25+ Best I Love You so Many Quotes for Him or Her

25+ best I love you so many quotes for him or her

25 best i love you so much quotes for him or her
25 best i love you so much quotes for him or her

1. There is no doubt that the power of the love I have for you is tremendous; indeed, it can move a mountain for you.

2. Your love is established in my heart as a strong rope that will never cut again. Your love overflows in my heart.

3. Life is sweet for the reason that you are beside me every day, every minute and every second. I miss you so much.

4. I can’t tell why it has become this difficult to make you understand that your love in my heart is bigger than the ocean.

5. You are indeed the perfect girl for me, and I will always love you for the rest of my life. I miss you so much, dear.

6. Love is like a treasure, and you cannot possibly find it easily, so if you find one, never you take it for granted. I love you.

7. Have a wonderful day ahead, your life will always be filled with lifetime joy, and you shall be protected forever. I love you.

8. No human can measure the strength of my love for you because it is divinely installed in my heart for you.

9. I miss you so much, and it does not change the power of the love I have for you. I love you, my dear.

10. The most important thing in life is to have the best woman around you who will draw you close to God.

11. Whenever I see your smiling face, it reminds me of the good man I found a husband. Thank you for always been there.

12. I want to be the one who will always make you happy every single day of your life. I love you, my angel.

13. I have been searching for a good woman that will love me with all her heart and give me reasons to enjoy her.

14. My aim of marrying you is not to use you but to make you happy all your life, and I love you so much, my dear love.

15. Have one of the most interesting moments in the history of my, and this is the most loving thing I wish to occur to you.

16. The one you love will always be there on your heart. You can never forget them for any reason. I love you.

17. Loving you is the most beautiful experience ever occurred to me. My heart is now the pool of joy because I have you.

18. Maybe many don’t know we are meant for each other. They will have been happy that we can’t be separated.

19. I thought love is gone shortly before I met you. I have come to realize that there is true love. I love you.

20. Your love in my heart is firmly established in my heart; therefore, it will be hard to be uprooted. I love you.

 25+ best I love you so many quotes for him or her—Romantic Goodnight Messages for him or her

22. I am about to close my eyes, but it seems impossible because I cannot do that without that, I have heard your voice.

23. One of the biggest fans of mine that gives me sweet dreams is the thought of a gorgeous lady like you.

24. I need to let you know that every night is another world for me, as I think of nothing else but your love.

25. Thank you for giving me the kind of love I deserve. You make me look special from your heart. I love you.

26. You are the established love in my heart, and I wish I can spend the rest of my life with you in peace and harmony.

27. Without you, I will be incomplete. I will not get myself because you are the other half of me — Goodnight sweetheart.

28. Before you sleep tonight, ensure that you think about us so that I can appear in your dream. I love you.

29. For the rest of my life, I will never forget that I have you as part of my life. You are the most blessed husband in the world.

30. I decided to give you all my heart because I believe that you will love me to the core. In yours, I wish I can dwell always. Goodnight.

31. Your noble heart is clean, and it draws me close to the Lord. This is the kind of husband I want. I love you so much.

32. My dearest love, I will never forget the fact that you belong to me; I will always thank you for all your efforts in my life.

33. Nice meeting you in this world. I have a confession—anytime I think of you before bed, I do have the best dreams.

34. You are my life, my angel and the most beloved heartbeat in this world. I love you so much and will always do.

35. I never knew that there still exist wonderful people on this earth until I met you. I miss you so much.

36. To the gorgeous angel of my life, you are now my last bus stop. I have found you and no one else.

37. To the best of my knowledge, I want you to know that nothing can separate me from you. You are the best for me.

38. Life is like a mighty big prison, but whoever is free has been given a great gift, only a few have. You belong to me.

39. There is no need to stay alive when the main purpose has been failed. You are part of the reasons why I am living. Goodnight.

40. Goodnight to the lady of my life. You are exceptionally special, and your presence in my life will be appreciated as long as I exist.

41. In every impossibility, I will cry to the Lord to make it possible to make you happy. I will love you to the end.

 25+ best I love you so many quotes for him or her and Long Distance Love Text Messages

43. Thank you so much for you have given me the comfort I have been searching for so long. I love you, my dear.

44. No amount of the distance that exists between us, I am sure my love will not change except for good. I miss you.

45. I think of many ways to make you happy and then finally concluded that I will always be happy with you all my life.

46. You belong to me, you are the freshest angel in town, and your thought in my heart always comes with respect.

47. Nothing will be that bad as losing the one you love to someone else. This is what I must fight for. I love you.

48. Nice meeting you in this world. You are my life, my joy and the best created for me alone. I miss you.

49. In times of loneliness, your pictures alone cannot make me comfortable. You are my life partner, and I love you.

50. Without you, I am sure every moment will be spent in a boring state of mind. I miss you, my dear love.

51. I wish I could make you happier than this. You are the one I want to be with all my life. I love you so much.

52. No matter what, don’t give up on the one you truly love. You are meant to be, and time will join you soon.

53. Distance has taken you away for this long, but I am sure you will live to make me smile one day. I love you.

54. I don’t understand why I could not stop you from appearing in my dream though I never want you to stop coming. I love you.

55. I am sure, one day, we will meet and will not have to separate again. I miss you, my dear love. I love you.

56. Loving you is a great gift and supernatural privilege; you belong to me, my dear love. You are my heartbeat.

57. Anytime I breathe, I see you. Anytime I am with you, I see paradise, and when I close my eyes, I see nothing but you alone.

58. Everywhere in this world is full of your face. My right, my left and every corner of this world are full of your face. I miss you.

59. There is nothing I hate than to see you walking away from me. I want to establish a great family with you.

60. I love you so much, and it is the best thing ever in this world. I love you beyond how you feel. I miss you, my dear.

61. You are my established love, and your presence in my life finds its source of the wisest above the sky. I miss you.

62. You don’t have the idea of how much you mean to me. You are the most loving angel and the best I can think of a wife.

 25+ best I love you so many quotes for him or her and Romantic love quotes for him or her

64. Love is a great feeling that exists between two people who love each other through exemplary actions that brings them more together.

65. Love is the impact of the feeling of joy bonding two souls together. They can’t do without each other.

66. The force that forces Romeo to end his life for Juliet is called love. It can be nurtured for a good reason.

67. When you are in love, your thought, attention and everything are focused on the one you love.

68. If not for love and compassion, this world will have become the pool of blood. We love to tolerate each other.

69. It is the establishment of love that brings us closer to each other, both physically and in spirit.

70. If there is no love, there will be no feeling. Love is the internal force that persuades a man to be submissive.

71. When you find someone you love, it will be very difficult to forget anything about them. Love is an established purpose for a bigger achievement.

72. To achieve a good thing in life, you must love yourself and then love your goals. You are driven by the power of love to do things right.

73. When you are focused, love will not be a burden to you. If you really love a man or a woman, you spend for them.

74. I don’t know how love occurs, but I have experienced it form someone special before now. Love is a pleasure.

75. Love is one of the reasons why I cannot forget those that are close to my heart and you are part of them.

76. I cannot stop loving you because love is a powerhouse of voluntary care for humanity.

77. I need you to understand that all I care about is to love you until the end of time. I miss you.

78. I love you beyond what you may comprehend, even in as large as the ocean cannot describe my love for you in words.

79. There are some people when they fall in love with you to make life a better place to be. You are part of this wonderful people.

80. I don’t actually know why you are always there for me; I miss you more and more and will always do forever.

81. You are my lifetime partner, and love has manifested itself in us. You are my key man. Love is our watchword.

82. If you have the heart to a place, true love, everyone will benefit from you. Your heart must be filled with love.

83. Loving humanity elevates you. It establishes in you great impact for human. You will be loved by both the poor and the rich.

 25+ best I love you so many quotes for him or her—when a Man Loves You Quotes

85. Behold, when a man loves you, he can do everything to make you happy for no reason. I love you.

86. When a man is in need of you, he will always do his best to make you establish. He will empower you to the fullest.

87. A man that loves you will sacrifice everything to ensure that you are always happy. You are fantastic.

88. The kind of love given by a man in true love with you cannot be underestimated. He is sincere, always.

89. When a man loves you, you can tell why he takes good care of you endlessly. He makes you happy all the time.

90. A true man is that man that will always be yours no matter the condition. Love is a treasure to him for you.

91. There are great men out there, and they are the types best for their wives. I miss you so much.

92. Don’t panic, because when a man truly loves you, he will not even betray you for once. So be steadfast in what you believe.

93. You are just the best for me, and I am sure you understand that you can’t just panic because I truly love you.

94. A man in true love with you is the kind of man that will do everything to put a smile on your face. You are good to go.

95. A man with your thoughts in his heart will never forget to the right thing to put a smile on your face.

96. When your love is the number thing in the heart of a man, he will never forget the most important days of your life.

97. Life is an established entity when you find a good man; know that it is for a good purpose. A man in love is a man ready to help.

98. A man of love is the man of happiness; he secures his wife’s life with prayer and love and shows her how much she means to him.

99. Your face will always glow, nice and wonderful when you find a good man. He will never once make you sad.

100. I am sure you understand the power of love; you should know when it is truly meant for you.

101. The love of a man who truly loves you is one thing you cannot forget. It is always best for you. Have a nice day.

102. If you want to know the real character of a man, check it on the face of the wife. Have a nice day ahead. I love you.

103. Your life will always be a great experience if you have a good husband that is ready to make you happy. Have a nice day.

104. Your husband or a good man is the one whose utmost priority in life is to worship God through caring for you.

 25+ best I love you so many quotes for him or her girlfriend and boyfriend

106. The strength in me was reserve to put a smile on your face. You are nice, and that fact cannot be denied.

107. We are so much into each other like never before. We are meant to be in true love.

108. When I met you, I began to understand the meaning of love. I miss you so much. You are the best.

109. When I saw you, I fell in love with you because you are the source of my happiness given to me.

110. For you are the type I have been searching for, that’s the reason why I want to be yours all my life.

111. You should understand that I really love you. In my life, I have never come across someone as special as you are.

112. Thank God for my life; I will always be with you in this world and the hereafter if possible.

113. To the one I cherish, I want you to know that you belong to me, you are my life and the most valuable guy for me.

114. . I know I can’t cope without you. I am addicted to you. You are like a special angel, full of love and care.

115. If the whole world can be as simple as you are, women will not find a cause to cry. I love you, my dearest.

116. You don’t know the power of your beauty, perhaps when I am down, thinking about you in comma, you will understand.

117. How I wish you have the idea of the aura of your love upon me, you will not leave for once.

118. I miss you so much; loneliness has overwhelmed me since the day you left. I will be the gladdest to see you soon.

119. If you can put a smile on my face in absence, let alone in your presence, I will be the happiest.

120. I am in love with you as though there is no other way to love again. You are my heart now, and I breathe with you.

121. When you stole my heart away, people did not understand how I feel anymore. You are the best for me.

122. I may not understand the favour of the feeling I derive upon setting my eyes on you, but I’m sure it is blissful.

123. I want to live with a man that will support me in all ramifications of life. I love you, my angel.

124. Who can make me happier than you do? You are my angel, the one I cherish with all my heart.

125. I will always be yours in any situation. I will not forget you now and forever. I love you so much.

126. You are the flower of my heart. You are the most beautiful girl in the realm of true love. I miss you.

127. Nothing can replace your feelings in my heart. With you, I feel like the best in the world. I love you, my dear.

128. Who else can tell the reason why I cannot do away with you? You have become that part of me that will be loved forever.

129. I just want to be a source of inspiration through your true love for me. I need you all my life.

130. I want us to last forever; I want us to be together all our life. You are my angel, the one I cherish with all my heart.

131. If you know my heartbeat for you, your choice will not change about me. You will never regret having me in your life.

132. I always think of you in anything I am doing. You are always the best for me, and I appreciate you.

133. I don’t know why you are the best for me, but I am sure that you are the one meant for me.

134. Living in your heart has always been one of the reasons why I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I need you, my life, angel.

135. The ability to see yourself through me is my number one priority in life. If I could achieve that, will be the gladdest.

136. I know I have not done enough, but I am pretty sure that one day, I will find that ability to satisfy you.

137. May you find this life easy to live because you are the gorgeous girl in the world.

138. I can’t stop watching your pictures, and they remind me of your powerful smile. I love you so much.

139. How could life be okay without you? You are my strength whenever I am lonely. Your voice is cute.

140. There are no better ways to make myself happy than this, and you belong to me, you are my life and joy.

141. I never believed you understand me better than I do until you proved it right yesterday. I love you.

142. What exactly is my problem in life if I have a queen like you? I miss you so much, my beloved.

143. You are my lifetime angel, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. You are the best for me.

144. To the gorgeous lover ever met, you are my life, my joy and the only true love that gives me pleasure.

145. I decided to get married to you because you are the kind of man I want all my life. I will be glad as soon as we marry.

146. There are no other means to make you smile other than climbing the highest mountain or sky diving. It is your worth, don’t worry.

147. The most mercy should witness this day, and it is the most beloved day in this world to me; I proposed passion to you.

148. Living without you will bring too much sorrow in my life. This is the reason why I gave my heart to you.

149. When you stole my heart away, I was left with loneliness, and I struggled to be fine but all in vain.

150. What I hate most in my life is to see your back as you walk away. I love you, my darling. I miss you so much.

151. I never dreamed of having someone as special as you are, the most interesting lady in the world.

152. Your powerful smile is one antidote to sorrow, whenever I look at you, I am happy. I miss you so much.

153. To the gorgeous lady in my life, may you find endless peace in your heart? May your days be filled with rest of mind.

154. Not even one in a million girls can take your place in my heart. You will always be my number one.

155. After meeting you, I forgot about every other girl. I am now in total focus upon you. I love you.

156. Sometimes, we do things to make us smile. I am in love with you never like before. You are my lifetime partner.

Beautiful Love Quotes for him or her

158. Whenever I look into your eyes, what I see cannot be comprehended because the love involved is huge.

159. Your powerful smile makes me lose control; you are to me like the most beautiful person in the world.

160. You are my smile, no wonder anytime I smile, it must have been that you are around. I love you.

161. It is a great privilege that I met you in this world. You are my life, the one I chose from heaven.

162. Anytime I look at you, and I am sure that an angel is around me with a large wing called a powerful smile.

163. If I don’t have you in my life, who else will I be pleased with? I am so much used to you, my dear.

164. Nice meeting you in this world. You are my life partner that will never be taken for granted.

165. For the uniqueness of your love, for the happiness you cause me every single day of my life, I will always love you.

166. No one understands the reason why I decided to accept your proposal. But I personally saw the sincerity in you.

167. When you have a good life partner, it becomes so easy to understand the truth behind it. You are my life.

168. I have decided to be yours for the rest of my life. I need you beyond the ocean of joy, and you are hotter than a fire of passion.

169. Your pure heart always draws you close to me all my life, and it means you are the best for me. I love you.

170. Much of your love in my life has changed the way I think. You belong to me. I love you to the core.

171. To the most beloved angel, I will never forget you all my life. You are my happiness, the best for me.

172. You took care of me when I was sick. You could not sleep because you couldn’t take the pain I feel. I love you.

173. Nice meeting you in this world. You are my life, the one I will always love forever. I miss you.

174. To God be the glory, the only true angel I cherish, I miss you with great impact. You are my life and happiness.

175. Who can tell me how to love? I want to show my happiness that life is all about happiness.

176. Missing you will warrant that I get some drips before I can recover. I am extremely used to you.

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