joy when I am no more. I love you.

102. After several disappointments, I finally met you. I will also be yours for the rest of my life. You are the sweetest love in my life. Goodnight.

103. A rose flower like you cannot be found in this world again. Believe me, you are the most precious love of my life. Goodnight.

104. Wait for me while I build our future together. I wish you all the best in this world. Goodnight to my angel.

105. You have been making me happy all my life; I just can’t stop this wonderful feeling because you are part of my life. Goodnight.

106. I want you to swim in the passion of a night bliss that flows all over the world. Goodnight my precious love.

107. The smile of my baby girl is brighter than the lightning that accomplishes a thunder. The aura is irresistible.

108. Have this night as the most beautiful garment to cover your stress. You really need to be refreshed every time.

109. Goodnight to the most beloved angel, her smile is like the fragrance of rose. Your eyes are as gorgeous as the most beautiful treasure.

110. If I have morning, I will buy you the entire flowers in this world. You need to be happy always. You deserve it, I swear.

111. Before you sleep, think about me. Please, dream of me so that my body will be full of energy tomorrow.

112. Every time, the remedy to my sorrow is found in the thought of you. This must be an amazing discovery. Goodnight.

113. This night met me when I need you the most. You won’t understand what I mean but when we meet, everything will be written on your face. Goodnight.

114. There is no way I can tell you how much you mean to me because anytime I see you, I become speechless. Goodnight.

115. The eyes of love glowing like a pearl. It brings joy into my life; you are my happiness. This night will forever be remembered because I heard your sweet voice.

116. Anytime I feel like the world is becoming too bored, I think of you; this puts a smile on my face. Goodnight my love.

117. I have been searching for the best way to smile this month and then I saw you. All mean is that you are the only one that can make me smile like that.

118. You are the star in my sky, yes; you are the moonlight of my life. You mean everything to me. I love you. Goodnight.

119. When I was lonely, you came into my world. When I was sad, you put a smile on my face. Now, the night is here, I will need you. Goodnight.

120. When life looks like it will never be good again, I quickly remember that you are present. With you in my life, this world will be the happiest place for me.

Romantic Good Night Message for Girlfriend

121. I am sending the entire kisses of my life to you. This is because you have worn my heart in totality. Goodnight.

122. If I could understand the power of love, it is no more than what you show to me. You are so special and I will never deny this. Goodnight.

123. I thought I could sleep without thinking about you but was wrong. My heart has been rooted in your thought.

124. This night is blissful, never stop loving it; I love it because it is another way to reach out to the dearest girl in my life. Goodnight.

125. I am willing to dwell with you forever. I want to enjoy every moment with you. Thank you, my dear love. Goodnight.

126. You won’t understand how I used to feel anytime I see your face. Trust me, you are the best legacy of love I have seen before.

127. Let your smile touch my heart, it really worth it. You are the one I want to wake up to. You are the wife I see in my future. Goodnight.

128. Whenever I look at you, I see a blossom passion coming out of a heart, when I look closely to the heart; I see that it belongs to me.

129. Don’t waste this night on movies, after your prayers, make sure you remember me in your thought before you sleep.

130. I love the fact that you belong to me. My heart is yours and will always be so forever. Goodnight my sweetie

131. In as much as this hour is of loneliness, thinking about you will only keep me company; it will not let me sad at all. The thought of you is like a passion that flows in the heart; a never-ending love that will never stop. I love you so much my angel you are the one in my heart right now. Goodnight.

132. Loving you is like the coolness of this night. So sweet, beautiful, lovely and above all the most precious ever. The kind of smile I derive whenever I see your face can make two enemy nations become friends. It is so powerful that it burns with great desire in my heart. Goodnight.

133. I love the fact that you are part of my life, I love the feeling I have whenever you smile at me. this night, I really miss you and wish you could understand this part of my life for you. I cannot control my love for you. You are indeed the best lady for me. Goodnight.

134. I may have many females around me but none of them can win my heart as you do. You have been the best for me. I love you so much that everything I do your smile is seen in it. If I close my eyes, I see your beautiful face smiling at me. Goodnight my happiness.

135. You have been the most interesting lady in this blessed world to me. This is the reason why I am sending you this message packed with lots of kisses and hugs to serve you all through the night until we meet again. Thank you for always being there when I need you most. Your effort is in life is noticed. I love you.

136. As you prepare to resign the day for a beautiful night dream, I pray that the night comes in a blissful manner to you. May your heart never stop being overwhelmed with love and joy. I love you more and more as if this world will never end again. I love the fact that you are part of my world. Thank you and have a good night sleep.

137. There is no way I can be happier without you. You are the special person the Lord chose for me. I wish you a breeze that touches the heart with its softness, laughter that reminds you of the most beautiful day in your life. Never get tired of this wonderful night, I begged God to make it a heart comfort for you.

138. When I said my heart beats for you alone, it didn’t lie, it is the truth that dwells in me. I love you more than you can ever imagine. Every night, I pray that I should see your gorgeous face once again because it is the source of my happiness whenever I look at you. I have been searching for an opportunity to have a beautiful woman like you by my side. Goodnight.

139. Enjoy the bliss of this night as the stars and the moon are extending their love to you. They smile in light of passion to cheer you up pending when we meet again. I love you so much that no one can stop me from loving you. You are the best girl my heart has ever fallen for. Goodnight.

140. I must confess that not having you around me has been the painful thing ever this year. I am so much in love with you and therefore wish you are always beside me. I want to kiss you, hug you and spend the best moments with you as my wife. You have really tried for my kids and as for them; they have got the best mother in the world. Goodnight.

Long Cute Goodnight Paragraphs for Her

141. Make me smile; put your thought in my heart by your selfless kindness. Introduce the power of your true love in my heart forever; I am so much happy this night because all my aim was fulfilled by your smile earlier in the morning. I love your belief in what seems impossible; this is the secret of the reason why I cannot stop loving.

142. Loving you has been my choice and happiness; thinking of you makes my heart grows younger and dating you has been the best thing that occurred to me before. I love the fact that you have been here for me. Thank you for the selfless love you show to me. Goodnight.

143. I just want to be sure that you are happy this night. I am ready to put a smile on your face. I want to spend the rest of my life with you now and forever. Your face should be bright this night for the true love I have for you. Goodnight to the special love sent to me.

144. You came to this world to make me happy; this is the reason why I will always be happy that you are part of my life. I am distressed this night for there is no other way I can possibly meet you this night. If I can turn the hands of time, I would have been dwelling in your heart for the past hundreds of years.

145. I have many reasons why I’m always interested in listening to your voice. One of which is the fact that it is the remedy to my sadness. The other many reasons are uncountable because you are the best lady in this world for me. I really miss every single moment we shared in the morning. Goodnight.

146. I am lying down in my bed right now thinking of the most precious lady in this world. Your eyes are filled with passion for me and this gives me the best of feelings ever. I love the smile that circulates your face because it affects my heart in the most beautiful ways. Goodnight my love.

147. I cannot stop thinking about you in any moment. You came into my life like a stranger and then changed it for me. if not for the kind of love you show to me, I wonder how this life would have become of me. Several hours of pains have been wiped away in a twinkle of an eye.

148. Loving you is one of the most interesting feelings for me this night. It keeps me lively because you are far away. If you can close your eyes, you will see me right before you singing the most beautiful love songs to you. I love you.

149. I want to use this opportunity to tell you that, there is no one that can change the special feelings I have for you. The entire girls in this world are just like the point on the head of the letter I compare to you. I personally love you beyond the sky.

150. Always understand that I will never stop having feelings for you. Every night, my heart voluntarily remembers you. This means that, even in the midst of dangers, I will never give up my love for you. You are the best man for me. I wish you all the best. Goodnight.

151. The Lord knows I will always be yours forever. I will not be happy whenever you are not by my side. It is not my fault; it is the fact that I have completely given my heart for your love. I wish you understand the depth of my feelings for you. Goodnight.

152. It is my joy that every single day of my life is an encounter with you. It gives me great joy that your eyes are as beautiful as paradise. Your smile comes with the sweetest chocolate in the world thereby making me happy from the bottom of my heart. I love you so much.

153. Thank God that I have a wonderful lady like you in my life, this best gift any man should have to live longer in life. Your cute face alone is a precious experience. I love the fact that you are part of the reason why I am happy today. Goodnight to my beloved angel.

154. The brim of light shining in my eyes. It makes me happy whenever I set my eyes on you. It gives me the joy to be with you every moment of my life. As I think of you this night, I want you to know that you are the most impressive love I have ever met in this world.

155. I woke up this night in all loneliness thinking about our memories all together. I shed tears, willing to understand the reason why we are far away in from each other. Every effort to meet again has been in vain. Every second has come in the agony of trying all my best to see you again. Goodnight.

156. I don’t even know how you look like again. The picture does not say the truth of how a person is. A picture cannot represent a lover no matter how beautiful it looks. All I need is you and nothing or no one else. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the most beautiful treasure to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

157. Goodnight my beloved angel, this night, my heart is full of the tears of the fact that I am going to miss your presence for a while, but don’t worry, your memories in my heart will keep me a company I will never forget in my life. I will keep remembering you no matter how deep my sleep could be.

158. I have searched the whole universe to see a perfect match but all was in vain. My entire effort to meet the woman of my life did not count until I finally meet you. You are the mercy of my life that God sent to me to wipe away my sorrow. I will forever respect you for all the happiness you brought into my life.

159. What a good mother and wife, what a gentle lady and a mature mind I have a wife. Your attitude has really affected my life as though the whole world is love itself. With you, I found my comfort, my heartbeat and the most interesting woman ever. You came to teach me how to laugh and relax even when in pain.

160. In the loneliness of the night, I think of you. in the most beautiful silence of the hour of romance and relaxation, it’s only you that I remember. I miss your giggles, and your smart looking face, your smile and the beauty that sparks whenever I look into your eyes. Goodnight and have a sweet dream.

Romantic Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

161. If this world understands how I feel for you, it wouldn’t have separated us even for once. If this world understands the kind of joy I derive whenever I see your pretty face, it will find a way to make us live together forever. You are the smile that appears and reappears every day on my face. I love you to the core. Goodnight.

162. I have been searching for a woman that will understand me and also smile just to make me happy. I have been searching for a woman that will stand for me and also take care of my mother until I met, my dream came to pass. I want to especially thank you for loving my mother. I wish you a blissful night.

163. Take caution this night by not closing your eyes until you must have said some prayers to your Lord. Never sleep, too deep but stand up in the night to pray for both of us. Tell God I love you that He should spare my life for both of us. Goodnight.

164. Before you off the light, remember that I am here thinking about. I am thinking about the things we have done together. I am in deep love with you and will never forget that until the end of time. Goodnight my angel you mean the world to me.

165. Life has taught me a lesson that I will never take any woman for granted again. You are my mercy, the gentle girl that came into my life to wipe away my sorrow. You took me out of pain and place peace in my heart. I love you for the rest of your life. Goodnight to my heartbeat.

166. It is my pleasure that this world will always be a paradise to live as long as you are here with me. It will always be a smart place to stay because I have you by my side. I will always wake up next to the most beautiful lady in the world. I love you.

167. You are my second half, my girl and the best lady in this world I can always run to when tears refused to leave my eyes. I am indeed lucky to have you as my wife. Since the day I married you, no regret at all. You have been the best in your conduct. I love you.

168. I want to say goodnight to the one I cherish with all my life. I want to say I love you with all my heart. You are the best woman in this world for me. I need you to understand how much you mean to me. Goodnight.

169. If you bring love into my heart, it will have been the best thing ever—that was my last conversation with my Lord and shortly you came to fill in the gap. This indeed is the confirmation that you are the mercy of the Lord in my life. Goodnight.

170. I have searched the entire world to make sure that it is safe, but when I met you, I realized that truly this world is safe. You are a good mother, a wonderful wife, strong lady, hardworking angel. I wish you all the best. Goodnight.

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