5 Ideas to Make the New Year Night Unforgettable for Your Girlfriend

A New Year night together – what could be more romantic? That is what you think when you agree to such a proposal or make it yourself. But the holiday will be fondly remembered only if both of you really want to celebrate it together.

When one partner would rather prefer to spend this night in the company of friends and agreed to some tête-à-tête on this day solely because of another partner, then this holiday will not work out. I’ve experienced this before. Therefore, before you ever think of planning something, do not push on your partner to accept your option.

Therefore, always remember the first rule of a good holiday: it is a mutual desire to meet the New Year together. And do not be offended if the partner is not yet ready for such a step.

Be cautious with your approach to this since some people may be offended by such a proposal; they feel like they are being owned. And, quite often, it’s hard for a person to say no to such a proposal. You feel uncomfortable saying it, yet you really want to spend this night with your friends. Well, regardless of that, if you are sure that your partner will enjoy spending this time with you, then how can you make this night truly unforgettable?

Ideas to make the new year night unforgettable
Ideas to make the new year night unforgettable

Pay attention to the following recommendations:

1. Start preparing for the holiday in advance
Discuss the main issues with your spouse: should you get an artificial Christmas tree or a real one; when you go shopping for the holiday products and such, don’t forget a thing and get some small surprises along the way. Don’t do everything on the 31st of December; start doing things in advance, like a week or so, and do it with your partner’s involvement.

This way both of you will have a festive mood long before December 31st. Even joint concerns will make the relationship better. In addition, in the process of preparation, it is possible to find out what kind of a gift your girlfriend would like to receive, and at the same time, find an opportunity to share your own wishes.

There is an option to go back to your childhood altogether – in order not to guess which present the spouse will be happy to receive and not to be tormented by doubts, you can write letters to Santa. Put them in a prominent place and wait for surprises to arrive! But what if you don’t have someone to spend this night with? Well then, hurry up and visit this Ukrainian dating site we’ve got for you today!

2. Start celebrating the New Year right in the morning of December 31st
Try to finish all the household chores before the 31st, so that the last day of the year will be devoted only to each other. Get enough sleep, take a bath, get some breakfast, and then go for a walk, see a movie or a New Year’s performance.

After returning home, give your girlfriend a gift. Hide it … on yourself: in the pocket of your clothes or elsewhere. Of course, if the size of the gift allows for it. Let her call where her gift can be hidden, and you should give her hints on her way to it. For each correct answer, reward her with a kiss.

3. Take care of your outfit and hairstyle
Many men decide that if it is possible to meet the New Year at home, then it means that they should not care about their appearance. Do not join their ranks. Your nice appearance will only add to the overall enjoyment of this night.

4. A proper holiday dinner
Limit yourself to a salad, a small portion of non-fatty mean or fish, and prepare a jelly instead of a cake. Oh, while we are on the topic of cooking, either be of great help to her or do it yourself. But don’t get too cocky because a bad dinner will spoil the overall experience of this night for both of you. And you don’t want that. In my opinion, if you are to cook something for a romantic dinner, then do something you are good at. Don’t cook the same dish every time, yet beware that experimentation may lead to horrible results.

5. Prepare a proper gift for her
Well, this advice is as old as time. Yet it bears repeating. A bad gift will spoil the entire holiday, not just for her, but for you as well, as true disappointment is hard to hide. Just like we’ve said above, start the process of preparation in advance, get cunning and creative to find out exactly what she wants.

There is also another way around it. If you don’t know what to give her, or, let’s say, she doesn’t like surprises, then simply ask her what she wants and then surprise her with the amount of effort and money you’ve put into it.

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