50 Funny Love Quotes, Love Memes and Images for Him and Her

50 Funny Love Quotes, Love Memes and Images for Him and Her

50 funny love quotes, love memes and images for him and her
50 funny love quotes, love memes and images for him and her

1. Your cute face will not injure me. It is as smooth as the smoothest floor in the world. Anytime you smile, I see your white teeth shining like the glorious sun. You are so beautiful that the most beautiful flower bows for you.

2. Your face is the reason why I smile. You are the purest love in my life a woman. I will always respect the aura of your smile that mesmerizes my heart like never before. You are the perfect woman sent to change my life.

3. Your love has turned my head upside, and I can no longer think straight on my own. All I need from you is to be happy every single day of my life. I want to cheer you up so that we can spend a long time together. You are the sweetest angel for me, and I love it so.

4. How can a man live when his heart is no there for him? Don’t you know you are the heart that beats in me? You have become the real reason why I am happy every single second. You have become my hope in life, and I love you.

5. I am completely in love with someone I cannot stop adoring. She has occupied the entire space in my heart, and now I am speechless, restless, helpless, but hopeful. You are the business of my life — the sweetest person in this world for me.

6. The most beautiful smiling face ever encountered in this world is yours. It is so powerful that I cannot possibly resist. It is the cutest treasure, amiable and pleasant to touch. The softness of your body is the gift everyone cannot get. I love you.

7. I have done all it takes to forget about someone you love so you can rest, but it happens that the more I try to forget about you, the more I fall in love with you. I am so in love with you never like before, and this really amazes me.

8. Anytime I think of you, I feel some deep joy in me. I cannot possibly describe the great relief I find any time I set my eyes on you. You are my happiness, my treasure, the lily of passion that keeps me happy all my life.

9. You may not be able to measure the length of my sincere love with you, but I will try all my best to ensure that you are always happy. Action cannot describe my real love for you because it is big then how you expect.

10. If you have someone that is always ready to pay the price to be with you, why not give him the chance to prove himself. I don’t fail my promises, for this is a discipline learned from my dad a long time ago. I love you and will never hurt you.

11. Whatever will make me get tired of you has been defeated. I have vowed that even if the worse of predicaments befalls you, I will never live you. Even though you are disfigured, your love will never leave my heart.

12. Always remember that the love I have for you lives forever. I don’t want to betray or tell you to lie; I am always there to show you how exactly I feel in me. I am in love with you. I am desperate to marry you at any moment.

13. Whenever my heart is empty, I feel it up with your thoughts. They sustain me for the rest of the year. Your cute face is a kind of treasure that glows with the passion that touches the heart. I see you like an angel worth loving until eternity.

14. The flower of my heart thank you for loving me for it has changed my life. It has changed my ways and thinking. This is a sign that I am divinely blessed by your presence in my life. Tell me why I will not love you forever.

15. Whenever this life seems too boring to me, I remember that I have someone as precious as you are all my life. Thank you for your genuine love. Thank you for the kind gesture you showed towards me. I love you.

16. Whenever I hold your hands, I feel deep relief in me. My heart is calmed, my nerves are settled, and everything about me is relaxed. I love you to the end of time. You belong to me, and it is my pride you do.

17. I thought falling in love will make me regret because I have encountered many people suffering from the pain of love. Hearts have been broken, trusts have been bridged and live taken, but when I met you, I realized that there is true love.

18. You may want to know why I am in deep love with you. It is normal for a woman to be curious about the one that cherishes her. Remember, you are my life, and the first day I met, you said it all. May we live long for each other.

19. I will go with you to any length in life; I will always be by your side for you are the true angel of my life. I love you more than you can ever think. This world will understand that you have someone that can sacrifice anything to make.

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